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Monday, April 14, 2003

Top Stories

Apple Releases New Safari Beta
by Jim Dalrymple, MacCentral
Besides improved stability, the new beta adds tabbed browsing, allowing users to view multiple Web pages in a tabbed format. Safari now also includes AutoFill, which allows web forms and password fields to be automatically filled out.


Mac OS X Server Updated
by Jim Dalrymple, MacCentral
Apple on Monday released on update to Mac OS X Server, bringing the operating system to version 10.2.5.

Apple Announces iLife Educator Awards
by Jim Dalrymple, MacCentral
Apple on Monday announced the "Apple iLife Educator Awards" to recognize the most innovative uses of iLife, the company's digital hub suite of applications.

Jobs Thinks 'Different' And Many Marvel
by Joseph Menn, Los Angeles Times
Buying Universal Music could put Apple in a position to determine digital music's future.

Enter Jobs, Exit Music Piracy?
by Evan Hansen, ZDNet
If Steve Jobs wants to save the music industry, he'll have to convince millions of kids to give up free file-swapping networks and buy their MP3s instead.

Sound Recording By The 'Little Guys'
by Elias Wolfberg, Newsday
The proliferation of cheap, computer-based music technology, and the increase of freelance producers who know how to use it, threatens the survival of hundreds of small and midsize recording studios in New York City.

Cutting The Cord
by John Dodge, Boston Globe
A growing number of multiple-PC households seeking to pool Internet connectivity is driving a dramatic growth in wireless home networking.


Does Apple Still Need Microsoft?
by Robyn Weisman, E-Commerce Times
Even though a new agreement between the two companies is improbable, Microsoft still has incentive to continue developing Office for Mac OS.

Apple: Your Online Music Store
by AlwaysOn
With all the paranoia and mistrust in the air, it is great to see motivated entrepreneurs like Steve Jobs offering up creative ways to sell downloadable music.


Safari Beta 2: Tabs Are Nice, But AutoFill And Privacy Reset Are My Favs
by Derrick Story, O'Reilly Network
When you choose "Reset Safari...", everything gets wiped: history, cache, downloads, Google search entries, cookies, saved names, passwords, and AutoFill text.

Apple On The Big Screen
by Julio Ojeda-Zapata, Pioneer Press
Sexy is Apple Computer?s specialty. And the Macintosh maker has outdone itself again with its new high-end PowerBook G4, which has a sleek and durable aluminum exterior along with a gorgeous 17-inch display.

Apple Power Mac G4
by Molly Wood, ZDNet
Apple's Power Mac G4 tower seems to embody Moore's Law these days. Its chips are getting faster—currently topping out at 1.42GHz—and its prices are declining in tandem.

Microsoft Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer
by Dave Dudek, MacDirectory
The Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer is a neat addition to the average Mac.

Hands On With The 12-Inch PowerBook
by Jim Dalrymple, MacCentral
The 12-inch PowerBook is a great computer for anyone on the road that needs power and wants a light, portable notebook. Don't let the size of this notebook fool you — this is a thoroughbred PowerBook.

PowerBook 17-Inch: First Impressions
by Jason D. O'Grady, O'Grady's PowerPage


Monday, April 14, 2003
by Heng-Cheong Leong

DAILY WORRY : If the best part of your work day is the daily commute to and fro because you have a good book to read, should you count yourself very lucky to have discover a book that sync with you, or should you start to worry about changing jobs?

CONSIPRIACY AT EVERY CORNER : Did the RIAA, as claimed by Robert Ziemann, reduced the number of releases before the Napster hearings, so that RIAA can create the fact that sales are down?

The bigger question is, does Steve Jobs want to be the ring leader, or is he going in to change the world, again?


Vendors Line Up To Support New Intel Chip Set
by Tom Krazit, InfoWorld
Several PC and workstation vendors released new models Monday that take advantage of Intel's new 875P chip set to improve overall system performance with support for a faster front-side bus.

Windows Gets Tough On Spam, Viruses
by Michael Kanellos, CNET
Microsoft on Monday will detail a future version of Windows that will make it easier to detect and isolate viruses.

Intel Delays New Pentium 4 Chip
by John G. Spooner, CNET
A possible glitch with a new processor has thrown a monkey wrench into Intel's plans to bring out new silicon for high-performance chips for top-of-the-line PCs.

Microsoft Messing With Netscape, Opera, Mozilla Again?
by The Inquirer
Just enter a string, and the Vole will be ecstatic.

"Microsoft Limits XML In Office 2003"
by Uche Ogbuji, O'Reilly Network
There will be more and more people lining up to provide consumers with choices that redress these inefficiencies, and unless MS fundamentally change their DNA, they could be end up collapsing when their bubble bursts, rather than surviving by adaptation to the marketplace.

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