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Thursday, December 4, 2003


District 834 Should Not Break Laptop Contract, Board Members Say
by Craig Dirkes, Stillwater Gazette
Oak-Land Junior High School students and faculty, and most staff members at Stillwater Junior High School, will receive laptops. Oak-Land is among four National Demonstration Sites in Apple's one-to-one laptop initiative, which is meant to enhance student achievement.

Contour Desiggn Debuts NoteRiser For Laptops
by MacNN
Contour Design today announced NoteRiser, which enables the laptopotebook user to position the computer for optimal ergonomic integrity.

New iPod Accessories Announced
by MacMinute
SimpleSpeaker is a small and light stereo loudspeaker which works without batteries and is connected directly with the headphone jack on the iPod.

Evangelist Spreads The Word
by Alan Cane, Financial Times
It is Russell Brown, all right, but not as his colleagues know him.Wearing a tuxedo and sportinga black wig, the senior creative director of Adobe, the software group, looks as if he has been processed with the group's own Photoshop system.

Graphic Converter 4.9.2 Released
by MacMinute

Macworld US 'Eddy' Awards Announced
by Macworld UK
These are given to the year's top hardware and software products chosen by Macworld US's editorial department.

Kensington MouseWorks X 2.4 Released
Version 2.4 adds support for Safari, Horizontal Scrolling, and Kensington Digital Update.

Timbuktu Pro. 7.0 Released With Panther Support
by MacMinute
Some of the new features in version 7.0 include support for Mac OS X 10.3 (with support for Fast User Switching), support for multi-button and scroll wheel mouse commands, multiple user options to maximize bandwidth conservation, an improved Internet Locator Service which adapts itself even to frequently-changed IP addresses, and more.


The Panther Report: Why Do We Have To Unlock Secret Features?
by Gene Steinberg, Mac Night Owl
In fact, if you pour through many of these utilities, you'll find that all they do is access features that are normally available only via a Terminal command.

A Sign Of What AppleWorks Is Worth
by Rob McNair-Huff, Mac Net Journal
$5, that is about what the application is worth to me these days.

Discussion: Can You Make A Living From Shareware?
by MacSlash

A Dim View Of Apple's Photo Op
by Alex Salkever, BusinessWeek
I wrote that Apple could win big by making iPhoto software for Windows. That drew a slew of reader responses — mostly negative.

The Apple Way
by John Papola
What better place to start the Apple journey than to examine the fundamentals of how Apple delivers its products and why they remain one of the few "whole widget" computer companies.


Apple's New iBook Is A Perfect Combination Of Price, Performance, And Design
by John Manzione, MacNETv2
If you've ever wanted a laptop, or even a second laptop to keep with you wherever you go, this is it.

Big-Time Music Services Arrive
by Eric Dahl, PC World
Apple's iTunes Music Store is by far the best designed, and it lets you stream songs from the shared collections of other users (PC or Mac).

Today Is The Anniversary Of My Switch
by Mike Wendland
I've put together the top 5 reasons why I won't go back to a PC.

TechTool 4.0.1 For Mac OS X
by Macs Only!
The unique eDrive alone is worth the price in that one avoids the need for an external boot drive to run optimization utilities.


Thursday, December 4, 2003
by Heng-Cheong Leong

CONVERSATIONS : Check out the comments section in this article.

I'M ALREADY HALF-WAY DEAD! : Guy suddenly realizes he'll never have 10,000 songs, reports CARS.

Actually, this sounds a little like my up-coming mid-life crisis. Just subsititue songs with... well, something else.

Such a depressing week. Gonna spent more time with more daughter. She is learning to walk — which brings me great joy.

OR MAYBE I AM ALREADY DEAD : This whole week has been rather, well, unsatisfying for me. I feel that me have been completely drained from myself, and I've really finish my entire existence, and is now ready to be, well, done.

Anybody felt like this before?


What's Wrong With Microsoft's Mobile Strategy
by Michael Gartenberg

Is Microsoft Less Expensive Than Linux?
by Art Jahnke, CIO
Microsoft is concerned that Linux's popularity is increasing. Readers debate the expense issue of open source versus Redmond.

Facelift For Hotmail Goes Live
by Cade Metz, PC Magazine
Today, the company unveiled a new version of Hotmail, its Web-based e-mail service. This update, already available to the general public, includes improved spam filters, calendar software, and a contact application for keeping track of names, addresses, and phone numbers.

Intel Accelerates Its Celeron Shift
by John G. Spooner, CNET
Intel has quietly made available the first member of what next year will become a new generation of mobile Celeron processors.

Microsoft To Allow More Licensing Of Its Technology
by Steve Lohr, New York Times
Microsoft announced today that it would open the doors to its storehouse of patents, copyright and trade secrets to outsiders with a more liberal policy for licensing the big software maker's intellectual property.

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