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Tuesday, December 16, 2003

Top Stories

Collectible Blank CDs Aimed At 'Rings' Fans
by Jeff Leeds, Los Angeles Times
Apple Computer and Reprise are selling the discs to those who want to burn the soundtrack.

by Joel Spolsky
What are the cultural differences between Unix and Windows programmers? There are many details and subtleties, but for the most part it comes down to one thing: Unix culture values code which is useful to other programmers, while Windows culture values code which is useful to non-programmers.

Happy Birthday, Mac!
by Quentin Hardy, Forbes
It ought to be dead by now, beset by time and big competitors. Be grateful it isn't.


Apple Blase About Online Music Rivals
by Michelle Kessler, USA Today
Who's afraid of retail giant Wal-Mart? Not Apple CEO Steve Jobs.

Selling Steve's Vision
by Arik Hesseldahl, Forbes
"Jobs simply has a certain vision for the company that doesn't necessarily equate with having the biggest market share."

Pepsi To Give Away 600 iPods?
by MacMinute

StuffIt Update Adds Full Panther Support, New Options
by Peter Cohen, MacCentral

Apple Updates Remote Desktop
by Peter Cohen, MacCentral
"The Apple Remote Desktop Client version 1.2.4 update delivers improvements to security, performance, and reliability of the Apple Remote Desktop 1.2 client software running on Mac OS X versions 10.1, 10.2 and 10.3," according to Apple.

Ambrosia Updates Escape Velocity: Nova For Panther
by MacMinute

Nick Kereakos: A Studio In The Field
by Barbara Gibson, Apple
"That's where Pro Tools on the PowerBook is great, because my whole recording rig is just a small laptop and a small interface from Pro Tools. It weighs — what? Six pounds?"

John D. Lowry: Restoration Software
by Joe Cellini, Apple
"To do the work we are doing today 10 years ago, would have cost tens of millions of dollars for a computer facility... But along came the Power Mac G4 and the Power Mac G5, and suddenly we had an answer."

No Other Internet Music Service Has Touched FIrst Out Of The Gate
by Jefferson Graham, TechNewsWorld
The thunderous response to iTunes helped push four other music services to market, with several more planned. But their initial success has been much more muted.

Tinderbox 2.1 Released
by Mac Net Journal


What Happens When You Don't Understand The Problem
by John C. Welch
The real source of the vulnerability is not Apple's code, or really even their implementation. But the DHCP standard itself.

PortalPlayer Photo Edition Paves Way For Picture iPod
by Tony Smith, The Register
PortalPlayer, the company behind the hardware, software and processor technology that powers Apple's iPod, will soon launch a upgraded version of its chip/firmware combo that paves the way for a Photo iPod.

What I Don't Want For Christmas
by Chris Adamson, O'Reilly Network
There are a couple of items that the pundits and the rumor sites say we might see in 2004, and if it's all the same to y'all in Cupertino, don't bother with these.

Annals Of Bad Marketing Dept.
by Dan Gillmor, San Jose Mercury News
Earthlink couldn't be bothered to cross-check before pitching me on a service that I can't use.


Ghost Master
by Bill Stiteler, Applelinks
Ghost Master is a game that, like the Sims, isn't a game to be enjoyed by scoring points or achieving goals.


Tuesday, December 16, 2003
by Heng-Cheong Leong

iWRITEcoming this January?

NO, IT'S THE OTHER WAY AROUND : Tony Smith speculates that we may one day see "iTunes Music Service support in non-Apple devices."

No, I don't think so. I think we may see iPod supporting other music services — i.e. Apple licensing FairPlay — rather. Afterall, Apple makes money on iPods, and not digital music.


What Microsoft Needs To Do In 2004
by David Coursey, ZDNet
I'm going to mix what Microsoft should do for the good of you and me with what the company needs to do in its own best interest. The result is my list of Microsoft's Top 10 Challenges for 2004.

Microsoft Confirms Windows Shuffle
by Ina Fried, CNET
Microsoft on Monday confirmed plans to reshuffle its Windows unit, shifting executives and creating a new division more tightly focused on development efforts.

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