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Thursday, March 31, 2005


Cable Lets The iPod Photo Link Directly To A Camera

HP Seeks Larger Role In iPod Mania

The first computer with a built-in spot for an iPod is on its way — and it's not a Mac.

Tiger On Track For Mid-April Release

iPod Shuffle Clone Tweaked, Renamed 'Super Tangent'

Will HPs Hurd Hear A New iPod Plan?

Unless it can create the same kind of halo effect for other HP products that Apple has been able to with its products, it's unclear what the advantages are for HP. For that matter, what are the advantages for Apple?

Apple Re-Posts Security Update 2005-003 (1.1) For Mac OS X Server


Unswitch? I Don't Think So

It is unfortunate, but at the moment the two main options for unswitching aren't that good.

A Failed Analogy


iMovie HD Drag Clean

The Best Photo Organizers

If you have a Windows PC, Picasa is a decent choice, as long as you understand and maintain a good system of folders on the hard disk. But Mac owners have a better overall photo organizer in iPhoto.

Cinema HD Proves Bigger Truly Is Better

Let's get this out of the way right upfront: The Apple Cinema HD 30-inch flat panel display is, without question, the finest computer display I've ever used.


Win An iPod Shuffle

For the Singapore readers out there: drink Pepsi and win an iPod shuffle.

Let's Take A Look At That iPod Movie Again?

If you didn't know already, Microsoft owns part of MSNBC. (Where do you think the MS of MSNBC comes from?) So, it may well be the Redmond company's secret weapon in pushing its Portable Media Centers.

Or maybe not. How many times have your kids in the back-seat of your car asked for the latest update on the Michael Jackson trial?

But, nevertheless, Apple should take note. And perhaps Pixar too.

Wednesday, March 30, 2005


Hilton Offer iPod Playback In Hotels

Watch Out iPod, They're Coveting Your Song

The invasion of portable personal music players has only just begun.

iPod Thieves Hit Subways. Is Anyone Listening?

Despite the thefts, though, few subway riders seem to be changing their habits, and may be feeling even safer since the little white wires seem to be everywhere.

CC-Licensed Papercraft iPod Stand

"Print out, stick on some card and assemble."

Podcasts Go Mainstream

Less than one year old, podcasting seems poised to go mainstream. Onc ethe exclusive province of talkative technologists, do-it-yourself musicians, and obsessed hobbyists, this broadcasting platform has been embraced lately by some mainstream media.

NYC Subway iPod Thefts On The Rise

Reports of robberies in the subway system are up about 20 percent through mid-March — a spike police officials blame on the ubiquitous portable music player, which can retail for about $100 to $500.

Griffin Unveils iVault For iPod Shuffle

"The iVault safely encloses your iPod shuffle, while still allowing total access."

VoIP Calls Become iPod Radio Broadcasts

A growing number of people are sharing their iPod digital music using freely available software and Skype, a free Internet phone service.

PearPC Seeking Funding To Sue CherryOS

Analysis: Hitting The Wrong Note

Apple Earns Its Stripes

The iPod gets all the attention but the new Tiger operating system could really juice Apple's stock.

Gartner: Beware Of Mac OS Spyware

Just a week after Symantec caused uproar in the Mac community by warning the OS X operating system was quickly becoming a target for hackers and viruses, Gartner has warned businesses reliant on the Mac to guard against "spyware infestations."

Apple's iPod To Face Tough Competition

Due to the much stronger foothold of local brands, foreign competitors, especially Apple, have had a tough time in the Korean market.


Why There Will Be No iPod Killer — Ever

Why? Because it look slike the whole consumer electronics industry is now trying to "kill" the iPod instead of inventing something of their own.


My big gripe with Apple, of course, is their cult of hermsetic secrecy.

Where Music Is Played

If the ubiquitousness of music in the iPod universe keeps us away from live performances, we are losing something important.

Copy Protection At The Apple Store

Return Of The Mac

All the best hackers I know are gradually switching to Macs.


Movies Out Of The Box

Logitech's iPod Speakers Fail To Impress

The volume was too low, and the sound was tinny.

'Virtual PC' Still Slow But More User Friendly

HDTV On Your Mac

You can put together your own system using a decoder card, an antenna, some freeware software and a lot of love, elbow grease, and spit.

Fix For iPod Photo Enhancements

I Love My AirPort Again

Is the AirPort Express perfect? No, certainly not, but it comes as close to perfect as an 802.11 access point can.


Microsoft Plans 'Safer ID' System

"Info cards" will help people manage personal details on their PCs to make online services safer, said Microsoft.

Tuesday, March 29, 2005


The Extras Of An iPod

Since its introduction, the iPod has added extra technology to complement its musical functions.

Teen Builds Linux Workaround For iTunes

Cody Brocious likes using the Linux operating system more than he does Windows or Mac OS. But Apple doesn't make software that would let Linux users buy songs from the iTunes store, so he did what any 21st-century teen raised in the digital age would do — he and his friends wrote a program to do so themselves.

Klipsch iFi iPod Dock And Speaker System

Mac OS X 'Tiger' Available For Pre-Order

While there's no release date, the $35 mail-in rebate shows a 'postmark by' date of May 31st.

A Word To The Unwise — Program's Grammar Check Isn't So Smart

Apple Eats Into Korea MP3 Market

The Shuffle took just two months to carve out a 10 per cent share in Korea's flash-memory player market.

Second Apple Retail Center Coming To Malaysia

Internet Entrepreneur Launches Battle Over Website Address

Benjamin Cohen has applied to the High Court for a judicial review of a dispute over the address

BBEdit 8.1 Adds Support For Subversion, More


Looking For Clues From Jobs' Jobs

The job listings for Apple can provide some interesting insight as to where the company might be headed, or at least some fun reading for Mac fans.


Intaglio: May The Quartz Be With You

The Open Source iPod

The ways and means of Linux on the iPod.

Free Firefox Browser Is Better Than Safari

Two superior features stood out: Firefox can save entire Web pages locally and provides an outstandingly easy yet powerful bookmark system.



'N' To Mark Windows Without Media Player

Microsoft agreed to naming convention set by EU, but debate over special version is not yet at rest.

Monday, March 28, 2005


OtterBox Allows You To Take iPod Mini For A Swim

The OtterBox for iPod mini is a waterproof, transparent case that protects the iPod mini from water, dust or a hard fall.

Could iPod Be Your Next Best Friend?

It's called anthropomorphizing, giving an inaminate object a human personality.

How Do You Like 'Dem Apples?

At a time when Apple seems to be enjoying a rising tide of popularity with consumers and business users alike, the computer maker is facing a lawsuit from three former U.S. Mac resellers that alleges Apple is cheating its reseller partners and its customers.

Where Is Motorola's New Cell Phone With iTunes?

Many industry players suspect that a wireless service provider intervened, essentially telling Motorola, "I'll be darned if I'll sell your phones to my customers if it means they can buy songs through Apple and Motorola without giving me a piece of the pie."

iTubes For Your iPod

Behind The Red Shed, With Jonathan "The Wolf" Rentzsch


Apple Vs. Hewlett-Packard

Without Hewlett-Packard, there might not have been an Apple Computer.

Macintosh Paternity Woven In Web

No matter who deserves the distinction, the lesson of the Raskin case is that the Internet — and the truth — are still precariously susceptible to popular opinion.


This Shark Is Missing Some Teeth

Griffin's gizmo records and downloads audio broadcasts. But it can't handle Internet radio, so you're limited to local fare.

Sunday, March 27, 2005


Madison Avenue's Image Of The iPod Is A Shadow Dancer Getting Down...

Apple's iPod and other digital music players were clearly designed with Ben Folds, not Beethoven, fans in mind. From its cataloging system to a dearth of downloadable classics, the iPod presents challenges to longhairs. But Lexington-area classical aficionados say overcoming some bugaboos is worth it for a player that serves their needs like no other.

Lend Them Your Ears: iPod Has All The Best Tunes, But Mobiles Are Coming To Bury It

The race is now on to make the mobile phone the portable media player of choice.

Hacking Away At Apple

Apple has traditionally been regarded as partially immune to the exploits of hackers and virus writers, thanks to its low market share — but those days may be over.

Apple Settles Lawsuit With Developer Over Tiger Leak

Apple on Wedesday settled a lawsuit with one of its developers, Doug Steigerwald, that leaked a copy of Mac OS X Tiger on a file-sharing Web site. "While Apple will always protect its innovation, it is not our desire to send students to jail," an Apple spokesperson said.

Apple Releases Mac OS X Security Update


Taking Up With Apple Won't Be Easy As Pie

I Want Less And I'm Willing To Pay For It

Because in flow, every second counts.


Parasol Wallop

A refreshing change from the endless stream of shooters and strategy games on the market, Parasol Wallop harks back to a time when games were a lot of fun without being overly complicated.

Postal 2: Share The Pain

Rude, crude, and socially unacceptable. Still, it's sick and twisted fun for gamers looking for a different take on the FPS experience.


Want A Private Tour Of Disneyland?

Find out more about "tidbits of history that don't fit with The Walt Disney Co.'s carefully groomed, family friendly image." Of course, the in-person tour is now being banned by Disney. So? All you have to do now is get an iPod.

Saturday, March 19, 2005


MyAppleMenu Is On Hiatus

This website is taking a break, and there will be no updates until Monday, 28 March 2004.

What am I doing? I'll be back in the army for my reservist duty — 4 days, 3 nights. After that, I'll just relax and think about the future of this website. (If you have any suggestions, please feel free to e-mail me.)


Apple Could Grow Global PC Market Share To 5% In 2005

Jacksonville Apple Store Opens

Chemists Welcome Apple At California Trade Show

For the first time in recent memory, Apple attended the American Chemical Soceity trade show held this week in San Diego, California.

Indie Band Sexohol Releases Album On iPod Shuffle

The band's inspiration for selling the alubm with an iPod shuffle came to them after they realized how integral the iPod had been to the album's creation.

Students Switch To Macs

In increasing numbers, undergraduates turn to Macintosh computers.


Free iPod — Um, Not Really

From the "No Free Lunch" file, let's take a look one of the more widespread offers circulating online for a free Apple iPod.

Spoiling The Surprise

You can crticize the way Apple is going about defending its product secrets. But you can't really fault why a company would want to do so.

Apple Ruling Puts All Of Us In Danger

Judge's broad precedent, punishing 'trade secret' leaks, may silence whistle-blowers.


iPod Shuffle Is Good Deal, But...

If you can live with its limitations, the iPod shuffle offers a great way to get music on the go.

Extras! Extras!

There are quite a few things you can do with an iPod, things that have nothing to do with music.

Friday, March 18, 2005


More People Talk About Their iPods

Apple Hit By DVD Jon

The infamous Norwegian programmer Jon Johansen has found a way of buying DRM-free tracks.

iPodder 2.0 Release Elevates Podcasting

The nascent market of podcasting got a boost this week with the latest release of iPodder 2.0.

High School Picks Up Where Laptop Program Ends

Following up where Maine's program to provide every seventh- and eighth-grader with a laptop computer leaves off, Thornton Academy recently acquired 400 laptops for the high-schools's 1,200 students to use.

Podshanking: Hot Pod On Pod Action

The people over at The Mod Gods have come out with a new way to make on-the-fly copies of music on your friend's iPod.

GM Adding iPod Comptatibility To 2006 Models

The new radios feature an auxiliary channel and front mounted auxiliary input jack, enabling owners of iPods or other portable audio players to connect the device and play it through the car stereo.

Blatant Rip-Off Of Apple's iPod Mini Surfaces Out Of China

Orient Expert Technology's web page shows an interesting music player, which they call, ahem, their "IPOD Mini".

SXSW Debut Of Custom iTunes Prepaid Cards

The new iTunes Custom Cards are linked to specific songs, albums, or playlists.

Ambrosia Announces GooBall Action Game

Apple Updates Keynote, Pages

The updates address "isolated issues that may have affected reliability for some customers," according to Apple.


Apple: Don't Tax The iPod Economy

Apple could jus tshoot itself in the foot, again.

Mac OS X: Virus-Free — For Now

Although Mac OS X is essentially virus-free, it can still spread malware, and it could be just a matter of time before it becomes a target for hackers.

Apple's Suit Not So Easily Dismissed

Companies do not have a right to cover up any kind of wrongdoing, even something as small as misuse of Post-it notes, but they absolutely do have a right to protect intellectual property.

Chance Encounter

The new iPod has no screen and plays songs randomly. How does it feel to be a hostage?


Apple Mac Mini

As a second computer for everyday use, there's nothing in the Windows PC world to touch it.


EU Rejects Microsoft's Licence Offer

The server interoperability licence proposed by Microsoft treats open source vendors unfairly and has unreasonably high royalties, according to the EC.

Europeans Doubt Microsoft Is Obeying Antitrust Order

Will Longhorn Be Short On Features?

Microsoft's much anticipated and frequently postponed OS may ultimately lack compelling reasons for customers to upgrade.

In Asia, Microsoft Sees Slow Start For Budget XP

Thursday, March 17, 2005


Laptop Legs And Mac Feet Keep Portables On Their Toes

iTube: Tube-Based Amp For iPod

Another iTunes Restriction: iPhoto Slideshows With AAC Tracks

Apple's DRM protection also disallows iPhoto slideshows with embedded iTunes-purchased tracks to play when distributed to other systems.

Too Many Choices May Slow Consumer Electronics Spending

iPod Shuffle All-In-One Headphones Hack

Jim Younkin has completed this fun (if simple) hack to cram an iPod shuffle inside of a pair of $1 thrift-store headphones.

2,000 Talmud Tapes, Or One Loaded iPod

The ShasPod is a solution to a vexing question: how does a commuter study a 2,711-page book?

Apple Seeks 'Tax' On iPod Accessories

As part of a "Made for iPod" logo program, Apple has been angling for a slice of the revenue from the growing array of third-party add-ons that connect to the iPod, sources said.

Wikis In Schools

Students working on writing projects are accessing their teacher's wiki from their Safari bookmark toolbar on their Macs via Apple's Rendezvous.

Apple To Gain PC Market Share Over Next 2-3 Years

Piper Jaffray cited the iPod halo effect, "continuous innovation leading to highly functional products at realistic price points," and security and perfromance issues for PCs based on Microsoft Windows.

Gillmor's Readers Chastise Him For Mac Attacks


Lose Friends And Disenfranchise People, The Apple Mac Way

It does seems strange that a company that prides itself for 'thinking differently' seems to have embarked on a mission to appear as unpleasant, as ruthless and as willing to crush the little fella as its Redmond neighbours.

My Security Blanket... Er, iPod

I am an addict. Yes, I am addicted to my iPod.

Memo To Apple: Lay Off Your Fans

Apple's Advantage

The Mac mini's price may have spurred interest in a Mac, but what really made the Mac a contender was a change in how it is viewed: not as a PC, for working with word processors and databases, but as an appliance for managing all the digital photos and music.

The Customer Owns The Customer

Traditionally, the battle for customer ownership in the mobile space was between the operators and the handset makers. The battle is about to get a lot more crowded.

Who Needs A Video iPod?

Few Hot Rivals To Apple's iPod

Until Dell or Creative can prove me wrong, I must admit it's starting to look as if the iPod is unstoppable.

It's An iPod Mini, Not A Mini iPod

I know it's pedantic of me to get so riled up over such a minior infraction but it really annoys me!

Enlightment Through Eavessharing

I'm not sure that eavessharing is the most practical (or ethical) way to go about it, but it may help expand your musical horizons when other means fail. If you'd like to do your part, leave iTunes running and its sharing switched on when you're connected to the Web in a public place.


Mac Mini Delivers Big Results

Good looks aide, the Mac mini delivers a software suite that by itself is worth the purchase price.

Mac Gems: Digital Hotspotter; Jiggler; RePorter; CLIX

Inside The Mac OS: A Look At AppleTalk And Zones


Getting Ready For Halloween

A few months ago, the wall clock in my living room mysteriously dropped onto the ground from where it's hanging, right at the stroke of midnight. (Or thereabout.) Closer examination shows no damage to the nail in the wall that hanged the clock. Anyway, that clock broke, and we replace it.

This morning, I woke up to discover my watch has stopped and one of the snaps broken. You guessed it — the watch stopped;at just around midnight. (12.01 am)

Coincidence? I don't think so. :-)


Microsoft Yielding To IE Standards Pressure?

After a year-long drumbeat of developer complaints, Microsoft may finally be budging on its support for standards and on key missing features in its Internet Explorer browser.

Wednesday, March 16, 2005

Top Stories

Motorola Cites Apple For Non-Show Of iTunes Phone

Motorola did not show upcoming phones designed to work with Apple's iTunes digital music service at a recent tech show because of the pair's differing approach to launching new products, executives from Motorola said on Tuesday.


Incoming SoE Students To Receive Free iPods

The School of Education will provide a free iPod for each of its incoming freshman students in the 2005-2006 academic year.

Apple Plans Bonuses For Its Executives

Apple, whose shares have more than tripled in the past year on sales of its iPod music players, wants to boost cash awards to top managers because its executive pay isn't competitive.

AIM TOS Updated: Looks Like iChat Is Safe Again

The new TOS removes any discussion of AOL owning your private chat conversations, while clarifying that content posted to any public forum may be used by AOL in any way they see fit.

Apple CEO Steve Jobs Again Gets $1 Salary For 2004

Steve Jobs was again paid $1 in salary and received no stock options or restricted stock for the company's fiscal 2004, a regulatory filing showed on Tuesday.

Apple Execs Cash In On Stock Options


Apple's Attack On Bloggers Carries Big Risks

The Mac, Merely A Safe Windows System?

Macs In The Wild

The Halo Effect is in motion...

Apple Planning Subscription Version Of iTunes? Depends On How Badly Do You Want To Believe

The Truth About iPod Batteries

Apple iPods are not unique in the world of rechargeable devices. Maybe Apple made a mistake by not making them so consumers could replace their own batteries, but perhaps that's the price you pay for that much-lauded Apple industrial design. So please, enough with the wild conspiracy theories and the threats of class-action lawsuits.

On The discovery Ruling In 'Apple V. Does'

The rumor sites, the EFF, and their attorneys apparently want to argue these cases solely in terms of the First Amendment. But Apple sees this as a matter of trade secret law, and with this ruling, the court agrees with Apple.


Instant Collaboration

We've used SubEthaEdit to shave hours off projects — from building outlines and ocnducting group meetings to revising articles. We think it's only the first of many programs that will promote collaborative processes.

Exploring The Mac OS X Firewall

Tuesday, March 15, 2005


Apple Wins iTunes Cybersquatting Battle

Taiwan-Made iPod Shuffle-Like MP3 Player Draws Concern From Apple

Luxpro's chairman Fu-Ching Wu told Economic Daily News that patents do not cover appearance.

The Evolution Of The Playlist

A mixed tape can be a personal statement of hipness or a declaration of love. The technology is merely the means.

Apple 'iPod Zone' Blankets London Subway Stop (With Photos)

Mac Developer Raskin Mourned

One Nation Under Pod?

The popular digital music player Apple iPod will make its eagerly anticipated debut on the Vietnamese market this month.

Apple's Dual-Sourcing Strategy For iPod Tech

Apple Takes Over London Station For iPod Shuffle

Apple has launched a major advertising campaign in the UK for the iPod shuffle, including taking over a London Underground station, turning it into an "exclusive iPod zone."

AOL Clarifies IM Privacy Guarantee

America Online said late Monday that it plans to revise its user agreement in response to concerns that instant messages sent through the company's service could be monitored.

New Apple Hire Foreshadows Possible ITunes Subscription Service

Apple has made a key hire in its quest to deploy a subscription-based iTunes music service, luring Julia Miller from Microsoft's XBox Live team.

iTunes 4.7.1 Quietly Brings Sharing Restrictions

With the update to iTunes 4.7.1, Apple has quietly introduced a limit to the number of users who can access your iTunes shared music per day, according to several posts on websites and Apple's own support area.

How To Tune A Ukulele With Your Mac

Do you need a small useful tuning program to help you ensure that you are hitting the correct notes while laying down the vocals to your band's new album in Garageband?

Aspyr Releases Doom 3 For Macintosh

Aspyr expects Doom 3 for Mac to hit store shelves no later than March 19, 2005.


In Most Cases, You Can't Have Too Much RAM

No matter what you do with your Mac, treat it to a RAM upgrade and it will run better, faster and smoother.

What About An iTunes Radio Station?

There would be no charge for the iTMS Radio Station, as the idea would be to promote more song purchases from iTMS itself.

MSN Unplugs Mac

Think about all the options available these days, and you know it's simply a whole new world.

iTunes' Black Mark

Makers of exciting music products are being given the cold shoulder by Apple, their products bearing a black mark that they don't deserve. And their customers are left jumping through hoops in order to play back the music they rightfully paid for. It's a real shame.


FireWire Hard Drives: Portable, Desktop External Storage Devices Compared

Delicious Library 1.0: Easy, Fun Library Software Catalogs Your Media

In addition to being useful and easy to use, it's just plain fun.

iPod Shuffle


Rumor Today: Tiger Hitting Stores On Apr 15

eWeek: Sources told that Apple plans to make copies of Tiger available in its own retail stores as wwell as through independent dealers by April 15, with official announcement of the product coming earlier in the month.

Monday, March 14, 2005


AOL: AIM Conversations Are Safe

America Online on Sunday moved to quell public criticism of the terms of service for its AIM service, insisting the controversial privacy clause does not pertain to user-to-user instant messaging communication.

300 Gig iPod

Why would you need a 300 gig iPod? If you have to ask, you just wouldn't understand, Poindexter.

Paying Tribute To Mac's Daddy

They came from near and far, and they waited in line to get in. Nearly 600 people packed the Bayside Performing Arts Center Sundy for Jef Raskin's memorial.

Apple Confronts LuxPro Over iPod shuffle Imitator

"Our lawyers are in the process of weighing legal options."

Teen Reporter Pays Price For Apple Coverage

Nicholas Ciarelli is an excellent journalist. Too bad.

Use iChat? You've Waived Any Right To Privacy


Motorola's iTunes Phone On The Rocks

The tech match made in heaven has prompted a hell of a standoff.

Apple Should Think Different About Blogger Suits

The lawsuits pose an imminent threat to Apple's most precious asset: the company's reputation as a hip underdog, a cool alternative to bigger and blander competitors such as Microsoft, Dell and Hewlett-Packard.

On Protecting Journalism And Democracy


There's More Than 1 Way To Skin An iPod

PowerBooks' Added Little Touches Make Big Difference

Apple has focused on evolutionary improvements, but sometimes the little touches can add up to something big.


Can Apple Do Licensing Right?

Pippin? Dead. Mac clones? Dead. HP iPods? Probably dead soon. And iTunes phones? Might well be dead too.

Can Apple ever do licensing right?

Don On Shuffle

Don Norman: Apple Shuffle is an excellent compromise among the conflicting requirements of simplicity, elegance, size, battery life, and function... The Apple Shuffle is honest. It doesn't pretend to be other than what it is.


Attack of The Anti-iPods

While some of the players mentioned here are good value and others are compact and cool, the anti-iPods still can't match Apple's ease-of-use. But they're getting closer.

Sunday, March 13, 2005


Shuffles? Pink Minis? Get Ready For iPod Nation

Once spotted occasionally among big city technophiles, the mobile music boxes are popping up all over the midstate — in coffeehouse crowds, on walking trails, in the back seat of Mom's minivan.

Play Your iPods For The Masses

Clubs are letting people plug-in and entertain the crowd, thanks to audio technology.

How The iPod Ran Circles Around The Walkman

The reach of a company with the optimal mix of assets can extend in all directions — and right through the front door of its competitors.


Why Does Apple Snub Linux Users?


I ask why Apple doesn't introduce the mallet as an iPod accesory, just for people who have experiences like mine.

The Pits In CherryOS

I don't think anyone with critical thinking skills above the level of a toaster wouldn't conclude that it's obvious that CherryOS is PearPC with some wrapper code to allow it to run in a way that it's less obvious that it's PearPC, along with piles of other code from other open source projects.


From The Makers Of iPod

The world of Mac computers may seem foreign to some, but its features are worth the trip.

RadioSHARK Is Like A TiVo For Recording Radio

Just about everything worked perfectly when I plugged the radioSHARK into my Apple Macintosh.

New Spyware Defense Does Double Duty As A Computer Cleaner

Saturday, March 12, 2005

Top Stories

Judge: Apple Can Pursue Fan Site Sources

Apple has the right to subpoena the electronic records of PowerPage, which published items about an unreleased product, a judge ruled Friday.

Timing Right For Mass Market Assault — Apple CFO

Having invested a lot on marketing and extending its channels over the last few years, and with the benefit of the iPod halo effect, Apple feels that it is now in a position to address the broader market, according to the company's chief financial officer.


Mac Mini VW GTi Install

Matt Turner was kind enough to drop us a line about his month-long endeavor of permanently installing and integrating a Mac mini into his 2001 Volkswagen GTi.

Fetch 5.0 Goes Beta

PearPC Developers Attack CherryOS "Code Theft"

According th Charles Darvy, one of the contributors to PearPC, the released version of CherryOS includes both code and graphics directly taken from PearPC.

Scott Weintrob: Everybody Dance Again

"There was a time when filmmaking was a closed industry — you had to have lots of money and equipment to shoot something. The idea of Apple is that anybody can go shoot footage and edit it and show it to a worldwide audience."

John Kuramoto: Animating Historic Architecture

"The most exciting thing for me is that you can design a full, retail-quality DVD on a single computer. I consider it groundbreaking that you can do all that on your Mac."

Poll: eMac Attraction Fades As Educators Turn To Portables

Apple CFO Peter Oppenheimer revealed that independent third party research group Student Monitor had found that in education sphere intention to buy Mac — particularly portable Macs — is way up.

Jobs' Net Worth Increases To $3 Billion

Microsoft Drops Support For Mac MSN Client

"Beginning May 31, Microsoft will make changes and no longer support the MSN for Mac OS X Internet Software client. Instead of accessing MSN services using the MSN for Mac OS X Internet Software... customers will now access MSN services and features via their preferred browser."


Apple's "Trade Secrets"

Companies will simply slap "trade secret" protection on everything they do, and any reporter who gets a scoop on anything the company doesn't want the public to know about will be under a legal threat.

Apple Lawsuit: Thinking Different?

Such has been my dilemma, watching Steve Jobs operate over the years, that I still don't know whether to applaud or boo.

Apple Conspiracy Theory Of The Week

Note to self: never, ever, ever, again admit to Apple that a machine had third-party RAM installed.

Apple Springs A Leak

What I'm saying is that if you are an employee, supplier or distributor for Apple Computer, and you care more about the First Amendment than the Little People's Republic, you might think about dropping a dime on Apple, and help pre-announce everything the company's got in the works for the next five years.


Rumor Today: Tiger In April

Think Secret: Apple will officially announce Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger's release at an event in early April and will begin shipping the operating system within two or three weeks afterwards.

Friday, March 11, 2005


First 'Made For iPod' Accessory Ships, Program Explained

The first iPod accessory to carry Apple's new "Made for iPod" badge is now shipping: it's Macally's new IceTune stackable speaker system.

Radio's Look To iPod Hits Static

Podcasting is the buzzed-about technology — but just try making money off it.

Motorola Says It's Working On More iTunes Phones

Motorola is working on several mobile phones that are compatible with Apple's iTunes music service, some of which can store eight hours of songs, Motorola said Thursday. One model, the E790, was initially scheduled for a European launch this summer, but that introduction was delayed after discussions with operators.

Apple Faces The Music As iPod Competitors Emerge

Apple has a winner despite increasing attacks by iPod wannabes.

Apple Quickens Pace Of Innovation

Apple Joins Blu-Ray Board Of Directors

Blue-ray Disc is a next-generation optical disc format being developed for High Definition video and high-capacity software applications.

Luxpro Corp. Rips Off iPod Shuffle

From the front, the device is physically identical to Apple's iPod shuffle, straight down to the control pad and white earbuds. It touts features the iPod shuffle lacks, however, including an FM tuner and a voice recorder.


iPod, You Pod

And while sometimes I take off my headphones and enjoy the cool breeze playing on my ears, far more often my 'phones are all that keep me from murdering civilians.

Apple's Safari Mistake: Choosing KHTML Over Firefox

I'm fairly cedrtain that Apple backed the wrong horse in this race.

Apple's Blueprint For Genius

At a time when rivals are outsourcing as much design as possible to cut costs, Apple remains at its core a product company — one that would never give up control of how those products are created.

The End Of The iPod

The iPod shuffle isn't any great technological shakes. but Apple's laser-like focus on delivering a good user experience based on a solid user interface gives it a leg up on music phones.

There's A Razor Inside Apple

Hate to say it, but Apple's shares have lost their magic.


Ford Racing 2: Racing Game Offers Challenges, Variety

If you're looking for an arcade-style auto racer, Ford Racing 2 offers enough challenge a variety to keep you driving for a while.

Monster Fair: Gem Of A Game Offers Fun For Pinball Fans

Monster Fair isn't the most complicated or hte most elaborate pinball game LittleWing has done, but its clean playfield and outstanding physics make it one of the company's most realistic to date.

Thoughts On Cheaper Apple Products: Mac Mini And iPod Shuffle

Both machines are great examples of superior form and function, things Apple does so well.

Set Your Music Free: Playlist Sounds Off On Speakers


Microsoft To Buy Groove Networks

Microsoft said Thursday it was acquiring leading collaboration software company Groove Networks, and naming its founder, Ray Ozzie, as Microsoft's chief technical officer.

Thursday, March 10, 2005


Mac Mini March: Skin This!

For $20, will sell you a 4-piece vinyl skin that covers the top, sides, and front of the Mac mini — offering basic protection from scratches and dings to the pearly white finish, and making it look... um... cool?

'Podcasting' Sweeps Internet

Bloggers, Meet The Pod People

Although the technology is less than a year old, thousands of people are podcasting nationwide.

For Children, It's A Media Frenzy

Parents may call it input overload, but kids say multitasking is second nature.

Controversial Mac Emulator Released

Tests conducted on CherryOS show that the product boots up identically to PearPC, includes one of the same graphics drivers, and has very similar configuration files to the open-source project.

The Mac Mini Colorized

ColorWare plans on adding the Mac mini to its colorful line of products.

Huge iPod Shuffle Ad In Australia

The advertisement is on the Nike store in Melbourne and is approximately six stories tall.

'iPod On Wheels' Next 'Big Thing' For Automotive Aftermarket

Macworld Expo San Francisco Attendance Up


Wishful Thinking

There's always going to be music people want to own, not rent; but people also enjoy trying out new music on the cheap, and a subscription service lets them do that. You'll do better co-existing with the iTunes Music Store than you will fighting against it — there's room for both types of services if consumers understand the differences and are able to use both at the same time.

Journalism And Revealing Sources

Pentagon papers? In the public interest. Information about unreleased Apple products? Not a chance.

Apple v ThinkSecret: Confidentiality Of Sources Must Be Respected

A Boy Named Sue

ThinkSecret published priveleged information which might fiscally harm Apple. They broke the law, and this is why there are ensuing lawsuits.

The Apple Trade Secret Cases: A Classic Container Problem

The "traditional" media, the judiciary, and the legislative branch engage in endless hand-wringing and fruitless debates about the container: Is it news? Is it journalism? Do the same rules apply?

Chuq, At Apple, Gives His Point Of View Of Apple Vs. Think Secrets

The thing he doesn't get is that the press is supposed to be adversarial. They are supposed to try to get a story that you don't want them to have.

Even More On ThinkSecret And Apple

A basic underlayment of protecting sources is that the journalist gives his word that he will. His ethics include keeping his words. But the basic premise of this fight is that people gave their word and then broke it — showing a lack of these same ethics.

Only Call A Blog A Blog

Just because the lawsuit claims ThinkSecret is a blog or some other news sites do the same, doesn't make the site so.

The Apple Bloggers 3: Heirs To Revolutionary Pamphleteers

The Apple Bloggers 3 practiced journalism, and they should be granted the same liberties of mainstream journalists. It's just a matter of common sense.


Turn Your Mac Into An Audio Transcriber

Mac Mini A Tasty Package

The Mac mini isn't the most powerful or fastest computer in the world, but is a great entry level unit for people who are tired of the Windows world and want to dip their toe in the Apple pool.


Microsoft Takes Media Center To More Countries

Microsoft plans to offer the entertainment-oriented operating system in 19 additional countries, as well as Hong Kong.

Wednesday, March 9, 2005


iPod, You Pod, We All Pod

Apple iPods, along with their signature white earphones, have become as ever-present around cmapus as their annoyingly catchy commercials have become on television.

Local Firms Ride Wave Of iPod Success

You may have just shelled out $300 for an iPod. But for the gadget geeks and Mac addicts, the spending has just begun.

Business Travellers Love Their iPods And Flat Beds

15 per cent of survey respondents rated their iPod an essential accessory.

Logitech Announces Their First iPod Speaker System

Apple's Lawsuits To Guard Its Secrets Leave Mac Faithful With Bitter Taste

Some now view Apple like a star turning on his fans, as if, say, U2 or Tom Cruise tried to shut down their fan clubs.

Linux Creator Torvalds Switches To An Apple Mac

Linux creator Linus Torvalds said this afternoon that he's now running an Apple Macintosh as his main desktop, mainly for work reasons, although partly simply because he's a self-described "technology whore."

Inside Ranchero With Brent And Sheila Simmons

Just about everything you could think of is covered, and just about everything you'd never think of is covered, too...

VoiceNote Voice Recorder For iPod

Apple Shares Fall On Sony, Napster Fears

Apple shares dropped Tuesday on concern of a relaunch of Sony's famed Walkman line and increased competition from Napster might take a bite out of its dominance of online music and portable layers.

Apple Dashboard Contest Winners Announced

The two winners were Alco Blom for Send SMS, and Michael Robinette for WikityWidget.


iPod Mini, Mac Mini, iBook Mini?

If The New York Times Jumped Off A Bridge

I no longer believe Apple's suit is an intimidation tactic — I think their lawyers believe they have a winning case.

Podcasting, Music, And Me

Gentle Readers, Michelle Malone, Mo'Jones, Lascivious Biddies, American Heartbreak, Enter the Haggis, and 3Canal. Thanks to podcasting, I've rediscovered music.


Mac Mini 2 Inches High, But It Has A Lot

Getting Things Done With Your Mac

Make iPod eBooks

Here's a quick, free, cross platform way to make iPod ebooks.


Universal Password Policy

A lot of news web sites are asking for registration nowadays, and that requires a user-id (usually your e-mail address) and a password. That's burden #1 for your user.

And to register, a lot of web sites ask for a lot of information that the user might have to think hard to think of some fake data. That's burden #2.

Then, some of these web sites (I'm not naming names...) demand that your password follows certain convention. Must be at least 8 characters. Must be exactly 8 characters. (Yes, I've encountered this.) Must have at least 1 numeric digit. That's burden #3.

By this time, the user will be asking, can't I get the same information elsewhere for free?

And so I closed the browser tab.

Tuesday, March 8, 2005

Top Stories

A Correspondent's Tongue-In-Cheek Report From Apple Hearing

Apple's orchard of terror.

A Perfect X

Revenge is sweet for Apple, now savoring the rise of Mac OS X and Xserve in the lab, but this is still the platning. A difficult growing season lies ahead.


SXSW's Torrent Of Free Tunes

Music fans don't have to be in Austin, Texas, to hear hundreds of new songs from the South by Southwest music festival.

iPod Defeats Blue Screen Of Death

If your laptop crashes, what's the best way to recover the data on it? Well, one IBM engineer used his iPod.

iPod Aids Irish Pub Crawl

It's St Patrick's Day next Thursday and iPod users around the world will be able to find the perfect Irish pub with their iPod.

Teachers 'Will Want Mac Mini'

An article has appeared in a US education publication extolling the merits of the Mac platform and predicting that educators will want the Mac mini.

LinkBack Brings Back Data Linking

Have you ever pasted a graphic into a word processing document and later wanted to update it?

Sony PSP To Get Mac, Connect Support

Individual Audio Programming Becomes The Latest Internet Craze, Putting Broadcasting Ability In The Hands Of The Many

In the last six months, thousands of podcasts have sprung up on the Internet, including a handful from Hawaii.

A Download Away From Radio Stardom

Podcasting The Night Away

For now, Podcasting is no threat to radio as we know it. But pay attention to it.

The ShuffleStation — iPod Shuffle Portable Speakers/Charging Dock

In The iPod Of The Beholder

More area teens are turning in the clutter of their CD collection for an iPod.

Firm Seeks Piece Of Apple Pie Via iPod Claim

A Hong Kong-based company wants 12 percent of all profits from iTunes and iPod sales, claiming it holds the patents to the DRM technology that governs the use of downloads through Apple's online music service.

Secret Diary Of An Apple Store Mac Genius

There are only four posts up on it so far, but supposedly the higher-ups at Apple are none too stoked about "Genius-lime", the LiveJournal of someone who works at Genius Bar of one of the Apple Stores.

Merrill Lynch: Napster Not A Threat To iTunes

"We do not see the small rise in absolute number of subscribers as taking share from Apple's iTunes."

Apple Gets Nod From Genomics Researchers

Apple made the short list of five companies that are "widely perceived to be the best qualified to implement new technologies that will advance genomics research."


Why DRM Offends The Sensibilities

DRM, like all technology, is an embodiment of a legal rule, not a legal standard.

Apple: Here To Stay

The best technology may not always win. But it's not going to go away, either.

Life's Random Musical Shuffle

The suffle option is essentially killing the album, which has long been the music-industry standard for popular music releases.


Mac Mini A Great System For Certain Users

AppleWorks Cure-All

The old chronometer tells me it's the early part of March in the late afternoon and therefore time to address one of AppleWorks' most common quirks.


Microsoft's 'Project Green' To Come In Waves

After making several acquisitions to get itself in the business applications game, Microsoft developed "Project Green," an effort that would bring the various products under a single code base in a few years.

Yahoo Readies iTunes Rival For Launch

Web giant Yahoo is poised to launch a new digital store and music player, aiming to compete more directly with Apple's successful iTunes service, according to sources familiar with the project.

Monday, March 7, 2005


Apple Computer "Overweight," Target Price Raised

Is Apple About To Become An Industry Giant?

Apple is beginning to look like it is going to fulfil its commercial potential.

Passionate Owners Of Apple's Digital Music Player Snap Up A Plethora Of Accessories

With the gadgets becoming a fetish of Pet Rock proportions, the implications of such cuddly apparel items — not just the socks, but fuzzy mohair slipcovers, stick-on tattoos, iPod-sized "hoodie" sweat shirts and more — are hard to ignore.

Demand For iPod Outstrips Supply

Developer Cracks iTunes Encoding Format

Apple may have kept details of the lossless encoding format introduced in recent versions of iTunes to itself, but that hasn't stopped one developer from reverse engineering an encoded file, to compile his own decoder.

Apple May Succumb To Subscriptions

An analyst is predicting that subscription music services will outpace downloads by 2009, leading some to speculate that Apple will succumb to offering a subscription service.

At A Suit's Core: Are Bloggers Reporters, Too?

Apple's lawsuit is being closely followed in the world of online commentators, but it could have broad implications for journalists working for traditional news organizations as well.

Waiting To Topple IT Cart: Is Apple Going Mass?

With a marketing push, Apple may emerge a winner.


Pod People Invading Campus

There is a proper time and place for them, like plane rides or workouts. Walking around constantly with voices in your head not only irritates the people trying to get your attention, but it's borderline schizophrenic.

Apple Goes To The Source

Apple's attempts to strong-arm Web publishers into divulging their confidential sources illustrates how bloggers, Internet journalists and other online scribes remains econd-rate citizens.


iPod Headphones Lack Bass, Comfort

Maximize Your iPod

Here, we've highlighted the most functional gadgets to help you discover the hidden benefits of Apple's white wonder.

Sunday, March 6, 2005


Jacksonville Apple Store To Open March 18

Whose Patent Is It, Anyway?

A rival says that G5 Magic Stor stole some design elements of the hard drives it sells to Apple Computer for the mini iPod.

Apple's Other Patent Infringement Lawsuit, This One Over iTunes DRM

Some outfit in Hong Kong called Pat-rights is claimining that it holds a patent for "Internet/Remote User Identity Verification" that Apple is violating with the digital rights management software used on both iTunes and the iPod.

Think Secret Tries To Get Apple Lawsuit Dismissed

dePlume Organization filed a special motion yesterday, requesting a dismissal of Apple's suit under California's aptly named Anti-SLAPP Statue.

Fate Of Apple Mini Stores Hangs In The Balance

Apple's retail plans are becoming clearer now that 2005 has slipped into March, including the future of the company's mini-store concept introduced just last October.


My Two Cents On Apple v. dePlume

It seems self-evident to me that dePlume did in fact actively solicit trade secrets, which to my non-lawyer but pretty capable mind spells tortious interference.

The Gathering Storms Over Speech

We're moving toward a system under which only the folks who are deemed to be professionals will be granted the status of journalists, and thereby more rights than the rest of us. This is pernicious in every way.

PowerBook Woes

You know it's going to be one of those days when you come into the office and find that the backlight on your laptop is dead. Big sigh. Things I've discovered so far...

Saturday, March 5, 2005

Top Stories

Apple Seeks Royalties, Consumer Protection With "Made For iPod" Campaign

Industry insiders say the world-wide MP3 accessory market is destined to become a half-billion dollar business by the close of the 2005 calendar year. Apple, whose iPod digital music player dominates the MP3 player market, is looking to reap some of the benefits of this capitalization through an iPod marketing campaign it will roll out sometime in the next two months.


iPod Success Leads To New SLO Business

The popularity of the iPod has spawned a new enterprise in San Luis Obispo — the iPod Shop.

Survey Says: Keep Laptops

But some parents, students favor Windows platform.

Laptop Program To Continue

Henrico County's landmark laptop computer initiative for high-school students will continue. But whether it will continue with Apple iBooks or a Windows-based platform remains to be seen.

New iPod Mini Already Uses New PortalPlayer Chipset

Why we didn't put together the greatly increased battery life of the new iPod mini and the new chipset I'll never know.

Apple PowerMac LED Clock Hack

Those punched holes in the front of the Apple G5 PowerMac's aluminum case just happen to be the perfect size to hold standard-issue LEDs.


The Rexblog (You Won't Believe This) Is Boycotting Apple

While it will have absolutely no impact on anyone's bottomline, I am removing the iTunes affiliate link from this weblog. In fact, I suggest all bloggers who have one do the same.

Judge: Bloggers Aren't Journalists

Sometimes all it takes is one jusge with no vision to set us all down a dangerous path.

Is Apple The New Microsoft?

It's ironic that a company as innovative as Apple could have such a regressive view of the changing world of Americna media.

Apple's Shame Continues

Steve Jobs' problem is with his employees, not these bloggers.

Nerve Touching

It's an unfounded fear that as the iPod succeeds, the Macintosh will — somehow, in some unspecified but surely dreadful way — suffer.


Muscle Up Your Mac FTP

Let me tell you about a much, much better and vastly easier and safer way to operate FTP on the Mac.

Podcasting With Your iPod Photo

With the iPod photo, you can view slideshows of photos, as well as play music in the background.

Friday, March 4, 2005


Finidng God On Your iPod

Godcasting is the latest advancement in online religion, in which preachers convert their sermons to audio to be heard on portable digital audio devices.

Drexel Gives iPod Photos To Education Grads

The Drexel University School of Education, following in Duke University's footsteps, will distribute free Apple iPods to incoming students next fall in an attempt to integrate technology into teaching.

Students Get Hip To iPod Trend

No matter if you're walking from the General Classroom Building or walking on the treadmillin the fitness center, the iPod's little gray earpieces can be seen hanging from the ears of several students on campus.

Mobile Music Challenges 'IPod Age'

Can mobile phones replace the MP3 player in your pocket?

Hand-Cranked iPod Shuffle Charger

iPod Owners Spend Millions On Accessories

The "iPod economy," as it has been dubbed is unusual because of the "emotional attachment" people feel toward their iPods.

Official Star Wars iPod Cover To Ship In April

Apple Wins Initial Ruling

Apple can force three online publishers to disclose where they got confidential information about new Apple products, a judge tentatively ruled.

Apple Resellers Monitor Class Action

Local APple resellers are watching with interest after their US counterparts, in conjunction with consumers, filed a class action suit against the vendor.

Apple Has Intel Inside — Sort Of

According to Intel marketing materials, the Xserve RAID uses Intel's IOP 331 chip, a derivative of the XScale processor. The IOP chip, which is used in many storage systems, is designed to speed the task of shuttling data in and out of a computer system.

Repurposing The Powerbook Motion Sensor

It's enough to make a man lie to himself that he needs a shiny new Powerbook.

New PortalPlayer Chips Cut Power And Size; Future iPods To Benefit?

It should be noted, however, that many factors such as LCDs, hard disks, and other integrated components will have a significant impact on battery life.


Apple iPod Mini 6GB

The newest mini is a worthy upgrade to a wildly popular player.


Don't Wear White. Nor Mini.

Somehow, New York University's campaign to "warn its students against sporting iPod earbud headphones while venturing on and off campus" reminds me of the warning that girls shouldn't be sexy in order not to be raped. Many of us rejected the latter warning — so how should we deal with the former?

Thursday, March 3, 2005


Library Shuffles Its Collection

Checking out a new iPod now applies to more than shopping trips or web browsing. This week the South Huntington Public Library on Long Island, New York, became one of the first public libraries in the country to loan out iPod shuffles.

iTunes Walks With The Dead

The long, strange trip of acid rock icons the Grateful Dead has made a pit stop in cyberspace, with the band now selling digital downloads of key live recordings.

iTunes' Margins Seen Surging In 2006 And Beyond

"We believe the profitability of iTunes will begin to increase throughout 2005 as fixed costs are spread across greater volumes."


Apple Addiction

Steve has got me in his clutches, and I have a feeling he won't let go until I'm dead.

Apple Gains Need To Be Digested

The iPod Arrives

Proof that the iPod has reached iconic status comes not from the media, but from my most reliable source. My mother.

The "i" Behind iPod — Innovation, Integration, Or Inertia?

After so much time competing with a master monopolist, Apple is acting as if it has learned the tricks of the thread — get it right, brand pervasively, steal opportunistically, enable diversity, and occasionally move the needle ever so gradually under the guise of not messing with success.

iPod, Therefore I Am Missing Something

Please — take off the headphones. Live your life, and I promise that the soundtrack will follow.


A Snappy iWork Package

Complete Guide To The iPod Shuffle

Burning Monkey Mahjong Solitaire 2

With its addictive gameplay, rich graphics, customizable interface, wide variety of tile layouts and of course, monkeys, BMMS2 is sure to delight Mahjong veterans and neophytes alike.

Shopping For An Inexpensive PC? Make It A Mac Mini. You Won't Regret It.

I realized that I could be a switcher. And I'd like it.

Keynote 2: Overdue Upgrade To Presentation Program Brings Many Welcome Features

Despite its limitations, Keynote 2 is a greatly improved application that lets you design presentations that look better than the best that PowerPoint has to offer.

Pages: New Page-Layout App Shows Promise, But It's Not Quite Ready For Prime Time

If you want to create standard text documents and beautiful, one-off newsletters, resumes, and brochures, you won't be disappointed. But if you're expecting to inexpensively satisfy all your page-layout needs, I suggest that you wait for the next version to ship.


Court Overturns Eolas Browser Judgment Against Microsoft

The U.S. District Court of Appeals on Wednesday called for a new trial on a key aspect of the $520 million jury verdict that found that Microsoft had infringed on Web browser technology patents held by Eolas Technologies.

MP3 Maker Hoists Taegukgi In Battle With Apple

"Big companies like Samsung Electronics and LGE could fend off Apple's offensive, but small and medium-sized companies will be in trouble if the situation continues."

Wednesday, March 2, 2005

Top Stories

Music Labels Seek Higher Download Prices

Success of Apple has some in industry worried.


iPod Shuffle Gel Shield

Project CFFA: CompactFlash For Apple ][

You can finally build that less-than-real-time MP3 player for the Apple //e you've always wanted.

iTunes Music Store Downloads Top 300 Million

iPod Music Finds Chemical Reaction

PeriodicPod is an educational software for chemistry class, and seems set to be part of a range of such products.

Former Exec Sues Apple Over Dismissal

Tim Bucher, who headed Macintosh Hardware Engineering until last fall, filed suit last month alleging that Apple terminated him without cause and failed to pay all due compensation, including restricted stock grants and a bonus.

Turning A Mac Mini Into A Touchable Stereo

Is The Mac Mini Apple's Future 'Smart' iPod Dock?

Was the Mac mini orginally intended to sport an integrated iPod dock? That's the suggestion made by one electronics specialist who's taken a closer look than most at the compact Mac's internal workings.

Florida Apple Reseller Closes Doors


Crushed In The Apple Press

It's clear that yes, people love their music, and for the time being, the iPod has become synonymous for wearing their hearts on their sleeves.

Will Janus Hurt iTunes?

Memo To Steve Jobs — Buy TiVo


OS X Backup Sucks

Me, I'll stick to Retrospect.

Battlefield 1942: Secret Weapons Of WWII

Logic Pro 7

There's a lot of love in Logic Pro, and anyone looking for maximum bang for the buck will be whistling a happy ditty in no time — though learning to produce the same ditty using this app will take a little longer.

Mail Factory

For mass mailings — or to replace that chicken scratch you call your handwriting — Mail Factory is a valuable utility.

Photoshop Elements 3.0

Not only is Elements a great tool for most users, it's one you won't soon outgrow.


The SoundDock's $299 price is comparatively steep. But if you want an iPod speaker stand that's louder and sounds better than the rest, it might be worth it.


It's easy to get caught up in video editing and production instead of actually focusing on the content. Totem's a great way to make sure you spend your time wisely.

Actions For Photoshop Elements 3

Build An iTunes Remote Control

Here's a great evening project using your web-enabled cell phone and the power of Mac OS X.

A Vision On Blind Copying

Early versions of Apple's Mail played hide and seek with the Bcc field, but it's eaiser to invoke with recent versions of Mail.


Isn't This Just An Entry Somewhere Inside That Big O' Registry?

And isn't it sad that there's probably a whole new shareware community devoted to changing the default web browser on your Windows machine?


Say Goodbye To Your iPod

Sony, the company that invented the Walkman, will take on Apple with a mobile phone which can store up to a dozen CDs of music.

Microsoft Says 64-Bit Windows Due In April

Apple iPod Pressure Forces Creative To Drop Prices On Music Players

Tuesday, March 1, 2005


Apple Seeks Staff For Canada's First Apple Store

Apple Introduces Web Chat Tech Support

Apple is testing a new Web chat support service for iMac customers.

Apple Bumps Up To Third Most Admired Computer Company

Fortune's 23rd annual Most Admired Companies ranks Apple Computer third among computer companies, while IBM and Dell captured the top two spots.

Who Can Really Take Credit For The Mac?

Personal computers were practically non-existent at the time, yet Raskin obsessed on their possibilities.

Apple To Open Tiger

Apple said it will let developers get as close as they want to its next-generation Mac OS X, code-named Tiger, as part of its annual summer forum.

The iPod Factor

Apple's recent emphasis on consumer gadgets and services such as the iPod and iTunes are boosting its position in the home computing market.

SA Snaps Up Apple Minis

Mac minis enjoyed a sell-out launch at three Apple centres in South Africa on Saturday, when the entire shipment of about 80 units was sold in three hours.

iPod Experiment

As the year-long "experiment" of providing 20-gigabyte Apple iPods to all freshmen winds to an end and the media frenzy slowly dies down, administrators have begun to evaluate the future of the project.

Georgia Looks At Maine Laptop Program, Tops It

The Cobb County School District entered into a nearly $70 million deal with Apple that will supply about 63,000 iBook G4 laptops for students and teachers in Grades 6-12.

Macs In Business To Stay

Apple still remains a dominant player in verticla market segments such as publishing and digital media. And with the growing popularity of its low-cost Xserve Unix servers, Apple has an opportunity to compete head-to-head with industry leaders like Dell inside the data center for general-purpose applications such as e-mail and Web serving.


Raskin's Moment

There is little doubt that he was one of the key, if not the key figure in the creation of the technology that became the Mac.

Apple Needs To Advertise

The Mac mini is being ignored.


Mobile Mac: No Files Left Behind

Whether you need access to files or to your Mac's desktop, you can probably get both — using tools built right into OS X. And if those aren't enough, you've got a couple of good for-pay alternatives.

Apple Remote Desktop 2.1: Improved Remote-Management App Says Good-Bye To OS 9

Apple Remote Desktop 2.1 has matured nicely but could stand some improvement.

23-Inch LCDs: These Big Displays Give You More Room, Great Performance

The HP L2335 is our Editors' Choice for its very good performance in our tests, as well as for its outstanding value.

30-Inch Cinema HD Display: Mammoth Apple Monitor

Starry Night 5.0: Astronomy Program Reveals The Wonders Of The Night Sky

Route USA 2004 3.6: GPS Trip-Planning Software Guides You On Your Way

Ivory 1.0: Virtually Flawless Virtual Pianos Sound Superb

Eye Candy 5 - Textures: Photoshop Plug-In Upgrade Targets Specific Projects, Adds New Patterns

Cleaning House In iTunes

Call me a neat freak, but I can't stand a messy database, and the iTunes Library is essentially database of track information. It was time to clean house.

Mac Gems: TextSoap, SlimBatteryMontior; Smell-O-Mints; Solitaire Till Dawn X

Finally, BlackBerries Speak Macintosh

Making Music With GarageBand 2

First-timers will enjoy Apple's easy-to-use app, but more seasoned musicians will likely feel stifled.

Custom Feed Refreshing In NetNewsWire


Apple Phasing Out The iPod?

You can buy all sorts of Macs — from Mac mini to Power Mac — but you cannot buy a Macintosh anymore. The computer for the rest of us is so successful that there are now different kinds of Macintosh to cater to different groups within the "rest of us" community.

If one can call the Macintosh successful, the iPod must be very successful. And that's why I predict that Apple will not be selling iPods anymore. Currently, out of the seven models of iPods, only one carry the name "iPod". My guess is that Apple will soon drop the iPod model, concentrating the iPod photo for those who are... well, rich, and iPod mini for those who are not so rich. And maybe an iPod movie in the future for the very rich.

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