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Wednesday, September 17, 2003

Top Stories

Schools Will Give Kids New Windows On The World
by Howard Troxler, St. Petersburg Times
I totally endorse the decision of Howard Hinesley, the school chief in Pinellas County, to eliminate Apple computers from the public schools and switch to Windows-based computers.

Setback For Microsoft Ripples Through The World Wide Web
by Steve Lohr, New York Times
Last month, Microsoft suffered a stinging legal setback. But this time, the rest of the industry is not smiling.


Every Carroll Seventh Grader To Get Laptop
by Associated Press
Every seventh grade student and teacher in Carroll in western Iowa should have a laptop computer as early as the end of the month.

QuickTime Chief Queries MS Standards Tactic
by Jonny Evans, Macworld UK

PowerSchool Announces PowerPack Add-On
by MacMinute
The PowerPack includes PowerSchool and PowerGrade tutorials, templates, user guides, product overview QuickTime movies, and more.

Apple To Open Second Seattle Retail Store
by Dennis Sellers, MacCentral
Apple will open a second retail store in Seattle, Wash., on Friday, Sept. 26. The grand opening of the retail establishment — located at the University Village Mall, 2656 NE University Village Street — will be from 6-10 p.m.

SSH Security Glitch Exposes Networks
by Patrick Gray, ZDNet Australia
A critical security flaw in SSH has been revealed that threatens servers worldwide.


Hands-On Report — New 15" PowerBook G4
by Macs Only!
Every major complaint that we had about the TiBook has been taken care of in the new 15" AlBook.

Apple iMac G4 1.25Ghz: A First Look
by Mattt Elliott, ZDNet UK
Although the changes to the iMac amount to only a few bumps in speed, you're still getting more for the same old price — always good news for consumers.

Apple's Mac Offers Refuge From Barrage Of PC Virus Attacks
by Yeong Ah Seng, Straits Times
For the multitude of Wintel users who have been flabbergasted time and again by virus attacks and Microsoft's lacklustre response, the prospect of undisturbed surfing and checking e-mail on a Mac is becoming a more attractive option every day.


Wednesday, September 17, 2003
by Heng-Cheong Leong

iKnowKungFu, and other ads.


Does Microsoft Want To Lose The Plug-In Patent Case?
by Jeffrey Zeldman
The "losing to win it all" theory has been coming to light in mainstream publications that are finally beginning to cover the case.

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