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Wednesday, January 22, 2003

Top Stories

X11: Apple's Secret Formula
by Stephen Shankland and Joe Wilcox, CNET
Apple Computer has quietly extended an overture to the Unix community, with the release of software that would make it easier for Unix applications to run on the Mac operating system.


And What About The Hardware?
by Peter Lewis, Fortune
The notebook is indeed a showcase for advanced technology.

Songs From A Room With A Laptop
by Mike Connor, Metroactive Music
Santa Cruz has become a nerve center for experimental electronic music as technology pushes creativity to a whole new level.

Technology Grant Changes Classroom Experiences
by Lu Ann Hurd-Lof, Park Rapids Enterprise
A grant has helped Park Rapids students become more technologically literate.


Apple's Seeds Choked By Weeds
by Russ McGuire, Business Reform
Apple should be great. And profitable. Instead, the seeds of brilliance keep getting choked out by the weeds of commodity products.

Apple's Bumper Crop
by Brent Schlender, Fortune
To even begin to get the full benefit, you have to have a top-of-the line Mac, a gargantuan hard disk, and lots of time to burn. And it helps to be as obsessive about production values as Steve Jobs himself.

802.11a Stinks, But Don't Throw It Out
by John Taschek, eWeek
Sure, 802.11g is compatible with 802.11b, but with low-cost dual 802.11a/b units coming, does that matter?

Not Ready To Switch To Macs? Why Not Just Add One?
by Gene Steinberg, Low End Mac

THE Key To User-Friendly Computers?
by Alex Salkever, BusinessWeek
Jef Raskin, who helped design Apple's classic user interface, is working on a new system, THE, that could be a big improvement.

Macworld Disappoints — Again
by Michael Paric, Benicia News
I really want to believe Steve Jobs when he says, "What's driving us is one simple thing: innovation." But ever since the redesign of the iMac a couple years ago, I just haven't seen it.

by Steve Frank
A whole lot of cool stuff from a lot of cool companies is probably getting stifled.

Market Share Versus Installed Base
by Mac Night Owl
To really get that market share up with new computer sales, Apple needs to be as aggressive in convincing its existing user base to switch to Mac OS X as it is with Windows and Unix users.


by Cortland Haws,
One thing it lacks in, though, is automation during the presentation.

Belkin iPod Case
by Russ Rocca, iPodlounge
The Belkin case is a decent everyday case. It's not going to protect your iPod if you drop it, but it will provide adequate scratch protection.

Where Next For RSS?
by Tm Bray,
I hate to be a wet blanket but I just don't see RSS readers persisting for too long as a standalone application class, this stuff just belongs in the browser.

ABSplus: "No Excuses" Hard Drive Backup Package Helps You Start To Prevent Data Loss
by Adam Engst, Macworld
The ABSplus generally worked well for us, and overall it compares favorably with other backup programs used in concert with a FireWire hard drive. If you don't already have a solid backup solution, it's an excellent way to start protecting yourself against data loss.

Upgrade The Lombard And Pismo PowerBooks
by Macworld
We reveal how to upugrade RAM and hard drive in the Lombard and Pismo models.


Wednesday, January 22, 2003
by Heng-Cheong Leong

WHAT AM I READING? : I wish I knew Italian, so that I can re-read The Luneburg Variation in its original language.

And I'm glad I didn't read any of the reviews at Amazon before I randomly picked this book up from the library.

WHAT ARE YOU LISTENING? : Chances are, you'll find at least one Applescript here that adds value to your listening pleasure.

WHAT ARE YOU EATING? : The quality of the ingredients is what makes the difference.

HONORS : The often-humorous As The Apple Turns, is one of the five best computers or technology weblog in this year's Weblog Awards.

ICON STORY : The battle for the desktop. (Shockwave)


Microsoft To Seek Antitrust Deal With EU
by Reuters
The Commission was expected to take into account Microsoft's presentation and recent conditions imposed on the company by a U.S. court in its decision, the source said.

How Microsoft Could Get Out Of Shipping Java
by Marc Hedlund, O'Reilly Network
Sun's lawyers should have argued (or should have argued more strenuously) against any back door exit.

Microsoft To Buy PlaceWare
by Dennis Callaghan, eWeek
Microsoft Corp. announced Tuesday that it has entered into an agreement to acquire privately-held Web conferencing service provider PlaceWare Inc.

Dell Handheld Delays Irk Buyers
by Ian Fried, CNET
Dell launched the competitively priced Axim X5 in November in a move that marked the direct PC seller's entry into the handheld computer market. But now message boards on Dell's Web sites are filled with complaints from buyers upset that they don't yet have the gadgets they ordered weeks ago.

Judge Sets Plan For Java In Windows
by Declan McCullagh, CNET
A federal judge in Baltimore on Tuesday set a schedule that Microsoft must meet for including Sun Microsystems' Java programming language with its Windows operating system.

Microsoft Takes Wraps Off CRM Software
by Alorie Gilbert, CNET
Microsoft released the first version of its customer relationship management software on Tuesday.

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