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Thursday, June 30, 2005


NPR Without The Attitude — Or Radio

Podcast by UCSC duo now available at Apple's iTunes.

iTune Phones: Finally, Some Noise

The mobile phone — or rather, a family of iTunes phones, ranging from low end to high end — will become available to consumers before Christmas.

Apple Launches 'Back To School' Web Site

Apple has launched a Back to School web page, with its first special deal targeted to college student.

SigmaTel Shortfall Not Likely To Affect Apple

Apple's Pie In The Sky

The iPod shows whhy Apple is a great company.

Battery Upgrade Gives iPod A Charge

FastMac has created some buzz among those iPod users disappointed with the lifespan of their music player's original battery.

Interview With Apple CEO Steve Jobs

Apple At NECC 2005: New Teaching. New Learning. New School.


Apple's Porno Podcasts, Explicit And Unlabeled

I'm very disturbed that Apple, a company I've trusted to have goo djudgment, seems not to be concerned about the presence of pornography in their podcasts.

iTunes 4.9, Podcasts, More Like Time Shifted Radio

The real podcasts are being passed off as "indie podcasts."

New Mac Mini?

The upcoming product announcements may be a lot more interesting than some new iPods and the much anticipated iPod phone.

Dude, You're Getting A Mac!

Seriously, I wish that Apple would exempt Xserve and Power Mac from this improvement program. I'd like to be reassured that something better than what Intel is selling to Dell today will replace G5.



Please Do Not Lock Me In

Simon Roberts: Users need to keep control of items like their subscription lists to avoid vendor lock-in.

Dave Winer: It turns out that iTunes does export its subscription list, in a weird format I've never seen before. Why not use the same on everyone else does?

What You Mean, "Old Jobs"?

One Canadian's Comments On Life: I miss the keynotes that were webcast live, where you knew something cool was going to be announced.


Microsoft Might License Xbox Software

Wednesday, June 29, 2005


Grokster May Haunt Podcasting

Apple's new podcasting service could be in a sticky situation if podcasters post copyrighted material, thanks to Monday's Grokster decision by the Supreme Court, some experts say.

iTunes 4.9 "Will Work With iPod Phone"

iTunes 4.9 includes coding that will enable it to sync with an iPod Phone — probably indicating that the Metorola iTunes equipped mobile phone will soon hit the market.

Apple Music Loops Becoming Big Business

The release of Apple's garageBand brought the art of music creation to the masses. The consumer-friendly applicaton also opened up business opportunities for new and long-time music loop creators looking to expand their business.

Late Harvest

Apple users usually get games last, but change may be in the air.


New iTunes And iPod Tidbits


What's New For Developers In QuickTime

Tuesday, June 28, 2005


Apple Adds iPod Photo Features To Entire iPod Line

Apple Quietly Cuts 1GB iPod Shuffle Price

Apple today quietly dropped the price of the 1GB iPod shuffle to $129, from $149.

iTunes 4.9 With Podcast Support Now Available

"With iTunes 4.9, you can now browse and subscribe to podcasts from within the iTunes Music Store."

Geek Chic: Old Computers As Collectibles

Remember the Apple II?

Apple Feels Intel Chill

Apple Reps Appearing At MUG Meetings, More

Apple is out in force around the globe with three different appearances at Mac User Group meetings.

Apple's Mac Seeds Take Root

Apple's increasingly look like it is as good a short-term trade here as it is a long-term investment.

Creative's Negativity Is Catching

Creative Technology reduced its sales outlook for the fourth quarter today. This news not only hit shares of Creative, but also dragged down shares of Apple somewhat.

Run OS X On An Xbox

Now, it's not an easy process. Oh, and in case you didn't already know: OS X will run more slowly than you could have ever imagined.

Apple Snaps Up Three Industrial Design Excellence Awards


Mac OS X 10.4 Screen Rotation And Gather Windows

There's a somewhat-hidden feature in Mac OS X 10.4 that allows you to rotate any monitor in increments of 90 degrees.


New Mac Portable Worth A Tryout

You Type, It Typinates

A TV Watching Monster

The basic advantage of the iTV Link over Apple's Mini-DVI to Video Adapter is the addition of audio.


Rumor Today: iTunes — Podcast Edition

Dave Winer: Heard on the Bay Area grapevine, Tuesday is a big day for ITunes and podcasting. The client ships with RSS 2.0-with-enclosures support, and Apple will announce a big corporate content partnership.

Rumor Today: iTunes Phone

John Borland, CNET: French newspaper giant Le Figaro has a piece saying the iTunes-compatible phone... with finally launch tomorrow, with at least one American phone carrier agreeing to support it.


Microsoft's Gates: I Still Believe In Tablet PC

Bill Gates said Monday he still believes in the tablet PC form-factor and repeated a prediction that, with better hardware and software, it could still dominate over traditional laptop PCs.

Monday, June 27, 2005


Cafe Offers More Than Just Net Access

It's A Mac Attack At Apple Store

The three teenagers drove all the way from Cleveland to be among the first in line to experience "The Moment." That's what Mac addicts call the opening of a new Apple Computer Store — which, in this case, was at 10 a.m. Saturday at Woodland Shopping Center.

Apple Might Get Hit If iPod Growth Slows — Barron's

Apple's soaring shares might come under pressure if wireless phone companies' push to turn most cellphones into music players slow the sales growth of Apple's hugely popular iPod digital music players, Barron's newspaper said.


I've Been Microsofted!

RSS support in web browsers is a good idea. There's plenty of room for developers to come up with interesting and innovative ways to do. But as far as I can tell, MS has just done a copy-and-paste of what [Apple] did.

Back In Mac! Making The Switch, Perhaps?

Mac goes on to blaze a new train in user experience.


Belkin iPod Media Reader

This little device is a must if you have an iPod and an itchy trigger finger for taking photos, or are just going on holiday and don't want to fork out for more or bigger capacity memory cards.


Where I Am Living

Courtesy of the new Google Maps, here's where I am living in Singapore.

Sunday, June 26, 2005


Apple, M-Audio To Offer New Hardware For Musicians

At Apple's request, M-Audio has designed a new music-mixing board designed specifically to control Apple's garageBand.

Secret Identity

Apple is suing 19-year-old Nicholas Ciarelli. Is he an arch web villian or a cyber hero?


The iPod's Dirty Little Secret

The popularity of Apple's iPod has further accelerated the disappearance of visual clues to who might be compatible or, at least, safe. Getting next to a 1.67-inch backlit screen requires cooperation or intimacy, and where's the fun in that?


We Like It Cold

In Singapore, where the two seasons are simply hot, and hotter, it's no wonder we treasure our air-conditioners. And where such a sight, though not too common, is not really surprising.

Rumor Today: July 7th Is The Date

Well, it looks like you'll will not have the new iTunes to tinker with during your July 4th holiday. AppleInsider reported that Apple is holding a very special event on July 7th, probably to launch it's new iTunes — Podcast edition.

But, the question is, will you also get new iPods on July 7th?

Saturday, June 25, 2005


Cingular Considering iTunes Phone — Sources

Cingular Wireless, the No. 1 U.S. mobile service, is considering selling a Motorola cell phone that can play music using Apple's iTunes music service, sources familiar with the matter said on Friday.

Faster Talk: Apple In Their Eyes

Digital-audio players weren't exactly virgin territory when Apple netered the fray in 2001. But the iPod — with its sublime design, intuitive usability, and unparralleled cool quotient — set a new standard by which all other MP3 players would be judged. Six rivals talk here about designing their answer to an icon.


Easier Automated isight Snapshots

I'm happy to have stumbled across Axel Bauer's isightcapture utility.

Switching To Mac Easier Than You Think

Due to Mac's ease of use, no-hassle operating system, and the productivity boost it has provided, I find myself using Windows less and less.


Microsoft Draws Cheers, Jeers Over RSS In Longhorn

The core of Microsofft's RSS plans is to bring feeds into Windows applications, bot its own and those from developers.

Microsoft Makes Web Feeds Easier

IE7 will have an orange button on the toolbar which will light up when it detects a Really Simple Syndication (RSS) feed on a site.

Friday, June 24, 2005


iPod Geeks Take Over DJ Duties

iMac And Mini 'First Intel Macs'

Given that Mac OS X is a 64-bit operating system and Intel hasn't yet announced a 64-bit mobile chip, Apple will probably make desktops such as the iMac and the Mac mini the first recipients of Intel archiecture, says IDC.

Apple 'Big Winner' In May Retail PC Sales

iH5 Alarm Clock With iPod Dock


What's Wrong With .Mac And How To Fix It

Cool features, good implementation but for $100 it's just not worth it.

Is Elizabeth A Dancing Queen? Everyone Wants To Know What QEII Has On Her Brand-New iPod

Afer all, Elizabeth has been around. She's lived through Elvis and Sinatra, the Beatles and the Stones, Duran Duran and Spandau Ballet. She was there when they invented rock 'n' roll, skiffle and swing. Disco? There are rumors of pictures floating around involving her.

The Trouble With Macs And Media Card Readers

Thoroughly check the compatibility between your Compact Flash card reader and your Mac before you go on vacation.

In Defense Of DRM

Is DRM really that bad?

What's Next For The iPod?

Apple needs to reinvent its crown jewel.

Podcasting And The Price Of Fame

Bandwidth ain't free.

Is This Guy Living At The Apple Store?


Lost In The

When I deleted my "old" accounts I also deleted all e-mail sent and received through those.

Dashboard Widgets Rock!

Many of them are completely useless, but tons of fun. But there are a few that I've quickly found to be indispensible.


Tribal Trouble

It is a lot of fun, the resource management is right at the level that I like it, and the action is impressive.

Tiger's "Half-Baked" RAW Handling

"When you edit a Raw image in iPhoto, you're actually just editing the JPEG version... Thus, each edit you make will likely impact the overall quality of the finished product."


Dear Developers And Web Site Designers...

Remember, your UI is important. Don't change for the sake of changing. Only change your UI when the new one is extremely significantly better than the old one.

Remember Word 6? Or, witness the BBC.

Steve Jobs: Fashion Leader?

The attention has shifted from Steve Jobs' neck to his feets. His New Balance 991 sneakers, to be precise.

Thursday, June 23, 2005


Apple Euro iTunes Stores Sell 50m Songs Year One

Apple's European iTunes Music Stores have together sold more than 50m songs in their first 12 months in business, the company said today.

The New Apple: Just A Pretty Unix Face?

The Mac user interface and its slick casing likely will be more than enough in the future.

Coming Soon: MS Office Alternatives For Mac

Major milestones were recently announced for two Mac OS X-compatible software suites that could provide an alternative to the near-ubiquitous Microsoft Office.

A First Look At Apple's Intel Mac

Apple's Intel-based Mac development kits have started trickling into developer's hands.


Can Apple Afford To License OS X?

While Dell's interest is newsworthy, I doubt Jobs will let him sell OS X anytime soon.

Someone Else's Honey Pot

Something I've found a great deal of enjoyment doing since I got my iPod shuffle at WWDC is just hook it up to someone else's computer and set the iTunes to autofill onto my Shuffle from the other person's music collection.


Kensington Stereo Dock For iPod

Kensington's Stereo Dock is very close to the ideal implementation of its concept — a great dock with all the cables and power you'll need, plus a good but not great remote control.

Cutting The Cord From Your iPod

For now, keep detangling those wires until a better product comes along.

An iPod For Your Favorite Grad

Is it possible to find a meaningful bargin? The answer is yes — if you're willing to be creative. Here's a buyers guide.


Users Overloop XP's Non-Admin Security

Microsoft is sparing no expense to spread the Least-privileged User Account security gospel ahead of next year's Longhorn launhc, but a little-known fact — especially among IT administrators and end-users — is that the technology is already available in the Windows operating system.

Bill Gates And The Next Holy War

Wednesday, June 22, 2005


CodeWeavers CrossOver To Support Intel-Based Macs

CodeWeavers on Wednesday announced plans to support Intel-based Macs. CodeWeavers makes CrossOver and CrossOver Office. The software allows Linux users to use software designed to work on Windows operating systems without needing to have Windows installed.

Creatives Customize iPod Shuffles

While those white earbuds may still be the it accessory, to really turn heads, you'll want them coming not from an iPod, but an Altoids tin. Or a pack of gum. Or maybe even a hand-sewn, beaded Hello Kitty case. in short, you're going to need to mod that shuffle up.

Pod Slurping Dangerous To Enterprises

With more than 30 million iPods in circulation and models packing as much as 30GB of storage space, the gizmo makes a perfect tool for data theft.

Interview: Odeo Founder, Evan Williams

Blogging pioneer moves into podcasts.

Logitech To Debut Wireless Headphones For iPod

Positive Vibes For Audible's Podcasting Venture

The spoken word company is about to launch its podcasting solution this Friday at Gnomedex.




The iCurve is nothing more than a piece of plastic. But oh, what a piece of plastic it is.

Freezing The Play Order Of A Shuffled iTunes Playlist

Tweaking Tiger Mail

Mail doesn't have to remain in the default state, and utilities to tweak it so it looks more like it used to popped up very quickly after Tiger was released.

Shuffle And Missing Playcounts

iTunes 4.8's Movie Error


Compatible With iTunes?

I remember that, once upon a time, there was a whole host of MP3 players that were marked compatible with iTunes on the Macintosh. What happened to them? Did everyone just gave up and went home?

Apple's Appeal

We continue to be fascinated by Apple's advertisements, whether they are on the train or bus stops.

New Addition To The iPod Family

Introducing the iPod Flea: size of a tic-tac, and holds one song.

Stick one into your left ear, one into your right ear, and you have your very own mash-up. :-)


Here's 50 great summertime projects for your and your Mac mini.

Citizen Reporting Next?

These are definitely still columnist rather than journalist, but look at the recent reports from Singapore's blogosphere: Fire at Plaza Singapura mall, and Form Prank at Ngee Ann City mall...


WTF may mean World Taekwondo Federation, but almost everyone, including me, will read it otherwise. :-)

Tuesday, June 21, 2005


Apple Courting Core Meltdown

Apple Xsan Update Improves Reliability

Apple has posted an update to Xsan its storage area network file system that lets multiple computers concurrently access terabytes of storage on Xserve RAID over high-speed Fibre Channel.

Music Lovers Prefer To Download From Computers

Music downloads to mobile phones are unlikely to take off immediately because most music consumers regard their computers as the main tool for music downloads.

Music Labels Look TO Corral iPod

By launching the copy-protected CDs without iPod compatibility, the labels are raising the stakes in an ongoing conflict between Apple and the rest of the music business, which wants the tech company to open its proprietary iPod and let others sell antipiracy-protected songs that work on the device.

Apple Sued Over iTunes Software Interface

Contois Music Technology last week asked a Federal COurt to stop the iPod maker from distributing its iTunes jukebox software and is seeking damages over an alleged patent violation by the iTunes software.

Apple Dropping Support For Virex As Part Of .Mac

It appears that Apple will not provide support for the newly released Virex 7.6, after years of offering the virus protection software as a benefit of .Mac membership.

Apple Design Awards Winners 2005

Knit Your Own iPod Sock

One intrepid knitter is trying to get people to cover up their iPods.


Apple Preparing For A Microsoft Free Future?

Reliance on a competitor for the supposed life of your company is not something that most corporations would find comforting.

A Mysterious Link To Apple's Mac Mini As A Set Top Box

What Can Apple's iPod Teach Us About Marketing?

Macs In The Attic


Judge Change Proposed In MS-EU Case

Plan to have a 13-judge team hear the case could delay the final ruling until the end of 2006.

Monday, June 20, 2005


The iPodization Of The Office Pod

More workers are plugging in headphones as they plug away. Does a music mix bring mixed productivity?

Taiwan's Asustek WIns 'iBook' Laptop Order From Apple — Report

iPod: The Secret Ingredient

2/3 of 70 America's top chefs use iPods to program the ambient music in their dining rooms.


Were There Any Doubts?

Yes, sir, there will be spanking new versions of Firefox available for your next generation of Macintosh (Intel Inside).

Podcasting The World

Dearest Steve Jobs... Do be aware that we bought your iPods, and we do listen to podcasts, so please don't limit the availability of podcasts — free or otherwise — in the next release of iTunes to only those people who live in countries of iTunes Music Store. Thank you.

(In fact, you shouldn't need to key in your credit card information in order to download free podcasts. That will be so stupid.)

Sunday, June 19, 2005


Literature, For PDA And iPod

One of the fastest-growing segments of the publishing world is audio books, and one of the fastest-growing segments of the audio book world is digital downloads — loading a book onto a personal listening device via the internet.

iPod, Therefore I Am, A Tourist

The voice in my head belongs to Jim Gellately, a local DJ and tour guide on the world's first city iTour.


QuickTime 7 Disappointments

QuickTime 7 isn't the best Apple can do. The only good thing in there is H.264. That's it.

Saturday, June 18, 2005


Adobe Celebrates Recrod Revenue

Adobe has reported record revenue for its second quarter 2005 and seen earnings jump 37 per cent.

Hacking Your Car Stereo

iPod enthusiast Matt Gilbert has thrown together a nice, cost-efficient hack to get the iPod running directly to a car stereo without having an auxiliary input.

All iPods In One Basket

This is the first iPod shop in Paris.

Fashion Accessory For iPod Heads

iPod Shuffle Mods A Hit Online

Pimping your shuffle.


Dashboard Dilemma

Dell And Mac OS X

It's hard to ever imagine Apple CEO Steve Jobs and Michael Dell all huggy and friendly on stage the way Sun's Scott McNealy and Microsoft's Steve Ballmer have been.

iTunes Feature Wish: Podcast This Artist

I guarantee I'll buy more music if my iTunes library suddenly becomes a tool to help me with new music discovery.

Apple And Nokia: Who Approached Who?

What if it was actually Apple who approached Nokia about creating a new web browser based on their Safari OSS technology?


Syncing iTunes

Exporting Keynote 2 To PowerPoint


Can You Still Call This Thing A Pizza?

I thought it is already quite bad to have a curry chicken pizza at the local Pizza Hut here in Singapore, but to have a pizza filled with condensed milk over in Hong Kong?

Rumor Today: Big iTunes (Podcast Edition) Launch Coming Ahead

AppleInsider: iTunes 4.9 is reportedly nearing the final stages of development — about three weeks ahead of schedule. [Apple] now plans to unveil the software at the end of June or by the first weekof July.

Friday, June 17, 2005


Cell Phones Face The Music

Napster's recently revealed plan to extend its music service to mobile phones has a long way to go before cells become iPod killers.

Apple Store Opening In Grand Rapids June 25th

Queen Buys Apple

Elizabeth the Second, by the Grace of God, of the United Kingdom of Great britain and Northern Ireland and of Her other Realms and Territories Queen, Head of the COmmonwealth, and Defender of the Faith, has bought a nice looking and reassuringly expensive iPod.

Keep Your Crap Out Of My iPod, Say Users

Owners of Apple's popular digital music player love being able to shut out the world's distractions, hate their cellphones and would prefer not to talk to anyone.

The 'Blobject' Comes Of Age

1998 was the year that blobjects burst into consumer consciousness: that's when the Apple iMac, the new Volkswagen Beetle, and the Nike Triax watch arrived. "The iMac was the first huggable computer."

Apples For Sale. Cheap.

With Henrico's schools shifting to Dells, iBooks are becoming available.

Macs' Popularity Draws Opera, Real Software

Mac OS On A Dell? Dell In Favor, Apple Opposed

In the end, it's hard to really get a sense of Dell's true interest in Apple.

Another Apple Trademark: Numbers

Shareholder Sues Adobe Over Macromedia Buy

A disgruntled Adobe shareholder has sued the company's board of directors to try to stop the software maker from buying Macromedia after that company recently restated earnings results.

Dell Founder Thinks Different About Apple

Michael Dell told Fortune magazine that he would be interested in becoming a switcher himself if the opportunity ever came up. "If Apple decides to open the Mac OS to others, we would be happy to offer it to our customers."


Apple Vs. Creative: The War After Less Than 6 Months

Look who's laughing now.

More On iTunes

Everything I've seen has unquestionaly been on the side that this is good for podcasting, but I'm not sure that it will be.

NYPL Snubs iPod Users

Mobiles As iPod-Killer? Think 99 Problems

There's only one thing truly holding mobile phones back from trampling the iPod shuffle. The trouble is, they might never overcome it.

Apple And Pentium 4: I Stand Corrected

Hyper Threading makes little differences on benchmarks, but it makes a considerable difference in user experience.

The Jobs Amendment

Power management, as much as megahertz, will be the new frontier of CPU design.


5 Mac Security Tips You Can't Live Without

Final Cut Pro 5: Upgrade Worth The Price

With all of these new features, Final Cut Pro further proves why it is one of the top non-linear editing applications. Final Cut Pro 5 is so versatile it can be used by anyone, and on any content from event videos to major motion pictures.

Perfecting The Patio 'Pod


Long Live The Queen

Do you want to peek into the Queen's iPod playlist, or do you want to see the Queen dancing in Apple's iPod advertisement? Doesn't matter, cause the Untangled Wibrary has them both.

Wild Speculations Gone Intel I

What's going to be Apple's product naming convention once your favorite Macintosh-es move to Intel? Continue with the "Power" monikers, or are there going to be XMacs and XBooks running along side XServes, as speculated by Joe Mullins?

Wild Speculations Gone Intel II

We all know that AOpen have a Mac mini clone that is running on Intel chip. We all know that Apple is moving to Intel. Put the two together, and what do you get?

Thursday, June 16, 2005


Duke Analyzes iPod Project

Welcome To The iPod Economy

Ubiquitous technology creates new industry of accessories and add-ons.

Apple Co-Founder Says Innovation Is No Longer The Driving Force For PC Firms

The focus has shifted to volume sales.

Nominet Faces High Court Over iTunes Row

Nominet, the company responsible for regulation of .uk domain names, faces the prospect of defending its legitimacy in the High Court after the former owner of the web address applied for a Judicial Review of the company's authority to resolve disputes.

Apple Drops Single Processor Power Mac

Apple has quietly removed its 1.8GHz Power Mac G5 from sale through its online Apple Store.

'You've Got To Find What You Love,' Jobs Says

This is the text of the Commencement address by Steve Jobs, CEO of APple Computer and of Pixar Animation Studios, delivered on June 12, 2005.

Apple Rises On Upbeat Analyst View

Apple's stock got a boost on Wednesday amid upbeat comments by a Morgan Stanley analyst, who said the computer maker's pact with retail giatn Wal-Mart may be broader than some realize.

How Old Apps Will Run On New Macs

Apple has joined forces with a British start-up to ease the transition between PowerPC and Intel microprocessors.

College Students 'Remix' New York Art Museum

Just like DJs who take vinyl records or MP3 files to craft their own compositions, art lovers can now "remix" New York's Museum of Modern Art.

'Mactel' Desktops May Offer Triple-Threat OS

Apple won't stand in the way of people who want to run Windows on its forthcoming Intel-processor Macs. But whether or not users will be able to run Windows directly on the machines is still a mystery.

iPod Speakers Made For Parties On The Mother Ship

Apple's Intel Switch: Jobs' Keynote Transcript

Rapt Announces Product, Apple Pact

Rapt revealed that it has been hired by Apple to help determine what sort of pricing the company should employ for its gadgets and software.

Apple And Sundance Channel Sign Podcast Deal


Inside The Intel-Based Mac

Mac developers are enthusiastically on board, and the reason is Tiger.


iTunes: Still The Sweetest Song

Its rivals are getting stronger, but Apple's music management continues to be the leader. Indeed, it's the real hero in iPod's success.


iTunes 4.9: Really Soon Now

If you have a podcast, take a look at your log. If you don't see an iTunes request, then you know that your podcast is not important enough for the test engineers in Apple to subscribe to. :-)

Rumor Today: gTunes?

Dave Winer: I've been hearing rumors that Google is readying an iTunes-clone, based on RSS 2.0, and fully podcast-capable. Multiple sources on this one.


Singaproe Creative A Sell On MP3 Woes

Shares of Creative have fallen 53% from their 2005 high, but many analysts still recommend investors stay away from the maker of computer sound cards and digital music players.

Creative's iPod Photo Rival Delayed

It has become clear that Apple, although it may be at a disadvantage in features, intends to price its competitors out of the market.

PC Vendors Snub Antitrust Altered Windows

PC vendors such as HP and Dell are ignoring a version of Windows without a bundled media player, raising questions about the effectiveness of the Europe's antitrust ruling.

Wednesday, June 15, 2005


School Board OKs Laptops Extension

At Monday night's meeting school board members gave their approval to a four-year lease-purchase agreement with Apple through which the district will be acquiring the laptops for the freshmen and sophomores.

Mainstream Media Embraces Podcasting

Big media sees podcasting as potential revenue source.

PowerSchool President Departs In Management Shuffle

Macworld Boston To Have Focus On Music

Apple Tops List Of Fastest Growing Brands As Digital Overtakes Traditional

Apple, creator of the iPod, is the fastest growing brand in the world, with internet brands Google, Amazon, Yahoo! and eBay following close behind, pushing notoriously powerful brands like Coca-Cola off the list.

Apple Seeks To Trademark Its Socks


Will Apple Be Forced To Licence Its DRM?

Ericsson alliance with Napster could force its hand.

Who Gets To Play Journalist?

An academic question becomes a pressing legal issue.

Intel At Apple's Core

Thanks to open source, Apple's big shift from IBM to Intel will have little effect in the real world.

It's iPod's Revolution: We Just Live In It

The Hula-Hoop was a fad. The iPod is having a major impact on markets.

The Waiting Is The Hardest Part

If you don't need a new computer now, there's no reason to buy one — but if you do,there's no good reason to wait.


An Introduction To Tiger Terminal, Part 2

If you made it through Part One unscathed, then you're ready to get some real work done.


Microsoft Seeks Xbox Touch For Music

With little sign that Apple's digital music dominance is on the wane, Microsoft's top Xbox executive is helping to look at ways to refocus the software company's music strategy.

My Response To Scoble

Declining to collaborate would be the only way to show that your stated beliefin free speech is more thann empty words. If you believe that Chinese people deserve the same respect as Americans, then please put your money where your mouth is.

Tuesday, June 14, 2005


iPod Shuffle Share falls — Flash Market Reels

"Weaker than expected sales of Apple's iPod shuffle has market sources wondering what Samsung Electronics will do with the large proportion of flash capacity it has allotted for Apple."

Walkman iPod Mod

Someone called Nickee went to great lengths to convert an old Walkman into a camouflage case for his pricey iPod photo.

New .Mac SDK Exposed

Use Spotlight To Search For Creative Commons Files

The plugin will in effect 'open' Spotlight's 'eyes' to the Creative Commons files floating around on your OS X machine and any Spotlight indexable drives nearby.


Macs Will Be From Apple

Just because an operating system runs on the same chips as another, doesn't mean the operating systems are necessarily interchangeable.

Name that Tune

What can you do if the iTunes Music Store does not have the selection you're looking for?


EyeTV Wonder USB 2.0: TV Viewing And Recording Device Is Still A Work In Progress

If you want to record TV, we don't recommend this product. Unless you have a dual-processor Power Mac G5, you can't get the full recording quality you would want out of the unit.

StickyBrain 3.4: Fast And Easy-To-Use Information Manager Puts Data At Your Fingertips

StickyBrain 3.4 may be the ideal freeform information manager, especially if you need something that excels at capturing information from other applications and putting it at your fingertips.

Shake 3.5: Compositing Program Provides Fine Control, Difficult Learning Curve

Shake is well worth its price — and for projects that utilize high-dynamic-range elements, it's a must-havve — but before you buy, be sure you can budget in some training, in the form of either books or classes.


Luxor is the kind of game that you can noodle with for hours between meetings, at lunch, or with the iBook or PowerBook in your lap resting in the living room.

MAKE eBooks For Your iPod Guide!


Dear Readers... I'm Sick

No, I'm not sick of running this little show here... I'm really sick. The doctor said he sense the beginning of a beautiful relationship between me and my flu.

I have been lying in bed for almost the entire day today, alternating between sleeping, taking medicine, and "playing around with my computer" as my wife would say. But, if you see anything non-cohesive coming out from my mouth here on this web site, you know it's the fever speaking, not me. :-)


Microsoft Looks To Build Up The Windows Community

'the Hive' is Microsoft's attempt to bring some of the community impetus it has generated with Channel 9, The Spoke and other developer-focused efforts to the consumer space.

Monday, June 13, 2005


Apple Developers Sanguine About Switch To Intel

Move is not without risk, but many expect it to be worthwhile.

QuickTime Release Keeps Apple At Streaming Forefront

Gartner analyst Miek McGuire said Apple has positioned itself well with its advanced streaming technology.

Wrigley's Confirms Giant iPod Give-Away

Wirgley will give away 10,000 iPods.

Apple And Nokia Browser Partnership Revealed

Nokia has announced that it using open source software in developing a new mobile web browser for its Series 60 SmartPhone — and that this has been developed in cooperation with Apple.

Heard Any Good Books Lately?

Finding great audiobooks for your iPod.

Students' Lectures By iPod

Lazy students who miss lectures can catch up by getting recordings sent to their mobiles and iPods. The scheme is being tested at Coventry University to help youngsters who doze off in class or fail to get out of bed.

Devices Help Integrate iPod Into Auto Sound System

Beethoven Joins iPod Generation

The iPod generation is to be given the chance to enjoy a more enriching downloading diet: Beethoven's entire collection of nine symphonies.

Apple CEO Tells Stanford Graduates To Pursue Their Passions

Steve Jobs told Stanford graduates Sunday that dropping out of college was one of the best decisions he ever made because it forced him to be innovative — even when it came to finding enough money for dinner.

Singapore's Creative Struggles To Rival Iconic iPod In Booming MP3 Market

"It will be difficult for Creative to make a decent return on MP3 players in the next few quarters especially when other consumer electronic giants are starting to pile it."

Sunday, June 12, 2005


Apple Neglects Korean iPod Users

Apple said it is not considering any compensation for South Korean owners of earlier versions of iPod MP3 players that were falsely advertised for their battery charge capacity and lifetime.

It's A Toy! It's An iPod Case! It's Tim Hickman's iGuy!

Hickman's creation is iGuy, a distinctive semi-human-shaped case for the ever-popular iPod, and it's garnering a whole lot of attention for Palo Alto-based Speck Products.

Close Your Eyes And Read: The iPod Generation Turns On The Audio Books

Sales of audio books for beach and poolside are soaring and the UK publishing industry is about to be hit by the same revolution that has overhauled the music world — the iPod-friendly download.

Are We Going To See The Blue Man Group In A Silhouette Ad?


First Impression Of Mac And OS X

This just works.

Misreading Between The Lines

Don't Get Me Started

I was blown away. No one from IBM had ever done that for us.

The Hero Of WWDC

Code changes? Nope, just time spent mainly in various inspector windows in Xcode getting things set up correctly.

Dear Steve

I think that the transition is going to be a non-issue. In fact, I think we're going to be ready for shipping Intel hardware as soon as you can have them ready. Push onward. We'll be ready. Let's get on with it.


Universe Is Star Of This Show

Starry Night Middle School excels at all teaching levels for the self-directed student, home-schooler or amateur stargazer.


Rumor Today: Microsoft Going To Ship Millions Of Headphones Per Month

Either Microsoft is expecting to sell millions of Xbox 360 per month, or the Redmond company is going into digital music/video player hardware market.

Good bye, Creative.

Saturday, June 11, 2005


iPodLounge Becomes Labor Of Love For Site Founder

One glimpse of the sleek, snow-white digital music player and Dennis Lloyd got giddy.

iPod's Popularity Fires Apple Back Into FT500 Ranks

This marks a return of the technology company to the ranks of the world's top companies after falling out of the list in 2001.

What's Really Behind The Apple-Intel Alliance

In an interview, Mr Jobs rejected the notion that Apple might suffer from what is known as the "Obsborne Effect."

Forum Goon Visits Apple Store

Disguised as an iPod ad silhouette dancer, the goon bopped around the store for a full three minutes.

Roomy As An Empty Closet

Belief: Spot On

"Looking back, I wonder how we managed to wait for Mac OS X and how, without it, we were able to do the stuff we did."


DRM And Lock-In: Apple Vs. Microsoft

Ultimately, we are probably looking at a duopoly for all mass-produced multimedia content.

Hell Freezes over; It Must've Been The Liquid Cooling: Hannibal On The Apple-To-Intel Transition

The Mac, for good or for ill, is now free to follow the rest of the market and to leave the idea of hte PC behind even as it embraces the "PC' architecture.

Together We Can Rule The Galaxy

If this week's news proved anything, it's that Apple is unafraid to act boldly. But none of this means it makes sense for Intel to buy Apple.

Macintel: The Good Is The Enemy Of The Best


Ten PowerPoint 2004 Tips To Beat Tight Deadlines

I'll show you ten ways to use PowerPoint to put together slideshows that'll convince your audience that you spent days sweating over your mouse and keyboard.


What Is the First Song In Your iTunes For Every Letter Of The Alphabet?

Let's start a new irriating baton, seeing that I'm bored at this late hour of the night... :-)

What is the First Song in your iTunes/iPod for every letter of the alphabet? Mine are:
A Bicycle Built For Two (Disney)
Baby (Jungle Book)
C U When U Get There (Coolio)
Da Funk (The Saint)
E Susanna non vien! - dove sono/Mozart:Le Nozze di Figaro
Face Like A Frog (Danny Elfman)
Galileo (Amy Grant)
Hakuna Matana (Lion King)
I Am The Very Model Of A Cartoon Individual (Animaniacs)
J. Strauss Jr: Tritsch-Tratsch Polka
Kill To Know (Amy Miles)
L-O-V-E Love (Wynners)
Mac The Knife (Frank Sinatra)
N.Y.C. (Annie)
O Come All Ye Faithful (Bing Crosby)
Podcast Star (Jeff Oestreich)
Q + A (Jerry Seinfeld)
Radiation Boy (The Uptones)
Saboteurs (Hot Shots!)
T-1000 Terminated (Terminator 2)
UHF (Weird Al Yankovic)
Vanishing (Bryan Adams)
Waiting For Tonight (Jennifer Lopez)
Ya Never Know (Little Shop Of Horror)
Zat You, Santa Claus?

This probably reveals more about my lack of taste than anything else. :-) (I'm leaving out a whole bunch of songs that are not in English, and all the podcasts.)

Friday, June 10, 2005


Developers Get Taste Of Intel-Based Macs

In late-night sessions this week, Apple developers have been getting their first look at how much work they have ahead to convert their programs to run on Intel-based Macs.

Apple Confirms Two New UK Retail Stores

Continuing its retail expansion, Apple has confirmed two new UK stores in Manchester and Sheffield.

Pentium M May Become Next Apple Core

Students 'Bribed' By iPod Scheme

Unemployed teenagers are being offered iPods to take part in a course aimed at helping them to find work.

Apple To Open Computer Shops In Czech Republic

Unfazed, IBM Pumps Power Chip Program

Fresh after getting publicly dumped by Apple, IBM is taking new measures to spread its Power processors and make them a stronger competitor to Intel chips.

Roxio Software Targets iPod Users

Digital media company Roxio is offering a software suite designed to let iPod owners fine-tune their song collections and other audio files.

Security Update 2005-006 Released

Apple, 7-Eleven Team Up For iTunes Slurpee Promo

Each promotional 32-ounce Slurpee cup is marked with a 12-digit code that's redeemable for one free song from the iTunes Music Store.

Apple Offers WebKit Open Source Project

Apple's site provides source code access for the software the company uses to create its Safari web browser.

Tougher Days, Bolder Apple

The big switch to Intel chips comes just as a sales streak is cooling. And, says one analyst, "That introduces risk."

Antitrust Review Of Adobe/Macromedia Acquisition Extended


Some More Pieces To The Apple Puzzle

One of the interesting things that happened at Apple over the last four to five years, is that almost every manager hired at the Director level or above has had not a hardware background, but a software background.

Are Tiger's Features Compelling Enough?

The real competition for the new version of Mac OS X is the network itself.

The Speed's The Thing

Did Apple Sue The Rumor Blogs To Keep Intel Deal Quiet?

Apple feared that the stories that for years had swirled around its possible switch to Intel would become grist for the rumor mill websites, and ultimately enough information from knowledgeable sources would surface to make it clear that it really was likely to heppen. So rather than the Mac mini hitting the market as the next big thing from Apple, it might instead have been perceived for what it really is: a last ditch shot at moving some PowerPC-based iron in volume before the truth about their future plans became known.

Going For Broke

If Intel was able to own the Mac OS and make it available to all the OEMs, it could break the back of Microsoft. And if they tuned the OS to take advantage of unique features that only Intel had, they would put AMD back in the box, too. Steve Jobs finally beats Bill Gates. And with the sale of Apple to Intel, Steve accepts the position of CEO of the Pixar/Disney/Sony Media Company. Remember, you read it here first.

What The Apple Plan To Switch To Intel Chips Means for Customers

In the long term, the change will strengthen Apple and the Mac, which is good news for anyone devoted to that platform or considering switching to it.

How Apple's Intel Switch Will Affect Users

Folks, the world of computing just got a lot more interesting.


Dora The Explorer: Animal Adventures

Nisus Writer Express

With its new features, Express is nipping at Word's heels.

Robin Hood: The Legend Of Sherwood


Popcorn is a simple, stable, and worth the money for anyone with DVD-backup needs.

Shade 7 Standard

While it's not the best choice for instant 3D gratification, Shade 7 Standard offers a strong mix of powerful modeling tools and killer rendering quality that will appeal to artists who can live without advanced animation wonders.

Tom Clancy's Rainbox Six 3: Athena Sword

Athena Sword has all the realism and tension of Raven Shield, but it winds up feeling like a carbon copy.


Sometimes, Having Steve Jobs Control Everything is A Good Thing

For example, buggy drivers galore in Wintel world.

Why You Should Shop Oinline

Because, well, it's just safer.

Bong... Ding Ding Ding Ding

From Jim Heid comes to brand new Intel-based Macintosh startup chime.

Thursday, June 9, 2005


Database Went Out Of Sync... Repaired Now

If you can read this, my database has been restored. The data-loss problem that occured yesterday has been resolved.

Sorry about that. I'm still on my business trip. Regular updates will resume on Friday or Saturday.

Tuesday, June 7, 2005


Minimal Updates For The Rest Of The Week

I'll be in Guangzhou, again, on a business trip. Updates will be minimal. Sorry.

Top Stories

Apple Throws The Switch, Aligns With Intel

After years of trying to get people to switch to Macs from Intel-based computers, Apple itself has switched.


Apple And Intel OK With Coders

For the most part, developers here at Apple's Worldwide Developer Conference 2005 appeared willing to give Apple and Steve Jobs the benefit of the doubt. Some of this goodwill stems from the company's track record with previous transitions, first from 680x0 processors to PowerPC chips, and then from Mac OS 9 to OS X.

Apple's Decision On Chips Is Applauded By Programmers

Steve Jobs received a significant lift from his new principal software partners, Microsoft and Adobe.

Apple Developers Cautiously Upbeat On Intel

Apple developers aren't exactly looking forward to rewriting their applications to run on Intel chips, but the switch will have its benefits.

Wall Street Uneasy Over Apple-Intel Deal

Topping the list of analysts' concerns is that Apple risks alienating its core base of loyal customers, who expect Apple to differentiate its products from Windows-Intel machines.

New Life For The Old 'Star Trek' Project

The idea of porting the Mac OS to run on Intel processors wasn't new.

Next Major Mac OS X Release Named Leopard

Apple plans to release Leopard in late 2006 or early 2007 — in the same timeframe as Microsoft's Longhorn release.

Apple Delivers Two Millionth Copy Of Tiger

According to Apple, this makes Tiger the company's fastest selling operating system release ever.

Ballmer On Apple-Intel News: Whatever

Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer's reaction to Apple's decision to use Intel processors can be summed up in two words: "What's changed?"

Apple To Move To Intel Next Year

Apple announced plans to deliver models of its Macintosh computers using Intel microprocessors by this time next year, and to transition all of its Macs to using Intel microprocessors by the end of 2007.

WWDC 2005 Keynote Live Update


Step Away From The RD Field: Intel Inside

As always, Steve's arguments for the change were persuasive.

For Better Or Worse, We Are All In For A Headache

It will take some time, and some good progress reports on how this transition is going, before I calm down.

Intel-Apple: A First Reaction

The most important thing is probably to begin disentangling the emotion of the situation from the cold, hard technical facts.

Apple Fails to Meet (A Columnist's) Expectations

Who ever thought Apple would convert to Intel? Not me.

From Michael Gartenberg, Inside Moscone

This isn't a clone play. No running OS X on your Dell. No running Windows on your Macintosh out of the box.

My Intel-Related Request

Please don't start decorating Mac laptops with Intel Inside stickers the way most PC laptops are adorned.

Monday, June 6, 2005

Top Stories

Developers Sound Off As Apple's WWDC Nears

As Apple's 2005 Worldwide Developer Conference approaches, four developers spoke with and expressed both enthusiasm and concerns about the development tools, user interface and APIs tied to Apple's Mac OS X 10.4 (Tiger) operating system.


FileMaker Announces Widgets, Automator Actions

.Mac Down During Jobs' WWDC Speech

Maintenance is scheduled to begin at 10am (PST) today, around the same time as Apple CEO Steve Jobs climbs the stage at the Moscone Centre.

Outsourcing Apple Is 'Symbol Of US Industry'

US policymakers are looking to Apple as a "symbol of US industry" thanks to the success of the iPod, but is Apple's a good example to copy in the light of a collapse in the US manufacturing employment market.

Apple Plans To Switch From I.B.M. To Intel For Chips

"Apple is not so important a customer [to IBM] that you would take the financial hit to hold onto the relationship."


The Tech Industry Is Quaking And We're All Trying To Figure Out What It Means

Think about how such a large decision needs to ripple through every part of an organization.



I don't understand why Intel can build a better PowerPC chip than IBM, and I don't understand why Pentium chips are worth all the trouble. But if Apple decides on any of these, I'd expect my reality to be explained by Steve tonight.

So, Will Anyone Get Fired Going With Intel?

The Unofficial Apple Weblog has a nice list of the blogosphere's reaction.

Oh, and, hey! James Zellmer is having the same evil DRM thoughts as me. :—)

Warning: Out-Of-Topic Geek Stuff

Hey! I didn't even know that there is even an HTML dialog feature in Frontier. :-)

Sunday, June 5, 2005


16 Percent Of Computer Users Are Unaffected By Viruses, Malware Because They Use Apple Macs

Intel, Apple Coupling Could Woo Hollywood

The new alliance between Apple and Intel will reverberate through Silicon Valley, and it will likely make waves in Hollywood, too.

Apple Seeds: iPod Innovators Seen As Blueprint For U.S. Future

If you want to see the future of American manufacturing, turn over your iPod and look on the back. "Designed by Apple in California," it reads in small print at the bottom. Then it adds: "Assembled in China."

iPod: A World In Your Ear

Such is the burgeoning world of the iPod.

Internet Busy With Talk Of Apple/IBM Parting

Intel's Ongoing Courtship Of Apple

"Apple is a design win that we've coveted for 20 years and we continue to covet them as a design win. We will never give up on Apple."

Apple To Ditch IBM, Switch To Intel Chips

Apple plans to announce Monday that it's scrapping its partnership with IBM and switching its computers to Intel's microprocessors, CNET has learned.


What's Right About The PowerPC?

I find it difficult to understand the insistence by some in the industry that Apple would be attracted to Intel's processor lines since, for the most part, the PowerPC is working well for it.

I'll See You Intel

I can't think of a single sceanrio, no matter how contrived, that both fits with what CNet and the Journal have reported and makes sense for Apple and its customers and developers.

But Which Chip Is Intel Making For Apple?

What if Intel's going to be manufacturing the PowerPC chips that OS X already runs on?

Back To My iPod 15gb From The Shufffle

Neither a big iPod nor the current shuffle are ideal.

Our Passion, Your Whatever :) - Microsoft's Mediocre Marketing

Apple markets their products in a way that emphasizes lifestyle as well as creates aspirational desires that users believe they can achieve.

Apple's Lost Opportunity

AMD [is] absolutely crushing Intel. Imagine what PowerBooks could do on AMD's kind of power-performance point.

Will Jobs Embrace Intel?

My gut tells me that this is Steve Jobs' greatest revenge on the folks running rumor sites and that this information was seeded to unreliable insiders who then blabbed.

Skeptics Can't Believe Apple Is Giving IBM The Boot

This is a real story, and I've gotten confirmation from people who know. I can't say more, though, cause I don't want Apple to sue me to find out my sources.

Apple On Intel?

If I had to guess, I'd join several of the pundits out there in saying that any new Apple-Intel relationship is more likely about a new technology or new piece of hardware, and not about a wholesale abandonment of the PowerPC chips.


Jammin' Racer

Jammin' Racer is an excellent product with great graphics, phenomenal control, pleasing music and sound effects, and lots of intense, raw speed.

Everything You Wanted To Know About Safari RSS, Part 2

In this article, F.J. focuses on viewing and customizing your news feeds in Safari RSS.

Tinkering With Tiger


Evil Thoughts

Intel has been making denials about the DRM system embedded in the latest Pentium D processor.

Now, what if Intel is not confirming the DRM not because it isn't there, or it wanted security through obscurity, but because Steve Jobs told Intel not to say anything?


One More Thing...

Intel Inside the Apple.

Don't Feel Like Shelling Out Money For QuickTime Pro?

Here's how you can play full-screen movies with a Dashboard widget...

Tidbits From The Blogs

Here' how you can check your battery life.

User-Interface Designers Take Note

Spencer Critchley is going to travel with a hammer from now on. Watch Out!

Saturday, June 4, 2005


Dual-Core PowerPC G5s Due For Apple

The company will pack a forthcoming dual-core PowerPC 970 processor into future Mac desktop and even notebooks, analysts predict.

Digital Neural Axis: Evolutionary Leap

"We realized that we were going to need a very smooth pipeline to handle this much work."

Catherine Margerin: A Little Bit Of Hope

"Final Cut Pro HD made it very easy to create an offline project by capturing and compressing the footage on the fly, using the offline photo-jpeg codec."

The State Of Mac OS X Security

The security experts tend to agree that Mac security is solid, but social engineering has a key role in whether OS X remains secure.

Apple Shares Dip On iPod Sales Reports

Shares of Apple slid nearly 5 percent Friday following reports that sales of its iPod digital music player appear to be slowing.

Apple Announces Free iPod Recycling Program

Those who drop off an iPod, iPod mini or iPod photo will receive a 10 percent discount on the purchase of a new iPod that day.

Apple Offers New HomePage Templates


Fat Shuffles: Is More Better?

It seems to me that a 4GB music player cries out for navigation controls more extensive than Next and Previous Track.


Rumor Today: It's Here! It's Finally Here!

For those who are still holding out from buying a Macintosh laptop, it's finally here (if you can believe today's rumor): Powerbook G5.

Prices start at $1,699.


The Grilled Chicken Foldover is my current favorite McDonald's food right now, although what you see is not that great.

Friday, June 3, 2005


The World In The iPod

The microchip that runs Apple's popular music player is made in India, Taiwan, China and Silicon valley. In this an example of how globalization works to everyone's benefit — or a sign that the world economy is about to roll over America?

Apple Settles iPod Battery Class Action Suit

Apple is offering a US$50 coupon and extended warranties to consumers who can produce a receipt.


Getting The Boot

You can't boot OS X from a USB hard drive.


That's Hot

If you have one of Apple's brick-like power adapter/plug, you'd notice that it can get quite warm on that little equipment. So, why not turn that into a feature, and call it a "coffee/tea warmer" too?

The Difference $29 Makes

Just to help Apple clarifies a little detail about QuickTime 7...

QuickTime 7 is free. The standard Apple-issued QuickTime Player 7 is shareware. To get more features for your QuickTime Player 7, you'd need to pay $29. Or you can go find another player. But, QuickTime 7 is free.

That concludes MyAppleMenu's public service announcement today.

The Difference Between Artist And Thief

Apple designed new things. Luxpro slapped other people's design on a standard chipset and add a screen.

Thursday, June 2, 2005


iPledge Allegiance To My iPod...

iPod advertisements represent an ideal synthesis of the economic principle of product differentiation with the American principle of independence.

Apple's iPod May Show Litte Sequential Growth

Goldman Sachs said Apple's second-quarter upside shouw be less than it has been and will have to be driven more by the Mac.

Apple Adds Third-Party iTMS Pay Service In Europe

Apple, Intel Looking To WiMAX?

Apple iPod Mini From HP Debuts In US

Apple partner HP has confirmed speculation and added iPod minis to its range of digital music players in the US.

French Consumers In Love With Apple

Lawsuit Filed To Stop Cobb County's Laptop Program

Former Commissioner Butch Thompson filed a lawsuit Tuesday claiming that voters were not informed that a 1 percent sales tax would be used to start the program.

Tiger Named The Best OS

PC World today named Mac OS X Tiger the "Best Operating System" in its 100 Best Products of 2005.

Rob Griffiths, Join Mac Publishing


Coming Soon: iCulture

I love technology.

First Apple. Now, Here Comes Microsoft

Apple has turned the iPod and iTunes into mythic weapons that people see as hip. And in the process, they have aligned themselves with DIY youth culture, who live in the remix world.

Microsoft Office Open XML Formats

For us in Microsoft Mac BU, this represents an enormous undertaking on two fronts. Win Office is already well ahead of Mac Office in terms of support for XML, and the state of XML parsing on Panther is, well, less than desirable. The other is that, for the first time in the history of Office, we're attempting to ship a major architectural change that's being simultaneously implemented by both the Windows and Maicnotsh groups ass separate business units.


Apple Power Mac G5 Dual (2.7GHz)

The latest Power Mac represents the pinnacle of Mac computing.


No April Fool: MacTech April 2005 Is Out On Newsstand

I haven't read this magazine for years, but it is still going strong.

Except that, for reasons unknown to me, the April issue is just hitting the newsstand only now in June.

What Do You Mean It's "My Computer"?

Preston Gralla: Microsoft has announced it will finally get rid of those annoying "My" names it tacks in front of folders.

They are annoying all right. The "My" prefix implies that there are something in this computer — bought by my hard-earned money — is not mine.


Microsoft Adding XML Files To Office 12

Microsoft said the move to replace traditional binary file formats with open-standards-based XML versions will allow companies using Office 12 to more easily access data across XML's various applications.

Wednesday, June 1, 2005


Quicktime 7.01

"Several important bug fixes, a security enhancement, and improved compatibility with Final Cut Studio."


The Mac UI Question

Unfortunately, we're not only talking about style, we're also talking about fashion.

Hypertext Links As Native UI


Everything You Wanted To Know About Safari RSS, Part 1

Over these next few installments, I'm going to show you what can and cannot be done with Safari RSS, what to expect from it, and how to take these capabilities as far as possible so that your foray into the world of RSS goes as smoothly as possible.

QuickTime 7 And DivX 5 Don't Mix

Reason 3: Virtual Rack Of Music Gear Gets Sweeter Sounding

There's nothing else on the market that offers this kind of simple, powerful routing and hardware-style control, or that packs this many instruments into one box at this price.


Shame Shame

The people that bought you the Luxpro Super tangent — the iPod shuffle clone — not only have no sense of pride and no sense of taste, they are also technically incompetent. A reader over at iPodlounge bought one of these clones, and discoverd that "nothing that works even close to right."

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