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Sunday, August 3, 2003

Top Stories

Now Fans Call The Tune
by Geoff Boucher, Los Angeles Times
In a music world in upheaval, iTunes, with its paid downloads of music, is the closest thing to an interim government in the lawless land created by Napster and its revolutionary ilk, and while its future is uncertain there is no denying that the real estate on Third Street in Santa Monica is a foothold in a brash new world.


Muzak To Our Ears
by Nick McCabe-Lokos, Toronto Star
Forget about those bland cover tunes, there's a hip new indie sound in retailing.

That New White Magic
by Nathalie Atkinson, National Post
It's white, it's expensive and it's instantly habit forming.


12-Inch PowerBook G4
by Washington Post

FileMaker Pro Endures On Mac
by Chris White, Computerworld
Of all the software Apple has been involved with over the past 20 years, FileMaker Pro must stand out as one of its greatest successes.

Mac Daddy: Is The G5 A Must-Have For Apple Fans?
by Brendan I. Koerner, Village Voice
If the G5 were a car, it'd be a souped-up Mustang with a tank of nitro in the back.


Sunday, August 3, 2003
by Heng-Cheong Leong

HOLY CRAP, Mat Haughey exclaims. "I just caused someone's AirPort to dial out sucessfully because I told it to."

WI-FI PRINTER? : Now that I'm getting rid of cables (quick, somebody invent wireless electricity), why isn't there a Wi-Fi-enabled printer out there?

Or have I not look hard enough?


Microsoft Millionaires Grapple With Wealth
by Blaine Harden, Washington Post
In the high-tech boom of the 1990s, legions of geeks and their support staff wandered into wealth. An estimated 10,000 Microsoft employees became millionaires during the era of options.

MS Has No Monopoly!
by Steve Anglin, O'Reilly Network
Microsoft has no monopoly on Windows. Specifically, that's because of the increasing competition on the server, PDA, cell phone, and even the desktop.

Attack Bot Exploits Windows Flaw
by Robert Lemos, CNET
Online vandals are using a program to compromise Windows servers and remotely control them through Internet relay chat (IRC) networks, system administrators said Saturday.

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