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Friday, June 30, 2006


France Approves iTunes Rights Law

A law that could force Apple to share its digital download technology with rivals has been passed in France.

Apple Acknowledges MacBook Stains As Manufacturing Defect

Will Apple Dominate Home Entertainment?

"Apple in the living room will be the story of 2008."

Apple Probe Found Option Grant 'Irregularities'

Apple said an internal probe uncovered irregularities related to the company's issuance of stock option grants between 1997 and 2001, and its shares fell 3 percent.

Attack Code Out For Apple Flaw

Attack code that exploits a flaw in Apple's Mac OS X was publicly released Wednesday, increasing the urgency to patch.

iPod Software Updated For Video iPod, Nano, Shuffle

One Year Later: How Apple's Intel Transition Is Going


My Experience With The Video iPod

People should know how to and where to find hacks and resources for it.

Why I Want Apple To Make An Ultralight Notebook Computer


Friday Fun Facts

Eight Ways To Kill Someone By Using An iPod Nano, according to ex-Marine Brad Collum.

Thursday, June 29, 2006


Maine Inks Deal With Apple To Continue Statewide Laptop Program

QuickTime 7.1.2 Update Addresses iDVD Issue

Analyst Sees iPod Delay, Apple Dips To Eight-Month Low

American Technology Research analyst Shaw Wu said that new versions of Apple's slim iPod nano player would ship in the fourth quarter, rather than the third quarter, due to Apple's switch of suppliers.


Is Watching Videos On Your iPod Bad For Your Eyes?

A Hot Laptop Isn't Easy On The Thighs

Fixing Apple's "Sweatshop" Woes

What Apple should do is build its own factory and set an example to the world.

iPod Nap



Vista On MacBook Pro

Is it true? Is this Microsoft employee using a MacBook Pro to demo Vista?

Update: Yes sir, that is a MacBook Pro being used by a Microsoft Employee to demo Vista.


Why WinFS Had To Vanish

Windows users won't miss the planned storage and search system — noboy could find a good use for it.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006


Apple Updates 17" MacBook Pro Firmware

Why Apple iTunes Isn't Selling Movies. Yet

The technology for downloading movie-length videos is ready, but their multi-gigabyte files would overwhelm current broadband connections.

Podcasting After iTunes

Apple's Leopard Act

The company's upcoming operating system could help stoke interest in Mac sales.

Microsoft Acquires iView Multimedia

Microsoft has purchased iview Multimedia, the companies announced on Monday. Notes on the iView web site indicate that support for its Macintosh products will continue.

Apple Releases Mac OS X 10.4.7


Behind One Analyst's 'Sell' On Apple

Is it on its way to becoming a Microsoft-like monopoly?

My MacBook: What I Love, What I Hate

I still like it, I guess; i just hate being knocked down to the levels of PC-based computers everywhere.

The iPod Phone Myth


Don't Install The Latest Update Yet

Mac users are typically advised not to install the latest OS X updates straight away, because they may contain bugs. Better let others do it first, and install the updates only when there are no widespread problems reported. Even so, always backup.

Windows users are advised to to install the latest Windows updates, because, simply, Microsoft is evil.

Now, which computer do you really want to buy?

The Most Secretive OS X Release Ever?

Leopard, it seems, is one of the most secretive OS X release ever, assuming Apple's promised 18-month cycle remains true.

Tuesday, June 27, 2006


Out, Dammed Spot... And Other Defects

Apple fans sure are a forgiving lot.

Using MPGs With iMovie

French Apple Mush

Why is Europe giving copyright holders veto power over technology?

Fact-Checking The 'Get A Mac' Ads

What follows is a humble attempt to audit the ads' accuracy, one by one.


QuickerTek Extends Laptop Range

Monday, June 26, 2006


Lack Of Clarity At Apple

For all of its terrific marketing, superb products and highflying stock, there's another side to the revival of Apple that gets less airplay: Its lack of a certain type of disclosure.

Apple Confirms WWDC 2006 Steve Jobs Keynote

Foxconn Admits Breaking Labor Laws In China

Foxconn, an original equipment manufacturer for Apple's iPod, has admitted that their employees work about 80 extra hours each month, which is against the law in China.

MagSafe Not So Safe?


Airline Tycoon Deluxe


We Come To Bury WinFS...

Meet the new boss, same as the old boss.

Sunday, June 25, 2006


Tech Gurus Say They'll 'Switch From Mac'


Apple — Problematic Products Or Increasingly Fussy Customers?

The Zoom Button: Abused And Neglected

A return to consistency is needed.

Saturday, June 24, 2006


Justin Roberts: Kid Rock

"It kind of happened without any planning," Roberts says of writing songs in GarageBand.

DJ Sasha: Crossfade Into The Digital Domain

Sasha's typical setup includes an iMac G5 and Ableton Live software. This combination gives him tremendous freedom to manipulate music on the fly.

France Waters Down iTunes Bill


A Parallel Windows Universe

Parallels sure has come a long way since its beta stages. Everything works in that little Windows window.

AppleWorks And The Intel Mac

AppleWorks works perfectly well on an Intel Mac. But the writing has been on the wall so long that it's nearly faded from sight.


Super Collapse 3

It's loads of fun for gamers that haven't gotten tired of the "match three" action puzzle genre.


Changing Of The Big Cats

Is Apple considering dropping the Big-Cat naming convention, in favor of something that is more marketing-friendly, as speculated by Apple Insider?

Maybe something along the line System Ilmen or OS Vaiya? :-)

Friday, June 23, 2006


Apple Still Displeased With French Music Bill

Leading French lawmakers voted Thursday to water down a draft copyright law that could force Apple to make its iPod music player and iTunes online store compatible with rivals' offerings. But the changes did not appear to go far enough to satisfy Apple, which dropped the strongest hint yet that it might withdraw from the French download market rather than comply.

Apple's Formula Computes

For now, Apple has the golden touch.

Some Couples Saying I Do And iPod

Podcasting wedding highlights is the latest craze.

Media Players Suck Flash Market Dry

The rising popularity of portable media players such as the iPod nano is outpacing the production capacity for flash memory, analyst firm Garnter warns.



Appel's MacBok Pro

TurboCAD 3D Macintosh


Microsoft Getting Into Webcams Too

I hope the LifeCams will support the Mac too, but I'm not holding my breath. And the quality of most Microsoft's hardware product is pretty good. So, compete away! The customers will be the winners.

Someone, though, must be sweating over at International Business Park, Jurong East. (That's where Creative HQ is situated in Singapore, if you didn't know.)

Not Invented Here? Not In Redmond

You know, Bill Gates bowing out, and getting Ray Ozzie to replace him, is probably one evidence that Bill doesn't believe in the Not-Invented-Here mindset.

Maybe Bill Gates should try hiring Steve Jobs onto his board and re-do Microsoft's own digital entertainment strategy?

Global Edition

Some days, I wish I can get Comedy Central here in Singapore... (Futurama is back.)

Thursday, June 22, 2006


Apple To Halt Sale Of Some Products In Europe

Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture

It sems more likely that Apple will come out with a more feature filled version of Shake and go back to charging "pro prices."

France Poised To Soften iPod Proposal

Leading lawmakers have agreed to water down a draft law that could have threatened the future of the iPod in France.

GarageBand Changing The Face Of Music Creation

A little more than two years after the initial release of GarageBand, audio software and hardware makers have come out with consumer products of their own. And few make any secret of the fact that it was GarageBand that inspired them to reach out to this new audience.


Apple MacBook Pro — Not Worth The Wait

Apple Is Really A Consumer Electronics Company

In Movie Matters, Latern From The PSP's Mistakes

And that lesson is, don't make the movies too expensive.


TurboCAD 2D Macintosh

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


Apple's iTunes Movie Muddle

The outfit wants to sell films through its online store, but an agreement with the movie studios is unlikely any time soon.

Apple Releases iPhoto 6.04 Update

Apple Can Withstand Microsoft iPod Assault - Analyst

Microsoft's rumored foray into the digital music business is likely to have the strongest impact on partners like Creative and Sony rather than Apple and its iPod, says one analyst.


Open-Sourcing Apple Apps

By paying Apple a hundred bucks or so a year, on average, I'm buying peace of mind; every week or two I hit "Software Update" and sleep a little sounder knowing that all my bits and pieces are as up-to-date and secure as Apple knows how to make them.

Interoperability And DRM Are Mutually Exclusive


Garden Dreams

Garden Dreams offers fast-paced but ultimaely repetitive entertainment for casual gamers with a green thumb.


The Apple Offline Movie Store

I'm pretty sure Steve Jobs will get his iTunes Movie Store. I mean, Disney is almost in bed with Apple nowadays. :-)

But, on the off chance that Steve Jobs can't get his iTunes Movie Store in place, maybe Apple should start importing those non-copy-protected VCDs from the Asian market for sale at Apple stores, and re-start the whole Rip-Mix-Burn advertising campaign.

(Oh and by the way, I'm not that happy with Apple for not providing me with any VCD applications in Mac OS X.)

Tuesday, June 20, 2006


Apple Releases Universal Shake: Massive Price Cut

Apple has released Shake 4.1, the first Universial version of the compositing software, and dramatically discounted the product's price: from $2,999 to $499.

EC Regulators Won't Force Interoperable iTunes

Apple Plants Seeds For Pic Downloads

After conquering the digital music biz and aking the lead with TV shows online, Apple is looking to feature films. The computer company is in active negotiations with most major studios to add movies to its iTunes Music Store. The main sticking point is price.

Apple Acknowledges User Frustrations Over Roadmap

Apple yesterday conceded corporate IT workers are "always" complaining about its secretive product roadmap — but warned the only way to get up to speed is to invest thousands of dollars and a full working week attending its annual US-based developer conference.

Apple Says Started Audit On iPod Factory Claims

The audit will look at "employee working and living conditions, interviews of employees and managers, compliance with overtime and wage regulations, and other areas as necessary to insure adherence to Apple's supplier code of conduct," Apple spokesman Steve Dowling said.

Retalers Wake Up To Intel Macs' WinXP Capability

Apple's Slow Burn

As digital video downloads grow in popularity, music-downloading pioneer Apple seems to have fallen behind the times.


Mac Attack

These ads don't work on me. They are conceptually brillant, beautifully executed, and highly entertaining. But they don't make me want to buy a Mac.

Will Europe Be Apple's Waterloo

How Not To Fix An iPod Shuffle

Apple made the iPod shuffle in a way for it not to be opened... there is a reason for this.

Why Apple Won't Open Source Its Apps

If the source code to these apps were made available, the best features from new versions of these apps could be ported back to previous versions, lessening the incentive for users to upgrade.

The Bits Will Fall As They May

The argument of DRM is one of those tricky matters of principle and it's unlikely to go away.

A Kernel Of Truth: The Plot Thickens

"It may contain third party source code (for Rosetta support) that they cannot release."


Road Testing A MacBook Pro

Protect Your Mac

18 ways to safeguard your data and your privacy right now.

Multiple Clipboards Done Right


Why Apple Should Not Fear Open-Source, Even After Listening To John Gruber

Should Apple give us the source code to its "free" applications such as iChat, iCal, Safari, and If you like the Aqua-stripes of yesteryears, you can remove the metal-goodness of today's Safari. If you hate the drawer ("so 10.0") interface of iCal, you will be able to change it to a three-pane interface that every applications out there adopts. If you really, really, like OPML, you can make sure every application can export its data in OPML format.

As John Gruber speculated, it's not that Apple cannot do this because the applications contain "trade secrets". The strength, he suggested, "is in [the] UI design, not in the code that implements the designs." Open-soucing these applications do not make it easier for others to port the applications to Windows or Linux. Rather, Apple will not open-source these applications, because Apple is using these applications, or rather, new versions of these applications, as carrots for Apple customers to upgrade their OS.

The logic is thus that, if Apple provides the source code to these applications, Apple will not be able to use new features of the applications as selling points for new OS X releases. This is because third-party developers can take the source code to the upgraded applications, and port them back to older OS X versions, thus negating any need to upgrade.

And I say, nonsense. :-)

If Apple upgraded the applications with new features that can be easily ported back to older versions of OS X, I'll say that these new features are really not worthwhile selling points for the new operating system. Tabbed window in iChat? In the larger scheme of things, no big deal. If the Leopard doesn't offer me compelling reasons to upgrade, tabbed window ain't going to do it.

But there are a lot of features that isn't going to be easily ported back to older versions of OS X. The spotlight feature of cannot be easily ported back to Jaguar or Panther. The video chat portion of iChat AV in Tiger cannot be easily ported to older OS X versions if it depended on new capabilities in QuickTime for example. (Apple of course, did chose to support Panther for QuickTime 7, but that's a different story.)

My point is that Apple should be disciplined in two areas. Firstly, its "free" applications must showcase the latest and greatest OS-level technologies. Secondly — and more importantly — Apple should ensure the latest and greatest features are also easily available to third-party developers, so that a thousand flowers bloom. (We're talking about the "free" applications here; not Final Cut Pro or iTunes.) Better "find" capabilities in Great. But Spotlight integration for all applications, including Entourage? Insanely-great. Tabbed windows in iChat? Great. Tabbed window controls and classes in Cocoa? Insanely great.

Apple shouldn't fear open-sourcing its "free" applications.

Now, on to the next questions on whether open-sourcing will increase sales — well, this question is left as an exercise for the readers. :-)

Happy Today

Today, my iPod+iTunes decided to shuffle the tune "Merrie Melodies Closing Theme" at the very end of my morning random playlist.

I'm so happy now.

Stop Messing My Computer

Thank goodness that Windows doesn't have any APIs that applications can use to programmatically reorder the items on the Start menu.

Too bad the same philosophy wasn't applied when they were designing the system tray.

Monday, June 19, 2006


Foxconn Sternly Denies iPod Sweatshop Claims

Edmund Ding, spokesman for Foxconn — a chief maker of iPods — said there were huge discrepancies between the truth and the claims in the report, which he said seems like a vicious attack on the company.

Schools Pulling The Plug On Macs

Balto. County to use only PCs; some say move will hurt design students.

50 Cent Negotiating With Aple For Branded Line Of Home Computers

Rap star 50 Cent is entering the world of technology and is currently in negotiations with Apple's CEO Steve Jobs to produce a line of affordable home computers to inner-city residents.

In An iPod World, Does Quality Matter Less?

In a data-compressed era where instant gratification seems to trump fidelity at every turn, does quality still matter?

Two Point Conversions: Mac Shareware Numbers

Friend Or Foe?

Film exex want to tap into Jobs' savvy but worry about his growing clout.


Let iTunes Be iTunes

If the copyright holders decide that they want songs to be moved freely between different brands of players, then so be it. Otherwise the protesters should focus on the sweatshop and leave the Apple music system alone.


Making Presentation OmniDazzling


The Core Of The Big Cats

Why is Apple holding back the source code of the Mac OS X's kernel? This source code has always been open for all to see and use, until the shift to Intel.

John Siracusa has two theroies: either there are major changes to the kernel in Leopard, so Apple doesn't bother with publishing the source code to Tiger's kernel, or there is a major change in the Macintosh platform strategy this coming WWDC.

I think the reason is a bit simpler: Apple might well be imitating Sun's StarOffice/ strategy, which is only open-source the previous release, while close-sourcing the latest version as a competitive advantage.

Going this route will force Apple to, more or less, put in new development in the kernel for every major release of Mac OS X. Which may also be why Apple has moved from a 12-month to a 18-month cycle, while maintaining a 12-month cycle for the applications that sits on top of the operating system (i.e., iLife and iWork.)

But, nevertheless, be prepared come August.

Sunday, June 18, 2006



The Cult Of Steve Jobs

Saturday, June 17, 2006


Stardust Studios: Banking On Imagination

Felicia Collins: The Best Gig In Town

When Felicia Collins goes onstage to tape "The Late Show with David Letterman," she carries her Hamer electirc guitar and her 17-inch PowerBook G4 loaded with Logic Pro. And while the seven other musicians in the CBS Orchestra place sheet music on their stands, Collins opens her laptop.

Manuel Aregullin: Prospecting For Botanical Gold

Whether he's in the laboratory or in the classroom, Dr. Aregullin relies on Macintosh computers and applications such as CambridgeSoft's ChemDraw to help streamline his workflow.


Why Is Apple Not Jumping In?

There is one area which Apple has continuously lagged hugely, and that is the .Mac service.

Hyperbolic Apple iPod Factory Woes

I'm no fan of big corporations bullying workers. But I am also no friend to shoddy, sensationalist journalism.

Swinging And Missing At An AM iPod Add-On

Why hasn't someone figured out how to make a workable antenna fit easily onto an iPod accessory?


Apple's New MacBook May Be The Perfect Computer For Many


Puzzle Weekend

"There is a common English word that is nine letters long. Each time you remove a letter from it, it still remains an English word — from nine letters right down to a single letter."

What is this word?

Friday, June 16, 2006


Anti-Trust Officials Cautious About iTunes Attack

European competition officials are wary about proposals to crack open Apple's iTunes web store to other music players, despite concerns shown by consumer advocates.

Apple Seen Delivering "Ultra-Portable" At Macworld

Apple could introduce an "ultra-portable PC" that employs NAND-based flash memory in time for the January Macworld trade show in San Francisco, one Wall Street analyst says.

Apple Gets Green Light On Boston Store Plan

Giving Apple a conditional blessing, the Back Bay Architectural Commission approved the demolition of the existing building as long as the computer maker presents an appropriate building design. But the commission, while complimenting the design changes, denied for now last night's proposal, an expected move for a project of this scope, according to commission chairman Anthony Casendino.

Meetro Social Messenger Comes To The Mac


Dear .Mac Team: Stop The Sex Pill Offers!

Thanks (Or No Thanks) To Apple: Where We Stand Now With Digital Music

Advice To Students: Pack A Mac

Mac software, both the OS X operating system and the applications such as iPhoto and GarageBand bundled with it, have gotten steadily better, while Windows seems stuck in a rut.


Promising Prospect: Letterbox

Call Of Duty 2

Call of Duty 2 sets a new high water mark for World War II-era shooters on the Mac. Just plan to have the horsepower to run it.


Gates Stepping Down From Full-Time Microsoft Role

Bill Gates, the man who started Microsoft and has been its public face throughout its three decades of existence, plans to step away from daily work at the company.

Why Microsoft Won't Miss Gates

The reality is this planned transition is part of the normal generational shift in any great coporation.

Microsoft's Mixed Scorecard

Microsoft remains the largest software company in the world and one of the two or three most influential in the technology market. Still, with success has come size, and the giant has not moved as rapidly into search or music a smaller competitors.

Thursday, June 15, 2006


Parallels Desktop Officially Available

Apple's Growing Bite Of The Market

Put Windows on a Mac, toss in many with Intel chips, mix with the public's passion for the iPod — and you've got big marketshare gains for Apple.

Crave An iPod? There's A Vending Machine For That

Vt. Man Says Apple Stole Design For iTunes

One Crappy iPod

The seemingly innocent iPod caused a semester-long sewage problem that cost Santa Clara University $1,000 a week. Talk about a quality device.

Liquid-Cooled Power Mac G5s Leaking

Reports of liquid-cooled Power Mac G5's leaking have been popping up around the net.

Microsoft Releases Office 2004 Update

ITC Investigates Apple iPod In Creative Patent Case

The US International Trade Commission will investigate claims that Apple's iPod infringes a patent claimed by Creative Labs, the so-called 'Zen patent'.


The MP3s My Nano Chokes On

I have been able to track down two individual MP3s that when put on my Nano cause it to reset when accessing the Music menu.

So Shop Somewhere Else...

This seems like a problem best solved through consumer choice.

Apple And The Tech Support Factor

Depending on whom you ask, Apple delivers just wonderful service in every respect, or treats its customers with an unreasonable amount of arrogance.

Why Apple Snubs Its Open Source Geeks

What will continue to concern me so deeply is that Apple thought it would be OK, that nobody would notice or care, if it back-burnered its commitment to keep its open source Darwin OS in lockstep and binary compatibility with OS X.


TVMini HD: Tiny Unit Brings HDTV To Macs

Wednesday, June 14, 2006


Apple Amends Its Designs For Planned BackBay Store

After two months of delay, Apple plans today to present several building designs for its first Boston store at a hearing before the Back Bay Architectural Commission.

Apple Computer Notifies State; Fine Issued

State Insurance Commissioner Mike Kreidler has fined Apple $100,000 for selling service conracts without registering, after the company alerted the commissioner's office to the problem.

Apple Responds To iPod Factory Claims

Apple is "currently investigating the allegations regarding working conditions in the iPod manufacturing plant in China. [Apple] dos not tolerate any violations of its supplier code of conduct which are posted online."

Apple Vs. The Bloggers: How It Unfolded And Where It Stands Now

Apple Cell Phone 'Inevitable,' But Not Imminent

Apple will make a cell phone, but we won't see it anytime soon, according to American Technology Research.


Are iPod Owners Sheep?


Apple owns white. It is the one company that can honestly say it owns a colour.

The Dominance Of The Dock

"Used to be that my business was about sound. The majority of it is now about connectivity — how to help customers get the music they normally carry in their pockets into their cars."


Hands On With MediaCentral

Front Row alternative has potential, but is plauged with problems.

Weird Worlds: Return To Infinite Space

Quick gameplay, infinite variety, mod friendiness — all that adds up to infinite fun.

Tuesday, June 13, 2006


Needham & Co Predicts Mac Market Explosion

Apple Expands 'Get A Mac' Ad Campaign

Landmarks Panel Cool To Apple Plans

Plans for a sleek-looking Apple store in a Northwest Portland historic district received an icy reception on Monday from the city's Historic Landmarks Commission, whose chairman criticized it as "franchise architecture."

Judging Apple Sweatshop Charge

The situation is too murky for a rush to judgment on Apple's ethics here, and it may well meet minimum global standards. But for a company that has staked its image on progressive politics, Apple has set itself up as a potential lightning rod on global labor standards.

Closure Of Apple's Bangalore Centre Sparks BPO Debate

Global iPod major and computer maker Apple Computers' decision to shut down its new Bangalore centre has sparked an introspection in the Indian BPO industry, which however, for now has shrugged off the move as a one off incident.

Mac Sales Strong In The UK And Western Europe

MacBooks Looking Skanky

White MacBook Faster Than More Expensive Black MacBook?

Mate Master: Allan Odgaard

Allan is the lead- and sole-deveoper of TextMate, a very highly rated text editor for OS X.

Google Releases SketchUp For Mac OS X


Apple Today Takes The MS Pain Away

In a move that will delight many readers of this column, I am taking the plunge and going Apple Macintosh.

A Long Night Of iMovie Editing

In my heart, I knew what the problem was: I was stuffing ten pounds of movie into a five-pound bag.

Get A Mac. Get A Life.

I don't think I'm the only one not pleased with Apple's attitude.

Why I Didn't Buy An Intel Mac

I think Aple is losing ground with the very machine that should have gained it, and I think their attitude toward the problem is the problem.

What Is Really Up With Apple...?


MacBook Is A Lot For The Money

iWeb Takes On The Competition


The Only Computer You'll Ever Need

Whoa! Apple is advertising Boot Camp, the still-in-beta product? That's, well, interesting.

If I am reading my crystal ball correctly, Apple might well be releasing the next version of OS X this August at WWDC.

Don't Cry For Me

When Microsoft employees leave for Google — one of Microsoft's biggest competitor, the CEO throws a chair. But when Microsoft employees leave for a startup company, the chairman weeps with joy. Go forth and create, Bill cries, and make this a better world.

Just make sure you use IIS instead of Apache, okay?



Monday, June 12, 2006


Inside Apple's iPod Factories

Despite Doubters, Maine Renews Laptop Program

The Maine Legislature recently voted to renew a 2002 initiative to provide laptops leased from Apple for all seventh- and eighth-grade public school students. With a price tag of $40 million over four years, and no tangible returns and budget cutbacks in other areas, some Maine tech executives are questioning the economic wisdom of the program.

Dress Up Your iPod


Apple's MacBook Leaves Its Predecessors In The Dust

Glitches such as the MacBok's erratic WiFi reception and almost painfully hot surfaces undercut the appeal. Apple has taught its users to expect better, and it ought to be able to deliver as much before long.


Er... Microsoft Is Doing Something...

Robert Scoble: I can't break wind about it, but when Microsoft comes into [the portable media player] market it'll create new opportunities.


Big Microsoft Brother

It turns out that Microsoft's Genuine Advantage anti-piracy program is also keeping daily tabs on Windows users. Who knew?

Sunday, June 11, 2006


A Growing Racket Over iTunes

Apple continues to anger consumers overseas with its restrictions on music downloading. But it's not the only company drawing fire.


Apple DRM Protest

I was there promptly at 10.30 ready to see some hippies get their heads bashed in by the cops. I have to say I was a little disappointed.

Shooting Apple Store Opening With MacBook

I couldn't use my digital camera because its battery was dead.


The Scobleizer Is Moving

One of Microsoft's most famous blogger, Robert Scoble, is moving out of Microsoft into, a Silicon Valley startup.

Robert Scoble: I love Microsoft and Microsoft did not lose me — at least as a supporter and friend. I am not throwing away my Tablet PC or my Xbox or my other Microsoft stuff. :-)

Saturday, June 10, 2006


Thomas A. Heinz: No Place Like (This) Home

Creative Lawsuit Could Have Broad Consequences

The chances of Creative Technology winning an injunction to prevent Apple from selling the iPod domestically are slim, legal experts say. But its suit against Apple alleging patent infringement could have broad consequences for both companies and the portable media player market as a whole.

Anti-DRM Protests Planned At Apple Stores This Weekend

An anti-Digital Rights Management activist group plans this weekend to stage "flash mobs" to "warn Apple customers of the dangers of DRM in iTunes and Apple software" at Apple Store locations in six cities around the country.



The Adventures Of El Ballo

Neat art, great music and solid game engine aside, gameplay is, well, a bit limp.


How To Make A Living

Dave Winer: I was talking with Dvorak at the Vloggercon party this evening, and he started telling a story about how he deliberately pisses Mac users off to get flow for his stories.

Friday, June 9, 2006


Apple Faces Fresh Legal Attacks In Europe

Pressure Mounts Against Apple DRM

Yojimbo 1.2 Improves Import, Export, And Linking

Google Takes It To .Mac

Browser Sync is a plugin for Firefox which synchornizes a user's browser settings across multiple computers.


Choked On iPod

Uh-huh, you read it right. That's what my papers said in the hospital. I, Kyle Kinkade, choked on an iPod.

Switching To Mac — The Real Truth Behind It...

All those reasons you had for not buying a Mac? Well they no longer hold any truth.

Adventures With Adobe And An Intel Mac - Part 1

What's Missing In iTunes, Part 2

Something's Missing Here...

I was probably most amazed by the fact that the machine even woke up to a semi-usable state without a boot disk present.

Apple, Reporters, And Judicial Cowardice

Examining the court ruling against Apple in the product leaks case.


An Apple MacBook Gone Pro

I'd wholeheartedly recommend the MacBook Pro for those looking for one of the very best notebooks on the market.

Thursday, June 8, 2006


Apple's iPod Countersuit Against Creative Opens Legal Hornet's Nest

Suing Creative not once, but twice, and at separate venues that may be costly to manage simultaneously, could be an effective demonstration that Apple has the time, the resources, the money, and the wherewithal to fight a two-front war.

Apple And Microsoft Mine Comic Vein

The rivalry between Microsoft and Apple apparently extends to the cast of "The Daily Show."

Survey: iPods More Popular Than Beer

Move over Bud. College life isn't just about drinking beer.

iTunes DRM Runs Afoul Of Norwegian Law

The Consumer Council of norway called FairPlay "an unreasonable technical term of use, in so far as it prevents purchasers of music files at iTunes from using other MP3 players than iPods."


Installing MacBook RAM Requires Significant Force

Definitely. Apple educated pressure. Then try pressure beyond what you think is safe.

How 6 Billion IBM Dollars Helped Chase Apple Out Of India

Apple realized it's just too late to the party in India. There are now too many companies chasing Indian IT talent to try and build a base there from scratch.

Dual Boot


A Surprisingly Good Match For Macs

Microsoft keyboard and mouse a perfect fit for Apple computers.

MacBook Laptop Lacks A Few Features But Has Lots To Like, Low Price

The MacBook lacks two important hardware features that are ubiquitous on Windows laptops. It has no slots for the flash memory cards used in digital cameras, smart phones and other devices. And it lacks a card slot for the adapters that can provide laptops with many add-on features, including flash memory sockets and cellphone data modems.

Checking For New Podcasts At A Specific Time In iTunes (Windows)

Video Goggles Turn iPod Into TV

With funky eyewear from MicroOptical Corp, iPod users can watch video on what looks like a 27-inch screen TV while, theoretically, maintaining some of the portability for which the iPod is famous as a music player.

Apple 13-Inch MacBook

The MacBook is a powerful and affordable option, especially for people who are uncertain about their Windows future.



Who Do We Want To Protect?

Dave Winer: "Learning how to control the SanDisk MP3 player is an exercise in frustration. I wonder if there's a legal reason they can't just adopt the conventions of the iPod... Must be a patent, eh. If so, thanks for the lock-in."

And then, of course, there's Creative and its tiny tinney lawsuit against Apple.

Things are so broken that it may well be beyond repairs.

Wednesday, June 7, 2006


Macgamefiles Offfers Free Game Hosting

Apple Comes Clean On MacBook Vent Cover Up

Apple Launches New U2 iPod With Video


It's No Game At Apple

Apple has no real corporate interest in the gaming community and does not see computer games as a path to success or a better image for Apple.

Tuesday, June 6, 2006


Apple Computer Files Second Copyright Lawsuit Against Creative

Apple has filed a second copyright lawsuit and a trade complaint in the US against Creative Technology.

Apple Follows Its Instincts Out Of India

Steve Jobs may have a soft spot for India, but the economic reality is, building a technical support center there doesn't make sense.

Mac SlingPlayer Delayed 90 Days

Apple Pushing Intel In New Direcitons

"They push us to think about things that we may not always think about," said Anand Chandrasekher, senior vice president and general manager of Intel's sales and marketing group. "We were hoping for that to happen and that certainly happened."

Is It Time For Business To Take A Bite In Apple?

It's time for business people to stop thinking about Macs as a tool for the "graphics people." It might just be time to move beyond total cost of ownership and to look at a new business term - competitive advantage.


FileMaker Mobile 8 And The Future Of PDAs

Anonymous Chatting At The Apple Store

What is a Mac user's favorite pasttime? Well, one is randomly IMing people at the Apple Store.


$16K Headphones And Other iPod Necessities

Easy File Sending 2

If you frequently send larger files to others across the internet, FileChute is the easiest solution I've seen.

Monday, June 5, 2006


Apple's Back-To-School Program Offers Free iPod

Apple is relaunching its Back-to-School program this week, offering a free iPod nano to students who buy a new Intel Mac by September 16th.

What Is Constellation Mode?

While Quicksilver as a whole is about using the keyboard as your primary interface with the computer, its Constellation mode brings back a degree of mouse-oriented control.

iTunes To Be On Radio Web Sites

Macintosh Becoems Latest Vehicle For Chinese Scam

According to people who have contacted the INQ, a Chinese criminal ring has been luring punters with fake promises of cut-price Macinteltoshes.


It's Official, iTunes Sucks Balls

A certain level of reliability and common sense need to be present in any software, and iTunes fails on both counts.

We Are All Journalists Now

No RJ-11 For You

Wi-Fi is flowing through our neighborhoods like water from drinking fountains, like the air we breathe (password protected air, but air nonetheless).

Apple's Achilles' Heel?

How might Apple blow its commanding lead in legal digital audio and video distribution? By not playing well with others, and thus creating an industry demand for alternatives.


What's A Pod?

Why does everyone want to believe that Apple is going to add major functionalities to the iPod? From satellite radio receiver to mobile phone to wireless e-mail to a plain old PDA, there's nothing it seems that Apple cannot fail to improve on with just a right pod.

While today, you still cannot manage your tunes on the iPod beyond a simple "On-The-Go" playlist.

Maybe what Apple should do is to create a MacBook the size of a iPod.

What's Vista?

Scot Finnie: Apple has the best operating system this year, last year and next year. I'm placing Windows Vista as a distant second-best to OS X.

I have no problem with Microsoft copying Apple's or any other company's best interface designs. We all win when that happens, and I wish Apple would steal the best things Microsoft does right back. What's really strange is when a company lifts good ideas and makes them worse, not better.

Sunday, June 4, 2006


Apple Software Logs Out Of Bangalore

Apple is pulling out of its software development and support operations in India.

Control Your Mac From Your Sofa... Mostly


This Is Our iPod Killer. You Need Windows Media Centre And It Doesn't Work On A Mac.

Business At The Speed Of Lawsuits

Third parties create incompatible and inconsistent solutions that ultimately delivers a poor customer experience.

The History Of Mac Office, Part I

Saturday, June 3, 2006


Apple To Open Retail Store In Italy This Fall

Felice Frankel: Scientific Discovery Through Visualization

"It is the computer and its amazing power that have given us insight that we would never have realized. It has truly changed the way science has developed and will continue to deveop."

Key To "An Inconvenient Truth"

"I'm guessing it's the first time that a feature film or documentary has ever been made with Keynote as its basis."

Jerry Harrison: Talking Heads In Surround Sound

Mark Hoffman: Joga Bonito!

Throughout the grueling production schedule, Hoffman depended on just three easy-to-pack tools: a Sony PAL HDV video camera, Final Cut Pro, and a PowerBook G4.


Wireless Music Infrastructure

When your player comes within range of a wifi signal, it synchs up with the cloud, pulling down all the new podcasts you are subscribed to.

The Illustion Of Price Still Haunts The Mac


Fontographer 4.7: Edit Existing Fonts Or Create Your Own From Scratch

For nearly any font editing task you'd want to accomplish — from simple tweaks to creating your own from scratch — Fontographer is still, after 21 years, the quickest and most intuitive way to go.

Front Row Streaming Secrets

Movies must have their streaming option enabled.

Friday, June 2, 2006


The Volvo Of Laptops

The little 1400 has somewhat of a cult status among PowerBook lovers, being one of the most solid and reliable machines ever to come out of Cupertino.

All-You-Can-Eat iTunes — Why Not?

Going against conventional wisdom, I think Apple will soon introduce a subscription-based music and video service.

So Many MacBooks, So Little Time

I'm a Mac laptop fan myself, and the past month has been an interesting adventure for me.

Put Gaming Focus On Macs, Not iPods

I hope Apple doesn't just focus on iPod gaming. There's just way too much to lose for a company that's seeing massive interest in its new computer hardware from the consumer PC market for the first time in years.


Cloning Terminal To Ease Window Management

By using multiple copies of an app (e.g., Terminal), I can hide and display each copy's windows separately.

Apple Remote Desktop 3: Mammoth Upgrade Adds Many Tools For Desktop Management

Apple Remote Desktop 3 is an essential program for any iT professional who needs to manage Macs remotely.

Thursday, June 1, 2006


Once You Go Mac, You Never Go Back

Apple currently ranks highest in terms of brand and repurchase loyalty of any computer manufacturer.

Adobe To Drop GoLive, FreeHand

iPod's Dominance Worsening DRM Plight

The market dominance of the iPod is causing ever more restrictive digital rights management technologies, argued Cory Doctorow, a fellow with the Electronic Frontier Foundation.

Apple Expands Best Buy Foothold

iPod Halo Makes Apple Stock A Winner

iPod People Invade LoHud Classrooms

It's one thing to display your latest school project ont he fridge. It's quite another to put iup on the World Wide Web.

QuickTime Update Fixes Adobe CS2 Install Issues

QuickTime 7.1.1 also addresses an issue with third-party start-up items on Intel Macs and it resolves an issue exporting Keynote presentations in iDVD.


Picking A Bone With QuickTime

MBP: Good And Bad Apples

Apple Needs To Get Its Game On

It's time for Apple to use some of its superior design skills to come up with a game for the beleaguered Mac loyalist — like me.

All The Lovely Browsers!

Fortunately for Mac OS X users, there are no real clunkers at the moment. Even OmniWeb, which has such miserable JavaScript performance, has many other unique virtues that presumably entice its users to shell out $30 to use it without annoying registration reminders.

Easy Steps To Make The Next iTunes Kick. Sweet. Ass.

Let's face it, for those of us using iTunes for podcasting, it really has improved since v4.7.


I have yet to see any wear or tear on the black case and I see no evidence of chipping of flaking of any kind.

MacBook First Impressions

When Titans Collide

By combining, Apple and Microsoft can utilize each other's knowledge without burning money away on research, and can instead funnel that into lacing the two OS's together well and adding yet more additional features.

Why Apple Should Embrace Windows

The best chance Apple has to reinvigorate its desktop computer business is for Apple to ship systems that run Windows.


New MacBook Is Apple Of This Windows User's Eye

Apple has a winner on its hands. You might just find your perfect notebook, whether you prefer Windows or Mac OS X.

Sonicfire Pro 4: App Gives You Customizable Soundtracks In A Snap

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