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Wednesday, January 28, 2004

Top Stories

Pod People
by Aaron Davidson, California Aggie
Ethics, pricing and availability aside, students are reveling in the usefulness of their iPods.

Apple Signs Mysteriously Return To Store
by Jon Fortt, San Jose Mercury News
Who swiped the Apple logo signs that once crowned the Elite Computers and Software store in Cupertino? The answer might cause red faces at a certain company whose name starts with "Apple"' and ends with "Computer."


FBI Agent: 'Macs Running Mac OS X Can Do Just About Anything'
by MacDailyNews

'From KFO To iPod' In Less Than 48 Hours
by MacMinute
Five songs from the show are available for purchase, allowing consumers to download the live recording from iTunes to their Macs or Windows-based PCs and iPods.

Apple Japan President Resigns
by MacMinute

iTunes-Compatible AAC Music Store Launches
by MacMinute
Nupha has announced the launch of its international, cross-platform digital music store.

Wednesdays Are 'Pro Days' At Apple Stores
by MacMinute
"Every Wednesday, we open an hour early to offer free special presentations and demonstrations to help business professionals learn about all the latest technologies."

Apple's '1984' Super Bowl Commercial Still Stands As Watershed Event
by Kevin Maney, USA Today

Poll: Most Happy With iPod Battery
by Macworld UK

The Dawn Of The iGrill, The iPhone And The iScooter
by Patchen Barss, National Post
The very fact that people argued over its shape and colour (and drink-holder suitability) was a defining characteristic of the iMac's revolutionary success.

Analyst: Apple Supercomputer No Stand-In For Strategy
by Jason Lopez, NewsFactor
Apple's goal is to be recognized as a bona fide supplier to the enterprise, but Forrester analyst Frank Gillet says the firm can only be a niche player. Its user-friendly marketing strategy rings hollow to many I.T. professionals who are focused on two dominant systems: Linux and Windows.


Everyman's Supercomputer
by Hassan Aref, CNET
The great strength of universities is to show what is possible through proof-of-principle experiments and inventions. Machines like Virginia Tech X fall squarely into this category.

Raging Against The Machine
by Theodore Roszak, Los Angeles Times
In its '1984' commercial, Apple suggested that its computers would smash Big Brother. But technology gave him more control.


Garage Daze
by Garry Barker, Sydney Morning Herald
GarageBand is music synthesis for the rest of us.

Sanitizing Mail On Panther Server
by Jason Deraleau, O'Reilly Network

Some PowerBook Screen Issues Confirmed By Apple
by MacFixIt


Wednesday, January 28, 2004
by Heng-Cheong Leong

FACTS OF LIFE : "As soon as a man says, 'I do,' he loses 50 percent of his hearing."


Micerosoft 'Supports' Chinese Internet Crackdown
by Owen Gibson, The Guardian
Human rights group Amnesty International has attacked Microsoft and other computer giants for selling technology which allows Chinese authorities to control and monitor the internet, leading to a huge rise in the number of people detained for using the web.

XP Hole Could Compromise System
by Kieren McCarthy,
A hole has been discovered in Windows XP Professional and Home Edition that could compromise a network and be used to get into protected areas.

Microsoft Shines More Light On Longhorn
by Matt Loney, CNET
As Microsoft prepares developers and independent software vendors for Longhorn, the next version of its Windows operating system, the company wants to wean them off older Windows programming models.

Windows Sequel Gets Set To Entertain
by Ina Fried, CNET
Microsoft plans to start testing a new version of its Windows XP Media Center edition, a customized operating system designed for entertainment-oriented PCs.

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