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Monday, April 7, 2003


Slow Going For FireWire 800?
by David Morgenstern, Storage Supersite
Price, manufacturing constraints and unrealistic expectations may hobble FireWire 800 in the short run.

TiVo Desktop Allows iTunes, iPhoto Streaming
by Dennis Sellers, MacCentral
TiVo Desktop 1.0 has been released, which lets you stream photos and music to your Mac over a network to a TiVo PVR.

SGI Infinite Structure Coming To OS X
by Peter Cohen, MacCentral
Developed around a 64-bit filesystem called CXFS, Infinite Structure is already in use in more than 300 customer sites worldwide and on more than 1,100 clients. The storage technology can scale up to an astounding 18 million terabytes of storage capacity. In practical terms, that's about 9 million uncompressed movies at 2K resolution, or thousands of years of 50Mb broadcast material, according to SGI.

Acrobat 6.0 Announced
by Jonny Evans, Macworld UK
Adobe has announced Adobe Acrobat 6.0, with the update bringing new features and enhancements for creative and corporate customers.

Alias|Wavefront Announces Maya 5
by MacMinute
"Improvements added to both Maya Complete and Maya Unlimited software will energize artist and programmer workflows in such creative industries as game development, broadcast graphics, Web content creation, design visualization and film production."


Apple Needs A Budget-Minded Box
by Eduardo Rodriguez-Perez, MacMerc

How The MacIntel Will Change The Market
by John C. Dvorak, PC Magazine
Right now, all things being equal, Apple should be able to grab half the market for operating systems. If it's as aggressive as Microsoft was with Netscape and essentially gives away the OS to the installed base, Apple could possibly knock Microsoft out of the box completely.

The Apple Guide To World Domination
by John halbig, Mac Design
Apple is poised to create a platform that could offer literally everything that an end user could possibly need, and the tools to fill in the blanksóscripting, development tools, and databasesóall included as part of the purchase price, or for the same cost as just upgrading the OS.

A Place For Everything, & Everything In Its Place, Except In Mac OS X
by John Kheit, The Mac Observer
There are few good reasons for programs to strew files all over your hard drive; since OS X's release, however, more Mac users have to deal with programs that install in ways they cannot control.


Apple's New iMac Is Almost Perfect (Almost)
by MacNETv2
I want an L3 cache in the next iMac revision or at least a good explanation as to why not.


Monday, April 7, 2003
by Heng-Cheong Leong

THE DIFFERENCES BETWEEN THE TWO Q'S : Or as Robert Scoble says, "Influence isn't about how large your audience is. It's about how small it is."


Microsoft's Scary Post-War Crisis
by Joe Wilcox
Microsoft's already precarious situation would be potentially worse should anti-U.S. sentiments inflame growing foreign resentment against the American company. Microsoft would do well to remember the largest software markets are in countries like China, India or Russia, places where the company isn't exactly welcomed with open arms and piracy is rampant.

Never Underestimate Michael Dell
by Tamara Gignac, Calgary Herald
Hewlett-Packard had better brace for battle, as the quiet billionaire prepares a full-scale assault on the printer business.

The Power Of Communities
by Matthew Langham, O'Reilly Network
One of the most important factors - and something typically missing from non-open source development is the emphasis on community.

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