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Friday, July 30, 2004

Top Stories

Real Shoots Back At Apple, Reaffirms Commitment To Harmony
by Jim Darlymple, MacCentral
"Consumers, and not Apple, should be the ones choosing what music goes on their iPod... There is ample and clear precedent for this activity, for instance the first IBM compatible PCs from Compaq."


Kansas City Apple Store Location Revealed
by MacNN
East side of the Broadway just south of 47th Street.

Toast 6 Titanium Gets Double-Layer Support, More
by MacMinute

Apple Misses Dual 2.5GHz G5 Ship Date
by MacMinute
"The deamdn for this item has been incredible. We are shipping them as quickly as possible, but cannot meet the ship date we previously estimated."

SimCity 4 Rush Hour Hits Beta, Due In September
by MacNN

Missing Sync For Palm V4 Adds WiFi Network Sync, More
by Brad Cook, MacCentral


Why Harmony Causes Discord At Apple
by Stephen Withers
Apple needs to keep all those iPod owners' eyes on iTMS, as that will be the publicity conduit as well as the delivery channel for Apple-published content.

Apple Threatens Real
by Derek Slater
Since when is reverse engineering unethical? Oh right — since the DMCA... Let me remind you that Real was one of the first companies to sue the creator of an interoperating product under the DMCA, so it's not as if they're the innocent defenders of innovation here.

Note To Apple: Proprietary Is Good
by Lisa DiCarlo, Forbes
It's important to consider two multi-billion industries that have thrived despite their proprietary technologies: printer cartridges and videogames.

The Trouble With Tethering
by Peter Rojas, Engadget
If Apple is smart, it will welcome Rhapsody users. Tethering may be the hot corporate move of the moent, but it's ultimately bad business and — when backed up by law — bad public policy.

Apple Shows Some Mean Colors
by Dan Gillmor, San Jose Mercury News
What we customers want is cross-platform compatibility: standards. What the comapnies want is lock-in. They may win, but they're only locking me out — because I won't play by those rules.


Case Compatibility
by Dan Frakes, Macworld
Now that Apple has released the 4th-generation (Click Wheel) iPods, the most common question users are asking is "Which case can I use?"


Release The Artist In You
by Heng-Cheong Leong

So, you've tinkered with GarageBand long enough that you've actually performed and recorded cover versions of songs. The more you listen to your own recordings, the more confident that your cover version is actually better than the original version. The next logical step, of course then, is to publish and sell your songs to the world, and watch the money roll in.

But before you do that, remember to take care of the royalties first.

(Link via Boing Boing)

Are You A HyperCard Programmer?
by Heng-Cheong Leong

Dan Bricklin: When it comes to traditional press writing about blogging, I'm reminded of programmers reacting to developments like the spreadsheet when VisiCalc came out. Sure the "programs" people wrote with it, and the "databases" they kept as lists, were not up to the standards of "real" programmers. But "every-person programming and databasing" has proved a boon to society and has not really threatened the profession of "programmer". It has, though, changed the role of programmer by allowing many of the detailed, area-of-expertise-centric applications to be done quickly, effectively, and inexpensively.

Can someone try and see if this argument can be extended to the hot issue of outsourcing?


Longhorn Faces Another Delay
by Joris Evers, InfoWorld
First beta version of Microsoft's next major Windows client release slips to second half of 2005.

Microsoft Says It Has Room To Grow
by Ina Fried, CNET
Microsoft may already dominate several key markets, but the company says there's still plenty of room for growth.

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