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Wednesday, February 26, 2003

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Mac User Fights For Quieter Life
by Leander Kahney, Wired News
Since October, a digital filmmaker has neglected his business to run a pressure campaign to force Apple to do something about the notoriously loud cooling fans on PowerMac G4s. So how come he's still grumbling now that Apple's offering a fix?

Dist. 54 Students To Get Laptops
by Shruti Date Singh, Daily Herald
"I think back 20 years ago. A school wouldn't even consider not having a set of encyclopedias. [Laptop computer] is a new resource every child should have access to."


AirPort Extreme Base Station Firmware Update Posted
by MacMinute
"This firmware update fixes an issue where an AirPort Extreme network appears to be unavailable as displayed by the AirPort Menu Extra or the Internet Connection application."

Fresh Apple Software Promised
by Macworld UK
Apple is to expand its software range, promises the company's chief financial officer Fred Anderson.

Apple Releases iDisk Utility For Windows XP
by Jim Dalrymple, MacCentral
With the iDisk Utility for Windows XP, users can access your iDisk Public Folder and upload or download files.

Harvestworks Makes Technology Accessible To Artists
by Stephanie Jorgl, Apple
"At Harvestworks, we keep on top of the technology, and make sure the artists know about it and have access to it. We are very interested in becoming a point place to explore interactive technology."

Apple Computer Says Goal Is To Raise Marketshare
by Down Jones
Speaking at the Goldman Sachs Technology Symposium, Anderson said a "good intermediate" goal would be to reach 5% marketshare from 3% today.

Speed Demon Of Wireless Network Heads To Homes
by Reuters
The new Ferrari of wireless networking has just hit the market, driving techies mad with the promise of more speed than even they can handle.

What's Next: The Next Next Big Thing
by Robert X. Cringely, Inc
Were you thinking that the innovations of the Internet age are over?

Wi-Fi Group Gives Time Frame For Approval
by Richard Shim, CNET
The Wi-Fi Alliance announced Tuesday that it will complete interoperability tests of 802.11g-based products in July.

Bare Bones Software Axes BBEdit Lite
by MacNN

A New Twist In The Mac-Windows Waltz
by Stephen H. Wildstrom, E=Commerce News
As long as Microsoft can make money on its Mac business, it will stay in the game. But as any Mac lover will tell you, Microsoft is a very unsentimental company, and if the business goes south, it will abandon Apple with few regrets.

Flaws Found In Apple Streaming Servers
by Dennis Fisher, eWeek
There are several security vulnerabilities in recent versions of Apple Computer Inc.'s popular QuickTime Streaming Server and Darwin Streaming Server that give attackers the ability to execute code on remote machines.


Poll: Virtual PC Buy Out 'Bad News'
by Jonny Evans, Macworld UK
One fifth of Macworld Online voters believe the purchase to be "a bad thing", while a further 43 per cent say it's a "very bad thing".

Is The Dock A Blessing Or A Curse?
by Gene Steinberg, Mac Night Owl
The Dock is, like the rest of us, imperfect and in need of work. But I've grown accustomed to its cartoonish, goofy face.

An Open-Source Opening For Apple
by Alex Salkever, BusinessWeek
PC emulation is exactly the area where Apple should rely on the open-source community for software and development. Lots of Unix and Linux users need it, so it's highly probable that a strong open-source support group will develop around Bochs or other PC emulation. That gives Apple a ready-made support and research team for Bochs.

Calling It Like It Is: What Was Free Is Gonna Cost Ya Now
by Rob McNair-Huff, Mac Net Journal
I do think the Bare Bones people could have been a little more up front about the fact that TextWrangler is a replacement for BBEdit Lite.

It's Slow, It's Fast, It's...
by Gene Steinberg, Mac Night Owl
My expectations weren't high, but Jaguar ran just fine.


Ten For X Games
by Gary Coyne,
Despite the games aiming for a more youth oriented market, there was something here for everyone and as such it's a great family bargain.

Apple Downsizes PowerBook G4's Size But Not Its Features
by Jason Brooks, eWeek
Paired with new application flexibility, thanks to the BSD underpinnings of OS X, this unit is a compelling mobile system for the enterprise.

Controlling Your Mac With AppleScript And Java
by Scott D.W. Rankin, O'Reilly Network
Even though there isn't a lot of formal support for Java in AppleScript, you can execute AppleScripts from Java. Why would you want to do this? Because by combining these technologies, you can easily interact with and control your Mac from remote locations. What follows is a look at how to set that up.

Black & White: Creature Isle
by Kite Pierce, Inside Mac Games
With its lopsided gameplay and extra abstraction, it isn't the self-contained experience others have made it out to be. In the end it comes down to how much you value the contributions of your creature.

Ten For X Utilities
by Gary Coyne,
In short, Ten for X is a great idea that I'd like to see tightened up a bit.


Wednesday, February 26, 2003
by Heng-Cheong Leong

WHERE'S THE IMITATION? : Michael Gartenberg asks, "why hasn't anyone at least come up with a decent [iPod] copy?"



HP Sharpens Dual-Brand PC Focus
by Ian Fried, CNET
"[HP] is going after Sony and Apple, and [Compaq] is going after Dell," said Jim McDonnell, vice president of marketing in the personal systems group.

Rights Management? Or Restriction?
by Mary Jo Foley, Microsoft-Watch
If you are a big company or organization with lots of correspondence and documents you want to keep secret, Windows RM is, indeed, a blessing. If you are a whistleblower, a journalist, a lawyer, a cop -ó or anyone who has the audacity to want to use software other than Microsoft Windows or Office -ó you should be very afraid.

IM Has Identity Crisis, Microsoft Says
by Scarlet Pruitt, InfoWorld
Speaking at the Instant Messaging Planet Spring 2003 Conference and Expo here Tuesday, Microsoft product unit manager David Gurle told attendees that IM is often misunderstood, and that for its true potential to be realized, service providers will have to undergo a tremendous shift in their business models.

Linux Servers To Host Office
by Matthew Broersma, CNET
CodeWeavers announced Monday new software that will allow Linux servers to host Microsoft Office and other Windows productivity applications, which can then be accessed through a Web browser.

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