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Wednesday, December 17, 2003

Top Stories

Apple Emerges From The Pod
by BBC News
You can hire as many "cool hunters" and guerrilla marketers as you like, but when it comes to the youth market you've either got it or you haven't. And, at the moment, the iPod has got it.

A Look Back: The Best Of 2003 From Apple Computer
by Yuval Kossovsky, Computerworld
Apple is not a computer company, but a solution company. Apple delivers innovative, elegant and friendly solutions to a specific community with a problem. Apple delivers utility in a decidedly nonutilitarian way.


Reader: Apple Quietly Patches MPEG-2 Component Bug
by MacNN

Awards Of Excellence 2003
by Judy Salpeter, Techlearning
Apple's four popular multimedia tools-iTunes for music management, iPhoto for digital photography editing, iMovie for digital moviemaking, and iDVD for burning DVDs-have been upgraded in the past year and incorporated into a single integrated package known as iLife. Impressed with each of these tools individually, our judges were particularly wowed by the richness of the resulting suite.

Apple Releases Battery Update 1.1 For Portables
by MacNN
Apple today released Battery Update 1.1, which enhances the performance of the battery to ensure that full capacity is available for your PowerBook or iBook.

The iPod Is The New Sonic Boom
by Toby Manhire, The Guardian

Apple Discussions Support Area Gets Revamped
by Peter Cohen, MacCentral
The new Apple Discussions area features "a significant update to the user interface and a change to the way posts are rated."

AppleCare Planned For Euro iPods
by Jonny Evans, Macworld UK
Apple Europe has told Macworld of its plans to offer Europe's iPod owners battery replacement and AppleCare packages soon.

FoxTrot Dances Across Your Comics Page In Step With Mac
by Brad Cook, MacCentral
Few months ago, Bill Amend treated himself to a 2 GHz Dual Processor Power Mac G5, complete with a Cinema HD display.

Love Apple
by Garry Barker, Sydney Morning Herald
As Colonel John "Hannibal" Smith of The A Team would have said, the plan has come together and the people love it.

Apple Hits Back
by Russell Brown, New Zealand Listener
Apple's PC market share might be as little as three percent, but the pundits have lately queued up to praise its sense of style and innovation.

Poll: Mac Veterans Abound
by Macworld UK
Nearly a third of Mac users readers bought their first Mac between 1984 and 1990, the latest Macworld Online poll shows.

Free 2 - 3 Day Shipping At Apple Store
by MacMinute
The online Apple Store is offering free 2- to 3-day shipping on all orders until December 27, 2003.

Mac Applets Coming Soon To Windows
by Paul Festa, CNET
A Web site that offers desktop applets for the Macintosh desktop is gearing up to provide similar gadgets for Windows.

Stillwater: Laptop Foes Say Deal Will Stand
by Megan Boldt, Pioneer Press
Public opposition to a plan to provide laptops to junior high students was strong enough to help put two write-in candidates on the Stillwater school board last month, but iBook naysayers on the board say they won't push to sever the deal with Apple Computer.

Microsoft's Music Play Aims To Put Apple's iTunes In Juicer
by Stephen Lynch, New York Post
"Microsoft isn't interested in selling music. Microsoft is interested in providing technology that proliferates."


Update: What's Up With Uru For Mac? Cyan Answers
by Vern Seward, Mac Observer
While there's no definite date for when Uru will show up, it seems reasonably certain that it will, which should make a lot of Mac Myst fans extremely happy.

A G5 Laptop? Maybe Next Year
by Alex Salkever, BusinessWeek
Much of the requisite modifications needed to convert a G5 desktop chipset into one that works in a laptop may have already taken place.

iTunes For The Rest Of Us
by Amy Percival, SpyMac
Apple must open the iTunes Music Store internationally, or risk losing the market share it has gained in the digital music market it created.

10 Things I Think I Think I Feel About Switching
by Tim Verpoorten
I think after less than a year as a Mac owner, I've seen more quality software than I did in 15 years working with PC's.


Wireless IntelliMouse Explorer 2.0
by Lucian Fong, Inside Mac Games
I find it puzzling that after all the great mice that Microsoft has made, they release a product that takes a step back.

Apples G5: More Than A Pretty Face
by Tom Yager, ARN

iPod Offerings, Part 2
by Dan Frakes, TidBITS
Give your favorite iPod user even more reason to love their iPod with one (or more) of these useful items.

Music To Your Ears: 2003
by Dan Frakes, TidBITS
If someone in your life uses headphones, give them a pair that do their music/movies/games justice.

Age Of Mythology
by Mike Phillips, MacGamer
This game is deep in strategy, rich in story, lush in visuals and well-groomed in sound.


Wednesday, December 17, 2003
by Heng-Cheong Leong

FORGETFUL ME : I didn't report it here, but I did installed Panther on my Pismo, and everything is working fine.

Until today, which I had a very minor panic attack. I just remembered that I had indeed rebooted my Pismo with my FireWire 400 hard disk mounted.

Argh! This is something which I vowed not to do during my installation, ever, until Apple clears up the matter. Thankfully, nothing went wrong, but I'll probably need to remind myself again and again not to do this anymore.

Maybe someone out there can write an AppleScript or something that will remind me of this whenever I want to shutdown or reboot my Pismo with external hard disk mounted.


MS Moves Into 'Get Longhorn On The Road' Mode
by John Lettice, The Register
So what's happening, we think, is that Microsoft has now reached that stage in Longhorn development where it looks at what it's got, looks at the target dates and decides it needs to call in the usual gunslingers in order to get the thing done.

Microsoft Releases Management Software Beta
by Ina Fried, CNET
Microsoft on Tuesday said it released an updated test version of one of its main management software products.

Blaster And The Great Blackout
by Bruce Schneier, Salon
It's impossible to prove that a malicious worm caused last summer's power outage, but one thing's clear: Ordinary computers are the weakest link.

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