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Thursday, September 30, 2004

Top Stories

.Mac Bumps Up Storage Capacity, Improves Mail

The service's base online storage has been increased to 250MB, e-mail service has been enhanced, and the cost of uupgrading has been reduced.


Analysts, Apple On Logic, GarageBand

Research analysts feel that Apple's overall product strategy of offering multiple products from consumer to pro is sound.

Apple Debuts Logic Pro 7, Logic Express 7

Mac Mod: iMac To PC

The winner of's Great Mod Challenge is a very strange fish indeed: A Pentium III PC mounted inside a gutted iMac, running Windows XP skinned to look just like OS X.

Win Your Inner Suit With Microsoft Mac BU

Apple Plans EU Expansion Of iTunes Next Month

Apple is planning the next wave of expansion for its popular iTunes online music store with a multi-country European launch in October.

.Mac Web Services Down, Second Outage In Two Days

Apple Introduces Two New Jam Packs

The new jam packs includes dance, hip-hop, electronica, rock, alternative and country music tracks.

Griffin Ships RadioSHARK

RadioSHARK is a USB-powered desktop AM/FM radio with Mac and PC-compatible software that included time-shift recording capabilities and the ability to automatically synchronize with iTunes.


But Macs Are Slower, Right?

John, Paul, George, Ringo... And Steve?

This is one suit that appears to present a strong chance for an Apple Computer win. However, it's nearly impossible to predict judicial logic — even if the judge owns an iPod, as the one hearing this case does.


CopyWrite 2.1: A Simple System For Organizing And Editing Manuscripts

CopyWrite 2.1.1 is a top-notch text editor and organizer, and it's reasonably priced. I recommend it for use with multiple related documents where content is more important than presentation.

Dr. Frame3D: 3-D CAD Program Determines Structural Strength

It's easy to learn, it has every feature you might reasonably require, and it sells for the lowest price ever seen for this kind of software. It should be part of every designer's tool kit.

Portfolio 7: New Version Brings Ease And Flexibility To Image Management

Portfolio 7 is a powerful cataloging and inventory tool, and a great way to organize your digital assets. It makes particular sense for small and midsize organizations that use a dedicated Mac for asset management.

I Love iPod

Move Beyond Amateur Filmmaking

Wanna be a filmmaker? Just grab your DV camera and start shooting, right? Well, if you want to produce something more professional than a glorified "home video," it's not that simple.

SimCity 4: Rush Hour


Statistics About Installed-Base: How You Can Rebuff Your Linux Fan Next Door

According to Gartner, "about 40 percent of desktop Linux PCs (in the US?) will be modified to run an illegal copy of Windows, a bait-and-switch maneuver that lowers the cost of obtaining a Windows PC. In emerging markets... the trend is even starker. Around 80 percent of the time, Linux will be removed for a pirated copy of Windows."

That's why, according to Gartner, the installed base of Linux PC is only 1.3 percent while the percentage of shipped PC for Linux is 5 percent (10.5 in Asia).

Wednesday, September 29, 2004


How Do You Play It?

The bulky walkman has been long replaced by its new counterparts — the Discman, the MP3 player and the iPod.

Adobe Presses On In Digital Pics Editing For Mac

The whisper was that feeling weer less than warm between Apple's Steve Jobs and Adobe's Bruce Chizen, and that a miffed CHizen might put the kybosh on further development of Elements. That hasn't happened, and there seems to be a new, chummy spirit between them.

Springfield School Board OKs Plan To Purchase Apple Laptop Computers

The aim of the four-year pilot project is to increase student achievement by delivering instruction in new, engaging ways.

First GarageBand CD?

Steve Sobek, a Pennsylvania-based folk rocker, claism to have made the "first studio-quality CD of original songs recorded entirely using Apple's GarageBand software."

Apple Responds To .Mac Email Problems

"A small number of customers were having difficultiies receiving mail due to database issues... The issue is now resolved and mail should be delivered as expected."

iTunes Get Exclusive Eminem Single Despite Lawsuit

Fly Business On Air France, Get An iPod Mini

Air France is offering customers of its "l'Espace Affaires" business class service an opportnity to get a free iPod mini.



So wy can't I stop laughing at Griffin's new $20 mini light show?

No Such Thing As A Free iPod?

Though it might introduce an unwelcome bit of reality, the Pyramid Scheme Calculator clearly shows that those who join the pyramid party late are the one tasked with cleaning up the mess.



A True Publisher

I've been a fan of Dan Gillmor and his writings for quite a while already, but I've never notice this before: he never has a typo. As observed by Shel Israel: "Gillmor never has a typo. He never has a conflict of subject and verb, and I know he wouldn't cheat and use an editor [for his blog]."

Busy Days Ahead

Between the new NetNewsWire/BlogLines and the new Frontier, together with my existing tasks like taking care of my daughter and bringing out the trash :-), I foresee interesting and busy times ahead for my weekend "hacking".

Tuesday, September 28, 2004


Fans Ripe For A New Apple Shop

They're a dedicated lot, these Apple people. The first pulled upu chairs about 11.30 pm Friday. More followed soon after midnight. By 10 am, Saturday, theline stretched for a block and a half.

DIY iPod Flashlight

If you don't want to shell out the $20 for the new Griffin iBeam flashlight (and laser pointer) accessory for the iPod, you can always shell out $20 for parts (fine, a little less) and build your own.

New Power Mac G5 Uniprocessor Firmware Update Posted

The update apparently corrects "unexpected issues" that have appeared on some Power Mac G5s after applying the first uniprocessor update, released earlier this month.

Analysts See Opportunity, Caution In Apple

With its iPod music player a hit and the new all-in-one iMac personal computer on the market, industry analysts say Apple's poised for more growth during the rest of the year and into 2005.

Apple Market Share To Grow Over Next Two Years

Strong iPod and iMac demand will lead to a strong fiscal first quarter ending in December.

The Laptop Experiment — Learning Or Laziness?

They are costly and some parents fear them, but teachers say students who use the computers are more eager to learn and are showing increased confidence.

Apple Makes Data Centre Inroads With Federal Deal

Apple Australia has landed a deal within federal government for its storage and server systems by selling 14 RAID storage systems and five Xserve G5 servers to the Australian Sports Commission.


Apple Needs To Dispel The Premum Price Myth

How To Save Your City Hundreds Of Dollars With A Mac

Why You Should Never Name Your Company After A Fruit

Apple iMac Less Expensive Than DIY PC

For Schools, Apple Offers Special iMac G5, eMac

While these special educational models offer some price savings, the question to ask when considering them is whether the savings come at too great a price.

For Whatever Reasons

New Windows updates, new anti-virus software, new ad-blocking software — regular people are starting to realize that the cycle never ends, that they are never going to successfully secure Windows, and that the easiest and best solution to the Windows security problem is not to use Windows at all.

Is The iPod Killing Music?

Any original, thoughtful musical creation demands your attention, all your attention, not the bit of brain that isn't grappling with the gears on the exercise bike.


Editing Photographs For The Perfectionist

In this article, I shall summarize my take on the most suitable products available for the perfectionist to finish photographs.

AirPort Express

ArtMatic Voyager

While Voyager is not going to make you give up dedicated 3D apps, it's easy, fun, and less of a hassle than making your own world from scratch.

Battlefield 1942

The pace of 1942 is just too slow. Still, it's an undeniably fun game, and if you digt the retro-war theme, then its huge outdoor maps and vehicles are a great way to relive the '40s.

iPod 40GB


PiXiMation should brag about how it just provided you with a great QTVR movie without costing you an arm and a leg.

Wireless Driver For Mac V3.0

If you don't mind violating your PowerBook with a PC card instead of an internal AirPort card, get this driver.


We thoroughly enjoyed playing XIII.

Audio Chatting: iChat Vs. Skype

iChat is a little older, and a little wiser. It's more stable, manages buddies better, has clearer quality in audio, and has video on top of that.


20 Years Later, We Are Still Teaching

20 years ago, Apple released the Macintosh, along with its wonderful user-interface guidelines.

20 years later, Jakob Nielsen still have to teach folks the difference between checkboxes and radio buttons.

Slate Goes Washington (Post)

One of the best thing that came out of Microsoft during the dot-com era is Slate, which is rumored to be bought over by Washington Post Company.

Good luck to all the fine people working behind the scene of one of my favorite web-zine.

Monday, September 27, 2004

Top Stories

Apple Offers Fix For Spotted PowerBook Displays

The worldwide program covers replacement of LCD panels that show the spots.


Combat In High C: Microsoft Vs. Apple

"Microsoft will ultimately be cheaper because it's not out to sell hardware. It usually starts out badly in a new market, but then it eithers get better or it terrifies the compeititon. Usually it does both."

Apple Extends Panther Promo; Tiger Due In Janauary?

Apple has extended its "Add more life to your Mac" promotion — which offers a US$50 mail-in rebate with the purchase of Mac OS X 10.3 (Panther) and iLife '04 — until January 10, 2005. Interestingly, this is the first day of Macworld Expo San Francisco.

Griffi Offers iPod Flashlight, Laser Pointer Add-Ons

"The iBeam flashlight is surprisngly functional when a quick beam of light is required in a dark car or doorstep."


iTunes Affiliate

Since the actual program is not run by Apple, it's very un-Apple like: ugly and kludgey and painful to look at.


Apple AirPort Express Base Station

We are very pleased with AirPort Express Base Station and will continue to carry it everywhere.

G5 iMac Handles Tasks With Flair, Fewer Wires

Be assured, if you've got the money, this machine is beyond fine — it's downright sublime.


Apple And Me

Dave Winer has a different response — if he is developing a RSS reader — than Brent Simmons, on the subject of Apple and third party developers: "It's really up to the users. If you want us to continue developing the software, you have to be sure we get enough money to do so. If you think Apple is capable of satisfying all your needs, then you have nothing to worry about. If you'd like insurance, help us stay in business."

I agree completely, but I would also like to add this little note for developers who are facing competition from Apple: don't whine about Apple not giving you a job, or not buying your company, or not conceding that you have the original idea. Even though Apple is the platform vendor, Apple does not owe you a living. Be innovative. Be creative. And, as Dave noted, listen to your users. You can compete with Apple, but only if you want to. You may want to note that Brent Simmons did not whine, did not complain, and did just released a new beta which adds tons of user-requested features. I predict he will do well.


Virgin Launches Online Music Service

Virgin Digital is jumping into the market with a full-featured music jukebox written from scratch, in which it is offering a music download store and music subscription service powered by wholesaler MusicNet.

HP Discontinues Its Itanium Workstations

HP, one of the most aggressive promoters of Intel's Itanium family of processors, is 86ing its line of workstations that use the chips.

Saturday, September 25, 2004


HP Tattoo Glue

HP's sleuths concluded Myers' sticker was from a "bad batch."

Some Notes About

I want to make one thing clear. The stories are not a direct endorsement of

Will iMac Attack?

Trading at 57 times forward earning, there's already a whole bushel of enthusiasm grown into Apple's stock price.


With Word 2004, Microsoft Finally Gets Everything Right

Microsoft does seem to be making a quality product these days.

iMac G5 Benchmarks

Friday, September 24, 2004

Top Stories

Apple Vs. Apple: Perfect Harmony?

Music industry sources have said representatives of the surviving Beatles are at least discussing ideas for digital distribution with online companies but are asking for as much as $15 million for six months of exclusive rights to the music. That high price has some observers betting that Aple might be the only company ready to pay.


Jonathan Ive Is 'Best In The Business'

Apple's head of industrial design Jonathan Ive has once again been voted 'the best in the business' in the annual Peer Poll devised by Creative Review magazine.

Bling Bling Comes To The iPod Mini

As if the iPod mini isn't status symbol enough for you, the Crystalmini takes it to a whole new level.

Jobs Is 74th Richest Person In America

Steve Jobs moved up 4 places to be ranked 74th on the 22nd annual Forbes 400 list.

Agnon, Beachwood Middle School Honored For Academic, Technological Achievements

BMS is the first school in Ohio to implement the wireless "one-to-one" laptop program, where all students and teachers received their own Apple iBook wireless laptop computer to use at school and at home. The laptop program is sponsored by Intel, Scholastic Administr@tor magazine, and the Blue Ribbon Schools of Excellence Foundation.

GraphicConverter 5.2.3 Released

Apple Releases Java 1.4.2 Update 2

The update "provides improved behavior for applets in Safari and increased stability for desktop Java applications."


1G And 2G iPods: The End Of An Era

One by one, 1G and 2G iPods are biting the dust only to fade away into a distant memory, replaced by slimmer, shinier replacements.

Rants And Raves: iPod Promoters Feel The Heat

Like many others, I was completely screwed by the scheme.

Apple Row Goes To Core Of Online Music

We should not forget just how much the Beatles like money.

Seriously Confused About iPod Battery Life

I don't understand my iPod.


SubRosaSoft VolumeWorks Version 1.2

It is a handy tool that can save you the hassle of erasing and reformatting your hard drive if you need to alter your partition map.

FileMaker Pro 7.0

FileMaker Pro 7.0 allows new and veteran users to easily create and manage large and complex data sets without all the fuss of a programming language.

Do More With Your iPod

Star Wars: Knights Of The Old Republic

The story is compelling, the graphics are beautiful, the audio effects are perfect and the combat system is challenging and fun. Buy this game, NOW!

Apple's Latest iMac Is Elegant, Powerful, Surprisingly Affordable

The iMac G5 is another winner from Apple. It's a computer that's a real pleasure, not a hassle, to use.


Thursday, September 23, 2004

Top Stories

Community Radio Show's iBook Appeal

Macs are at the forefront of an entertaining radio drama that aims to educate West African on social and health issues, such as AIDS/HIV and local elections.


Interview With Gary Allen, Publisher Of

Wi-Fi World Under Threat From Symbol Patent

Wireless vendor Symbol Technologies Inc. has told us it will be seeking a big license fee from all Wi-Fi equipment vendors for an infringed patent. And according to one manufacturer, Proxim, it stands a good chance of getting it.

iPod Promoters Feel The Heat is busier than ever, but users complain about spam, mishandled accounts and shipping delays. The company admits there are difficulties, but blames the problems on the site's popularity, not a crumbling pyramid.

Lawyers For Eminem Want Trial Pushed Back

"Both (sides) have expressed interest in continuing settlement discussion, but have not yet been able to reach any agreement."

iPod Christmas Demand May Outstrip AU Supply: Apple

Australian shoppers intent on putting an iPod under the Christmas tree should be prepared to lay down a deposit to guarantee a machine will be available, according to Apple Australia's marketing director Arno Lenior.

Record Labels Still On Top Despite Online Revolution

Record companies are taking such a large cut from tracks sold online that many of the burgeoning online music stores will go out of business, experts warned yesterday.

Kerry Conran: "Sky Captain" Flies To Big Screen

"Our primary Mac packages were After Effects in compositing and Final Cut Pro in editorial. We had 7 Final Cut workstations set up, doing both the visual effects editing as well as the production editing. Final Cut was a real boon, because we shot this thing digitally."


Triumph Of The Hard Drive

The iPod is a triumph for the hard disk over optical storage.

Apple's Appeal Doesn't Compute

I'm not an AAPL computer devotee anymore. I think it's the best on the market, but when you only need to travel between 50 and 75 mph, why purchase something with a 200 mph capacity?

Weblog Editors

We're all collaborating on showing that weblog editors are getting ready for prime time.

iMac G5 Shaping Up As A Hit

My gut tell sme that the demand will remain steady.


Podfreq: Bigger Is Better

If you can accept the Podfreq's form factor and price tag, you'll be rewarded with superior aound quality, range, and ease of use.

Mac's Mail Has Many Hidden Features

The e-mail software Apple builds into OS X is full of little surprises.

Supersize The Screen, Please

Breaking Down The Benchmarks

New iMac Long On Style, Short On Extras

It's something to behold.

Gadget Of The Week: Apple iMac G5

If the reason you're shopping for a notebook is so you can use it at the kitchen table, save some money and put the rest into the iMac G5.


Microsoft To Secure IE For XP Only

If you're one of about 200 million people using older versions of Windows and you want the latest security enhancements to Internet Explorer, get your credit card ready.

Sony To Support MP3

Sony confirmed on Wednesday that it is working to add native MP3 support to its portable music players — a major strategy reversal that could help it compete more effectively with rivals such as Apple.

Wednesday, September 22, 2004

Top Stories

First iPods, Now Computers: Apples Are In

For many students, the decision to get a Mac is about one thing: music. Ever since Apple released its industry-standard iPod, audiophiles have been joining the Mac crowd in droves.


Microsoft: "iPod Has Captured The Imagination"

Microsoft has admitted that Apple has stolen a march on rivals with the stylish design of its iPod music player, but warned there is still a big market to play for.

Agenda Setters: Where Are They Now... Steve Jobs

The Apple juggernaut has continued apace and with a whirlwind of activity behind it, Jobs looks to be vying with Gates to become a stalwart of the Agenda Setters top ten.

Parents To Keep Tabs On Students Through Web Program

PowerSchool will allow parents to check on their children's attendance records and grades any time they want to.

Orders Pour In For New, Swanky iMac

Even before the latest to-die-for swanky iMac from Apple landed on Singapore shores, 50 pre-orders have been taken for it.

Mac Retailer In Montreal, Canada Closing Its Doors


Mac Or PC? Windows' Security Issues Help Some Users Choose

Microsoft should be worried. It apparently has a lot of frustrated users out there.


iMac G5 Versus "The Rest Of The Family"

iMac G5: Unpacking Hiccups

It appears that some iMac G5s coming off the assembly have a few minor mechanical flaws.

BBEdit 8.0

7 PDF Power Moves

To really squeeze the msot out of Adobe's PDF, you still need the help of a separate application — namely, Adobe Acrobat 6.0.

Mobile Mac: Inside AirPort Express

With its AirPort Express Setup Assistant, Apple has done a good job of simplifying the setup process of a complex product. It's a good idea to study what the AirPort Express can do in detail before deciding whether one of these small white boxes will fit into your personal wireless network.

Rock And Scroll: The New Click Wheel iPod Rules The Digital Music World

The new features may not revolutionize how you se your music player — but if you're an iPod enthusiast, then a new Click Wheel, longer battery life, and key software enhancements should give you plenty to sing about.

FileMaker Pro 7: Database Application Includes Revolutionary Changes But Retains Ease Of Use

It's the most secure, most reliable, most powerful, and most flexible FileMaker Pro ever, and it's still every bit as user-friendly as its predecessors. I think you'll be impressed.

eMac 1.25GHz: Faster Low-End Mac Holds Its Own

The 1.25GHz eMac is an impressive comptuer that holds its own against the pricier iMac, and the lowered price makes the top-of-the-line eMac even more appealing.

Dr. Frame3D: 3-D CAD Program Determines Structural Strength

It's easy to learn, it has every feature you might reasonably require, nd it sells for the lowest price ever seen for this kind of software.

Digital Camera Link For iPod: Device Transfers Your Photos

The Digital Camera Link for iPod is handy for clearing out your camera's CompactFlash cards and tucking your images afely into your iPod until you can get them into your Mac.

NetNewsWire 2.0. Mature RSS Reader.

Mac OS X For The Traveler, Part 4

As with so many things in life, preparation is the key to success. In this week's installment, you'll read about how to pack just the right amount of equipment, and how to make sure the data on it is fit for travel.


NetNewsWire Goes To Version 2

The public beta of NetNewsWire 2.0 is out, and it has a ton of new, and interesting features. In particularly for me, the Smart List feature is really interesting. Look likes the role of plays in the grand scheme of things is diminishing.

Help Wanted To Reboot System Every Month

Apparently, somewhere out there, there is a system that requires real human beings to reboot it every 49.7 days. Or else!

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Top Stories

The Secret Behind The iPod's Scrollwheel

Ask any iPod user what they like the most about their device, and most will probably mention the scrollwheel. Here's the story behind the company that makes it (hint: it's not Apple).


Mac Games: (Not) Big In Japan

Mac gaming in Japan is in a slump: There are no Mac games. But a very unlikely savior has just stepped in to rescue gaming on the Mac: Microsoft.

Second San Francisco Apple Store Opening Saturday

Stuffit Deluxe 9.0 Boosts Speed, Adds Backup Options


Forgive Me While I Jump To A Quick Conclusion

With the introduction of the iPod-like G5, the eMac is starting to look distinctly unlike an iPod. Might the secretive education configuration iMac be the eMac's replacement in coming months?

Forecast: Song Costs May Fall Like Rain

Memo to music labels: lowering prices will get you more sales.

Elbow Room At Apple's Store

In the last couple of weeks, I visited the San Francisco store twice and both times it was heaving. Not just full — nightclub full.


Second-Generation Power Mac G5: Hot New CPU Pushes High End Higher

The new model is finally here, and it delivers a substantial, if not earthshaking, speedup.

Flickr Photo Tool Has It All And More

Flickr contains far too many good ideas to properly tell you about them all.

Apple iMac G5

With the iMac G5, Apple has given Mac fans yet another reason to stay in the fold. And its unparalleled execution should attract would-be Windows PC buyers, as well.

9.0? What's Wrong With Still Another StuffIt Upgrade?

This one is completely rewritten? I think it's time to avoid the hat trick and sit on the sidelines for awhile.

NewsFire Simplifies Using RSS Feeds

NewsFire is fast, it looks great and it is easy to use.

iPod Adds New Dimension To Existence

My life was instantly changed.

iPod Challengers: Sharp Or Flat?

Get an iPod with iTunes, and be happy.

The iMac G5: A First Look At Apple's New All-In-One

The idea of packing a computer's hardware ito the area behind a flat-panel screen isn't new. But Apple's usual attention to detail in how that's done, and the resulting iMac hitting stores shelves now, shows that old ideas and designs can be made new again.

iPhoto Needs Econ's Portraits And Prints

New iMac G5 Arrives; Slick And Sassy

The 17" feels very compact; smaller than expected.


Win An iPod

Gizmodo is offering an iPod from HP, free. But you've got to answer a question or two.

Me Love iPod

Jillian Myers discover the hard way that it is not easy to remove HP iPod stickers from his iPod.

Based on the pictures, it seems he used the stickers on Apple's version of the iPod. I wonder if the HP's version is of any difference.

Monday, September 20, 2004


Apple Store Plans Second UK Retail Store

The new Apple Store will be located in Birmingham at the Bullring shopping area, which just opened on September 4.

Macs Bring Lord Of The Rings, Other DVDs To Life

Apple Denies Apple AdWord Use

Apple hs moved to prevent UK resellers employing the wrod Apple in elements of their online advertising, reports claim.

Apple Shares Flying High

Apple's stock reached a new 52-week high on Friday, closing at $37.14.

iMac G5 Plans UK Tour

Apple's rock-star new iMac will be making its public debut across the UK in a series of 'iMac G5 Discovery Days' at Apple resellers across the UK.

Think Simple

Industrial design drives new iMac, Apple's fortunes.

Kansas City Apple Store To Open This Saturday

Terrence Coggin

Terrenc Coggin is the president and chief technology officer of La Jolla-based Information Appliance Associates, creators of the PocketMac series of software programs that bridge the digital divide Macintosh users face when trying to send data to devices such as Pocket PCs.

New iMac Clicks With Shoppers, Drags 'Em In

"We've been getting 50 to 75 calls a day just to see if we have them since the day it was announced."

A Music Download Site For Artists Less Known

When the new service starts this week, eMusic will look as much like a magazine as an online music service, with an assortment of reviews, recommendations and columns.


New iMac's Beauty In The Eye Of The Beholder


iMac Upgrade A Chore, But Could Be Worth It

Mac OS: Take Command Of Your OS

The average OS X users shouldn't ever need to venture anywhere near the command line interface, but since you're not the average OS X user, it's probably time to have a rummage.


Presenting, The 2004 Model

This is how scientists from the RAND Corporation predicted the home computer will look like in the year 2004, 50 years ago.

Update: The photo is a hoax.


Mr Gates Goes To Washington

Microsoft cared little for politics until the Department of Justice called it a monopoly. Now the company approaches lobbying the way it approaches everything — aggressively — and consequently it dominates the technology policy agenda. CIOs may not be better off for it.

Sunday, September 19, 2004

Top Stories

Lights! Computer! Action! It's A Movie

The movie "Tarnation" marks a milestone in cinema history. It was made by one person sitting in front of a personal computer.


Sought-After Apples In Short Supply

A surge in demand for Apple products has left consumers scrabbling to lay their hands on an iBook.

Apple, Polished

"There's a design element in the G5 that will attract a lot of folks out there." Designers agree.


Speed And Elegance In A Desktop Package

Apple has thought seriously about how desktop computers can stay relevant in an increasingly laptop-centric market, and the result is one of the only desktop computers worth talking about.

Saturday, September 18, 2004


Independent Record Labels Failed By Apple

Independent record labels spoke of their frustruation last night that, despite an agreement to license their music to iTunes, Apple had still not made their work available to fans.


Should Apple Acquire Skype?

If Apple took the P2P approach as Skype has done, without any idea how high it can scale, they'd be taking an awful risk.

Strange Tales Of The Two Apples

Apple could make this entire thing go away by spinning off the entire iTunes Music Store as a subsidiary and stop promoting it under the Apple Computer name.


iModeller 3D Professional 2.0: Create 3-D Models Without Special Skills

While it doesn't replace a traditional modeling app, it's great if all you need are placeholder objects taht won't be viewed in too much detail.

The Game Room


ScrapX in every way exceeds the standards of the original Scrapbook, and if you find yourself using the Classic Scrapbook a lot, or miss its functionality in OS X, then the modest shareware fee for registering ScrapX will be money well spent.

Griffin Technology RadioSHARK

If you listen to the radio regularly and find yourself missing shows, the radioSHARK is for you. Easy to setup and use, the radioSHARK is TiVo for broadcast radio.

iTunes Encoding Strategies

Each format offers a different compromise between file size, sound quality, and compatibilty. The key to picking the right format for your digital music library is to find the compromise that best suits the way you listen to music.

Music Recognition Software

Friday, September 17, 2004


Apple Details iChat Security Flaw

The problem is with "links" sent by an iChat user that can start local programs if clicked.

iMac G5 Gives Apple Strong Product Momentum

The new iMac presents "another leg of strong product momentum and a boost to its underperforming consumer desktop product line."

Adobe Acrobat X 'By End Of Year'

Adobe Systems says it is on track to ship a much-enhanced version of its Acrobat document management software by the end of the year.

Love Affair With Macs Unabated After 20 Years

"I have always been a Mac user. I was presented with Mac and PC at the same time and chose to be a Mac user. It is simpler, easier and more fun."

District 23 Buys Database System

"Power School was the most cost-effective for what we needed and it had a very friendly graphical user interface."

Apple Opens Third East Bay Retail Store

The store is located on the lower level of Stoneridge. It will be the third East Bay location for Apple, which also operates stores in Emeryville and Walnut Creek.

Renaissance Says Apple Supplies Easing

"Supplies are quickening up and we expect the shortage to ease significantly in the next few weeks."

Cover Comes Off G5 iMac

A drooling audience of over 900 Macintosh devotees and probably a few new converts was last week treated to the first glimpse in New Zealand of Apple's new iMac G5.

Apple Shuts Down iTunes Plug-In

Following a request from Apple, a small Mac software developer has pulled iPodDownload, an iTunes plug-in that allows users to transfer songs from any iPod to their iTunes library.

Apple Patches iChat With Security Update


In Praise Of Minimal Design

For those of us with more generalized needs Apple's minimal design actually increases the efficency of the product.

A Pink iPod For My Frugal Wife

The funny thing about CDs these days is that at the rate we are consuming music as MP3 digital files, we are very likely to handle the CD just once.

Success Can Be Bitter, Apple

Fans of free commerce should be on Apple's side in this dispute. To the Brits on board, I say: If you don't like the price, stop paying it. I guarantee that if you stop buying, Apple will lower the price.


Be A Garage Mick Jagger

If you know how to use a mouse — and even three-years-olds can — then you can compose a song in GarageBand in less than 30 minutes.


You Want To Put Your iMac Where?

Here's a free idea. (They are usually a dime a dozen.) I call it the Freedom of Choice of Where You Put Your iMac G5.

Battery pack for the iMac G5, so that you get can have a very heavy laptop that you can move your iMac G5 easily anywhere in your house without needing to shut down the machine.

Is Bill Gates Innovative?

I'd argue, to a certain degree, yes. After all, he is probably one of the major force in creating the software industry — software as something that a company can sell on its own, rather than something that is given away free with the hardware.

Thursday, September 16, 2004


Symantec Plans New Web-Based Console For Mac Clients

Symantec today announced plans for a Web-based console to centrally administer Macintosh clients licensed for Symantec's Norton AntiVirus for Macintosh 9.0

SimCity 4 Rush Hour To Hit Stores Oct 1

Spider-Man 2 Demo, Discount For .Mac Members

Mac-To-BlackBerry Synchronization App Launched

In what may someday be nicknamed the MacBerry, Information Alliance Associates announced this week a product called PocketMac BlackBerry, a synchronization application that will give RIM BlackBerry users the ability to do two-way synching of Mac and RIM data.


Why Jobs Should Heed VoIP's Call

Apple already has the pieces in place to do what Skype is doing — and it actually has a better chance of success.

The Real World Of Online Music

Sometimes soon, the labels will be forced to start using P2P to market, distribute and sell their offerings.

Considering Microsoft's iTunes Store

The MSN Music store does, however, have or plan a few cool features that Apple ought to consider.

A Computer With The iPod's Bloodlines

The MacPod may not have the radical design of the first two iMac generations. But with its appealing combination of power, portability and panache, the iMac G5 may be just radical enough.


A Tale Of Two iPods: iPod Vs hPod

We don't see much reason for Mac users to purchase an HP-branded iPod unless that iPod is sold at a significant savings and the Mac user is comfortable troubleshooting software issues on their own. Similarly, owners of HP-branded Windows PCs will probably want to go for a matching HP iPod.

Four Shareware Programs Every Mac Designer Should Try

Shake, Rattle And Roll

CopyPaste Saves Your Work, One Clipboard At A Time


How To Protect Yourself From Vandals And Viruses

Walter S. Mossberg, in Wall Street Journal: The single most effective way to avoid viruses and spyware is to simply chuck Windows altogether and buy an Apple Macintosh... There has never been a successful virus written for Mac OS X, and there is almost no spyware that targets the Mac.

The Rest, As They Said, Was History

A Microsoft manager has recounted what he has told his MSN Music developers. "Apple set the bar very high. We're trying to match that. We told our developers, 'Look at how Apple does it.'"

Now, when did we hear this before? (Hint: Apple sued because someone copied too closely.)

Rumor Of The Day: Final Cut Pro To Support HDV Format

Kasper Jade, AppleInsider: The HDV format allows for recording and playback of high-definition video on a DV cassette tape.


Firefox Drawing Fans Away From Microsoft IE

Open-source browsers Mozilla and Firefox have won over a significant number of defectors from Microsoft's Internet Explorer int he past nine months, Web site metrics suggest.

Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Top Stories

iTunes Under Fire Over UK Pricing

Apple's iTunes music download service has been accused by the Consumers' Association of overcharging UK users. The group accused the service of charging UK-based customers nearly 20% more than those with addresses and payment details in France or Germany.


COLSA Corporation: Taking Apple Xserve To MACH5

"The Xserve G5 is a perfect fit for us because it has a smaller footprint, uses less power, and it gives us the performance that we were looking for. We went through a bid process with specific requirements and the Apple Xserve G5 gave us the best value."

Apple Offers Refurb Sale As Mac Frought Continues

The move comes as Apple's fourth and final year quarter reaches its end this month — while resellers across the UK complain that demand for Apple products exceeds supply.

Mac OS 9 Finds A Deeper Grave As Power Mac G4s Eliminated

More than two years after Steve Jobs put Mac OS 9 "into the grave" at WWDC, Apple recently removed the last new Mac OS 9-bootable systems it offered.

Adobe Announces Photoshop Elements 3.0

Photoshop Elements 3.0 includes several advanced editing tools that were previously only available in Photoshop CS such as the powerful Healing Brush, which fixes blemishes and imperfections iwth one click.

Yahoo Shells Out $160 Million In Cash For MusicMatch

Apple's iTunes Music Store may be the current 800-pound gorilla of the online music industry, but now Yahoo — possibly the most visited site on the Internet — is getting into the fray.

Rob Glaser Responds, Talks Up Real Networks

"The legality of Harmony under the DMCA is well established in law... The DMCA contains a specific provision enabling companies to create just this kind of interoperability."

MacSoft Ships Railroad Tycoon 3


Apple Expo France 2004 Show Report


The Keys To Happiness

Microsoft's wireless ergonomic keyboard gives those weary fingers a rest, while Logitech builds a better mouse using laser beams.

Meandering Macs

There are a lot of things right about the EyeHome — its simplicity, good looks and cost, but its interface drove me crazy, often leaving me frustrated and cursing.

Acrobat To A Paperless Office

I'm not to a paperless office just yet, but I'm getting there. For OS X, it's a natural. If you can print it, you can save as a PDF. Below is an introduction to Acrobat for markup if you too want to aim for less paper in your life.

First Look: Mozilla's Firefox Mac Browser. Oh Boy!

An RSS Reader Made The Apple Way

What struck me the msot about NewsFire was it's simplicity.

BBEdit 8

The appeal of BBEdit is in its balance of powerful text-editing features and an elegant, intuitive, and unabashedly Macintosh-style interface — and wehre by "interface" I don't mean in the sense of superficial cosmetic appeal, but in the deeper, interactive sense.


Why, We're Better Than Windows, And We Will Be Better Than The Macintosh

Jeff Waugh, Head Beekeeper of the GNOME project: "In terms of feature parity with the basic Windows desktop we've done it and we're already there. When it comes to enterprise management we need to do some work there and when you compare GNOME to features like in OS X we're almost there."

Who Will Apple Work With?

Looks like Apple has learnt a lesson or two from its great Macintosh cloning experimentation.

Look at who Apple is working with in the iPod/iTunes front:, because they offers original content that Apple cannot easily offer; HP, because (supposedly) they offer additional distribution channels that Apple cannot easily reach.

Look at who Apple is not working with: MSN, Real. What do they have that Apple doesn't already have?

World's Best Toilets

The world's best toilets, according to the Travel Channel. Time to redeocrate the toilet in your own castle? :-)

Tuesday, September 14, 2004


Aural Heaven: iPod And Analog

In high-tech Japan, an antiques dealer pioneers a new way to listen to digital music — by piping the tunes through tube radios.

Mac Users Get Windows Media Tools

Telestream has released Windows Media 9 series encoding support for Mac OS X, Flip4Mac.

Security Update 2004-09-07 Revised

This is an updated version of the security update first released last week.

Apple Airs New Hip Hop TV Ad

Power Mac G5 'Uniprocessor' Firmware Update Posted

What Steve Wozniak Learned From Failure

The Apple II was a hit. The Cloud Nine universal remote was not. Here's what Steve Wozniak learned about creativity, and what it means for his latest venture.

Sonance Announces iPort

Apple Begins Shipping iMac G5s

Apple To Open Pleasanton, CA Store Saturday


Apple Too Pretty To Gain Marketshare

If Apple thinks they will eventually dominate the market they are grossly miscalculated.

The Dangerous Road Ahead For Apple Computer


Microspot Interiors 3.4: 3-D Decorating Program Helps You Avoid Surprises

Microspot has a tough job in trying to satisfy both the casual user and the professional at the same time. Current users should upgrade to this OS X version. New users should try it out first.

Design Intuition 1.3: 3-D CAD Software Makes Woodworking And Design Projects Easy

Design Intuition 1.3 is easy and fun, as well as a great value. I recommend it for woodworkers, cabinetmakers, and kitchen designers.

Studio Artist 3.0: Graphics Program Explodes With New Tools

If you're a hobbyist, you won't want to dismiss Studio Artist 3.0; it's one of the best deals you'll find in graphics software.

Epson PictureMate: Little Photo Printer Offers Computer-Free Snapshots

Pyramid Therapy

Anyone who has been attracted by the mind-map idea but found the existing programs too complex or too expensive should definitely investigate Pyramid.

I-Phono Eliminates iPod Wires

If you're not yet desperate to eliminate your iPod's wires (or not so desperate that you'd spend more than $200 to do so), I recommend waiting a few months... On the other hand, if you're addicted to your iPod and dying for a pair of wireless headphones, give the i-Phono a look.

Using iTunes As An Audio Processor

I've been working on an audio restoration project that's helped me to discover new ways to use my existing tools. The one that I simply can't live without is the Volume Logic plug-in for iTunes made by OCTiV software. Let me explain why.

iMate Is My Mate

Apple Macintosh 17in PowerBook

The 17in PowerBook is a notebook computer that will be of maximum use to only a few people, but it is quite stunning to look at and a joy to use.


Rumor Of The Day: Huge Settlement Ahead

As picked up by everyone, the rumor today is that the Apple-Beatles music settlement may be huge. We are talking about "mind-boggling" huge.

Monday, September 13, 2004

Top Stories

Musical Shares

Apple's supremacy in the digital music market will be challenged by a joint launch this month by Microsoft and Napster.


FileMaker Offers New Volume Licensing Bundles

Non-iPods Get 'Legal' iTunes Solution

A German company is offering what it claims is a legal method of making iTunes Music Store music playable on devices other than the iPod. The Tunebit software re-records tracks purchased from the iTunes Music Store.

Music Everywhere

It's all about the algorithm — but which one will win?


iPod Revolution

A five-star player! The iPod mini is a must-have for any mobile music aficionado.

A Simple Guide To Macintosh Security

Macintosh security is built in, not added as an afterthought. The design of Mac OS X made security a top priority and achieved it in many different ways.

An Aquarium Full Of Fish Without The Fuss

Put the aquarium on the monitor screen of an office computer, and I'd wager you'd have an audience of mesmerized coworkers standing in front of it.


Rumor Of The Day: New iSights

O'Grady's PowerPage: Details are sketchy, but one can assume that the new iSight camera will have more features to better work with the H.264/AVC video technology coming in Mac OS 10.4.

In related news, Apple is also secretly working on successors to the PowerBook, iBook, Power Mac, and iMac. Some will have modest upgrades, while others will be more "exciting." Apple intends to release new versions some time in the future, on a date which we have yet to be confirm. :-)

Sunday, September 12, 2004


Saturday, September 11, 2004

Top Stories

Windows Games Play Well On Mac, But You Must Wait

As long as the Apple platform continues to deliver on the experience and the lag isn't too long, I forsee a thriving ecosystem for Mac gaming.

iPod Guilty Pleasures

What's cringe-worthy to one might be sweet audio succor to another. What's hidden on an iPod can often strip down any bravado or boasts of highfalutin taste.


Jobs Returns, But Questions On Apple Succession Persist

Mike Leonard: Today's Talented Storyteller

"Even though I think they know it exists in the industry, people were still pretty shocked to see how simple it was just doing it all on this tiny little piece of equipment."

Apple Stores, iPods Encourage Mac Attacks

"We believe the Street is underestimating the power of Apple's retail strategy."

Myst IV Revelation Hits Stores Sept. 28

Myst IV Revelation retains the "node-based" game architecture of previous Myst titles, but like Myst III Exile, you can also rotate 360 degrees to get a better sense of your environment. It's chock-full of new ages to explore and new puzzles to solve, of course.


iMac G5: Has Apple Lost Its Design Edge?

THe design seems rushed.


Fired Up In G5 Heaven

Nirvana. That's the only word to describe the thrill of having Apple's top-shelf product, a G5 tower, to use for a few days.

Apple's New iMac G5 Deserves A Second Look

Instead of simply building a box of circuits and ports, it has designed a piece of art that you want to use and keep near you.

Combustion 3: 3-D Compositing Program Features New Effects And Editing Capabilities

Combustion is a good choice if you're a beginner; however, because of the program's small user base, you won't get the plug-ins and support that you get with After Effects.

Mac OS X For The Traveler, Part 3

Now that we have seen various aspects of physical security, it is time to delve into the issue of software security.


Hose Clamps And Zip Ties Do Not A G4 Mount Make

As Gizmodo demonstrates, how you can surprised when living next door to Danish artists.

Is It True? Gmail Is Running On Xserves

According to Robert X. Cringely, Gamil runs on Apple XServes.


Doing The Impossible With Longhorn

It's funny how circumstances can change your perception of what's possible. A few months ago, key Microsoft architects were telling me that it would be impossible to decouple the Avalon presentation subsystem from the Longhorn OS. Now they're huddling in conference rooms trying to figure out how to do just that. It makes me wonder what else might turn out to be possible after all.

Gartner: Ignore Longhorn And Stick With XP

Longhorn looks increasingly like a product intended to simply fill in a gap in the schedule.

Friday, September 10, 2004


People's Republic Of Mac

Yan Feng, president of the Beijing Macintosh User Group, was just 9 when he first laid eyes on the now positively prehistoric Mac classic. It was love at first sight.

The Continuing Renaissance Of Apple

The IT industry and the PC industry, in particular, needs Apple to succeed.

Nisus Software Releases Nisus Writer Express 2.0

Version 2.0 offers over 30 new features including easy to use tables and styles, footnotes, smart quotes and more.

.Mac Members Save $50 On Contribute 3

Up for grabs is a US$50 discount on Contribute 3, Macromedia's Web publishing and editing software.

Apple Remote Desktop 2: An Inside Look

The release of Apple Remote Desktop 2 was yet another sign that Apple is building an increasingly enterprise-centric portfolio.

New Nokia Phone Bundles Mac-Compatible Sync Software

Apple The Most Innovative Comapny In Past 75 Years

Apple is viewed as the most innovative company of the past 75 years, according to a recent survey conducted by BusinessWeek.

Bear Stearns Downgrades Apple Stock

The stock has already reached the year-end price target set by the firm's analysts.

Apple Disputes Real's Market Share Numbers

"During the last 3 weeks we did not see any drop in our market share, and our sales grew each week."


Apples In Paradise: The State Of Macs In Hawaii

What more could a Mac guy want?

Open Or Closed? Apple's Real Battle With Microsoft Over Standards

The first thing we can do as users, Mac or Windows, is not worry too much about the so-called standards, but adopt that which works well for us.


ProofMaster Adesso: Utility Delivers Easy, Accurate Color Proofing

For small design shops looking for precise in-house proofing, or photographers looking for more out of a printer than its native drivers can deliver, ProofMaster Adesso is a very good deal.

iPod Voice Recorders

Griffin iTalk takes the lead in sound-quality race with Belkin Voice Recorder.

iBook G4s: Latest Update Frees Memory Slot And Boosts CPU

The current iBook lineup offers an excellent combination of performance, features, and affordability.


Sell Your Tunes

1 Year Ago: Apple Customer Resells iTunes Song.

Has anything changed for the better one year later? Sadly, not much.

Hot, Hot, Tip

The folks at Gizmodo have discovered an image on Apple's iTunes web site that is, well, less than family-friendly.

Either the image over at Apple's web site has since been taken down, or Gizmodo is making all these up. :-)

Innovation Missed Out On The iPods?

By not licensing FairPlay far and wide, does Apple missed out on innovations by other third parties?

For example, here's a radio show for MP3 players that will only work best with Microsoft's Windows Media technology, even though "a slimmed-down version of the service for the iPod" will be available. (Read: crippled.)


The Long March To Longhorn

The grand vision of a unified and simplified search tool for Windows once again has been delayed. Next year, Apple plans to launch new search tools as part of the Tiger release of OS X. And the Linux camp isn't far behind: Novell says it's retooling its iFolder software to give its SuSE Linux unified search capabilities.

Thursday, September 9, 2004


Apple Faces Supply Constraints

Apple's new iMac may not ship in volume until early October.

A Woz Q&A

"I don't have a new iMac and don't consider it especially attractive."

SAD 54 Working Out Kinks In New School Lunch System

The debut of a new "PowerLunch" system, in which students use debit cards to pay for their food, did not impress.

Where's The Video iPod?

Gartner's Michael McGuire thinks the "portable media center" already exists. He calls it a notebook.

MSN Music 'IPod' Help Page Updated Again

The MSN Music help page regarding iPod support has been rewritten yet again, this time, sans propaganda.

Steve Jobs Back At Apple

Steve Jobs, who underwent successful surgery to remove cancer from his pancreas, is attending some company meetings and plans to return to full-time work later this month, Apple spokeswoman Katie Cotton said.


Is It Time For Apple To Share The FairPlay Love?

Apple needs to make some smart strategic decisions about to whom they should license FairPlay and thus ensure their continued dominance in online music.

How Not To Do Public Relations

For a couple minutes I ponder if I should hate this company, and that's not what a real public relations person wants anyone to think after a meeting.

An Apple A Day Keeps Napster Away

The major problem is that Napster is currently incompatible with Macs. Perhaps even more troubling is that the most popular portable MP3 player, Apple's iPod, also does not work with Napster.


Apple iBook G4 12in

The iBook is not designed to match the more expensive PowerBook range for processing grunt, but it is adequate for normal home use.

iPod Battery Swap Surprising Easy

If you're as fumbled fingered as I am and have been afraid to open your iPod, I hope this gives you the courage to take action.

Future Mobile Sounds — Beemer With An iPod

Super-fly car, and a fun first edition of a system that needs a few finishing touches to live up to feature demands of discriminating geeks.


Longhorn To Put Squeeze On Gadgets

In the next version of Windows, Microsoft will give big companies an easy way to block use of devices such as iPods and other portable storage devices.

Microsoft Challenges Apple's iTunes Store, But It Isn't There Yet

MSN Musi is not match for iTunes — yet.

Fingerprint Recognition A First In Biometric Field For Microsoft

Microsoft is announcing today its first hardware products to use fingerprint recognition, a technology that has made inroads in the office environment but is rarely existent for home users.

The Tablet PC Takes Its Place In The Classroom

While tablet PCs have not proved to be the revolutionary change agents that they were billed as in November 2002, they are starting to carve a niche for themselves in certain corners of the digital world.

Wednesday, September 8, 2004

Top Stories

MyTunes Returns For iTunes Song Sharing

Tools that turn Apple's iTunes software into the core of a song-sharing network are multiplying, with the re-release this week of the previously defunt MyTunes.


Music Industry Warms To Downloads

A Japanese version of Apple's iTunes has been unable to get started due to opposition from the local recording industry, which deems its copy protection measures to be inadequate and has refused to offer its music catalog.

Apple iPod Interactive Award Nominee

Apple's iPod is up for an award, this time fromt he British Interactive Media Association, in association with Revolution magazine.

New iPod Ad For UK TV And R.E.M. For Free

UK iTunes Music Store users can download a free three-minute preview consisting of snippets of tracks from new R.E.M. album.

Apple Releases Security Update 2004-09-07

Newton Nuts Show How It's Done

A committed band of fans has done a better job of looking after the Newton than Apple ever did, believes a leading researcher.

Apple Bioinformatics Award Winners

Meet five people whose breakthroughs make the progress of science real.


Why Yahoo And Google Still Don't Get It

How will you get influencers to praise your product if they can't run it?

Online Music Buyers May Be Saved By... Microsoft?

Microsoft's MSN Music store has been running for a week and it is already available in parts of Europe, Australia, Korea and even Brazil. That's in addition to the United States, of course. I don't know if Singapore is on the list yet but the fact that Microsoft is going to so many places so soon after the launch means it will get here sooner rather than later, right?

Pining For Open File Formats

I still seethe over all the extra work, and silly hoops I had to jump through, because vendors feel compelled to create proprietary formats for storing information, and make it hard for other people's software to simply read and write the information to achieve whatever goals their users might be pursuing.

A New Take On The Mac Tablet

Apple's best movve is to leverage its own mad skills with industrial design and multimedia to create some truly innovative new hardware breeds based loosely on the current tablet concept. And that effort, I trust, is already underway.

The Goo,d The Bad, And The Ugly? First Impressions Of The G5 iMac

The iPod's Big Brother

What you get is quite possibly the coolest personal computer yet created.

Mac OS X, UNIX, And The "Average" Mac User

For better or wose, I beleive that effective Mac OS X troubleshooting still requires a familiarity with tbe basics of UNIX and Terminal.


After Effects 6.5

Don't let the .5 designation fool you — this is a major step forward for After Effects.

Call Of Duty

Call of Duty is the best re-creation of WWII we've seen yet. Even if you're not big on the history, this game's easily worth it for the furious action alone.

DVD Studio Pro 3

Even though Studio Pro 3's encoding tools could be sharper, there's no denying it makes the rest of the authoring experience a pure joy.

InEffects 1.0

Though InEffects is definitely a must-have add-on for serious graphic designers, it's not exactly loaded with features for the price. However, if you currently use Photoshop to create lots of effects that you cold otherwise create with InEffects, it will pay you back in time saved.

Mariner Write 3.6.1

Mariner Write is a fine alternative for home use or other situations where you need a capable word processor more than seamless compatibility with Word. But in a corporate setting, you'll likely want a word procssor with better Word compatibility.

Shrek 2

If you're not a Shrek-head, don't bother — the game is short enough that by the time you warm up to the characters, it's over.


When turned on, the SightLight is an annoying presence, shining directly in your eyes. The light it casts gives your face a dim blue pallor, especially when supplemented by room lighting — not flattering.

Smart Styles CS

It's easy to use, versatile, and saves time. If you work on highly formatted publications, such as newletters, magazines, and newspapers, make Smart Styles your new assistant.

Space Colony

Space Colony is definitely a decent way to pass time. It's fun and the universe is engaging while you're in it — but once you come back to Earth, you won't necessarily feel compelled to go back to revisit the colony.

USB Server

Not everyone needs this type of widget, but it's a solid tool for centralizing a small workgroup's USB devices.

Homeworld 2

If you're a fan of space battles or real-time strategy games in general, Homeworld 2 will be your world, your life.

Browsers That Aren't Browsers

Thanks to the WebKit technology built into Mac OS X Panther, it's become much easier for software developers to create applications that are web-savvy. In this article, we thought we'd take a look at a few of them.

Help For Help Viewer

For reasons best known to Apple, Help Viewer tendes to be mor eprone to problems than other applications. Fortunately, there are a limited number of things that can cause such problems.


Creative Performa MP3 Players

Creative seems to be taking some hints from Apple's previous playbook: flood the market with many models of MP3 players and hope that some of these models stick. :-)

But seriously, Creative does have an advantage over Apple here in Asia: there's no iTunes Music Store. Now that Apple has showed the world how to run an online music business, the first-mover advantage in the rest of the world is ever more important. If Apple don't move fast, the Asia online music market will be dominated by Microsoft.

Technical Notes For Dummies

Jason Levine: "How to Pick Up and Carry Your iMac G5" might be dumbest technical note I've ever seen published by a computer manufacturer.

Tuesday, September 7, 2004


Crimson Or Blue?

Duke University's free iPods make us devilishly jealous.

Culture Clash: Those Li'l iPod Gods Are Smiling

In return for the loss of my library, I got 1,976 new songs chosen by someone else. By inheriting her music, I had a rare opportunity to spend some quality time in somebody else's musical mind.


The Well-Worn NoteBook

There's no question that other programs can perform roughly the same tasks. But given a choice of any of them, I'll stick with NoteBook.

PowerMac G5 Dual 2.5GHz

Immensely powerful machine, easy to assemble, a dream to run, and quiet in opertation.


Another "Paradigm Shift", Courtesy Of The iPod?

Kurt Starsinic: Instead of broadcasting what we listen to, we're advertising that we listen. It's becoming sexier not to enter other people's attention space uninvited.

Yes, It's Still Dead

6 long years after the introduction of the bondi-blue iMac, reporters are still writing about the death of floppy disk.

Well, at least it's still better read than the upcoming death of Apple Computer, Inc.

Can I Have My 15 Minutes?

Engadget found a MP3 player called the Podi. Apple lawyers, start your engines.


Microsoft Creates Static Over New Radio Feature

A feature of Microsoft's new MSN Music service is quietly raising eyebrows in the radio industry. It is using playlists from more than 900 local radio stations around the country to create its own soundalike Internet stations — stripped of local DJ chatter, traffic, weather and commercials.

Monday, September 6, 2004

Top Stories

The Song Remains The Same

Who could replace the Valley Svengali who personalifies the Apple's myth? In contrast to reassuringly public successions at Intel, Microsoft and Dell, Apple has no number two.

Where's The Music?

MP3 players are hot in Asia, but online stores such as iTunes are still closed to the region's market.


Students Star On 'Rat T.V.'

Every morning starting at 7:30, 13 students prowl the high school halls with a digital video camera. Later in the morning, an edited five to 10 minute tape is shwon throughout the school.

Apple Banks On iPod's Street Cred

Apple is leaning on the iPod to give its stagnant computer business a kick-start.

Can Apple Play Europe's Tune?

With roughly 120 million songs downloaded since its debut in April 2003, Apple's iTunes has clearly caught the ear of American consumers. But will that translate into success on the other side of the Atlantic?

Apple, Microsoft Partners Find Common Ground

Forget the new iMacs and iPods, Apple is leaving a lot of dough on the table by not pushing its Mac OS X software aggressively into corporations running Windows.

Apple Confirms Seven New Retail Stores

The new Apple Stores include Los Angeles, CA, Rancho Cucamonga, CA, Danbury, CT, Wilmington, DE, West Des Moines, IA, Braintree, MA, and Lynnwood, WA.

iPods Of The Rich And Famous

An exclusive report on the state of the stars' favorite songs.


iPod And MSN Music

In MacBU we never ever said anything bad about Apple. Why? Cause once we did and we lost. Apple has a phenomenal PR relationship with the media and turned the story pretty much back in our face and it was ugly.


iMac G5: A New Option

Thanks to true innovation and continuously falling prices, Apple computers are proving to be a viable alternative for families looking for their first (or second) computer.

G5 Lacks The G-Whizz Factor

If it's an attractive home computer you're after, one that youc an be proud to have on display, snap up the remaining swivel-arm machines.

Sunday, September 5, 2004


Paris Showcase For Apple's Vision

"When Apple is the innovator, the leader doing remarkable things that are successful, then of course the market will start to follow in our footsteps. That's a sign that Apple's back in front and doing great things, a great situation to be in."

Dot-Com Busts Converted Charleston Man Into iPod Acessorizer

A telvision ad for Apple's new iPod digital music player caught his attention — and ambition.


It Takes Time To Judge The True Impact Of New Technology

Price cuts, bug fixes, maintenance upgrades and better or worse marketing all change how a piece of hardware or software fares in the market. How did those factors affect the things I've covered in the past year?


Saturday, September 4, 2004


In Internet Calling, Skype Is Living Up To The Hype

Skype's distinction is that, for now at least, it is the easiest, fastest and cheapest way for individual customers to begin using VoIP.

iNeck For The iMac G5 Announced

Joswiak: 'True To What An iMac Has Always Been About'

Vice President of Hardware Product Marketing Greg Joswiak gave Macworld editors a guided tour of the desktop's new design.

iMac G5: Another P From The iPod

The iPod has redefined consumer expectations and given Apple a whole new market.

Pod2Go Downloads News, More To iPod


You Can Choose Any Color You Want, As Long As It's Black

Help pages are more useful when they're helpful, rather than spiteful.


Mac OS X For The Traveler, Part 2

Theft is a primary source of information leaks and other hassles when you travel.


Breaking News: Microsoft To Stop Making Windows

"To be honest, we're tired of Windows."


Promises, Promises: Microsoft's Credibility Questioned Over Longhorn

Partners are accustomed to product delays out of Redmond, but some say this latest slip of the storage system, code-named WinFS, combined with well-publicized delays to Yukon, is snowballinginto a tremendous credibility problem.

One Music Store To Rule Them All

Microsoft's answer to iTunes isn't pretty, doesn't have that great a selection, and won't sell songs that play on an iPod. But it'll still probably take over the world of online music.

Friday, September 3, 2004

Top Stories

MSN Music Is Off-Key, Apple Says

The creator of the trendsetting iPod music player and iTunes music service on Thursday tok its on-again-off-again rival to task for the new MSN Music download service, saying it has fewer features and fewer songs than the market-leading iTunes.


Did Apple Offer Sony An iTunes Deal?

Steve Jobs offered Nobuyuki Idei, chairman and group CEO of Sny, the chance for Sony to come aboard Apple's iTunes Music Store service, the Nikkei Sangyo Shimbun newspaper reports in its September 2 edition.

Fans Keep Newton In Motion

Six years after Apple terminated the Newton, the Worldwide Newton Association is holding its first conference to determine the future of the platform.

Can Microsoft Slay Apple's Music Goliath?

According to analysts, content owners are gravitating toward the Microsoft format because of Apple's refusal to license its FairPlay software.

Apple Faithful's Apathy To Blame For Napsterized Schools

Apple users have this nasty habit of dishing out vicious assaults when you don't want to hear them and staying awfully quiet when you'd like them to chirp up. No where is this pattern more evident than at the universities who have signed up for Napster's music rental service. THese schools have run right over the famous Apple faithful, and the Mac addicts seem to enjoy the process.

We've Never Even Heard Of This 'iTunes Music Store' Of Which You Speak

Why, I'm sure they even decided on the name of their weekly email newsletter ("New Music Tuesdays") years ago.

Gates: "We're Early On The Video Thing"

"Apple always goign to have the Apple position. Over time, the importance of choice, price-performance, some of the broad software things we do that they don't do, will give us the Microsoft position. I don't kow what the equilibrium will be, but I think there's a significant opportunity for both of us."

MSN Music Store Encourages Users To Pester Apple To Open iPod

"If you are an iPod owner already and unhappy about [Apple's] policy, you are welcome to send feedback to Apple requesting that they change their interoperability policy."

Belkin Debuts TuneDok For iPod Mini, More

The TuneDok for the iPod mini provides "security and stability, along with flexible construction for a perfect fit in your car's cup-holder console."

MacSoft: Railroad Tycoon 3 Ships Sept. 13


Duke University's Use Of iPod Not Frivolous

Duke already has five academic and course iPod projects up and running; two more have been identified this week, and many other faculty have made proposals that have yet to be reviewed.

iMac: The Missing Memory

When it comes to memory, I think Apple has gone too far for the sake of hitting a price point.

Linux Doesn't Make Sense For Desktops

Linux just isn't a good choice for desktops. Instead, desktop Linux proponents should wake up and switch to the Mac OS.

Avoiding The Microsoft Tax

My latest acquisition is a 17" Apple Powerbook powered by the IBM G4 processor which I'll use to replace my XP laptop and an older G4 tower. In addition to a breathtakingly beautiful form factor, this machine has every feature I need, from DVD-R to Airport and Bluetooth connections. More importantly, there's no essential application I need that doesn't run on this platform.


iPod Mini's Soundtrack For Life

Overall the iPod mini is a tremendous little machine and offers the storage capacity, performance and portability to suit most consumers.


Not Really Satisifed? You Can Still Dream, Can You?

Peter Rojas, in Engadget: Here's our pet theory/secret dream: Apple didn't include features such as TV tuner because they don't want the iMac to cannibalize sales of an even nicer media center Mac they have int he works.

Thursday, September 2, 2004

Top Stories

Apple: Open-Source Pedigree Will Protect Tiger

Bertrand Serlet, senior vice president of software at Apple, said Wednesday that having a greater number of people keeping an eye on source code leads to better software security.


Is That Jobs In Your Pocket?

While Steve Jobs is out of action convalescing from a cancer operation, a 12-inch, plastic facsimile of the Apple CEO is up and about evangelizing the Mac.

Ipodder Good Fodder For MP3 Heads

Leave it to ex-MTV VJ and techno-prophet Adam Curry to come up with what might be The Next Big Thing for Apple's iPod. Mr Curry has done some quick and dirty hacking in AppleScript to create an application to automatically download new MP3 files from any of five different RSS feeds and copy them to playlists in the Mac iTunes application based upon the channel name. Connect an iPod, and the song/files load onto the device automatically.


Phil Schiller, Analysts Discuss The iMac G5

"It's meant to express a couple of tings — it's not to hide behind the iPod or to downplay the Mac at all."

Schools' Cyber Deal Is Signed

A BD2.6 million contract was signed yesterday to take Bahrain's government schools into cyber space. Apple Centre will be responsible for providing, installing and operating the electronic system at all government schools of all education stages, in addition to training teachers on its uses.

Apple Expo Shows Credibility Boost For Server Solutions

Little by litte, Apple's server business is gaining credibility outside of the company's core business.

Replace iMac G5's Foot With An Arm Using Apple's iMac G5 VESA Mount Adapter Kit

New iMac Day One Reactions

Steve Jobs Angers Preservationists By Threatening To Tear Down Jackling Estate In Woodside, California


Mac OS X Preview Has One Key Flaw

Apple did Mac OS X users a disservice when it designed the Preview application. Preview is powerful and can do almost anything an image viewer and converter ought to to. Note that I wrote "almost."

Apple iMac G5

We expect iMac's aesthetic appeal will draw in many of you who are in the market for a new general-use desktop.


Microsoft, The Entertainer?

Betting that video will give them an edge, Microsoft take aim at Apple's iPod. Their first attempts, however, could fall short.

Microsoft Opens MSN Music Store

Microsoft on Wednesday released a beta version of its highly expected online music download service, in hopes of unseating Apple's dominance in the hot market.

Wednesday, September 1, 2004

Top Stories

New iMac Tries To Play It Cool

One of Apple's biggest challenges with the latest iMac was making sure the machine was cool.


Steve Ford Quits Toshiba For Apple

Steve Ford, New Zealand country manager for Toshiba, will join Renaissance on Sept 17 as general manager of the Apple Computer Division.

Apple Leader Remains Best CEO — Forbes

Apple Denies Major G5 iMac Push At iPod Users

Apple executives are denying any official marketing campaign is afoot to entice iPod users to buy the new slim line mac.

Apple Launches iTunes Affiliate Program

Apple today announced the launch of the iTunes Affiliate Program, which the companys ays makes it the first download music store to offer direct links to a la carte singles and albums that generate paid commissions to affiliate Web site.

Ronquillo: iPod People Are Taking Over

Many students have said that while the iPod is cool, it's just too expensive for their budget.

Longhorn? "We're Years Ahead" Reckons Apple

Virtual PC 7 Starts Rolling Out In October

Microsoft Virtual PC 7 for Mac has been released to manufacturers, Julie Fogerson, spokesperson for Microsoft's Macintosh Business Unit, said.

Apple Posts Apple Expo Keynote Video


iTunes May Rock, But Microsoft Will Win

Am I arguing that Apple needs to open an dlicense its music platform? Nah. Wouldn't matter. iTunes and iPod should stay proprietary to Apple to keep them both insanely great — while Microsoft takes over.

The iMac G5: Impressions And Predictions

New iMac Design Looks Better For Business

In fact, the low-end model would have a keyboard, a power cable, a network cable, and perhaps cables for an iPod and iSight camera dnagling from the back. Sure the machine looks sleek in the pics, but it won't looknearly so good on your desktop.

My Impressions Of The iMac G5

My toddler would knock it over.

iMac G5: Thinking Of Tablets And iPods And Displays

Combine a wall-mounted iMac G5 with Open Door's Envision and Apple's Bluetooth wireless keyboard and mouse and you've got one heck of a cool Mac that doubles as art when you're not using it.

Apple's Missed Opportunity

Apple presents us with a fabulous living-room-compatible unit with an excellent display and lots of storage designed for digital media — but doesn't allow for connectivity to the broadcast network.


Something Is Missing... And It's Not Just The Clothes

Gizmodo: Do they have a special iBook with the Apple Logo removed, or are their photoshop people just that good?

Warning: not totally safe for work.

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