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Wednesday, July 14, 2004

Top Stories

Mac Founding Fathers Look Back, Ahead
by Colin C. Haley,
Apple co-foudner Steve Jobs boycotted Macworld in Boston over a dispute with the show's producers. But that didn't stop four former engineers from swapping stories about him — flattering or otherwise.

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Anecdotes about the development of Apple's original Macintosh computer, and the people who created it.

UK Military Denies Ban On iPods
by Alfred Hermida, BBC News
The Ministry of Defence has denied reprots that it has banned Apple's iPod due to fears it could be used to steal sensitive files.


Macworld Boston Opens Loudly
by Leander Kahney, Wired News
In spite of low expectations, opening day of the Boston Macworld exhibit was marked by large, bustling crowds of happy Mac nerds.

Opening To Mixed Reviews
by Hiawatha Bray, Boston Globe
Space abounds for return of Macworld, but show's attendees in shorter supply.

Macworld Announces 'Best Of Show' Awards
by MacMinute

Macworld Expo: It's Here
by Jason Snell, Macworld
There's still plenty for me to do here. Still a lot of cool stuff to see.

Photos And Notes From Macworld Expo/Boston, Part Two
by Nick dePlume, Think Secret


New US Xserve Cluster Looms
by Macworld UK
The University of Maine is engaged in building a 256-node Xserve G5-based supercomputer at the Target Technology Center in Orono.

Barclaycard Dumps Mac Users
by Lucy Sherriff, The Register
Let's recap: Barclaycard current policy is that it doesn't support Macs. It never has, except that it did. And it should be fixed soon. But it isn't to do with the logo, its all because of Netscape 7.

Firefox 1.0 Set For September
by TechWeb
The Mozilla Foundation on Tuesday set September as the release date for its free open-source Firefox browser.

In Absentia, Jobs Still Towers Over Macworld
by Matt Hines, CNET


20 Suggestions For Improving The Mac Experience
by Jeff Adkins, Low End Mac

"We Changed The Logo And Now It Doesn't Work With Macs"
by Charles Arthur
It's stuff like this that makes you realise that financial institutions believe we're all idiots.

Reasons To Love Apple
by Paul Gilster, News Observer
Yes, I do believe Apple is viable. I expect it to remain healthy for years to come. And OS X remains the best operating system on the market.

Is Mac OS X 'Tiger' Rolling Over On Windows Support?
by John Rizzo, eWeek
Support for Mac clients in the enterprise still looks scant to many on the front lines.

Looks Like The PC's Best Years Are Behind It
by Carl Skadian, Straits Times
Today's stagnant PC world is a far cry from the golden era when exciting innovations emerged every few months.

No "Free Entry Winners" In The iTunes Contest...
by Phillip Torrone, Engadget
It's pretty much impossible to know if the free entries were really ever even part of the contest.

A Midsummer's Mac Death Match, Round Two: Enderle Vs. Chaffin
by Robyn Weisman, MacNewsWorld
Today Enderle and Chaffin eachs kicks metaphorical mounds of sand on the arguments the other made in round one on the question of where Apple will be five years from now.


Microsoft Office 2004
by Nan Barber, Rob Griffiths, Franklin N. Tessler, and Tom Negrino, Macworld


Rumor Today: New, Sleeker iPods In August
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Think Secret: The new models will be smaller, sleeker, and will come in a variety of colors.

Rumor Today: Apple Nixes Third Party "Software Update" Plans
by Heng-Cheong Leong

AppleInsider: Apple fears that third party developers could accidently release buggy or infected software updates, which would ultimately effect the Mac OS X operating system, causing customers to fault Apple.


Ballmer: Longhorn Is 'Disruptive — But Worth It'
by Andrew Donoghue, ZDNet UK
Microsoft's chief executive has declined to give a firm release date for the next version of Windows, in order to avoid disappointing customers and partners.

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