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Saturday, November 15, 2003

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Apple Aims At Teens With New iPod Site
by Peter Cohen, MacCentral is Apple's latest effort to win the hearts and minds of teen consumers interested in its iPod digital music player. It's a new Web site and a fierce bit of guerilla marketing that combines high-impact graphics and animation along with several popular music tracks, and is chock full of creative ways that teens can try to convince their parents of how much they want, need and deserve an iPod this holiday season.


Mac Supercomputer Joins Elite
by Wired News
Virginia Tech's "Big Mac" supercomputer is officially the world's third-fastest supercomputer.

Whatever Happened To Bluetooth?
by Sumner Lemon and stephen Lawson, IDG News Service
Wireless technology has improved , but it may never be mainstream.

Image Conscious
by J. Greg Phelan, The Age
Album art decreased in size years ago in the move from vinyl records to CDs. But now, with downloadable music on the internet, is such art headed for obsolescence?

Apple To Open First Portland-Area Store
by Portland Business Journal
Apple Computer will open its first Portland-area store on Saturday in Washington Square, giving existing Apple dealers some competition.

Error In Downloading
by Russ Britt and Steve Gelsi, CBS MarketWatch
Record, tech industries battle to make music pay off.

Windows Expert Slams Panther
by Macworld UK
Windows apologist Paul Thurrott has dismissed Mac OS X as offering "nothing in the way of usability advancements over previous desktop operating systems."

Impending OS 9 iDisk Hitch
by Macworld UK
"If you're using Mac OS 9 and AFP (Apple File Protocol) you'll need to download and install software that enables WebDAV for your operating system in order to maintain full access to your iDisk."

Microsoft CTO Lauds BlackBerry, iPod
by Munir Kotadia, ZDNet UK
Less than six months after Microsoft launched its newest mobile OS, Windows Mobile 2003 for Pocket PC, Vaskevitch was keen to point out to the delegates how useful it is to have devices with specific functionality.

No iTunes For Now-Lah
by Chan Lee Meng, Malaysia Star
An Apple official said the company is "fully committed" to opening up its iTunes online music store to rest of the world, but would not provide a date.

Apple Offers iPod Battery Replacement Service
by Macinute
Apple is now offering a US$99 battery replacement program for iPods that are more than a year old.


Never Thought I'd Say This: Why Apple Should Release Safari For Windows
by Bill Palmer

Discussion: iTunes For Windows Breaking Older iPods
by Slashdot

Capital For Mac Development
by Brent Simmons
This is a sign of growing health.

The World Is A GUi Place: Apple And Longhorn
by Tom Yager, InfoWorld
You know you're using the right software when, night after night, you have that "oh crap, I was supposed to be home an hour ago" moment. OS X engages me that way without obviously working at it, just by respecting the fact that humans use their software.


DeltaGraph 5
by Neale Monks, Applelust
The more I used DeltaGraph, the more I liked it.

Miglia's AlchemyTV
by Pierre Igot, Applelust

Ghost Master
by Ectal Greenhaw, Inside Mac Games
Ghost Master is a game that tries to get by on its premise alone, and it succeeds, despite a few minor flaws.


Saturday, November 15, 2003
by Heng-Cheong Leong

WHERE'S APPLE? : Bill Palmer noted that "When the iTunes Music Store first launched, viewers of the ads were directed to visit But these days, traffic is instead being shuttled to There's no mention of either 'Apple' or 'Mac' in either one of those domains."

Actually, I thought this has something to do with the lawsuit from the other Apple company.

Actually #2, when you do go to, the Apple logo stares right at your face at the top left corner.

COMMITTED? YEAH RIGHT : Apple says it is "committed to opening up its iTunes online music store to rest of the world".

I'm still waiting for my iPhoto book.

REPTILE AMONG THE REFUSE : Hong Kong currently has a crocodile problem, among others.


Microsoft Ordered To Pay $62M In Patent Suit
by James Niccolai, IDG
A jury has ordered Microsoft to pay $62.3 million in damages for infringing on a technology patent held by a division of manufacturing and technology company SPX, the companies said Friday.

Microsoft Builds Spam Filters Into Exchange
by Paul Roberts, IDG News Service
Gates to announce plans in Comdex keynote address.

Answer The Phone; It May Be Microsoft
by Stephen Lawson, IDG News Service
Greater role for enterprise telephony seen for software giant.

Microsoft Seeks Government, Private Security Alliances
by Joris Evers, IDG News Service

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