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Friday, November 21, 2003

Top Stories

Apple Computer: Gaining The World And Losing Its Soul
by Gene Steinberg, Mac Night Owl
So while Microsoft appears to be shooting itself in the foot with its trustworthy computing pronouncements, I get the growing impression that the Mac has, on the eve of its 20th birthday, come of age. It's a strange feeling, to be sure. Years of being thought of as someone strange because of my choice of personal computers.


Mac Vs. PC: The Truth About TCO
by James Maguire, NewsFactor
The Mac vs. PC conundrum probably will not be settled by an authoritative analyst study any time soon.

Apple At MacExpo 2003
by Apple
With more than 20,000 attendees expected at Islington's Business Design Centre over the next three days and a mass of iPod advertising lending the local streets a splash of colour, this stylish corner of North London has a distinctly Apple flavour this week.

G5 Enclosure Warranty Draws Ire
by Nick dePlume, Think Secret
Apple is taking fire from some service centers due to its requirement that when they replace a number of routine Power Mac G5 parts, they also replace the entire enclosure. At the same time, Apple is not covering the system's enclosure under warranty, charging dealers nearly $500 for a replacement.


The Cupertino Community Playground (Or, Why Apple Owes Me Nothing)
by Kirk Hiner, Applelinks
Question them all you want, make your points known, but don't take it personally.


Macs Offer More Choices At Lower Prices Than Ever
by Bob LeVitus, Houston Chronicle
If you're in the market for a new Mac, there have never more excellent choices, nor have prices been lower.

Favorite Photo Tips
by Derrick Story, O'Reilly Netowrk

Around The Mac Web In 80 Clicks
by Matthew Rothenberg, eWeek
Check out this guide to some of the hottest Mac spots on the Internet.


Friday, November 21, 2003
by Heng-Cheong Leong

HAPPY BIRTHDAY! : Salon turns 8, and here's a look at the very first issue.

RUMOR DU JOUR : The 42-inch iMac... with pictures!


Intel Rebuffs The Skeptics Of Its Itanium Chip
by Steve Lohr, New York Times
Intel delivered a forceful defense yesterday of its advanced Itanium microprocessor, declaring the chip well on its way to success despite considerable skepticism in the computer industry.

Critiquing Microsoft's Anti-Spam Move
by Gregg Keizer, TechWeb
Microsoft's recently-announced anti-spam add-on for Exchange Server 2003 may be a first step in the company's assault on enterprise junk mail, say analysts, but the move is neither a threat for third-party software makers already in the market, nor of much use to large corporations.

.Net Explained Again — And Again, And Again...
For Microsoft, presenting a clear and coherent .Net picture is more important than ever, as the company prepares developers for the next big bang.

Intel Sets The Bar At 4GHz
by John G. Spooner, CNET
The chipmaker, which discussed its plans in a wide-ranging meeting with financial analysts on Thursday, said it aims to boost the performance of a broad range of its products next year, including cranking up its desktop PC processors.

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