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Wednesday, August 31, 2005


No Deal Finalized For Apple To Finance School

Gov Jennifer Granholim apparently got ahead of the deal when she said last week that Apple had made a commitment of "magnitude" to support a small school in Detroit. But her office canceled a news conference about the project Tuesday, saying that the details are not complete.

Shoreline And Kent Schools Go High-Tech

The Shoreline School District has started a laptop-leasing program at three schools, while the Kent School District on Thursday will open the Kent Technology Academy, a computer-immersion "school within a school" at Mill Creek Middle School.

Apple Launches 'Mac Mini Test Drive' Promo: Try It For 30 Days — Full Refund If You Don't Love It

Apple Launches Developer Transition Resource Center

Apple has launched the Developer Transition Resource Center, a site designed to help developers transition from PowerPC-based Macs to Intel-based Macs.

After Patent, Creative Examines All Options

Craig McHugh, president of Creative Technology, says that his company is "evaluating all alternativs" now that it has received a patent for music player interfaces.

FileMaker Packs The Power Of PDF

With the upgrade, users will be able to quickly convert graphic-rich reports of data into PDFs, which can be e-mailed to and viewed by recipients regardless of whether they're running FileMaker.

Japan's Music Publishers Seek 'iPod Tax'


Three Chat Applications

The problem is none of these applications sticks to doing one thing well.

Killing The Pseudo Start Menu

Spotlight is so useful that there's really no need for the Applications-alias-in-Dock trick anymore. So long, wannabe Start Menu!


Is The iMac G5 Running Hot?

One by one, Popular Mechanics' new iMac G5s started to overheat and then die. Eventually, 40 percent of them had to be sent back to Apple for repair or replacement.

A Sound Choice

If you are after a portable device for playing music and storing/displaying digital photos, there is no device I have tried that does this more simply, or more elegantly, than the iPod.

Web Apps With Tiger: Security And MySQL

We'll replace the default PHP configuration with a more secure version, and explain some of the differences. We'll install MySQL, our database server, and run through its own security tweaks.


Ears Gonna Be Busy

The great leap by NPR into the podcasting world is coming real soon now...


Is Dell Dying?

To a degree, Dell has finally fallen victim to the same malaise that has affected the other gigantic stock stars of the 1990s: Wal-Mart, General Electric, Microsoft, and Citibgroup. They have undergone ungainly transitions from supercharged growth to merely impressive growth.

Tuesday, August 30, 2005


Creative Claims Music Player Patent Covers iPod, Too

Creative on Tuesday announced that it has been awarded U.S. Patent 6,928,433, which it's calling the "Zen Patent" for short. The Zen Patent describes how files on a digital music player are organized, and covers not only its own Zen and Nomad jukeboxes, but also Apple's iPod and iPod mini, according to a statement released by the company.

Reports: iTunes Phone Coming, Deal With Cingular Struck

The Wall Street Journal reports that Apple has reached an agreement with Cingular to offer the first iTunes-compatible Motorola mobile phone. In addition, the paper said that Apple is on the verge of releasing new flash memory-based iPod minis.

An iPod Cellphone Said To Be Imminent

Apple and Motorola plan to unveil a long-awaited mobile phone and music player next week that will incorporate Apple's iTunes software, a telecommunications industry analyst who has been briefed on the announcement said on Monday.

FileMaker Pro 8, FileMaker Pro 8 Advanced Available

Jobs Makes 'Greatest Business Leaders' List

Apple CEO Steve Jobs has been listed as one of the top 30 Greatest Business Leaders of the 20th Century according to the September issue of Fast Company magazine.

Safari 2.0.1 And 1.3.1 Released

Apple Hints At Big Music Announcement

Apple is preparing a major announcement next week, dropping hints of something as critical to the company's future as the release of the original iPod in 2001.


iPod Came And Broke Your Heart

Rock snobs' days are numbered when their collections can be downloaded in minutes.

The Ball Is In Apple's Court

The reality is that Apple does not work well with most partners.

Apple Dissent (Gasp!)

Take stock now, Apple, and invest in making your service the best it can be.

Behind Apple's Strategy: Be Second To Market

Apple smartly surveyed the marketplace and discerned that any competitive software platforms would win or lose based on ease of use.


Big Bang Board Games

Big Bang Board Games is the pinnacle of classic gaming bliss.

Moving GarageBand

If you'd like to be able to stick your GarageBand installation somewhere else, the easiest solution is David Hodge's free GarageBand Anywhere 5.0.1.


We Know Blogging Has Made It To The Big Time...

... when blogging is featured as a question to a Singapore junior college's 'A' Level preliminary examination paper.

(For those who are not familiar with the British system, 'A' Levels is an examination one would take at around age 18 before one enters universities.)

Another Win For iPods

Just as we await Steve's next big thing — iPod movie? iPod phone? — we discover yet another advantage of using iPods: no viruses.

Yes, sir. There is a virus in the latest Creative MP3 player. "Looks like somebody turned off the virus scanner at the Creative production plant," said Engadget.


Windows 42nd

Microsoft is on the prowl for a store in Times Square. The move would be the software giant's first big stab at retail and may be an attempt to play catch-up with archrival Apple, which has hit a home run with its own branded stores.

Monday, August 29, 2005


Adobe Under Construction

Missed Church? No Worries. Download It To Your iPod.


Tiger iSync Madness

What we used to be able to achieve with a single click or entirely automate in the background before Tiger is no longer possible.

How To serve Your iTunes Library To Your Sony PSP Using WiFi Internet

Are Dialogs Too Easy?

I think this dialog from iTunes is probably one of the worst I've seen.

Sunday, August 28, 2005


Apple Brings Hope To Detroit

Apple Computer is coming to the rescue of Detroit's schoolchildren and, in doing so, may finally push Michigan to nuke its failed public high school system and start over. Gov. Jennifer Granholm will announce Tuesday that the California computer maker and master of the red-hot iPod will help finance, equip and advise a small top-quality high school for Detroit students at most risk of being left behind.

Non-iPods Build In The Extras

The huge market for iPod accessories shows that Apple hasn't found an answer to every buyer's wishes. So what if you could buy a player with these extra features built right in? Apple's competitotrs are tryng to find out if they can regain some ground that way — in addition to charging often lower prices and offering support for such newer subscription-based services.


E-Harmony: New 'i' And Open Windows

What has impressed me so far was that the Apple OS X fired to life out of the box and simply worked. Of course, a Windows laptop out of the box works, too, but after 50 patches from Microsoft and 10 reboots.

How Much Does iTunes Like My Five-Star Songs?

iTunes' available song ratings of 1 to 5 stars allow users to quickly find their favorites and help the Party Shuffle feature play more of what they like most. This article explores the algorithm iTunes uses to pick what comes next in the playlist.

Mac... One Week Later (Clues For Windows Users Switching To Mac.)

Why Is The Music Industry So Suicidal?

The record companies should set wholesale prices, not retail.

Tough Times Ahead For Steve Jobs

How can this geek be a better businessman than us, they say?

Saturday, August 27, 2005


Retail Excellence: The Apple Store

The Apple Store is a mecca for design-conscious consumers looking for a little lifestyle with their CE and has a standard for vendor-owned retail locations, perhaps igniting a trend.

When The Music Stops, iPod Owners Sing A Different Tune

The Australian Consumers Association is getting an increasing number of complaints from owners of the portable music players, with problems ranging from cracked screens to poor sound reproduction.

Fasten Your Seatbelt, Connect Your iPod

Apple, Digital Music's Angel, Earns Record Industry's Scorn

Steve Jobs is now griding for a showdown with at least two of the four major record companies over the price of songs on the iTunes service. If he loses, the one-price model that iTunes has adopted — 99 cents to download any song — could be replaced with a more complex structure that prices songs by popularity.

Upping The iPod Accessory Ante

For accessory-happy iPod owners who thought they had everything, there's a new batch of over-the-top add-ons to burn some more money on.

Gates Check Out Jobs In The Library

At least one library has chosen not to abandon the potentially huge Apple audience.

Ants Invade New Zealand By iPod

Mike Shelby: Meet Me On The Ocean Floor

"The Mac provided a much simpler, more integrated way of doing things."

Soho VFX: Far Reaching Effects

Mac OS X running under Shake cinches the integrated workflow. "With Mac OS X, everything integrates and plays very nicely in the same sandbox."

Apple Ensures G4 Supply Won't Dry Up

Apple, which is in the process of switching its Mac line to Intel-based chips, has struck a deal to ensure that it gets what it needs of its existing chips to make it through the transition.

iPod Battery Class-Action Settlement Passes Muster

A San Manteo, Calif. County judge approved the settlement of a previously announced class-action lawsuit that provides owners of older iPods in the United States with some measure of relief if they're having problems related to battery charge capacity.


Apple Or PC?

Not only am I realizing that I can live without Windows, I'm realizing that now's the time to do it.

Has Google Peaked?

What if Apple starts loading for free the current operating system version — OS 10.4 — on every new iPod in a version that runs on generic Intel boxes? What if they also make 10.4 a free download through the iTunes Music Store?

Steve Jobs Is The New "The Man" For Indie Music (Apple, iTunes And Music Podcasting)

Why are Apple hiding away the majority of the 'free' music shows, promoting only those that are either part of the Curry stable, or those that are already established radio stations playing the same old music time and time again?

I Like Apple Support

One Man's Trash...

If you needed even more fodder on the differences between Macs and PCs, look no further than two very different public reactions to a pair of hardware giveaways.


It's An Improvement But Apple's New Mouse Still Needs Polishing

There are a couple of blunders that seem to stem from a desire just to be different from other mice.

Apple iSight

The Apple iSight is hands down one of the best webcams we've seen. Its sleek style, great image quality, sensitive microphone, and flawless integration with iChat and iMovie make it the perfect complement for any Mac computer.

Delve Into DEVONthink

Adding A USB-To-Ethernet Adapter To A Mac

Internet Cleanup 3: Security Utility Works Well But Has Interface And Performance Problems

Now, the program suffers from feature-bloat.

Star Wars Battlefront

The wonky cross-platform multiplayer support is the Achilles' Heel in this otherwise terrific Mac conversion.


Speculation Today: PodShow On Your Google-Powered Mobile Phone?

Dave Winer, Scripting News: Enter Podshow, which gets a sweet deal with Google to provide the first apps and content for their iTunes me-too, all the while in bed with Uncle Steve on iTunes. Instant mini-bubble.

Who Said This?

"To create a new standard, it takes something that's not just a little different. It takes something that's really new, and really captures people's imgination. And the Macintosh, of all the machines I've ever seen, is the only one that meets that standard."

Why, Bill Gates, of course. Why else would he ordered his troops to 'Make [Windows] just like a Mac."

And, of course, they are still trying. :-)

Friday, August 26, 2005


Is There A 'MacSurfer' Challenger In The Wings?

Apple Will Sell 7.1 Million iPods This Quarter

American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu believes Apple will sell 7.1 million iPods in the current quarter. The figure is up 15 per cent, quarter-on-quarter, but he warns that average selling prices in iPods may come under "greater than expected pressure."

Apple Developers Taking To Intel With Aplomb

First indications from transition toolkit users point to a smooth ride.

Adobe Gets Shareholder OK For Macromedia Takeover

Adobe took another step towards completing its takeover of digital media company Macromedia on Wednesday, after both company's shareholders approved the deal.


Apple's Inconsistent Buttons

The Sad-Eyed Mac Mini Of The Lowlands

RAID every single PC on every desk, and bugs and failures will look much less damaging.

Google Is Mac Friendly... Sort Of

Married To The Mac

So how has your Mac changed the way you put together a party?

iTunes A Hit

The $6.35 Alternative To Apple's AirPort Express

Why not just plug my iPod directly into my stereo?


Mighty Mouse

My main Apple info guy tells me that it is definitely more for one-button users, who are used to wrist movements over finger movements.

Vendetta Online

Midnight Mansion

If you were a fan of Dark Castle or similar games, check out Midnight Mansion. It's a well executed blast from the past.

First Look: Griffin iFM

Mighty Mouse Rocks

This is probably the best optical mouse that I've ever used, period.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


Thief Brings Apple Retailer's Stolen iPod Into Store

One iPod thief has been caught red handed, and red faced, by staff at Apple retailer KRCS.

Gizmo Project Hits 1.0

If I had to name my favorite VoIP client I would have to give the nod to Project Gizmo.

Cobb County School Superintendent Resigns

Cobb County's "Power to Learn" initiative once promised to be the largest "one-to-one" iBook initiative ever.

Apple China Shuffles Management Amid Slow iPod Sales

According to reports in Chinese media outlets, besides the iPod, sales of other Apple products have also gone from bad to worse in China, even though the company has set up many exclusive stores in major cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou.

Apple Job Listings Provide Product Hints

Apple EOL'ing The Wired Mouse

18th Annual reader Satisfaction Survey: Desktops & Notebooks

Onc eagain, Apple achieves scores that are far and away the highest for all vendors in our survey, earning Readers' Choices in both desktops and notebooks.


Virtual Folders And Other Confusion

The Virtual Folders [in Windows Vista] feature could easily cause people to accidentally erase or overlook important files. And the Smart Folders feature in Mac OS X is only slightly less confusing and just as dangeorous.

A First Pass At Podcasting Guidelines

Apple Is On The Hunt For A New Handwriting Recognition Engineer; Tablet Mac In The Works?

Google's Windows-Only World

If the Googleplexniks are serious about the phrase "the world's information," they need to look beyond the realm of Windows. The world doesn't stop where the 'Start" menu ends.


With A Speaker Kit, MyPod Can Be Louder Than YourPod

Tagging Your Mail With MailTags

You can really turn Mail into a clever email management machine, incorporating some of the sorting and management tools that have until now only been seen in big-name apps like Microsoft Entourage.


Ten Years Ago...


Things Aren't Going Too Well In The Leong's Household

Some (rare) updates on my personal life...

My left ear got infected, and am now having to put medicine into my ear and take regular antibiotics pills. Oh, and the ear doctor said that my ear canal is smaller than norm.

My wife had a stomach infection, and vomitted all over our bedroom the other midnight. She is now recovering, So far today, she's fine.

And my daughter has a persisting cough.

Health — you'll really only appreciate good health during the lack of one.

Why Rent Music? Just Subscribe...

... to The Shuffle podcast here at Fresh tunes (and other random stuff) in your iPod almost every day. :-)

Rumor Today: We May Finally Have An iTunes Phone

Sept 7 is the latest date, as rumormongered by AppleInsider.

Will Sept 8 bring us another round of articles saying, "Or maybe not"?

iTunes Takes Potter Podcasts Off-Air

As reported by The Leaky Cauldron, Apple has remoted MuggleCast and PotterCast from the podcast directory.


Windows 95 Turns 10

It may be hard to imagine now, but people waited in line — for hours — to plunk down $90 for a copy of Windows 95 back on Aug 24, 1995.

Wednesday, August 24, 2005


How To Set Up Google Talk On Your Mac

There is no Mac client, it does work in both iChat and Adium.

Apple To Buy 40% Of Samsung's Flash Chips — Analyst

Apple plans to buy as much as 40 percent of Samsung Electronics' flash memory output in the secod half for its new flash-based iPod mini MP3 player, research firm isuppli said on Wednesday, quoting unidentified industry sources.

Apple Launches Its Podcast Directory Service In Taiwan

"We are working with 10 radio stations here and consumers will be able to listen to them over at iTunes within a month."

Intel Plans To Test Mac Development Tools

Intel on Tuesday said that it plans later this year to offer test versions of software tools aimed at allowing Mac developers to improve the performance of programs that run on its chips.

Apple's iTunes Sold Albums For 50 Yen

Apple must be singing the blues after discovering its Japanese iTunes web site sold albums last week for just 50 yen each. The cost was a fraction of the intended 1,500-yen price, sources said.


What Happened To My Safari?

I've noticed little things in the Safari browser (v2.0) lately that are worrying me.

The Intel Way

If nothing else, Intel's candor could increase the odds of Mac rumor sites getting things right.


Tiger Not Yet A Roaring Success

If you haven't already upgraded to Tiger, you might want to consider waiting just a little bit longer.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005


Inside The iPod Generation

Apple's iPod has defined a generation, but its a generation in crisis, according to a new report from independent think tank Reform.

Apple Trademarks 'Made For iPod' Scheme

The application also suggests further extensions for the iPod family.

iTunes Phone Inches Closer

Motorola has received FCC approval to start selling the E790, a cell phone which, according to its user manual, supports a mobile version of iTunes.

SpeakerCraft MODE Controls iPod In Up To Six Rooms

The device is a full-color wall-mounted screen that lets well-heeled audio enthusiasts access and control their multimedia equipment, including their iPod, in up to six rooms of their home.

Toast 7 To Allow One-Step DivX Disc Creation, More

Apple To Open Retail Store In Annapolis, MD This Saturday


Can Apple Build Intel's Dream?

Apple is exactly the kind of partner Intel needs to help it promote its vision for new uses of computing. Apple also has a foothold in every area that Intel sees as important for its next generation of processors — medical and scientific computing, consumer electronics, servers, laptops and desktop PCs.


Give QuickTime Previews More Volume

Just hold the Shift key down before clicking on the volume level icon. When you do so, you'll see that the volume slider has more range than it does normally.

Mac To School 2005

Versatile, Fun Laptop Is The Apple Of My Eye

Fast Formatting

Full Screen For Free

"Is there a way to have QuickTime 7 play in full screen without paying for the pro version?"


Windows Got Ya Down? Try A Remix

Pirated copies of Microsoft's operating system have existed as long as chintzy PC owners themselves. But now pirates are doing more tha just cracking Windows — they claim to be improving it.

Monday, August 22, 2005


Apple Legal Targets iPod Kit Sellers

Apple is reported to be focusing on iPod accessory-selling websites, demanding they remove word from their trading names.

Sunday, August 21, 2005


Dressed-Up Downloads

Users consider accessories essential to maximize their iPod experience.


Close Encounters With Steve Jobs

Steve Jobs is much more appealing when he's standing in front of 500 people than he is close up.

Apple-Accredited DNA Clinic

No, you aren't going deaf — it's just your iPod playing the sound of silence.

Saturday, August 20, 2005


ATI Card Woos Mac And PC Owners

Seems graphics chip maker is hedging its bets with the new Radeon 9600 Pro card.

iTunes Phone Won't Be At V Fest

While certain sectors of the British press had convinced themselves that Motorola would announce its first operator deal with the UK's Virgin Mobile at the V music festival this weekend, a virgin Mobile insider denied it catagorially.

Josell Ramos And Chip Eberhart: The Foundation Of House

"Final Cut made me more comfortable with editing. I didn't need a huge technical support group like I would have with other programs."

STScl: Making The Universe Shake

How to take a 627-million-pixel image and turn it into a film? The answer to that problem was Shake.


Google And Apple: Are They Media Bullies?

These tech darings are acting as though they don't understand how the internet has changed journalism — and our lives. Maybe they should take PR lessons from Microsoft.

Podcasting Will Be A Losing Game For Most Big Media

I doubt anyone will pay for podcasts from the MSM when they can get the same content free though other channels.

Silence Is Golden

It's like a luxury car: I start it up and can't even tell it's running.

Mossberg: Full of Complaints About Subscriptions

Subscription plans are not all about the To Go element.

That Application Support Idea

I cannot help but wish that applications could, much like in the early Mac OS X days, go back to a more organised file placement system.


DEVONthink Goes Pro

What Is ClamXav (And Do Mac Users Really Need Antivirus?)

Battle Of The Movie-Making Tools: Why Windows XP Movie Maker 2 Beats Apple's iMovie HD

Six Slick iPod Hacks

Enhancements for pimping out your 'pod.


What Happens When Scoble Meets Steve Jobs

Well, nothing much apparently.


Week In Review: Worm Wallops Windows

A new worm initially thought to be pretty harmless ended up mutating into a series of worms that could shut down Windows PCs, leading some to believe that a war among hackers was to blame.

Friday, August 19, 2005


Apple Reshuffles China Chiefs

Giving Apples A New Shine

Local repair shops have found conditions of $50 laptops vary, as new owners seek upgrades.

Apple Addresses iMac G5 Issues With Repair Extension

Apple late Thursday quietly launched a new Repair Extension Program addressing video and power issue related to the iMac G5.

MP3 Users Hearing Damage Warning

iPod In Japan: Apple Plays Winning Tune In Sony's Back Yard

Apple's foray into Japan — which is the world's second biggest market for music in terms of album sales — has sparked talk of a rapid growth in the market in digital music downloads and of a bitter battle with Sony.

NPR's Podcast Strategy Leaked To

National Public Radio will opt to podcast only "pieces" of its network programming, not full programs, according to a source.

I'm The iPod Girl (... But I'm Too Poor To Buy An iPod)

"I can't justify spending that much money when I have day-to-day stuff to pay for."

Ariz. High School Trades Books For Laptops

School officials believe the electronic materials will get students more engaged in learning.


Apple Patch Fiasco Invites Trouble

The time that it takes Apple to release patches for some publicly disclosed vulnerabilities in open source components of their operating systems is nothing less than abysmal, and it's only a matter of time before continued evolution of their security practices can be preemptive, and not reactionary.

IB All Alike

Interface Builder often doesn't display enough of an item's name to be useful.

Interview With John Gruber

Let's say you're appointed as a Chief UI Designer at Apple. What would be your first five orders?

Let's Just Make Up Some Dollar Values And Print Them As Fact

Are people just making up stuff and publishing it as fact? Or is there some root source for this $10 amount that I'm missing and which nobody is bothering to cite?

Rent Vs. Own

Right now iTunes and the iPod are the better choice in digital music.


Setting The Expectation — What Not To Do

I remember one story in one of Guy Kawasaki's book about two candy sellers. The first one, when asked for 1 kg of candy, will scoop out way more candy than required, put them on a scale, and proceed to remove candy until the scale reads 1 kg. The second candy seller will scoop out way less candy than required, put them on a scale, and proceed to add candy until the scale reads 1 kg. Both may be selling at exactly the same price, but guess who is more popular?

Both Microsoft and Creative made the same mistake recently: removing candy. Microsoft painted an ambitious picture of Longhorn initially, and was forced to drop features once they realised Apple is kicking their asses with more frequent feature updates to Mac OS X. Today, Microsoft seemed to have learnt their lesson: all they are saying about Vista now is just "better security" — which, in my opinion, is not a feature, but a basic requirement. Anything new? Well, we'll have to wait until Beta 2. All the marketing momentum that Microsoft had built up over the years in selling Longhorn? Flushed down the drain.

Creative, on the other hand, haven't realised they commited a marketing mistake when the CEO publicly announced they are going spent tons of money and achieve a 40% market share in the MP3-player market. Well, Creative still have a respectable share of the MP3 market — they have more market share in the MP3-player market than Apple has in the computer market — but everyone is looking at Creative as a failture today. (Sure, the latest quarter's loss didn't help either.) If Creative had just kept their mouth shut and just do it, maybe analysts will be kinder to them.

I'm not advocating companies be secretive about what they are doing, but the old saying still is true in today's world: under-promise, over-deliver.

Let's Do The Bartman

You know what? One particular line in the lyrics of Do The Bartman has a whole different meaning after all these years...

If you can do the Bart, you're bad like Michael Jackson.

By the way, guess who penned the lyrics?


Bakkwa, or barbecued pork, is one of my favorite food. (And my wife's too.) When you are in Singapore, do remember to try some.

Thursday, August 18, 2005


Apple Store Success Rankles Some Resellers

Apple's retail stores have been a boon to its overall business, but that may mean bust for some of its key partners.

Security Update 2005-007 v1.1

"Update 2005-007 v1.1 provides a combined 32- and 64-bit version of LibSystem to replace the 32-bit version that was delivered in v1.0.

Paper: iPod-Related Orders Benefiting Taiwan Suppliers

iTunes 'Could' Work On Nokia Mobile

Nokia has swiftly denied reports claiming it had reached a deal with Apple to include iTunes support in a future mobile phone.

Apple Acts Against OS X x86 Hackers

Apple legal has forced the removal of links to videos showing Mac OS X x86 working on non-Apple certified PCs.

Nokia's Music Phone To Use Apple's iTunes — Paper

Nokia will bring Apple's iTunes music service to its upcoming music phone N91, Finnish daily Taloussanomat reported on Thursday, without disclosing sources.

The Free Toaster? Today, It's An iPod

To lure customers these days, marketers at corporations and small businesses are capitalizing on the iPod craze by giving away the popular digital music players made by Apple. iPod minis are the No. 1 "motivational" electronics product, according to the trade publication Incentive.


Mac OS X Is Almost As Popular As Windows

According to the Softpedia poll.


Watch The Wax WIth Ear Headphones

Would you buy a pair of headphones that need an ear wax remover?

Wednesday, August 17, 2005


Apple, Sony Among Those Named In New DRM Lawsuit

Five of the top companies in the online music industry are being sued by an individual who claims that the digital rights management software used by the internet's most popular musikc download services violates a seven-year-old technology patent.

Apple Security Update 2005-007 Breaks 64-Bit Native Applications

The iPod: A Love Story Between Man, Machine

The thing about the iPod is, it's what you bring to it.

A Soundtrack For Study

Academics across the Atlantic have developed an appetite for new technology and are now embracing podcasting.

Inside Apple's iPod Patent Problems

Longtime industry analyst, Roger Kay said that even if Microsoft were to win a patent challenge from Apple, the chances of it having any significant effect on Apple's future business are slim.

Apple Won't See Pricing Issues Faced By Dell, Gateway

Piper Jaffray said Apple isn't hurting from the same issues faced by Dell and gateway because component pricing is factored into Apple's guidance and Apple has "essentially maintained" average selling prices.

iBook Sale Erupts In Chaos, Stampede

Chaos erupted this morning at the Richmond Internetional Raceway as thousands of people stampeded through the gates in a rush to buy used iBook laptop computers for $50 each.


I Want My iTunes Subscription Service!

Who better than Apple to figure out the existing challenges, and get the subscription model right, too?

Macs Are Safer Than Windows: Questioning The Numbers

This report is still very positive for Macs, but the numbers quoted are very surprising.


Ripping Audiobooks

iTunes is one of the best programs for ripping audiobooks.

Web Apps With Tiger: Getting Started

Instead of learning more about Apache, we're going to treat it as the serving framework it really should be.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005


Apple Twewaks Executive Compensation

Apple has tweaked the way it awards shares to executives in order to satisfy tax obligations.

Macs 'Much Safer' Online Than Windows, Report Confirms

Macs are much safer online machines than Windows PCs, Consumer Reports confirms.

Dave Matthews Band Addresses iTunes Concern

Apple Releases Security Update 2005-07

Piper Jaffray Selects Apple Computer As Top Large Cap Pick


Does Tiger's Burn Folder Char Toast?

A Letter To My Brother

I do think you should buy a Mac. Here's why.

That Ol' Consistency Black Magic

Mac OS X is still leagues beyond any other operating system available in the design and consistency department, but with every release of Mac OS X teeny gaps have started to appear in Apple's, er, armor.


Mighty Mouse Not A Strong Contender

Burning Monkey Solitaire 2005

DeepTrouble 2

Its gameplay is seriously flawed due to its slow and predictable (in other words, boring) nature.

Apple's New 12" iBook Blurs Product Line

iBook G4 and Mac Mini: Minor Update, Major Value

Value is the key as Apple adds feature, lowers prices on iBook G4s and Mac minis.


Geologists Continue To Puzzle Over A Lack of Cooling Of The Earth's Core

I really wasn't expecting this particular punchline while reading today's Foxtrot... :-)


Forecast Cloudy For Windows Vista

What we found were a lot of attractive graphical interfaces and new search-engine functions, but, so far, not too much in the way of productivity or security enhancements.

Monday, August 15, 2005


Free Internet Access Boosts Benefit Of School Laptops

Free internet access boosts benefit of school laptops.

E-Waste And iWoes

Computers and their accessories contain toxins such as mercury and lead, causing massive environmental damage worldwide. But not all of the major computer companies are serious about reducing waste.

TV Tries Shaky Hand At Podcasting

Podcasting is turning conventional wisdom about TV broadcasting on its head as thousands of people sign up to download and listen to free, audio-only versionns of their favorite shows or special MP3-only programming.

Apple UK Grabs 11% Education Market

Apple has seen its UK share of the education market spring to 11.1 per cent, according to Gartner figures cited by Apple.

October Is China's 'iPod Month'

Chinese Mac users are preparing an October campaign focused on Apple's iPod.

Sound Check: Mixing It Up With iPods On The Digital Nightlife Scene

What started as a tech-inspired experiment known as MP3Jing has mushroomed into a worldwide phenomenon in three years.

Apple: Deaf To The Rent-A-Tunes Beat

Apple still has no plans to enter the nascent subscription music market, despite widespread industry whispers.


What Is The Ideal iPod Competitor?

Companies that invest money and effort into dethroning iPod shouldn't have skipped the digital music history classes and understand once and for all, that iPod is the result of a once in a lifetime moment, which cannot be recreated even if they add two wheels and a 5TB hard drive.


Your iPod's Battery Running Low?

Pee on it.

Even Singaporeans Do Not Like Creative

Sure, the local media will bring out Sim Wong Hoo once in a while whenever there is a need to showcase a local technology success story (now that Third Voice has died). But that doesn't mean that we Singaporeans have to like Creative products. :-)

Hey, support the Mac, then we'll talk, okay?

Why Apple Still Needs Windows: The Sequel

We all know that iPod will not be the success it is today if it weren't for Windows-compatibility.

Now, we discover, via Scobleizer, that even iPod vending machiens runs on Windows.

Another Sign That Microsoft Will Not Produce Another Internet Explorer For Mac OS X

It has been called different names, like Internet Explorer, Microsoft Internet Explorer, MSIE, and probably other unprintable names by Microsoft's competitors, but now, Microsoft itself has a new name for it.

The next version of the browser will be called Windows Internet Explorer 7. We are getting into specifics now: one, it is for Windows only, and, two, it is part of Windows.

Sunday, August 14, 2005


An iPod's Quick Journey From China Marks Arrival Of The Just-In-Time Global Economy

You can get a glimpse of how the just-in-time global economy has evolved by tracing the trip of more than 7,000 miles an Apple iPod took from Shanghai, China, where it was manufactured, to Pittsburgh.

Resisting The iPod Temptation

Some music lovers are turning their backs on Apple's popular, ubiquitous iPods.

Apple Appealing Patent Rejection

The iPod And God

A lot of people worship their iPods. Now they have a new way to use their iPods for worship.


Bad Reporting In Progress — Or How MS Didn't Invent The iPod

So we went from a rumor that a patent was rejected to Microsoft inventing the iPod and Apple having to pay royalties on it. M how the story grew huh?

Goodbye XP Hello Tiger


Rumor Today: Google's Search To Link To iTunes Music Store

After the big Mac-On-Intel rumor fiasco, no bloggers is going to outright deny the possibilities of any Apple rumors nowadays...

The latest rumor is that Apple "is set to annoucne a deal with Goolge calling for Google to offer Aple's iTunes music store through its own site." Well, since Google is the mother of all search engine, it obviously make sense for Apple to have links from Google.

But, where's Google's win in this deal? Will Apple's Spotlight starts featuring Google's Ad Sense?

Saturday, August 13, 2005


End Of The Mac GUI Supremacy?

Apple Surges, Bucks Tech Losing Trend

Apple shares reached a 52-week high in late-afternoon trading Friday, as the iPod and Mac maker bucked broad tech losses that were spurred on by Dell's weaker than expected sales forecast.

Phelios Releases New 'Rock And Roll' Game

SteerMouse Driver For Mighty Mouse

A mere 10 days after Apple released their new Mighty Mouse, Plentycom Systems has released a driver that adds a bunch of functions that Apple neglected to include in their own driver.

Apple Patent Documents

Apple is encountering some resistance on another iPod patent application.

Griffin PowerJolt Juices Up iPods, Shuffle


Day One

I'm jost going to write a couple of things I've noticed after my first day with my iBook.

Once A Leader, Apple Now Follows The Pack

How much further can Apple take the Mac towards standardization without hurting its credibility?

Hacked Off

It's great that schools are giving kids computers, but you'd think by now administrators would realize that computer security isn't child's play.


Curio 2.4 Professional Edition: Brainstorming Tool Offers Flexibility For Out-Of-The-Box Thinkers

Despite some minor problems, its ability to pull together disparate items makes it a fantastic, catch-all tool.

FTP Client Software: Updates Of Transmit, Fetch, And Captain FTP Offer Easier, More Flexible File Transfers

Fetch is no slouch, but Transmit gets the nod for a greater breadth of features and a beautiful design that makes it a pleasure to use.

MacJournal 3.1: Journaling App Goes Commercial, But Offers Few Advantages Over Free Version

The added features in the commercial version are welcome additions — and worth the upgrade price for devoted MacJournalists — but some users may find the freeware version enough to meet their needs.

3D Weather Globe & Atlas 1.1: Beautiful, Fun Program Shows Off The Mac's Graphics While Taking The World For A Spin

If you're interested in weather or geography, you absolutely must own 3D Weather Globe & Atlas 1.1.

iMaginator 1.1: Poblished Application Taps Tiger's Hidden Image Capabilities

iMaginator doesn't just put a pretty face on Tiger's Core Image underbelly, it lets you accomplish serious digital imaging special effects with this exciting new technology.

Sturdy eMac G4s Still Attractive: Bigger Drives, Better Graphics For Last CRT Mac

Canvas X: New Features Benefit Collaborative Workgroups

there are enough new features here for existing Canvas users to easily justify an upgrade.

10 AppleScripts For iTunes

If you're an iTunes users who hasn't yet jumped on the AppleScript train, now's a great time to climb aboard.

Waging War With Word

Friday, August 12, 2005


Hot, Steamy And Now Downloadable: Aural Sex Shimmies Into The Podcast As 'Podnography' Tend Takes Off

It didn't take long for sex to rear its heavy-breathing head in the nascent world of podcasting.

Apple Releases QuickTime 7 For Windows Public Preview 3

Apple PowerBook G4 Graphics Updater 1.0 Released


The Paradox Of Podcasting

Podcasting has done what no new technology that I'm aware of has ever accomplished: It's gone mainstream and underground at the same time.


The iPod Travel Kit


Spoken By The Pro

Roger Ebert: Mr Schneider, your movie sucks.

Rumor Today: Final Curtain Call For PowerPC-Based PowerBooks?

From AppleInsider comes the latest rumors about Apple's PowerBook line. Stay tuned for the Paris Expo.

Rumor Today: Apple Cans New Errol Morris iPod Switch Campaign

Think Secret is reporitng that Apple has canceled the latest advertising campaign that is supposed to feature a whole new bunch of switchers bought about by the iPod halo effect.

Maybe one of the swticher's iPod crashed and restarted while being filmed. :-)

Thursday, August 11, 2005


Tribeca Hotel NYC Offers In-Room Mac Package

Even hotels are experimenting with digital lifestyles, with New York's Tribeca Grand offering a 'Director's Cut' package including complete film-making equipment using Macs.

Hackers Bring OS X Intel To PCs — Video

At Duke U, Public Radio Comes To iPods

iBook Troubles Encountered

Dozens of Henrico graduates leave sale without a $50 laptop.

Biddies Break Through With Podcasts

What a difference a podcast makes. Or more precisely, a whole bunch of BiddyCasts.

Podcast Added To Oxford Dictionary Of English

BBEdit 8.2.3 Includes "Universal Binary"

The new release runs natively as a "Universal Binary" on PowerPC-based Mac hardware and on Apple's Intel-based "Developer Translation Kit" hardware.

Real Reveals Real Apple Legal Threat

RealNetworks has admitted its move to make tracks acquired through its US-only Rhapsody music service iPod-compatible puts the company at risk of a legal suit by Apple.


Continuing Pressure On Mac Users

Apple needs to show up in other venues besides WWDC to help create awareness that will support some of these faithful Mac enterprise users.

Do Macs Exist?

If I only hung around the PC media, the Mac appears to be a quaint footnote.

Calling iTunes, Part 2

There is no Loch Ness Monster. Walt Disney has not been cryogenically preserved. And, apparently, there is no customer service number for iTunes.

Apple iTunes Rocks Japan

Apple has been a hit before, and it is again. The company has also dropped to the bottom of the charts more than once, and will again. You're welcome to your opinion, but I wouldn't bet on that happening anytime soon.

Today Japan, Tomorrow... Who Knows?

If Apple could sell you music, it would. It's just that for each new store, Apple needs to negotiate new deals with record labels and artists, explore the market, set prices, and so on.


Turn Your Old Mac Into A Backup server

Dedicated server makes life easier, data safer.

Cambridge SoundWorks PlayDock MP3

Transportable speaker system sounds good but offers ill fit for iPods.


No Walls Please

Music need not have borders — execpt those erected by lawyers. All the current borders that exist within the iTunes Music Store are all "man-made", and none of them are technical nor social.

Speaking from someone from a land that will probably never get a local version of iTunes Music Store, I sincerely wish that Apple is working on a truly global iTunes Music Store. I'm pretty sure there will be enough musicians (and podcasters) who will support this store to make it worthwhile for Apple.


Microsoft Pushes For New Players To Rival iPod

Microsoft said Wednesday that Apple's best-selling iPod music player will face increased competition from new products in the end-of-year shopping season.

Singapore's Creative To See FY2006 Earnings Downgrades After Q4 Loss

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Top Stories

Musicians Work To Join iTunes In Japan

Japanese musicians under contract with Sony and other labels that haven't joined Apple's iTunes Music Store are starting to defy their recording companies and trying to get their music on the popular download service launched last week in Japan.


Apple Looks To Get Back Domination Of College Market

Can Apple Make The Switch?

No one's ever been able to cross platforms in emulation without crippling performance. We asked Transitive's CEO Bob Wiederhold why he thinks Rosetta is different.

Microsoft, Apple 'Spar Over iPod Patent'

Copy-Protected CDs Causing Mac Users Much Grief

Macromedia Drops FreeHand From Bundle

FreeHand, Macromedia's popular illustration tool, has been omitted from the company's upcoming developer suite, dubbed Studio 8.

Apple Fails To Patent iPod Interface

A near three-year-long attempt by Apple to patent the menu-based software interface of its popular iPod digital music player has ultimately proved unsuccessful. Standing in Apple's way appears to be a piror filing by inventor John Platt.

World's Smallest Ice Cream Truck Includes Mac Mini

The Mini Cooper, the iPod mini, and Mac mini have finally gotten together.

CNN Commits iChat AV Experiment

CNN has begun an experiment that uses iChat AV to conduct face-to-face interviews.

Microsoft Messenger 5.0 For Mac Released

While this release does have some features for the consumer, this is really an enterprise-focused release.


OSS Users Aren't Entitled

The AppleCare Blues

Every time I call AppleCare I end up fighting with their BS. It's a nightmare.

Living In Text Files

Could I organise all my work, all my personal stuff, all my writing, in one huge file?

iTunes Podcast Ranking System Easily Manipulated


What Is NeoOffice/J (And Can It Replace MS Office)

Belkin Makes It Easy To Play Your iPod In Your Car

Apple's 4-Button Mouse Is A Winner

Spend a few hours with one and you'll never want to use an archaic single-button mouse again.

Change The Login Window Background In Mac OS X

Tuesday, August 9, 2005


Apple Updates 'Switch' Campaign Pages

Apple has published new-look 'Switch' pages on its US site. The page lists ten good reasons for users to move to Mac, alongside purchasing advice and six ways to take data from a PC to a Mac.

Apple To Give Levy Back To iPod Owners

Music lovers who paid extra for their iPods because of a levy will soon be able to get their money back, Apple Canada announced Monday.

Apple Continues To Hold 'Substantial Lead' Over Competitors

Rush And NPR Find A New Way Into Ears

Although podcasting triumphalists deserve to be deflated, the technology actually is a big deal.

Insiders: Mac OS X Developer Cashing In

Bertrand Serlet, the Frenchman who played a critical role in developing and creating Mac OS X, is getting his slice of the Apple pie.

VTV/Molinare: Pushing Broadcasting To The Limit

Apple comes up trumps for Le Tour.


Has Apple crippled iTunes 4.9 To break Podcasts?

iTunes has broken a key function of my iPod — the ability to use Smart Playlists on the iPod device itself.

Apple On The Brink

Let The iBook Buyer Beware

After four years of being tossed around in backpacks, these iBooks are not in premium condition.

Do Apple Still Exist?

It seems that there are people out there who do not know that Apple make the iPod.

On Using Mighty Mouse Correctly

Calling iTunes

There's a direct-dial number, damn it. There has to be. I wil not rest until I find it.

Emerging Alternatives To Windows Vista

Until Apple can addres the need for a multi-year roadmap that businesses can refer to, get a stable platform that will be deployable over a long period of time, and designate multiple hardware vendors clients can bid against one another to ensure the lowest price, enterprises simply won't buy Apple broadly.

Why The Market Is Wrong On Apple

Coding Humor Into Their Style Sheets


Insomnia And The Search For Long Songs

Over the weekend a variety of factors — a bout with insomnia, a somewhat parsimonious nature, a nostalgic yearning for the comedy of my youth, and a love flr all-things-Miles — set me to exploring the iTunes Music Store for really long tracks at a really low price.


I Don't Like The Mighty Mouse

Mighty Mouse doesn't measure up in design and function to many other mature mice. Its unique features are unique but not compelling.

Open Files From The Trash

Expanding The View With A Dell LCD Display

Never going back.

Surfing Music

If you've got the wireless network to use AirTunes, chances are good that you've also got a wireless laptop or some other wireless device. You can actually use these devices as your "iTunes remote."

Skip The Drip

Mighty Mouse: First Impressions


Rumor Today: Backup 3, .Mac Widgets Expected Soon


Sunday, August 7, 2005


Playing On Emotion

As a given technology saturates the market, traditionally geeky manufacturers work to evoke feelings, including joy, desire, comfort and nostalgia.

Will Podcasts Kill The Radio Ads?

Advertisers fear their messages may get edited out by the growing band of iPod listeners.

Apple Store — Glass Staircases

The staircases were designed by strctural engineer James O'Callaghan. As simple as the staircases appear to store visitors, an enormous amount of engineering and research went into their design.



Doctorow is clearly ascribing deviousness onto Apple, without a single shred of evidence to back it up.

Saturday, August 6, 2005


Nominet Wins iTunes Domain Decision

Cisco Views Apple As Potential Partner

Roller Coaster Tycoon 3 Coming To Mac

Labels May Force 2006 iTunes Price Hike

Real Disputes Apple's Rolling Stones Catalogue Claims

Rhapsody does not presently offer the new tracks, meaning Apple has the most extensive catalgue, available for purchase and download in twenty countries.

Keane: The Power Of Three

"Applying the capabilities of a program like Logic to more classic band sounds is a blend that opens up a world of possibilities that I feel I've just barely scratched the surface of."

Profiles In Success: Lab Of Ornithology's Macaulay Library, Cornell University: Bird Archive Takes Wing With Apple

Thanks to the reliability and scalability of the Apple solution, the creativity of researchers, educators, and filmmakers is free to take flight.


Apple Takes A Risk With The Promised iTunes Phone

All this represents a risk for Apple but it's difficult seeing it remain solely in the content business when margins are so tight.

The Open Apple Question

Why not open source some user-level software? Turn some significant piece of the software that ships free with OS X into an open source project.

My iPod Baby

OK, have you ever, ever seen anything this cute?


Apple Apps: A Look At iChat AV, Updated xSAN 1.1

xSAN 1.1 offers an incremental performance gain on a fantastic product. I have said before that this is Apple's most important enterprise offering of 2005. This release just supports that earlier claim.

Digital Photography Hack: A Hands-Free Shooting Rig

This rig allows you to take photographs by saing "Take shot" into the microphone of a Bluetooth headset. The picture itself is taken by an iSight fixed on my shoulder.

Apple Mighty Mouse

The Might Mouse's $49 price seems a bit much for such a simple little item.

Sucking Websites


Microsoft: Virus Won't Be In Vista

A new scripting tool targeted by a virus writer will not be part of Windows Vista, the next Windows client release, Microsoft announced Friday.

Friday, August 5, 2005


Steve Jobs To Keynote Apple Expo Paris

Copy-Protected CDs iPod-Incompatible But Sell Well

Recent CDs by Foo Fighters and Dave Matthews Band containing new anti-privacy technology are selling well despite a backlash among some fans angry that the discs are incompatible with iPods, experts said on Thurday.

Apple's New Mouse: Mighty Or Meek?

Apple was once again in the middle of a philosophical row, the likes of which its faithful are famous for.

iPod Mini With Color Screen Would Be 'Home-Run Product'

Piper Jaffray maintained an "outperform" rating and $52 price target on Apple, expecting the company to launch a number of new products by the end of 2005.


Why Classical Music Is Out Of Tune With The iPod

Classical music doesn't belong in a private mobile space.

Bad UI In OS X — Spotlight

It doesn't need to make the kind of compromises a web designer does, it shouldn't be throwing out 20 odd years of well-established behavior for basic controls just because it looks cool.


Apple's New Mouse Is Not As Mighty As Rival's Magnifier

The design makes right-clicking slower and clumsier than on typical Microsoft or Logitech mouse with real buttons.

iBook G4 Benchmarks: New Models Fare Well

A processor bump and new graphics hardware made all the difference for the latest iBook configurations.


First Family Of Windows Vista Viruses Unleashed

Thursday, August 4, 2005

Top Stories

Apple Opens iTunes Music Store In Japan

Apple launched its music download service, the iTunes Music Store, in Japan on Thursday, and most of the 1 million songs will be available for about 150 yen (US$1.35; euro1.10) a tune, the maker of the hit iPod portable player said.


Apple 10-Q Reveals New Lawsuit, Three Settlements

Start Me Up — iTunes Signs The Rolling Stones

Apple has achieved a major coup against its rivals, signing the complete digital music catalogue of the Rolling Stones as part of a new deal with Abkco.

The Cult Of Mac

Beautiful, cool, utopian. And that's only the box it comes in.

Henricoans Get First Shot At iBooks

Henrico supervisors voted 4-0 yesterday in a special session to change the county code in time for the laptop sale, which has drawn internaitonal interest and spurred people from California and beyond to plan a trip to Richmond.

iTunes Answers A New Calling

Expect to see the iTunes mobile phone from Motorola before the end of September.

Apple Will Target Tiger's Networking Glitches

Nouchine Hadjikhani

Hadjikhani, a long time Mac user, was thriled when she learned that she could use her Mac for more than just word processing and internet research.


A Theory On Apple's 'Mactel' Business Model

"The ability to run Windows apps on Mac hardware will make the iPod phenomenon seem tame."

Palladium Not In Apple Dev Kits

"Because they are developer kits only, future functionality of boot protection are emulated and do not reflect a production environment."

Wake Up And Try An Apple! It's Safer

Windows is so pervasive that many of us, institutions and individuals alike, assign some sort of vital force to it. It doesn't matter that Windows is badly designed from the standpoint of safety. All too often, the alternatives to Windows are simply dismissed.


Take Photos To A New Dimension

Dissecting Mighty Mouse

We all knew it was going to happen eventually, so we decided to beat our crazy, Domokun-loving friends across the pond to the punch and perform invasive surgery on our brand-new Apple Mighty Mouse.

How To Shift iTunes Libraries

Steps for coalescing your msuic collection on a roomier hard drive.

Wednesday, August 3, 2005

Top Stories

When Computer Store Meets Historic District

Plunked amid a phalanx of ornate buildings on Fifth Avenue — structures with classic Greek columns, cast-iron arches, filigreed cresting and intricate friezes — is a two-story stub of a building that has preservationists gnashing their teeth at the Apple Computer Company.

Apple Unleashes Next-Generation Mouse

Apple has introduced Mighty Mouse, its next-generation mouse with four independently programmable buttons and an ingenious scroll Ball that lets users scroll in any direction — vertically, horizontally and even diagonally.


Henrico County, VA Taxpayers To iBook Bargain Hunters: Stay Home!

Apple's Chain Reaction

According to conventional wisdom, Apple's resurgence is due almost entirely to the popularity of the iPod. But the company's success lately may have as much to do with something more prosaic: Apple's rapidly expanding chain of retail stores.

PodBrix Debuts Woz Figurine will put a limited quantity of Lego figures of Apple co-founder Steve Wozniak (Woz) on sale tomorrow.

Apple Alters iPod Trademark To Include Video

Mac OS X Dashboard Widgets Top One Thousand

Apple To Open New Stores In Arlington, Braintree

Apple's Mouse Goes Mighty

David Moody, Apple's vice president of Mac product marketing, said the company waited until it was able to design a mouse that had the scrolling and multiple-button features but was still as simple to use as the one-click original.

Apple Cuts iPod AppleCare Cost While Battery Replace Price Unclear

Apple slashed the cost of replacing an iPod with a faulty battery for US customers last month, but in the UK and Europe the "Battery Replacement Scheme" appears mired in confusion.

HP Missed Apple iPod 'Golden Chance'

HP missed a chance and its decision to stop selling re-branded iPods offers Apple more, not less, opportunity, an analyst said.


Of The Mighty Mouse

Heavy Metal

Unlike most indie developers out there, I at least understand the cardinal, unwritten rule of metal window design: for God's sake, minimize the amount of visible metal!

Crediting Again, Where Credit Is Due

This just gets funnier and funnier.All right, forget it. Let's just put the "reverse razor strategy" remark into the public domain.

Apple's In-Person Adviser Succeeds

Yes, I might have found information elsewhere, online or in a book, but it was nice to walk up to a human being, ask a simple question and get an unambiguous answer in plain English. Perhaps, that's Apple gretest bit of genius in all of this, after all.

What Would Descartes Say If He Had An iPod?

A couple of pieces have left me wondering if humanity has crossed an imaginary line between man and machine recently.

Apple's DRM Move: The Work Of A Ulysses?

The question is exactly how does this impact the end user? That is not exactly clear just yet.

Apple Discovers Multiple Buttons On A Mouse

And moves into the 90s.

The Shrinking Mac Conference Landscape

If you want to give your event the best possible odds of success, get Apple involved and highly visible. Otherwise, keep it real small with a low overhead. That way you can cater to a 100 or so enthusiasts without losing your shirt.



An In-Depth Look At Vista, Part 1

Tuesday, August 2, 2005


Apple's Not-So-Grand Entrance

Industry observers expect that Apple's move to a more widely used PC architecture will cause some shuffling among Taiwanese contract manufacturing firms, mostly because Apple will have more options available.

Apple Reseller Rides The iPod Wave

Apple distributor Renaissance has more than doubled its profit and has predicted further growth as it rides the iPod boom.

Cobb School Board Pulls Plug On Laptops

Cobb County school board members will no longer try to equip its students with laptop computers, agreeing in spirit with a Superior Court judge's order to immediately halt the groundbreaking program.

HP Likely To Stop Bundling iTunes By '06

Apple Changes Podcast Rankings

Apple changed the way it lists its most popular podcasts int he iTunes Music Store over the weekend, using the term "Today's Top Podcasts" in place of "Top Podcasts." The move came shortly after Podcaster Adam Curry noted that the "Top Podcasts" list was time-based, rather than an aggregate figure.


HP Minus iPod: Why It Makes Sense

The moral of the story: that HP once again has to come up with its own unique strategy, one that reflects and builds on HP's culture and capabilities.

A Convert With A Crush On His Mac

This anniversay marks my second as a Mac convert. Over the past two years, my Mac has lived up to all its promises and has never ceased to delight me.


Game Room: A Eulogy For The Tapwave Zodiac

How To Multi-Import Audio Files

Mac Loses Windows' Dates

Control-Key-Free Contextual Menus

One Finger Snap is especially useful for PowerBook and iBook users, since they can't replace their trackpad with a multi-button version, but it's even helpful for thos who've already purchased a two-button mouse for their Mac.


Never Start By Blaming Others...

Out Of Cheese: If your application has performance problems in certain areas, chances are it isn't due to objc_msgSend.

Creative Admits They Lost

Stop making fun of Creative Technologies. They've lost the self-declared MP3 war, and they know it. So, Sim Wong Hoo, the CEO, is now diverting your attention. No, he said. The bigger goal is something else altogether. Stop focusing on our little war with Apple, he pleaded. Look at the bigger picture — the living room, he claimed.

On second thought, you can make fun of Creative, while people still know who Creative is. :-)

Monday, August 1, 2005


Apple's Second Tokyo Store To Open This Weekend

Apple will open a store in Tokyo's Shibuya district, the city's capital of teen cool, this weekend, the company said Monday.

iPod Nation Marches To A High-Tech Beat

Predictability Dulls Podcasts

The problem is most iTunes users prefer podcasts produced by mainstream media companies. "It kind of ruins the whole independent feel of it."

Online Audio Book Leader Faces A Tough Future

iPods The New Apple Of Robbers' Eyes

Users fear iPods are becoming a "must steal" device.

MacHack Ends 20 Year Run

Due to dropping attendance, higher expenses, and fewer sponsors, the show could no longer be sustained.


Apple To Add Trusted Computing To The New Kernel?

People working with early versions of the forthcoming Intel-based Mac OS X operating system have discovered that Apple's new kernel makes use of Intel's Trusted Computing hardware. If this "feature" appears in a commercial, shipping verision of Apple's OS, they'll lose me as a customer. This is a deal-breaker.

Discussion: Mac OS X Intel Kernel Uses DRM

The new Intel kernel Apple has included with the Developer Kit DVD uses TCPA/TPM DRM, which will prevent certain parts of the OS from working unless authorized.


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