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Friday, March 31, 2006


SigmaTel Shortfall Won't Affect iPods

Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster maintained iPod unit sales estimates for Apple despite a recent revenue shortfall from iPod component supplier SigmaTel.

Apple's Finest Flip-Flops

This rocky passage has been mirroed by its publicity department and executives, who have occasionally overreacted to certain trends or simply missed others, resulting in an impressive number of public flip-flops over the years.

Despite Growth, Apple Falls Short On Enterprise Traction

As Apple reaches the 30-year mark, Macs are better integrated in enterprise systems than ever before. But if the enterprise market is paying attention, it isn't expressing this with large Mac purchases. It's also not evident how much Apple cares.

Pfeiffer Research Reports On Cost And Productivity Mac Versus Windows

Apple, Bose, Dell Tops In Consumer Electronics Brand Trust

At the other end of hte spectrum was Microsoft.

Aperture's Universal Binary Release Pushed To April


Where Apple Fails

If Apple is so great, how come it's so small?

Adios Avie

It's just a case of a very smart guy who decied a couple years ago to move on to something else, and tomorrow is moving day.

The Apple Effect


Remember, This Is Version 1.0

If you want to stay on the bleeding edge, buy, buy, buy. But there is a reason why there are advices on not buying 1.0 products.

Are We Getting It All Wrong?

You don't exercise with an iPod — whether listening or watching. You exercise with an Xbox 360!


Windows Rattled? Is Microsoft's "Wave Of Innovation" Bye Bye Ballmer?

How did the world's largest, richest, most powerful software company get this way? They've never had to weather a storm, work through a true crisis, or bet the farm.

Thursday, March 30, 2006


Apple Computer Rejects Apple Corps Complaint

"Data transmission is within our field of use, that's what the 1991 deal says and it is inescapable."

Lawyers: Apple Admits Flaw With iPod Volume Fix

The move acknowledges a product flaw, according to lawyers who filed a class-action lawsuit against Apple in January.

New Flaw Crashes Safari, Finder

New Employees Get Tour By iPod

An NHS body has become the first in the UK to use iPods to train staff, it announced yesterday.

Apple Is Sliding Toward The Bargain Bin

Have the shares fallen so low that the former can't-miss tech stock is ripe again for the picking?

Congressman Lauds Apple iPod Volume Control Software Update As 'Important First Step'

Final Cut Pro Studio v5.1 Universal Binary Released

Apple Turns iPod Volume To Max

Apple has posted a software update for the iPod nano and fifth generation iPod that makes it possible for owners of those iPods to set a limit on the volume levels.

The Genesis Of Apple

How the computer company got its start 30 years ago.


Bernard Lang Reports On The Proposed French DRM Law

Paris And iPod: Who's Crazy?

Are the French crazy to think that they can legislate "interoperability" in digital music? Or are they just ahead of the rest of the world?

Thank You Apple On Behalf Of My Children's Ears

Apple Vs. Apple Is An Old Song

Apple's mistake was knuckling under to Apple Corps in the first two cases.


Testing The 2.16GHz MacBook Pro

MarsEdit 1.1: Weblog Editing Tool Great For Publishing Outside The Browser

It's best suited for experienced bloggers looking for ways to tweak their publishing process.

Wednesday, March 29, 2006


Steve Jobs' Best Quotes Ever

One of the great things about Steve Jobs is what comes out of his mouth. The CEO of Apple is a master of hype, hyperbole and the catchy phrase. Even when he's trying to talk normally, brilliant verbiage comes tumbling out.

Warnings About Selling Your iPod Or MP3 Player

The question is — is it legal to sell a packed pod?

Hapy Birthday: WebObjects At 10

WebObjects has played an influential role in the history of hte web; a position it continues to fulfill today as the technology driving the market-leading iTunes Music Store.

Apple Commits To Windows Benchmarking

Changing Of The Guard At Apple. Who's Next?

Apple's 30" Cinema Display Gets Quiet Upgrade


Apple's Resurgence And The Element Of Style

There's no mystery here. The Apple stores and the online digital music stores embody the sense of style and attention the company traditionally lavishes on product design.

Apple Needs To Contribute More To Open Source And Free Software

The legacy of NeXT and FreeBSD saved Apple when Apple was struggling, now it is time for Apple and others to save OpenBSD by providing financial support.

iTunes Is Not The Messiah

Very few in Australia seem to have noticed the danger in something as ubiquitous and as powerful as iTunes, even if others around the world have already echoed big conerns.


Use Automator To Manage Workspaces

EyeTV 2.1: Premiere TV Recording Software Refines Features

The integated programming guide and new editing options make this upgrade especially worthwhile.


From The Desk Of Microsoft CEO

Steve Ballmer: I've got my kids brainwashed: You don't use Google, and you don't use an iPod.

It really must suck to be Steve Ballmer's kids. :-)

A New Apple Tree

Apples hanging on an Apple tree. I pity the tree, though.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006


iTunes To Rescue

Digital music has emerged as the only glimmer of hope for the Australian music industry following another dramatic slump in CD sales last year.

Adios Avie

Avadis "Avie" Tevanian, Apple's Chief Technology Officer, is leaving the firm to "pursue other interests," the company confirmed Monday.

Apple Computer: iPods, Sure. But Don't Go Dissing Macs

If Apple manaages to maintain the kind of stellar performance it delivered in 2005, the Mac wil be a major reason why.

Where Do You Use Your iPod?

Who said iPods are just for the gym, long car rides and walking around campus between classes?

Apple: H.264 Codec Driving QuickTime Adoption

More companies are looking to use Apple's QuickTime technology to showcase their products and services and one of the major reasons is the H.264 open-standard video codec.

Jobs Sells Stock To Pay The Taxman

Apple CEO Steve Jobs sold 4.5 million Apple shares this month — but only to settle tax liabilities.


Take The iTunes Away!

I have a bit of an addiction going on here.

Oh, Those Crazy French!

Should Apple, and the rest of us, write them off?

Calling Apple's DRM Bluff

It's time for Apple to show its true colours. Does the company want to hold on to its grip on the digital music download market through digital rights management, or does it seek to empower its users and let them use their content in whatever (legal) way they see fit?

Stubborn Chronicle Staff Writer Is An Ignoramus

Apple Computer Vs. Apple Corps

Give it a rest.


The Sims 2 Nightlife


NYC Blogs

From a third-grader: "School is hard. Tons of paper. And one small hand to do all the work."

Monday, March 27, 2006


Didn't Want To Change The World, Just Wanted To Work On Computers

Steve Wozniak says he never intended to change the world. That was the other Steve.

Change Is As Comfortable As A Black Turtleneck

Here in Silicon Valley, we're all about change. Amid all this, it's comfortable to know that some things stay the same. Apple Computer, for instance.

Beyond The iPod: Apple At 30

Apple Not Happy, But French May Be On Right Track

Apple calls this a recipe for "state-sponsored piracy." Consumer advocates say otherwise.

The Man Behind The Mac

Beatles Take Rival Apple To Court Over Core Business

This week the Apple Corps goes to the High Court seeking multimillion-pound damages against Apple Computer, the creators of the iPod, ove their hugely successful iTunes Music Store.

Denmark Next In Line To Challenge Apple, DRM

Apple's problems in Europe look to be getting worse, not better.

Low Market Share Is Badge Of Honor, As Far As Mac Faithful Are Concerned

Apple has pursued a deliberate strategy of appealing to a narrow audience of computing enthusiasts.

Faithful, Sometimes Fanatical Apple Customers Continue To Push The Boundaries Of Loyalty

Here on the 30th anniversary of the company's founding, how do you know if you're hooked on Apple? Well, you might be an Apple fanatic if...

Stubborn Apple At Risk Of Making The Same Mistake Twice

Beauty Of Apple Stock In The Eye Of Beholder

iPod a savior, though slowing sales a worry.


France Discovers A Way To Fight Apple — Piracy

This is how the system is supposed to work. Creative companies like Apple make money, and others are motivated to compete for those new profits. The constant drive for innovation makes everyone better off. The whole thing comes crashing down if we allow piracy.

Apple Robs Its Customers: The iPod Settlement Scam

Is The Genius System Broken?

The system surely is infuriating for anyone who has a broken mac that needs fixing.


Intel-Powered MacBook Is Fast On Its Feet

The MacBook Pro clearly is poised for the next generation of laptop use, and it's a worthwhile upgrade for users with older PowerBooks.

Dock On Top

Sounds like it would always be in the way, doesn't it? Ah, but if you turn Hiding on, it's no where to be found.


Windows Is So Slow, But Why?

Years long after Microsoft lost and then settled the antitrust case, it turns out that Windows is indeed stifling innovation — at Microsoft.

Sunday, March 26, 2006


iPod's Little Rules Of Etiquette

Popularity of music devices soars, but social guidelines are still in flux.

iPod, Therefore I Am

After 30 years as an outsider, Apple founder Steve Jobs is the white-hot center of mass-market media. His obsession with design is now America's: the machine has become the message. With the $7 billion Pixar deal, Disney — kingdom of content — is Jobs' new playground. How did he turn the tables?


My Five Years With Mac OS X

My computing environment has changed enormously in the last five years, and for the better.


iPod Hi-Fi


How Can Apple Keep Something Like This A Secrect? Apple is poised to make history next Saturday when it unveils the world's first advertisement that can be seen from space.

Saturday, March 25, 2006


Five Years Of Mac OS X

In five short years, Apple has essentially created an entirely new platform. Oh, I know, it's really just the foundation of NeXT combined with the wreckage of classic Mac OS, but I think that makes it even more impressive. Two failing, amrginalized platforms have combined to become the platform for the alpha geeks in the new century.

Market Wants To Know Apple Will Stay Fresh After Jobs

Despite Jobs' importance to the company, Apple has said little publicly about plans for a successor when he quits or dies.

Adobe CCEO 'Creative Suite 3 In Q2 2007'

"Creative Suite 3 will be introduced in the second quarter of 2007," Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen explained, promising "a lot of activity" around its launch.

Bryan Rowland, Doug Stewart & Kelly Peterson: Shake Performs A Miracle

"The miracle is the Apple technology that made it practically plug and play for our team. It's really amazing."

Tiger/Tigress Productions: Prolific Production House Makes The Switch

"You simply get more bang for the buck with Final Cut. It just makes a lot more sense. And it has definitely proven to be the right decision."


The iPod Juggernaut

Of all the myriad ways that Apple's iPod position today differs from their Macintosh position 20 years ago, perhaps none is greater than this: With the iPod, Apple is going for market share.

Of Intel Macs And Red Herrings

I can't imagine any developer who would prefer a long, drawn-out process of porting code from one build system to another to writing features that solve people's problems. We are already doing as much as we can possibly do. Indeed, one of the reasons I haven't posted very much as of late is because there really is a great deal of tedious work to do.

The Sad State Of Streaming Video On The Mac

Apple needs to integrate WMV support in Quicktime and keep it current.


Ten More Things I Hate About Mac OS X

Friday, March 24, 2006


Prize For Mathematician Who Paved Way For iPod

A prize that is considered the "Nobel" for mathematics has gone to an 80-year-old Swedish academic whose work on the complexities of soundwaves has subsequently been used in the electronic components of iPods.

US Government Backs Apple Against French Law

"Any time that we believe that intellectual property rights are being violated, we need to speak up and in this case, the company is taking the initiative."

Apple's Influence Already Felt At Intel

"It's nice to have customer that pushes us on a technology front."

Apple Announces iPod Deal With French University


Withdrawl Symptons

After working somewhere for six years, you get used to the machinations of that job, and the more reptitve aspects become like additions.

Steve Jobs Once Agreed With France's DRM Law

Vertigo Over iTunes

From a free-market standpoint, the French move looks immediately suspect, but it also points to a problem Apple will need to grapple with down the road: The shift of most media and cultural products in time to digital formats.

Intellectual iPods

Why Is There No News On The Apple Trial?

I'm Having A Big Mac Attack

I'm definitely consider switching sides.

Macintosh And The Intel Switch

What it means is that this time, there's no limited-cost option for getting most of the performance available on the platform for Photoshop in a short amount of time. In other words, no shortcuts. That leaves doing the work for real — taking the whole application over into XCode and recompiling as a Universal Binary. And that's no small task.

Why Apple Friggin' Rocks

Apple has earned my trust from here forth and you can now call me a fanatic.

Apple's High-Water Mark?

Apple appears to have reached a point where it cannot reduce its operational costs. It has taken on the continuing fixed expense of a large retail infrastructure. Its new hardware architecture is not as powerful as first perceived, and migration to the new platform is likely to create some tension with existing customers and software partners.


The XP Experiment: Running Windows On A Mac

Is installing XP on an Intel Mac worth the effort?


Rumor Today: Virtual PC Killed

Apple will have its very own Virtual-PC-like virtual machine inside Leopard, according to macosXrumors.

Correction For Previous Story

There is a correction to an earlier entry. Sorry for the mistake.

Click Click Click Click Ding!

A joke for us old folks. (Via Steve Outing)


Microsoft Announces Office 2007 Delay

Fresh on the heels of a delay in broad availability of Windows Vista, Microsoft confirmed late Thursday that it is also pushing the mainstream launch of Office 2007 to next year.

Microsoft Rearranges Windows Managers

Microsoft announced a major shakeup in its Windows division yesterday, just 48 hours after it disappointed consumers and PC makers with a delay of its next operating system, Windows Vista.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


Microsoft Blogger Critiques Apple Security

iPod Phone Confirmed

Insiders at Taiwanese phone maker BenQ say that Apple procurement executives have been talking to various Taiwanese phone makers during the past few months in an effort to cut a manufacturing deal on an iPod Phone.


Another Day, Another iPod Obit

The bar has been set so high, that Nokia (or anyone else) will have to make phones which are not just equal but far superior to iPod to beat Apple.

iPod Craze May Go Too Far for Our Own Good

iPods should be a resource students have but not a primary educational tool.

Apple's Hypocritical Slam Against French DRM-Interop Law

There's no question that Apple's iPod business is built on the aveage customer's need for a way to take his unauthorized music downloads on the road.

Five Biggest Apple Mistakes

Middleware Messing Up Mac Game Development

Ultimately, as unfortunately as it sounds, it mainly comes down to money.


No PowerPC, No Problem


JungleHeart may be a bit rough around the edges, but its heart is in the right place. It's a delightfully crafted side-scroller suitable for young players.


Big Apple

Clariticity: Microsoft [is] actually referring to an Apple product to validate one of its own.

Wednesday, March 22, 2006


Apple iTuunes Killed The CD Star

Music downloads set to out pace sales of physical media by next year.

Apple Vs France

Apple Says Proposed French Law Smacks Of Piracy

Apple said on Tuesday a proposed French law that would force Apple to make sure that songs bought on its iTunes music store can work on any portable player would result in "state-sponsored piracy."

Apple Wins 36K Maine Laptop Contact

Apple this year has won a second significant contract for the large-scale deployment of laptops — this time in the state of Maine's school system.

MP3 Sales Going Nuts

Report: Apple Choosing Manufacturers For 'iPhone'

Analyst: No Event On Anniversay

UBS IT Hardware Analyst Ben Reitzes said that while he still expects Apple to introduce new products in the near-term, the company will not be holding a special event around its anniversary.

Can Anyone Topple Apple?

Does the maker of the iPod and the popular iTunes music store finally have to start worrying about tougher competition down the road?

France Moves Ahead On DRM Legislation


How France Is Saving Civilization

There are few Mac usrers prepared to argue that Microsoft's monopoly in desktop PCs has been a good thing for the technology industry; why would an Apple monopoly of digital entertainment be any different?

The Future Of Microsoft Office For The Mac?

Death To All iPods

Quite when it became acceptable to thrust a piece of hardware at me and ramble on about its gigabytes, shuffle facilities, twin cylinders, low-carb options or whatever it is that spews from the mouths of besottled owners into my personal space like sewage into a popular sea resort and making me want to cut their hearts out with a spoon, I do not know.

iPods And Teachers Make Good Match

Will XP Melt Your Mac?

The fans in Macs do indeed go on regardless of which OS is running. The bad news? Your fans may whirr constantly, causing a bit of noise pollution, and possibly draining your batteries before their time.


Top Ten Reasons Why I Love My MacBook

Getting used to and feeling comfortable with my MacBook has been very easy to do.


Warning, Macworld Expo...

Your Paris show might be in danger.

The Idols Are Everywhere...

... but the singing is just as bad. :-)


What's Really Behind The Windows Vista Delay?

Microsoft's decision to launch Vista in 2007 instead of this year is as much about marketing as it is about product quality. Here's why.

Vista Debut Hits A Delay

Microsoft on Tuesday announced a delay of Windows Vista that will mean PCs with the new operating system won't go on sale until January.

Tuesday, March 21, 2006


iPod Hi-Fi And Software To Help Offset Intel Transition Woes

ANalysts for MorganStanley believe volatility in Apple's shares as a result of recent component supply chain and NPD data is overblown and that the new iPod Hi-Fi and other software products should offset perceived downside that may result from the company's Intel transition.

French On To Something With iTunes Law, Say Analysts

Analysts say the French are on to something that the rest of the world has yet to figure out: It needs to set rules for this new market now or risk one or two U.S. companies taking control of online access to music, video and TV.


The Backlash Blog Entry

Here, for your edification, is Mr Pogue's amazingly prompt and comprehensive retort.

France Will Let MSFT Play iTunes — But What About Open Source Players?

This is a good step, but for me, it leaves the big question hanging; will Apple and Microsoft have to license their players to free and open source software authors?

iPod Addiction Goes Academic

The academic iPod invasion has one flaw: cost.

MagSafe Being Withheld From Third Parties?

Finding Front Row's Future

Right now, Front Row is a very simple product, and I say that as a compliment. But Front Row needs to grow to be more functional and flexible, without sacrificing too much of its basic simplicity.

XP On Your Mac? Not So Fast!

The fabled XP on Mac hack lacks the necessary driver support to control the cooling fans (more importantly, to even turn them on).


MacBook Pro And Cons

If you can afford to wait a little longer, I think you should; revised models, hopefully without the irritations, will be appearing in coming months and they might well turn out to be a better choice in the long run.

Broader iPhoto Can Do A Lot For Your Image

How To Run Windows On AN Intel Mac With Q

Q is an open source Cocoa port based on QEMU. It's bascially an x86 emulator that allows you to install Windows, Linux, or any other x86-based operating system onto a special disk image file and run it from inside of a Mac OS X window.

The Print Shop For Mac 2.0: New Layout Tools Streamline Simple Print Projects, But Fall Short For Long Documents

This is a great program for anyone who wants to create fun print projects for home, school, or small business.

Quinn 3.1.2

Quinn isn't Tetris reinvented, but it is a solid OS X game with some great embellishments. Best of all, it doesn't cost a dime.

Mac Mini Series: HD Playback Issues


Apple, It's Time To Influence Britain's Economy

The iPod is now part of Great Britain's Inflation Index.

How Do I Blog?

I was surprised this morning when my wife IM-ed me at work, asking: how do I start blogging?

Watch this space for links to recipes and cooking tips, Real Soon Now. :-)

Monday, March 20, 2006


New MagSafe Power Adaptor Ablaze

Apple's engineering teams are furiously engaged in finding out what went wrong when a MacBook pro's MagSafe power adapter caught fire.

Samsung And SanDisk Compete To Drive NAND Flash Prices Downward

With weaker-than-expected iPod nano sales this year, Samsung has been trying to maintain control over its inventory levels buy dumping excess stock with memory module makers, according to sources at downstream players.

Apple Shareholders Meet April 27

Hey Teacher, Thanks For The Apple

The iPod, one of the most popular electronic devices purchased last Christmas, is popping up in capus classrooms across the country.


From The Scene: Everybody Has Music In Their Ears

Now hear this: You cannot be a college basketball player unless you are among the iPod enabled. Rare is the college basketball player who gets off the bus without his personal selection of tunes.

Make .Mac Mobile

Apple needs a more vocal mobile strategy.

Sunday, March 19, 2006



How Apple Ate The World

Apple, with its laptops and iPods, is certainly, from one perspective, a geek thing; but, from another, much more interesting perspective, it's an art thing, the story of how, even in our time, art and art alone can make, break, remake and, above all, express a contemporary cultural reality.


Moneydance 2006 For Mac: Money management App Keeps You In The Black And Dancing For Joy

Apple's Mac Mini, Filling Out The Living Room

With some updates, it could be the best fusion of computer and TV yet. But will that come at the price of neglecting the price-conscious home users the Mac mini was originally built for?

Tools Of The Trade: The Apple MacBook Pro

Apple Speakers Set New Standard For iPod Sound

The iPod Hi-Fi is gorgeous gear, and it sounds sensational.


Turn Your Mac Into A Media Center... Really

Not satisfied in just merely running Windows applications in your Intel-based Mac? How about installing Windows XP Media Center Edition?

Saturday, March 18, 2006


Amateurs Run Windows XP On A Mac

Cross-over contest code could be offered as open source.

MacBook Magnetic MagSafe Connector Not So Safe After All

Jody Dole: A Master Of Digital Photography

"I'm captivated by the beauty of new things. And on the Mac, I can design a book, get it printed in a couple of days, make a presentation — then change it in a heartbeat. It's like a magic carpet."

Elizabeth Witham: A Cadence For Cutting

"When I sit down and decide how I'm going to approach a project from an editing point of view, I find Final Cut Pro completely adaptable to every project and to how I need to operate or organize that project."

U.S. Patent Office Launches New Mac Compatible E-Filing System


Yes, The iMac Does Windows

As I write this, it's still rough going.


Two Juicy New Apples: MacBook And Mini Please The Eye, The Brain, And The Budget

MemoryMiner 1.0: Innovative Photo-Organizer, Prematurely Released

Conceptually, I like MemoryMiner, but it's closer to a beta release than a finsiehd product.

Friday, March 17, 2006


The Truth About Your Battery Life

The industry needs to include battery specs for DRM audio tracks or the tracks we're buying or subscribing.

Apple Files For 'Aloha' Trademark In Hong Kong

From A Garage In California To A Billion Downloads Worldwide: Apple At Thirty

Now that the iconic brand is a Goliath and not a David, anti-trust concerns may begin to creep in.

PiperJaffray: "75 Percent Change" Of An Apple iPhone

Some Soft Spots For Apple Stock

New products bring short-term risks, which have spooked some investors. Do they plant a seed for future gains?

How The XP-On-Mac Prize Was Won


All I Really Need To Know I Learned From A 128K Mac

So what did that Mac teach me?

Imagine That!

It's true, my mother has a computer; but more than the fact that she (or any of us has one), it's what we are doing with them that is amazing us.

Swan Song For An iPod

Death, if we're so lucky, comes in the waning years of one's life. It would arrive with little suffering, as painless as closing your eyes and entering a deep sleep. Some of us aren't so lucky. My iPod wasn't. It suffered. And I cred a thousand tears.


iPod Hi-Fi Is Disappointing

This boom box for your iPod has so-so audio quality.

Enigmo 2

The addition of a 3-D workspace adds new challenges that make this a worthy successor to an already great game. I only wish it were a little less expensive.

Browseback 1.1: Web-Page Indexing Application Archives Browser History

If you are constantly referring to your browser's history, or you need full-text searching, Browseback 1.1 is worth a try.


Hello Again

Steve Jobs gave great presentations... even back in 1984.


Microsoft's Big Bet: Win With The Web

Will users deem Vista and Windows Live products ahead of their time, improvements that can wait? Or will they snap up the software-services combo as soon as it becomes available? The answer is six months or so away.

Thursday, March 16, 2006


iTunes Is Most-Used Media Player

iTunes is becoming the new standard for online media content, a new report revelas.

iTunes U User Group Grows

Yet another US university has joined Apple's iTunes U scheme, san Jose State University.

The Free Press

When do gifts to journalists turn into a conflict of interest? When a New York Times writer gets his computer repaired.


Microsoft's EFI Pullback Is Apple's Gain

As Mac users gain the benefits of EFI over the next couple of years, Windows XP and Vista users won't. That is a simple equation, and one that Mac customers can cheer about.

The Apple Effect

Apple may be the best thing that's ever happened to the tech industry, or should I say quite a number of industries.

iPod Can't Shuffle

I like this new way of doing smart playlists because while I get to hear stuff I really, really like and listen to over and over I'm also able to hear stuff that I haven't heard in a while.

Why Apple Has Not Advertised Mac OS X

Intel Core Duo Changing The Face Of Mobile And Desktop Computing

This, then, is the future of computing: Power and performance, with great battery life for mobile users.

Apple: Frugal To A Fault?

Even while Apple's revenue has skyrocketed in recent years, what the company has spend on R&D has risen only modestly.

Sometimes I'm SO-DIMM!

Lessons learned, for all you future do-it-yourselfers: Small computers take SO-DIMMs, not DIMMs. Even if you know this, remember it when shopping!


A Maximum Look At A Mini Mac, Part Three

Wednesday, March 15, 2006


iTunes First Full-Length Movie Disappears, Returns

The first ever full-length movie to appear for sale on iTunes US disappeared briefly yesterday — only to reemerge with a higher price tag.

Experts Urge New iPod Ear Studies

US health experts have urged further research into possible links between personal music players and potentially irreversible hearing loss.

New Flash Player Closes Security Vulnerability

Tribble On Apple's Security Troubles

Bud Tribble, vice president of software technology in Apple, talk about the security of Mac OS and the company's security update process.

Microsoft Confirms It Originated iPod Box Parody Video

"It was an internal-only video clip commissioned by our packaging [team] to humorously highlight the challenges we have faced RE: packaging and to educate marketers here about the pitfalls of packaging/branding."

Analysis: Setbacks Won't Stop Dual-Boot Mac Efforts

So, to recap: Microsoft's thrown a few wrenches in the works, and Apple's positively ambivalent about people running Windows on their Macs. Despite that, a lot of enterprising people are investing a lot of time and effort to make it happen.



Listen Without Adding To Library In iTunes

Yojimbo: An Innovative Information Management Program

Yojimbo's approach is so unique and simple that, if it fits your mindset, you'll be hooked immediately, and you'll quickly wonder how you lived without it.

A Maximum Look At A Mini Mac, Part Two

Tuesday, March 14, 2006


Apple Squashes It With 24's Louis Lombardi

Recently, in our interview with Louis Lombardi, deceased computer whiz Edgar Stiles from the Fox hit show 24, the actor expressed his displeasure with his newly bought Macintosh computer. Here is an update from the actor himself on how Apple has handled his computer woes.

More Details On Ultrawideband (UWB) Speed

Macs A Big Presence At Computer Using Educator's Conference

French Plan Would Open iTunes To Other Devices

France is pushing through a law that would force Apple to open its iTunes online music store and enable consumers to download songs onto devices other than the computer maker's popular iPod player.

Citigroup Ups Apple To Buy

Apple is being hamstrung by product transitions, but should start beating earnings estimates again later this year, Citigroup said in upgrading the stock to buy from hold Monday.

Apple Again Pays Jobs $1 Salary

Apple chief Steve Jobs once again took home a $1 salary, although his net worth got a boost as the company's share price continued to soar.

Apple Releases Second 2006 Security Update


Time To Get An iLife - An Apple A Day Keeps Creativity Away

Let's all more better do our job, rather than letting Jobs do it for us.

Customer Experience Files - Taking A Bite Out Of Apple

I spent some time at the Apple Store in tyson's Corner virginia recently. While I'm a huge Mac fan, I must say that our experience was surprisngly underwhelming... In fact, it was bad, folks.

The iPod

Designing a good user experience across hardware and software is hard. There are very few companies which are capable of making the necessary level of investment to make something that's arguabl a work of art, but also a functional music player.

I Lost Something Every Time I Travel

I should force myself to change my routine more often (there's probably a life lesson in there somewhere).

From iPod To MacBook Pro: A Switcher's Tale

Everything from Apple or built for Mac works perfectly and easily, but be prepared for pain if you fall into the middle. I agree with Steve Jobs' mantra of simplification, but not when simplification increases complexity.

All Work And No Play Makes A Quiet MacBook Pro

Running the above-linked tool quiets my MacBook Pro, yet allows compiles and any other ordinary tasks that want to harness my MBP's power to complete at full-speed.


Elgato Eyehome

LightZone 1.0: Image Editor Effectively Simulates Zone System Control And Darkroom Processes

Apple's iWeb Simple, But Not Very Flexible

A Maximum Look At A Mini Mac, Part One

A week living with the Core Duo.



Caped Crusader + Pismo = this.

Windows Mac

Despite the best non-efforts by both Apple and Microsoft, it seems that we are ever getting closer to the day of having Windows run on a Macintosh.

Personally, I'm waiting for the day where Virtual PC runs on an Intel-based Macintosh with lightning speed.


Microsoft Puts Profit On The Line With Web-Based Focus

Monday, March 13, 2006


Apple To Grow 35% In 2006 - Analyst

While some analysts recently issued conservative judgements on the company, American Technology Research analysts Shaw Wu has raised his assessments for sales this year, and advises his investors to buy Apple stock.


iPod Hi-Fi: Huh?

Someone help me out there: I think I'm missing the point of Apple's newest iPod accessory, the iPod Hi-Fi, and it's bugging the bejeezus out of me.

This Is Happening

You don't want the headaches? Don't buy a Mac and think they'll go away. Just don't have a computer at all.

SXSW Has Macs, Is Cool

Now I can die a happy reporter.

The Sanctimonious Backlash Against The iPod

With the iPod, I get my privacy back in situations from which serenity and good manners have been sucked faster than you can say broadband.


More On Mac Security

Podcasting Made Easier With GarageBand

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Rural Georgia College Pushes For iPod Ingenuity

Saturday, March 11, 2006


Analyst: Lower-Priced Models Boost iPod Demand

Inspiration. Innovation. Imagination.

They work in widely disparate fields, but united in their determination to push the envelope and in their reliance on Macs to help them do so.

Zimmerman Agency: Transcending The Rat Race

"The simple fact is, if Mac wasn't a core part of our strategy, if Apple's vision of technologyw asn't crucial to our culture, we wouldn't be where we are today."

Apple's Shuffle Symbol Trademark Clears Trademark Office Hurdle

iPod Hi-Fi And Low-End iPods Selling Well, Says Analyst

Apple's new iPod Hi-Fi audio system as well as its lower-end iPod digital music players are selling well enough for one analyst to increase his estimates for the company's current fiscal quarter, which ends in March.


The Near term Future Of Intel (With Implications For Apple)

I have little doubt Apple will swing for the fences. I wonder how many of the WinTel OEMs will do the same?

The Annals Of Journalism

Not rumors. Journalism. Right.

Support Original Mac Game Developers

There are a small but important community of Mac game developers who put the Mac virst, or on an equal level with Windows and console systems, and they're equally deserving of our support.


Spring Cleaning 8.0

Spring Cleaning 8.0 is extremely slow. it's potentially unsafe, since it shows you files that you should never remove. And it is generally superfluous, since the only operations it does quickly and safely are tasks you can do with other programs such as your web browser or freeware apps.


Ultra Mobile PCs Need Better Battery Life, Says Gartner

Ultra Mobile PCs (UMPs) face the same problem as previous tablet PCs in that their battery life is not long enough at the moment for prolonged use, according to analyst house Gartner Group.

Friday, March 10, 2006


Microsoft Bombshell: No EFI Support For Vista

Microsoft revealed today that it will not support EFI booting for Windows Vista on its launch. The news will be a shock for owners of Intel Macs who had hoped they would be able to dual-boot between Windows Vista and OS X.

Pope Benedict XVI Finds His iPod Irresistible

The Pope is apparently so pleased with his gift that he can be frequently spotted around the Vatican using his iPod and distinctive white earphones.

Apple To Hire 3,000 By 2007

Like its fellow global technology majors, Apple too has decided to set up a massive technical support centre in India.


Apple TV: Wait And Sue

The media companies will only have themselves to blame for allowing Apple to control their TV shows as well as their music.

Apple: Finding The Root Of The Problem

The time has come for Apple to consider doing what many other companies like IBM and Oracle have: create a position of chief security officer. This person would be a well-known computer security expert, ideally from outside Apple, who would wave hte flag for all thins related to Mac security, debunking myths, correcting the record, and providing a public face when issues crop up.


Your iPod Can Do More Than Play Music, Videos

Apple MacBook Pro

The MacBook Pro delivers unparalleled style, a solid set of features and software, and a few transitional performance issues that keep it from rivalling the most powerful PC laptops.

RadioSHARK Even Better With Version 2.0

Thursday, March 9, 2006


OS X Hacking Challenge Called Off

The University of Wisconsin did not take kindly to a systems engineer using its network for a public Mac security test.

Apple Stops Fan Developing Applications

iPod Lovers May Be Tuning Out The World

Wearning headphones has become the modern equivalent of wearing a "Do Not Disturb" sign around one's neck.

The Player

Rivals won't find it easy competing with the iPod's closed system.

Apple's Outside Chance

Just how do you translate "iPod" into Chinese or Hindi?

iTunes Gets Jon Stewart, Multi-Pass Feature

Apple and Comedy Central announce new shows available on iTunes as well as a new feature which allows consecutive episodes to be downloaded as a package deal.


The Contractor And The Architect

Visceral Design: Do Looks Matter?


Mini Is Solid Addition To Home Media Center Despite Some Caveats

The new mini is a solid addition to any entertainment center.

Apple's MacBook Pro Is Fast Laptop

The new notebooks may have a new name and brain, but they haven't lost the Apple shine.

How To Turn Your Mac Into A Home Theatre System

Switching To An Intel-Based iMac


Reality Check For The Much-Hyped Origami PC

Bill Gates' vision of an ultramobile PC seemed like a winner: a device with all-day battery life, yet small enough to fit in a pocket and much cheaper than a laptop. But as devices begin to roll out a year later, reality still trails Microsoft's ambitions.

Now, A Laptop You Can Hold In Your Hand

In a bid to crack the crowded market for hand-held computers and music players, Microsoft and two electronics companies, Samsung of Korea and Asus of Taiwan, plan to unveil an ultralight tablet computer on Thursday that melds a laptop and media player into a thin, new device.

Wednesday, March 8, 2006


One In Eight Would Switch To A Windows-App Compatible Intel Mac

Analyst Needham & Co has found that if the new generation of Intel Macs can run Windows applications then Apple could see a sharp rise in the number of PC to Mac switchers.

Chinese Apple Users Launch National Mac Site

Use Of Podcasts Spreads To All Of U. Michigan

The ubiquitous iPods seen around the University of Michigan campus will soon be blasting lectures along with the latest Coldplay album.

iPod Finds A Home In The Living Room

Whether it's Apple's speaker system or one from a competitor, the result is a more tech-happy living room, more convenience and a higher fun factor.

In Storage, Apple Is Shining

Can Apple Make A Campus Comeback?

Popularity of iPods could lead more students to buy Macs.

MacBook Supply Could Affect AAPL

PCs Twice As Expensive To Maintain As Macs

Apple Sets August Date For Developer Conference

Short Student Film Created With iMovie Gets Nationwide Coverage

In iPod We Trust

Beloved by students worldwide, the ubiquitous little MP3 player is becoming a presence in the classroom as teachers discover its many educational uses.

iPod Craze Invades Campus

Waves and "hellos" from friends are increasingly lost in the white ear buds connected to a seemingly endless supply of music known as the iPod.

Apple Criticised For Persistent Trojan Flaw

A patch last week hasn't solved the fundamental problem behind the malware-disguising flaw, according to some experts.


iMac, Now With Apple Porn

Five Reasons Why There Will Be No Macs In 2010

iPod Firmware And Apple's Edge

There's a sympathetic relationship between the iPod and Hi-Fi — one where each device brings a little something to the party. This is an intriguing relationship, and one that could be of conern to iPod accessory makers.


So Near, Yet So Far For Apple's Hi-Fi

It does the whole wall of sound thing so well, it's easy to overlook its shortcomings, and here comes the whimper.

Intel-Powered Mac Mini Might Make You Switch

For most people, the well-behaved, low-maintainance Mac mini will run circles around a Windows-based system.

Apple Speaker iPod-Worthy



Apple has pushed this year's WWDC to a later date in August.

This could either mean that the next version of OS X is late. This could mean that someone in Apple forget to book the conference halls in advance. This could also mean that Steve has already booked a holiday in May/June and don't want to change.

But to the folks at Macworld Expo, this just mean the final death nail on the Macworld Boston coffin.


Somebody, some third-party iPod accessory manufacturers, is probably thinking whether to maintain good relationship with Apple so that everybody profit together, or sue and get the big bucks and retire.

Apple, you really got to maintain some sort of Chinese wall between your iPod team and iPod accessories team. You really got to make sure that whatever access to the internals of iPod is available to your accessories team is also available to third parties.

As it is now, the iPod Hi-Fi just smell of "abuse of monopoly position."


Intel shows Origami-Like Device

Tuesday, March 7, 2006


Why iPods Are Refreshing Parts Teachers Can't Reach

Whether it's podcasting lessons to students, composing music, or directing movies to be broadcast online, ICT and creativity are catching on.

Mac OS X Hacker Tale Rebuked

Apple Falls On Analyst Intel Gloom

Apple shares fell last night after analyst firm Thomas Weisel warned the Intel transition may be 'proving difficult.'

Bare Bones Releases BBEdit 8.2.5

Vermont Community Uses iPod To Reach Voters

Add an iPod to Norman Rockwell's iconic image of Vermont's town meetings.

Ultrawideband To Add New Wireless Options

It's likely that battery-powered portable electronics such as cell phones and MP3 players will eventually receive the biggest benefit from UWB because of its extremely low power usage.

Brian Petersen: Fast Friends Fashion First Feature

"The truth is we could never have pulled this off — not in our wildest dreams — if not for two crucial factors: our close friendship and our Mac computers."


Sniveling About Steve Jobs

As usual, Steve is way ahead of the curve. He's about to invade everyone's home, while the clueless are still obsessing about yesterday's iPod Nation... and getting mad at him for being far ahead of the curve. Get over it.


Logitech Vies For Mac Desktop

The S 530 is the perfect co-star for a Mac mini and a good replacement fo your standard Mac perpherals thanks to the handy shortcut butons to control your iTunes' playlists, launch iPhoto and use Spotlight amongst other stuff.

The New Notebook By Mac A Good Buy

BBEdit Vs. TextMate

In A Docktopus's Garden

I appreciate the approch that Startly has taken to providing contextual information and utilities via items that are already guaranteed to be in the Dock, but being joined at the hip to the Dock also means that Docktopus will be used primarily to people who are geeky enough to want instant access to the kind of information and capabilities that Docktopus provides without being the kind of peole who run many applications simultaneously or who store many items in their Docks.

Even With Intel Inside, New MacBook Is Easy To Like

In short, it's everything a good notebook should be.

Upgrades To iPhoto Worth Seeing, Using


Go West

We will fly so high
Tell all our friends goodbye
We will start life new
This is what we'll do.

Thanks to the Pet Shop Boys and the iPod, this is the song that is stuck in my head this morning.

And thanks to the power of the internet, I can try to get it stuck in your head too.

Monday, March 6, 2006


Helpful Mac OS X Worms?

Kevin Finisterre has started a publicdialogue over Mac OS X security. But he has also opened a Pandora's box, giving script kiddies techniques that could be used in future Mac OS X viruses.

Mac OS X Hacked In Less Than 30 Minutes

Gaining root access to a Mac is "easy pickings," according to an individual who won an OS X hacking challenge last month by gaining root control of a machine using an unpublished security vulnerability.

For iPod Users, A Budding Problem

Apple and other MP3 player manufacturers can help listeners by reducing volume levels, experts say. But in the end, it is up to the user.

Apple's MP3 Lead Faces Legal, Technical Challenges


What Jobs Didn't Say

Perhaps the real meat of last week's Apple announcement is that the digital home may end up seeded with computers rather than the specialized networked entertainment devices the folks at CES have been talking about for years. I just hope when they're done remodeling our living rooms, we'll still be able to use our legally purchased content the way we want to.

Apple Versus The Analog Monster

Apple is shipping computers with crapy analog electronics. It has been doing so for years, and it continues to do so, right into the Intel transition.

iPod: Threat Or Menace?

The iPod Hi-Fi points to the real challenge confronting the audio industry, which is that the iPod has changed the way listeners expect to experience their music.

Why Doesn't The Front Row Remote Have A Click Wheel?

It's just about the best darn UI for browsing through massive amounts of media — and isn't that what Front Row is designed to do?

Apple Web Support Doesn't Like IE7 (Which Leads To A Rant)

Jobs, maybe you should sell songs for $1.05 and get some real tech support.

Sunday, March 5, 2006


Justice Probes Music Firms' Pricing Of Downloads


Screwy MacBook Pro Speaker

To my own ears, the right speaker was notcieably quieter, and lacked bass when compared to the left speaker. Also, it sounded horribly distored.

A Remote Control That Tells The Future?

It's the remote control's banality that makes it such a powerful expression of deeply Apple believes in this vision, what I call the "sophisticated simplicity" strategy. If one looks closely into the remote control, you can almost make out images of Apple's future...


Apple iPod Hi-Fi

I wholeheartedly recommend this speaker if you're looking for an extremely powerful single-cabinet speaker that's portable, because this is about as good as it gets.

Well, It Can Fill A Room With Sound...

Apple's new iPod Hi-Fi speaker system is tested against three rivals by a panel of trained listeners. The verdict: Buy something else.


Life Imitates Art

Or, more precisely, a real life version of the opening theme of The Simpsons.

Saturday, March 4, 2006


Illegal iPod Use Under Review

A law that bans people from using plug-in FM transmitters with their iPod slooks set to change.

Tom DeLay Ally Finds Home At Apple

Apple doesn't seem to be the first company you'd think of it if you were looking for Republican lawyers well versed in redrawing congressional districts, but the job market makes for novel combinations.

iPod Accessory Stores Go Brick-And-Mortar

Vatican Radio Employees Present Pope With Specially Loaded iPod Nano

A group of Vatican Radio employees gave Pope Benedict XVI a brand new iPod nano loaded with special Vatican Radio programming and classical music.

PCs Not Dull, Admits Apple UK

In the original, US-oriented ad, Apple takes a dig at "dull" PCs, but in the version cleared for UK audiences the d-word is perculiarly absent.


Are We Ready to Viiv?

Personally, I'm still banking on the King of Cupertino to release his own, full-fledged media center.

Airport Lines And Mac Laptops

What I noticed going out and returning home is a higher proportion of sleek Apple laptops in those dull gray plastic trays at security checkpoints.

Still More Evidence Of Apple iPod Popularity


Benchmarks: Intel Mac Mini Scores A Mixed Bag

Apple iPod Hi-Fi: Apple's First Big-Ticket iPod Accessory Offers Big sound, Unique Features

It really is in this context — compact systems — that you should consider the Hi-Fi. I don't see people with true high-end stereo systems trading them in. Rathern, the Hi-Fi is going to be an attractive option for people lookign for good, room-filling sound in a compact package: It's a bookshelf system for the iPod generation, and one that that can even be taken with you in a pinch.

Friday, March 3, 2006



What Apple Co-Founder Actually Said

I find Mr Wozniak's response shocking as it is a serious attack — not only on my credibility, but also on that of the press in general. Mr Wozniak did indeed make all the comments attributed to him, and he certainly was not pushed or used to accomplish any agenda, because one did not exist.

The Mini's Graphics


Home stereo choices are getting thinner all the time.

Front Row Finally Gets The Picture

If I can make a request, the next no-brainer addition to Front Row should be adding the complete iPod user interface to the Music section of Front Row.

iTunes' Long March To Market Share

Under the current 99-cents-per-song service, Apple is the only winner.

Keeping Mac Mini's Integrated Graphics In Perspective


I Picked Up An iPod HiFi... Mini Review...

This thing is a perfect example of everything Apple does. It just works.

MacBook Pro Offers Promising Start To Era Of Intel-Powered Apple

The MacBook Pro is better than the PowerBook and better than the H-P, though it has some drawbacks.


Thursday, March 2, 2006


Apple Fixes Serious OS X Flaws

Applications such as Safari and Apple iChat have been patched, after a fortnight when Apple's security has come under renewed scrutiny.

Apple's Latest Audio Offensive

Purists can sniff that the new Hi-Fi speaker system is a glorified boom box, but for Microsoft and others the message is clear: Jobs & Co. are coming on strong.

Downloading Empathy To Your iPod

In searching for a way to cope with her loss and create awareness of neuroblastoma, the pediatric cancer that claimed her son, Justine Saylors became part of a phenomenon that some researchers predict wil dramatically change the online music business before the decade is out.

Opening Up The Intel Mac Mini

The easily-accessible RAM slot on the left side is gone. Or to be more accurate, they've been turned on their side and hidden from view.

iPod Technology In The Home

It is hard to see where Apple can go wrong in the future of the home entertainment industry.

Apple Updates Front Row, iTunes, iPhoto

Intel Mac Mini: What You Need To Know

What's changed with the mini — and how it affects you.


MacBook Pro's Crazy New LEDs

Apple has cranked up the keyboard backlight on the new notebok to several times the brightness of hte backlight on my PowerBook G4.

Apple Eats Its 'Companions'

Apple certainly has the right to compete with the companies that make or sell Apple comptaible or peripheral products. I'm merely saying that consumers also have a choice.

Mac Mini Musings

That PVR software you're missing? It's Front Row. Or at least, that's what Front Row is evolving towards.

Jobs iPod Hi-Fi: Home Stereo Reinvented? Or Load of HorseCRAP?

Apple is going after the home entertainment market and it will use its DRM to keep the competition at bay.

In Defense Of Apple's Announcements

If you look at the story that the products tell, then things begin to make a little more sense.


MacBook Pro

Because of some of the oddball behavior I experienced with this machine, I'm hesitant to be as glowing about the MacBook Pro as I could potentially be.

Apple Laptop Has Looks And Brains

Over all, the MacBook Pro is a beautifully engineered machine. If it's not the world's finest, it's darned close.

The Intel Mac Mini Value Equation

First Look: iPod Hi-Fi

Perhaps a more accurate tag line would be Compact stereo system. Refined.


Chinese Walls In Apple?

Does the part of Apple that made the iPod Hi-Fi has additional knowledge — hidden APIs and so on — that other manufactuers don't? If so, it's time to pull another anti-trust trial. And this may just have merits.

Rumor Today: Movies? Yeah, You Do Want To Rent Them

Apple — or, perhaps, Steve Jobs himself — has always stayed away from music subscription services, claiming that customers want to own music, not rent. This, to me, makes sense both on an emotional level and business level.

Yeah, the music that I love, I want to own them. And it makes business sense for Apple to lock in users by selling and not renting. (If iTunes' business model is subscription, customers can easily switch from iPods to other MP3 players, as there are other subscription services out there.)

But the latest rumor indicates that Apple "thinks different" with regards to movie downloads: it's iTunes Movie Subscription Store that is in the works, according to AppleInsider.

Apple Mail Say Wha?

Apple Mail say wha?

Or as a reader commented... ERROR: Everything is OK.


Origami To Be Vole's iPod Killer

The software giant known as Microsoft has confirmed that its origami project is to be the hardware it will use to try and bruise Apple's iPod.

Origami Is As Exciting As Paper

I've seen what Origami is supposed to be and (without spilling too many details per the NDA that I willingly signed) it's not going to live up to the hype.

Wednesday, March 1, 2006


Bloggers Underwhelmed By Apple Announcements

Several bloggers voiced frustration at Apple's $349 solution to a problem they have been able to sovle with a $5 cable.

Over High-Fidelity, Companies Attempt To Refocus On Sound

iPod Hi-Fi Has Big-Sounding Ambitions

Could iPod Hi-Fi Alienate Accessory Makers?

The release of the iPod Hi-Fi speaker system moves Apple squarely into the high-end accessory territory marked out by third-party developers. And that could wind up backfiring on Apple if the company finds itself jostling with those developers for sales, analysts warn.

Apple Unveils Intel-Powered Mac Minis

Apple Announces iPod Hi-Fi Speaker System

Apple boosted its iPod accessory offerings Tuesday with the release of the iPod Hi-Fi, a portable high-fidelity speaker system taht works with the handheld music device.

Apple Updates Front Row Multimedia Program

The new version of Front Row allows users to access hared iTunes and iPhoto libaries and video throughout their home via Bonjour.

PowerBook G3s Get New Long-Life Batteries


Is Apple Preparing An Embedded Front Row Device?

Why do I need a full blown computer sitting there streaming all my media? I think people will start to question this. It is also why I think Apple will shortly come out with a simpler — and cheaper — solution.

Apple Boom Box Blooming Horrid

Let us be blunt about this: It is ugly.

In Defense Of The Aple Rumor-Mongering

That the products released today are underwhelming isn't the fault of our admittedly overhyped expectations, it's the fault of the underwhelming products being released.

The iTunes Music Store Is Outdated

If Apple doesn't do something to iTunes soon, then the application will quickly develop into a twisted version of Windows Media Player.

Apple's New Software May Steal The Show

Jobs spent only about five minutes talking about what I see as the big news of the day: Apple's first software for using a home network through a television screen rather than a computer monitor.

OK So We Have iPod Hi-Fi: So What About iPod Wi-Fi?

Intel Mac Mini's Video Card

Clearly, the Mac mini is not intended to deliver 3D gaming performance comparable to the iMac or MacBook Pro. It is, however, desigend to deliver absolutely smokin' video playback to displays more traditionally found in the home: TVs, home theaters, etc.

From Companion To Competitor

Moving from partner to competitor may not make iPod accessory makers happy, but it's bound to benefit iPod owners to the tune of more compelling products.

First Thoughts On The New Mac Mini

While the new Mac mini may not sport an array of entertainment features the Mac rumor mill has been chewing on, it is by no means unimpressive.

Apple Living Larger

The product announcements indicate that Apple is clearly trying to establish itself as a player in the battle for the digital living room, where computer and networking technology is married with consumers' traditional entertainment systems.

iPhoto 6: The Toolbar

Mac Mini's Second Act

I hope that Front Row continues to evolve, but even in its current state it makes the Mac mini a potentially excellent home-media appliance for the living room, attached to a great home theater sound system and a widescreen TV.

Hi-Fi, No Wi-Fi

Why does it lack Wi-Fi?

The Intel Mac Mini Is Perfect For HDTV

Apple's Special Event A Bit Of A Letdown

So I'm going home empty-handed and will remain that way until the next big Apple announcement.



Be Instantly Clever

Now, you can start to appear smart and intelligent whenever you talk to your friends — with Wikipedia in your pocket (actually, in your iPod).

Warning: You may not be that smart after all.


Napster Rues Microsoft, Player Glitches

Technical glitches by Microsoft and the digital music device makers have hampered Napster's ability to close the gap with Apple's iTunes, the dominant online music service, Napster's chief executive said on Tuesday.

Why Windows Vista Won't Suck

Here's a list of what's new and improved in Microsoft's next generation OS and why you should care about it.

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