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Sunday, October 26, 2003

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The Lowdown On Downloads
by Rob Pegoraro, Washington Post
In iTunes, Apple has accomplished what has eluded the entire PC market — it's shipped a free, elegant, easy-to-use program that copies CDs in either AAC or MP3 format, offers numerous, thoughtful ways to organize a music library, lets you buy music conveniently, plays back Web radio and burns CDs and even DVDs — and does it all without turning your desktop into a billboard for other products and services.

Macs Less Susceptible To Problems From Bugs
by Walter Mossberg, Wall Street Journal
Not everybody can, or should, jump to Apple. But if you're tired of the virus wars, the Mac can be an island of serenity.


Proteron Posts LiteSwitch X Update, Memo To Apple
by MacMinute
Proteron today also posted a public memo to Apple Computer regarding the company's "assimilation of third party software into the Mac OS."

Darwin 7.0 Released
by Slashdot


Why I Chose Not To Buy Panther
by Bill Palmer


Virtual PC
by MacReview

TextEdit Rocks Under Panther
by Rob McNair-Huff, Mac Net Journal

The Panther Review
by Gene Steinberg, Mac Night Owl
I do not get the impression of a release that was rushed to market. Rather, Panther is a highly developed operating system that provides both superior performance and stability, with new, powerful features that will make your Mac user experience more fun and more productive. And that's a hard combination to beat.

Some Additional Panther Notes On Incompatibilities
by Macs Only!

Apple's New Panther Takes Huge Leap Forward
by Charles Arthur, Independent
Although it might seem like just a decimal point, the change in Mac OSX — from 10.2 — is as dramatic as the difference between a jaguar and a panther, the respective versions' code names inside Apple.


Sunday, October 26, 2003
by Heng-Cheong Leong

MAC DEVELOPER JOURNAL sounds like an interesting read, especially since O'Reilly's name is on it. I wonder if it is already out, and if I can find it on local magazine shops.

A MIX THAT WORKS IN THE CLUB AND THE IPOD : An album review that requires no explanation on the term "iPod".

THESE POWER-USER FEATURES wishlists for web browsers are interesting, to say the least.


Microsoft Ushers In 'Longhorn' Era
by Peter Galli, eWeek
Software developers eager to get their first look at Microsoft Corp.'s next-generation operating system will get their wish this week, even though final versions of the products are still at least two years away.

Antitrust Judge Wants Details Of Microsoft Deals
by Ted Bridis, Associated Press
The judge in the Microsoft Corp. antitrust case urged government lawyers Friday to investigate why only nine companies so far have paid Microsoft to license its technology for their own software products, agreements central to the success of a landmark settlement negotiated with the Bush administration.

Office 2003 Power Comes At A Cost
by Stacy Cowley, InfoWorld
Office 2003's advances will come at what could be a steep cost, as increased reliance on other Microsoft products threatens to hike licensing costs.

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