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Friday, July 9, 2004


Apple Store Coming To Delaware
by MacNN
Apple will be opening a retail store at the Christiana Mall in Newark, DE — Delaware's largest mall.

Get Ready, Here Comes The iPod Mini — And A Revolution In How We Enjoy Music
by Charles Arthur, Independent
The imminent arrival of the iPod mini is set to trigger a high street music boom this summer.

Barry White's 'Laughing Gnome' Shock On iTMS
by Macworld UK
Don't believe everything you see or hear on Apple's iTunes Music Store (iTMS) — sometimes the previews and music don't match.

iPod's Second Coming
by Steven Deare, ARN
Local stockists expect sales of Apple's latest iPod offering, the iPod mini, will match those of its larger counterpart when it hits retailers' shelves on July 24.

Mike Thomas: Breaking Into Bioinformatics At ISU
by Barbara Gibson, Apple
When we saw the Apple Workgroup Cluster for Bioinformatics, we immediately knew that we could put a cluster together very quickly and concentrate on biology rather than computer science.

Apple's Reinvention Transforms Stock's Valuation
by Duncan Martell, Reuters
Once seen as a value play that traded at little above its cash value, Apple's stock is now attracting long-term and momentum investors sold on Steve Jobss' vision of the company as a high-margin style-setter at the hub of an emerging "digital lifestyle."

London iPod Music Club To Open Doors This Summer
by MacMinute
Playlist is a new club that lets anyone bring in their favorite 15-minute playlist on an iPod and play their songs to be judged by the crowd.

Microsoft Rolls Out Designer, Special Edition Mice
by MacMinute


Apple Disqualifies First Person In iTunes Contest?
by Phillip Torrone, Engadget
We read the rules and showed folks how to enter the Apple iTunes contest for free, then of course, someone tries to enter 3,000 times and Apple disqualifies them.

More On Extending HTML
by Dave Hyatt

Tiger Primer: Automator
by Jason Snell, Macworld
You may not know a lot about it yet, but trust me — Tiger's new AUtomator feature will save you a lot of time.


Note To The World: Hands Off My iPod Mini!
by Elizabeth Millard, MacNewsWorld
Nothing can compare to the iPod mini when it comes to style.

Hands On: Put Panther On Your Server
by Mark Anbinder, Macworld

G5Jam: Internal Hard Drives Give The G5s A Performance Boost
by Kristina De Nike, Macworld
The G5Jam isn't for people with full-length PCI cards or for those uncomfortable installing hardware, but it can give your computer juice by adding fast storage.

USB-FireWire Combo Cards: USB 2.0-FireWire 400 CardBus Cards Boost PowerBook Connectivity
by Owen Linzmayer, Macworld
The Orange Micro OrangeCombo card gets our vote. It performed most reliably, comes with the best manual, and includes the most generous bundle of accessories.


You Still Want To Purchase A Laptop?
by Heng-Cheong Leong

If you're like me, you would have frequently logged on to Apple's online store and configure a laptop or two just to see how rich you'd have to be in order to buy your dream machine.

Well, don't be surprise if Apple starts to contact you to see if you really want your dream machine.

Rumor Today: The Days of The New iMac
by Heng-Cheong Leong

According to Think Secret, Apple will unveil the new iMac on August 31, and ship the new iMac around September 15.

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