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Thursday, January 8, 2004

Top Stories

HP, Apple Harmonize On iPod
by Ina Fried, CNET
Apple will manufacture the player, which will not have the iPod name but will have the same design and features as Apple's third-generation iPod players, In addition, HP will start preinstalling Apple's iTunes on its consumer PCs and desktops.

HP To Deliver iPod-Based Players
by Peter Cohen, MacCentral
Apple's desire to see the iPod remain the leader in the digital music player market got a big push on Thursday when Apple and HP announced that they have formed a strategic alliance to deliver HP-branded digital music players based on the iPod.

Microsoft-Friendlier Macworld
by Peter Burrows, BusinessWeek
While light on Gates-baiting at this year's confab, Steve Jobs still gets his digs in: "Microsoft is copying us again, and it's fun!"


Apple Seeks Dollars In Former Freebies
by Ina Fried, CNET
Apple's decision to stop offering free downloads of iMovie and iPhoto is part of a clear shift by the Mac maker to try to recoup more of the dollars it invests in creating software for the Mac.

Xserve Corporate Adoption Continues
by Macworld UK
Apple continues to attract the products, developers and credibility it requires to emerge as a serious option for corporate users in the market for infrastructure products.

iPod Mini Outcry Prompts Price Review
by Neil McIntosh, The Guardian
A senior Apple executive has said the company will review its pricing outside the US, and blamed the high pricing on the continuing weakness of the dollar against other currencies.

Apple's Unlikely Guardian Angel
by Leander Kahney, Wired News
Over the years, one company has stuck by Apple through thick and thin. Without the backing of this firm, Apple likely would have died. Who is Apple's guardian angel? It's the firm that Mac users most love to hate, the bogeyman of the Mac universe, the one company whose products some Mac fans refuse to use on principle: Microsoft.

Haverhill, Canaan Get Computers
by Sonia Scherr, Valley News
7th-graders are among 600 N.H. students getting laptops for free.

Apple Announcements Draw Compliments, Criticism
by David Schloss, MacCentral

Apple Computer Gains Share In Broadcast Market
by TrendWatch
26% of U.S. broadcast stations and cable systems use Apple computers as their primary system for editing/production workstations.

Sybase Ships Panther-Ready Database
by Mike Ricciuti, CNET
The release, Adaptive Server Enterprise 12.5.1, supports larger amounts of data, includes new management tools, and better performance than previous versions, Sybase said.

Password Protection In Microsoft Word Criticized
by Munir Kotadia, CNET
Microsoft Word documents that use the software's built-in password protection to avoid unauthorized editing can easily be modified using a relatively simple hack that was recently published on a security Web site.

Jobs' Macworld Keynote Hits A Few Sour Notes
by Daniel Drew Turner, Ian Betteridge and Matt Hicks, eWeek
Although many attendees of this week's Macworld Expo San Francisco found something to lie about Steve Jobs' opening keynote, some viewed it as a tasting menu compared with the buffets of new product introductions and surprises at Expo keynotes past.


MyiBook Failed Me
by Kevin Featherly, Pioneer Press
This is a love story because, in spite of myself, I still adore my little iBook laptop. But it's also a horror story.

by Doc Searls
My main take-away was that Apple is doing a great job of hacking the music industry, and is playing a significant role (how intentionally is not yet clear, but credit where due) in the mass market shift from a consumer to a producer culture.

MWSF — What Today Was Like For A First Timer

Apple Got It Right
Incremental change, improving on strengths better strategy.

You're Not One Of Those Agitators, Are You?
by John Gruber
The iPod Mini is not about being a new low-end model — it's a new small-end model. It was the rumor sites that planted this idea that the iPod Mini would be both smaller and cheaper.


Active Lancer
by Sean Daly, Inside Mac Games
Active Lancer is a great value. It offers intense arcade action with quality sound and cut scenes at a bargain price. The production values on this game are very high separating it from other arcade type games available on the Mac.

For Tabbed Browsing And Other New Tricks, Try Explorer's Rivals
by Walter S. Mossberg, Wall Street Journal

Minor Panther Irritation
by Brent Simmons
Here's something that changed in Panther that drives me nuts several times a day.

Shortcomings In Mac OS X
by Mac Net Journal
I just spent an hour plus doing some tech support for a client who was having problems with keychain management and getting his login information for an Earthlink account to stick in Internet Connect.


Thursday, January 8, 2004
by Heng-Cheong Leong

WHAT IS MAC OS X? : A hacker over-friendly answer can be found here.

GOLLUM HAS A NEW PRECIOUS, my precious, and he is not going to let that fat hobbit get his filthy paws on it, will he, my precious?


Gates Unveils New MSN
by Jim Hu, CNET
Microsoft on Wednesday unveiled updated versions of its MSN family of Web sites and services in the hope of attracting the growing number of consumers with broadband connections.

Gates Pushes PC-TV Connection
by David Becker, CNET
Kicking off the Consumer Electronics Show, Microsoft Chairman Bill Gates demonstarted new technology for connecting digital content on Windows PCs to home entertainment centers, TVs and portable devices.

Gates: Convergence Is For Real
by Charles Cooper, CNET
Gates, who took the stage Wednesday night to deliver the opening key note at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas, is convinced that recent technology advances have paved the way toward real convergence.

Microsoft Agrees To Let Treasury Buy Partial Office Software Suite
by Oded Hermoni, Haaretz Daily
Microsoft has acceded to the Finance Ministry's demand that it be allowed to purchase individual components of Microsoft Office, rather than having to purchase the entire package, the ministry said yesterday.

Microsoft Releases Blaster Clean-Up Tool
by John Leyden, The Register
Microsoft this week released a tool to clean up systems infected by the infamous Blaster worm and its sundry variants.

Microsoft Ads Called Bogus
by Amit Asaravala, Wired News
Open-source advocates are crying foul over a new ad campaign from Microsoft that claims that Windows-based systems cost less in the long run than Linux-based systems.

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