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Friday, April 18, 2003


Macworld Magazine Available For Digital Download
by Jim Dalrymple, MacCentral
With the release of Zinio Reader forMac OS X, readers can choose to subscribe to Macworld and read it on their computer, instead of receiving a paper copy in the mail each month.

Apple Confirms USB Bug In Mac OS X 10.2.5
by MacNN

Rising Profits Hide The Pain
by David A. Sylvester, San Jose Mercury News
Silicon Valley's technology companies are learning to live with the pain of an economic slowdown — pain that still doesn't show signs of abating.

Apple, Sun Should Use Cash To Boost Stock, Analysts Say
by David Akin, The Globe And Mail
"Give the money back to shareholders more aggressively."

Apple Releases Darwin 6.5 Source Code
by Remy Davison, Insanely Great Mac

Reader: Apple Store Coming To West LA
by MacNN

AOL For Mac OS X Adds Broadband Options
by Dennis Sellers, MacCentral
America Online Inc. has released a new version of AOL for Mac OS X that includes the ability to add the AOL for Broadband service to any high-speed DSL or cable Internet connection, as well as beefed-up parental controls.


How To Survive While Your Mac Is Gone For Repair
by Dan Knight, Low End Mac
If you depend on your 'Book to get your work done, give some serious thought to a hardware backup plan.

Those Apple And Universal Music Rumors: They Just Won't Stop
by Gene Steinberg, Mac Night Owl

Apple Design Helps Older Macs Retain Their Value
by Adam Robert Guha, Low End Mac
Apple laptops are designed to withstand changes in style better than most PC notebooks.

Apple's Non-Denial Denial?
by Cynthia L. Webb, Washington Post
Media outlets were quick to point out that the statement did not address the existence of talks between the media giant and personal computer company.

Steve Jobs, The Music Man
by Peter Burrows and Ronald Grover, with Tom Lowry, BusinessWeek
If he picks up even part of Universal Music, a pay-per-song download service would help to stop Apple devotees from straying.


Your Digital Life Is Complete
by The Courier-Mail
It's not until you hold a shiny iLife box in your hands that you realise how spoilt we Mac users have been.

1GHz And Dual-1.25GHz Power Mac G4s: New Ports And Low Prices Distinugish Latest Power Macs
by Christopher Breen, Macworld
These are both fine machines that perform very well and include innovative features. However, in an economic climate where price is paramount, we are even more impressed that these attributes come at such an attractive price.

Final Cut Express 1.0: Final Cut Pro Sibling Offers Simplified Professional Video Editing For The Budget-Minded User
by Lisa Brenneis and Jeff Carlson, Macworld
Learning to use Final Cut Express will take some time and effort, and you'll definitely need to reprogram the editing section of your brain if you're accustomed to working with iMovie. However, if you're looking to step up to professional-level video editing and if you don't require all of Final Cut Pro's advanced capabilities, Final Cut Express will serve you well.

The Quill: Ergonomic Mouse May Reduce Risk Of Injury
by Franklin Tessler, Macworld UK
The Quill isn't the perfect ergonomic solution, but it's clearly a step in the right direction. If you're concerned about repetitive strain injury (RSI) and have plenty of desk space, The Quill merits your serious consideration.

Fax Software: One Application Proves To Be A Shining Light In A Field Dominated By Dim Products
by Jeffery Battersby, Macworld UK
Crashes. Freezes. Bugs. Classic. This roster of Mac-based fax applications isn't pretty, and if not for Page Sender, it'd be downright ugly.

Easy Card Creator 1.1: Greeting-Card App Has Promise But Needs Polish
by Terri Stone, Macworld UK
If you want a fast, easy way to create paper and electronic greeting cards, Easy Card Creator 1.1 has potential. But Script Software needs to iron out the program's kinks.

3GHz Pentium 4 Versus The Dual 1.42 GHz Power Macintosh
by rob-ART morgan, Bare Feats
Though I am biased toward the Mac, the fastest Pentium 4 system beats the fastest Power Mac G4 in every single task test but one.

Tips On Going Wireless
by Larry Magid, CBS News
Modern wireless networking is three years old this month. And it's beginning to show signs of maturity beyond its few short years.

Safari, Camino Could Re-Ignite Browser War — On Macs
by Matthew Fordahl, Associated Press
It's too early to say whether Safari or Camino will launch another browser war, but it's an interesting skirmish. If anything, the offerings might give Microsoft some ideas — or at least a not-so-subtle hint that it can't rest on Internet Explorer's laurels.

Apple's Desktop Computer Cases Suck
by David Brickner, O'Reilly Network
As a system administrator I want computers that store easily, don't get scratched, have parts I can easily interchange, are easy to carry by the armful, can be deployed in a variety of environments, and finally, I need computers that aren't so sleek that all my users are fighting over who gets the prettiest one.

Hands On: Hunter College's Experience With Apple Remote Desktop
by Yuval Kossovsky, Computerworld
ARD is a terrific application for monitoring and assisting end users, and can now install operating system patches and force net-installs. Given the price for unlimited clients, it?s a great value in remote management software.


Friday, April 18, 2003
by Heng-Cheong Leong

HAVE I CLICKED? : One problem I have with Safari is the lack of feedback when I cmd-click on a link, when my "link bar" is full. The new tab will go to the drop-down menu on the right hand side, but there's no feedback whatsoever from Safari to tell me that, yeah, "I have created a new tab for you, and you can go to that later when you want to, my master."

I have already filed this as a bug, but feel free to do so yourself if you are bothered by it.


How MS Will Know ALL About You
by David Coursey, ZDNet UK
At the risk of setting off a paranoid frenzy, I want to tell you about a Microsoft research project, the goal of which is to collect everything you watch, read, listen to, and write about into a single, searchable database.

There's No Power Like Low Power
by Tom Yager, InfoWorld
Intel's Centrino appears to be all about Wi-Fi, but the real star is the Pentium M processor.

Microsoft Research Seeks Better Search
by Michael Kanellos, CNET
Scientists in the Redmond, Wash.-based software giant's labs are experimenting with new types of search and user interface technology that will let individuals and businesses tap into the vast amounts of data on the Internet, or inside their own computers, that increasingly will be impractical or impossible to find.

Dell Unsheats HP In PC Shipments
by John G. Spooner and Michael Kanellos, CNET
Dell Computer wrestled the top rank in worldwide PC shipments away from Hewlett-Packard in the first quarter of 2003 in a market that managed to grow a little bit.

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