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Thursday, March 11, 2004

Top Stories

Apple CEO Took $1 Salary Again In 2003
by Reuters
Apple did not pay Jobs any new stock options or cash bonus in 2003. No other executive received stock options in 2003, Apple said.

iPod 'Murder-Horor' Hoax
by Macworld UK
A diverting yet disturbing slice of iPod-related satire appeared online this morning — a seemingly hoax news report describing death by iPod.


Consuming Culture On The Net
by BBC News
The popularity of Apple's iPods has placed digital music in a different arena, with gadget fans, rather than just net users, turning to the Internet for music.

Doritos "Download It" Sweepstakes Cound Net You An iPod
by Bill Stiteler, Applelinks

Enhancement Pack Adds Features To AppleWorks
by Mac Net Journal
The Enhancement Pack for AppleWorks 1.5 adds 40 new capabilities to AppleWorks.

iPod Advertising Takes Over Toronto Subway
by MacMinute

A Tale Of Two Laptops
by Ron Schachter, District Administration
Two different states, two different outcomes. When it comes to state-wide laptop adoption programs, one state did it right, the other is still floundering. Find out why.

Apple To Hold Annual Shareholders Meeting April 22
by MacMinute

HP To Sell iPod, Other Electronic Devices In China
by MacNN

Apple Plans Special Event At NAB 2004
by MacMinute
Apple announced a special event to be held Sunday, April 1 as part of this year's National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) show.


Modernizing The Music Money-Go-Round
by New Democrats
It's hard to bring the music business into the 21st century under a legal framework that has its roots in the piano-scroll era.

It's The Games, Stupid!
by John C. Dvorak, PC Magazine
Let's look at the reasons to switch and try to determine exactly why Windows has such a viselike grip on its user base. If I am correct in my assessment, then everyone has been barking up the wrong tree for decades.

Virgin May Show Apple A Thing Or Two
by Alex Salkever, BusinessWeek
iPod and iTunes are digital music's top act, but the hip Richard Branson's marketing muscle makes him a challenger to be feared.


Griffin PowerMate
by Eric Schwarz
The extensive configurability of the software combined with the high-quality construction of the PowerMate make it a great value.

by Ectal Greenhaw, Inside Mac Games
I find Northland fascinating — but not much fun. If deep, difficult, and complex micromanagement appeals to you, get this quirky game as soon as you can. Otherwise, check out the demo first.

Mini Scores Maximum Style Points For Mp3 Fans
by Edward C. Baig, USA Today

Small-Foot iMac Has A Lot Of Kick
by John Breeden II, Government Computer News
The iMac might not be the right system for everyone in the office, but it comes up aces in settings that require multimedia.

Power Mac In The Middle: A Look At The Dual 1.8-GHz G5
by Ken Mingis, Computerworld


Thursday, March 11, 2004
by Heng-Cheong Leong

HAVE HARD DISK, WILL TAX : A French association wanted to add a levy to Apple's iPod because it has a hard disk, and hence will aid in music priacy.

But, you can pirate music with just an iPod alone. You still need a computer with a hard disk, which already has a levy imposed on it, I presume.

What does that mean? This probably mean that if Apple caved in to the demand, iPod owners are effectively "double-taxed".


What Linux Can Learn From Windows
by Robert Lemos, CNET
The release of the second major update to Windows XP answers many long-standing design criticisms of its operating system.

Outlook Flaw Riskier Than Thought
by Robert Lemos, CNET
Microsoft has raised the severity rating of an Outlook flaw to "critical," the highest level, after its initial analysis was challenged by the researcher who found the security hole.

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