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Saturday, July 17, 2004


Apple's Market Share At 3.7 Percent
by MacNN
Apple was the No 5 PC vendor in the US market in the second quarter with a 3.7% market share behind Dell, HP, Gateway, and IBM.


Unix Leap Of Faith
by Tom Yager, InfoWorld
Don't wait until the rest of the world notices the efforts of Apple, Novell, and Sun.

Now Everyone Is A Security Risk
by David Neal, IT Week
There is definitely a culture of paranoia and secrecy growing up — much of it fertilised by attention-seeking analysts.

My Boston, My Macworld Expo
by Ming Chow, O'Reilly Network
I am satisfied that Macworld has returned to Boston, my home, that is synonymous with the Macworld Expo, and I am confident that this is the start of something insanely great in the years to come.

Are Mac Users Smarter Than PC Users?
by Paul Murphy, LinuxInsider
I doubt it's possible to get a definitive answer, but as long as you don't take it too seriously you can have a lot of fun playing with proxies such as the average user's ability to read and write his or her native language.

Macworld Expo — There It Went
by Jason Snell, Macworld
A quiet show with a bunch of fun, little products, a lot of great conference sessions, and a few wacky feature presentations. Plus, most importantly, a great community of users and Mac professionals getting together to talk about the Mac.


Can't Wait For A New iMac? eMac Is Available, Affordable
by Glenn Fleishman, Seattle Times
If you're looking for a desktop machine for a student or a recent graduate, the eMac lacks the sleekness of an iMac but makes up for it with a great price and included options.

12 Steps To Improving Your Mac's Performance
by Joli Ballew, O'Reilly Network
What happened to cause your computer to slow down, and why does it run more slowly than it did the day you bought it home?

Higher-Order Messages In Cocoa
by Rob Rix, O'Reilly Network


Making Movies
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Catch Roger Ebert in action, this Wednesday at the Apple Store in Chicago, on making ultra-low-budget movies on the Macintosh.

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