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Saturday, September 30, 2006


Apple And SecureWorks Begin Working Together

OS X 10.4.8 Released

Toying With Perception

"When you're starting a small company, the fact is you have to pinch pennies wherever you can. So I built my own back-end systems —because, using Filemaker on the Mac, I was confident I could do it myself."

Gabriel & Dresden: Setting The Music Free


Why The New .Mac Webmail Is Important

What Yahoo and Apple get, and what Google and Microsoft don't, is that to "own" the user you have to allow them to access competitor's services as well as your own.


Microsoft Messenger For Mac 6.0

This really should be labeled as a beta.

Shoebox 1.6: Powerful Photo Catalog Offers Easy Categorizing, Speedy Searching

Intermediate photo fans who need a friendly, relatively inexpensive way to catalog, search, and back up their images will find Shoebox invaluable.


When Is Mac-Compatibility Really Mac-Compatible?

If the package says Mac compatible, and the disc has a label saying Mac compatible, you'd expect the software to be Mac compatible, right?

Not if you're Disney.

Somebody in the Disney board who uses Apple products should really wake Disney Interacitve up. There must be somebody in the board that uses Macintosh. Somebody?

Friday, September 29, 2006


From Pulpit To iPod, Church Services Are Changing

Classical Fans Join The iPod Revolution

"We can see a whole new group of mature MP3 listeners — iPod oldies perhaps — emerging who are far from old in their outlook."

A Slice Of Apple's Pie

Apple and Wal-Mart are in discussions over an alliance that could allow the giant retailer to profit from iTunes video downloads, which have been a source of great tension between Hollywood and the retailer in recent months. What's in for Apple? Since studios (except for Disney, of course) have so far turned a cold shoulder to iTunes because of Wal-Mart's demands, the computer giant would then gain access to titles from every major.

Aperture Vs Lightroom

Apple, Mobile Firms Agree On Royalties

Apple's iTunes and mobile operators including Vodafone today agreed on royalty rates to pay song writers and music publishers for digital downloads in Britain to partly resolve a dispute.

Apple Updates iLife, iWork With Support For APerture

External MacBook Battery Options


Will iTunes Lose Its Best Content?

Putting a dent in iTunes' directory/delivery business will not be easy. But one content provider here, another there... it could add up.

Kieren McCarthy: Still A Jackass


First Look At Aperture 1.5

The new library options do more than just fix the previous version's limitations, they allow you to easily work with images and libraries across multiple machines, and to create more sophisticated Aperture-driven production pipelines than version 1 allowed.


Why Microsoft's Zune Scares Apple To The Core

Microsoft has the money, the clout, the partnerships, the mind share and the market share to drive Vista, Soapbox, Xbox and Zune into lives of hundreds of millions of consumers.

Zune Pricing Shows Microsoft Waging Market Share Gamble

Microsofft releases pricing for Zune, the Apple iPod challenger that some analysts believe the software maker is selling at a loss to grab market share.

Zune Pricing Announced

It will cost $249.99, matching the price of Apple's 30GB video iPod.

Thursday, September 28, 2006


Apple Updates Pro Applications, Final Cut Pro, And Logic

It's A Mac World After All

Apple's Schiller may have been made Intel history on Tuesda as the first Apple employee to set foot at an IDF conference, but the two companies still have a long way to go in terms of their work together.

MLB Is Going... Going... Gone From iTunes Podcasts

The chief dispute was that Apple was uncooperative about promotion.

iTunes Update Fixes Stability Issues

Apple released an update on Wednesday to its jukebox software, iTunes. The update addresses stability and performance issues with Cover Flow, CD importing, iPod syncing and more, according to information provided by Apple.

Microsoft Releases Intel-Native Messenger 6


Much Ado Over Podcasts

Apple is doing itself more harm than good by cracking down on commercial use of the word "pod".

Macs For Teachers

People are finally taking advantage of Apple technology.

Anti-DRM Forces Begin To Coalesce

DRM is not the answer.

Time For Apple To Think Different About Music

Of Lossless And Libraries

There's Room For Both Aperture, Lightroom To Thrive

Why iTV Won't Be For Gaming

Apple is so far away from being able to compete with Sony, Microsoft or Nintendo as a games developer, the mere idea is beyond ludicrous. It's absolute fantasy.



A Mac Fan Takes On Vista

So if I turn off UAC, ignore the sidebar gadgets and skip IE7, what am I left with in Vista? A new operating system that is more secure than its predecessor, looks great on the surface and no doubt has a plethora of under-the-hood changes, but one that leaves the casual user frequently frustrated.

Wednesday, September 27, 2006


How Long Will The iPod Be The Core Of Apple's Busines?

Wozniak Tells His Apple Story In New Book

Apple Previews New Look .Mac Mail

FileMaker Unveils Two K-12 Resources

iPod Puts Books In Palm Of Hand

A Philadelphia-based company called IPREPpress LLC has been transferring boks to a format that can bemoved to an iPod, compressed so they don't put too much of a squeeze on your kid's favorite tunes.

Apple, Disney In A Bind On Movie Downloads?

Bob Iger is the only mogul backing Steve Jobs' iTunes project. Given the Pixar tie, that could work against both.

Europe Makes Progress In iTunes Negotiations

European negotiators said they made "surprising progress" in talks today with Apple over easing the restrictions it imposed on users of its iTunes service, by far the dominant seller of downloaded music. But a full resolution of the dispute could require Apple to make major changes in the iTunes business model.


Why Apple Isn't Biting China

Apple is asking too much of Chinese consumers.

Could Apple Solidfy GSM In The US?

iWant Apple

I'm writing this blog at a Mac store, gawk-eyed at how gorgous Apple products are. I can't even call them products. THey're creatures — you don't like them, you love them.

Podcast Trademark Conroversy

Apple explicitly states that it is not asking Podcast Ready to stop using its company name.

What iTunes Can Learn From Aperture 1.5

Apple took a step in the right direction by adding multiple library support in iTunes 7, but households with multiple Macs and iPods need more.

Apple Moves In On Movies

Why is notoriously secretive Apple giving sneak peaks at its new movie gadget? Apple may be trying to show Hollywood that it intends to dominate movie downloads — and the studios better cooperate.

Jackass Of The Week: Kieren McCarthy

Not only does every single paragraph of this article contain at least one factual error, but even the errors reported within the article itself contradict each other.


Apple's Airport Express

Pac-Mac For iPod

Pac-Man is fun to see on the iPod, but with click wheel control leaving something to be desired, this is one arcade experience that probably ougt to remain a nostalgic memory.

Tuesday, September 26, 2006


Core Values

With the iPod and the iMac, Steve Jobs has revolutionised the media world. But now a financial scandal could topple Apple' sinspirational chief executive.

Aperture 1.5 Unveiled At Event In Germany

The heart and soul of Aperture 1.5 is the Library, according to Apple. The new library system allows photographers to store images on internal disks or other locations like external drives, CDs or DVDs.


Making Good On A Mistake

I'm biased already, but stuff like this just makes a customer for life!


Things I Like About Aperture 1.5

Apple iPod (80GB)

As a music player, the Apple's combination of intuitive interface, software integration, and sound quality still trumps the competition.

MindManager 6 Mac: Brainstorming Application Spins A Web Of Ideas

While this initial Mac release lacks some features found in the Windows version, the program is a strong addition to the existing slate of Mac brainstorming apps.

Monday, September 25, 2006



Why Inconsistency Is Consistent

I am not sure this goes for anyone else, but I would probably get bored if every app looked the same and had no innovative graphical decisions.

iPod Makes Bothersome Technology So Portable

Ah Macs...

Allow me to once again boast of the virtues of Mac. It just makes your life easier, kids.

On Trademarks And Podcasting

Apple has a decent (thought not air-tight) argument that the term 'podcast' infringes on the iPod mark.

Say No To Apple (Or: Talk To Apple In The Only Language They Understand: Money And Bad Press)

Podcasting Dead, Long Live Zunecasting!

Please Don't Sue Me: Pod

Apple, and the lawyers on staff, please stop the nonsense.


iPod Getting Away From The Basics



You've watched the Steve-note bloopers reel. Now, get ready to hear Steve say "Boom!" Yes, that's right. You've heard me. Steve does like to say the word 'Boom.' (Via Digg)

Sunday, September 24, 2006


The Invasion Of The iPod People

The hills might be alive with the sound of music, but Scott Terpstra can hear his favorites simply by climbing into his car — and without a bunch of compact discs in tow.

Wal-mart Says Not Trying To Fight Movie Downloads

Wal-Mart disputed a report on Friday saying it was trying to dissuade movie studios from working with other forms of distribution, such as Apple's iTunes.


Swimming With Sharks

The success of Apple's movie download business right now depend mainly on not alienating Wal-Mart.

I Cried In The Apple Store Today

Today I questioned why I am such a Mac advocate. In fact today I thought about becoming a waitress on an island far away from technology.

Apple Trademark office Docs Point To Real Reasons For "Podcast" Controversy

I am not an attorney, but if I were on Apple's legal team fighting to make things right with the two important marks, iPod and iPodcast, I just might be tempted to use an overabundance of vigilance against anyone who is selling services and products that in name, are coming close to these sought-after protections.

A Cast By Any Other Name...

I think it's time for a change. Can't we come up with a better word than podcasting for what we do?

FairPlay: Coming To A Classroom Near You?

The #1 request from universities completely floored me: DRM. In fact, it is so in-demand that it has apparently been the deal-breaker for the majority of universities that had been approached about iTunes U and refused.

My Two Cents On "Podcast"

Apple sneers at the popple who gave them this innovation, and sends demand letters to members of the community.

Saturday, September 23, 2006


Apple Hits Podcast Ready With Nastygram

Apple has slapped Podcast Ready with a "cease and desist" letter, claiming that the terms "Podcast Ready" and "myPodder" infringe on Apple's trademarks, and that they cause confusion among consumers.


An Apple For The Enterprise?

Say what? Macs in the mainstream — even on a server rack?

Don't Leave Home Without It

It's amazing how so much of this stuff just become spart of your life when you're at home. The iPod has just become a natural part of my family's daily routine.


First Look At Rogue Amoeba Fission

Mac Mini Core Duo

If you're a gmaer, the Mac mini's integrated graphics system won't be powerful enough for your needs. But for everyone else, the Mac mini remains an excellent system, especially for users with a limited amount of free space or money — or both.

Friday, September 22, 2006


Ambrosia Releases Redline Auto Racing Game

Ambrosia Software has released Redline, a home-grown auto-raci9ng game for Mac OS X.

Laplink Offers Migration Software For Macs

Laplink Software has begun offering a new product that the compnay says will allow files, setting and softare applications to migrate from a Windows computer to an Intel-based Macintosh.

Apple Pursues Shoppers With 'iPod Bar,' Faster Help

Apple is unveiling a new store design to add more show room for iPod music players and Macintosh computers and stations where shoppers can get technical help for their products.

Apple Updates Strengthen Wireless Security

Apple on Thursday released a Security and AiPort update for Mac OS X that fixes vulnerabilities found in the company's wireless drivers. Apple said the issues found were the result of an internal audit that came as a result of claims by a senior researcher at SecureWorks.

Under One Roof

"I can't imagine operating this business on any other platform. The Mac is the platform for high-end design."

Game Makers Up To Challenges Of Creating iPod Games

Mac Game Makers Disappointed By iPod Shut-Out

Many game developers find themselves puzzled by Apple's decision.



iPod Video Very Simple To Use

Videator 2.0

Apple iTunes 7 Review

Apple's iTunes 7 is the best version of iTunes yet and is, without question, the finest media player on any platform, even when you factor in the problems that are currently dogging the Windows version.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


Fission Trims And Splits Audio Files Quickly

Getting Your Front Row On

A Laptop At Every Desk

As more school districts seek to equip each student with a computer, Apple, Del, and other makers vie for the lucrative contracts.

iTunes Store Movies: What You Need To Know

We answer your questions about downloading movies from iTunes.

How Random Is The iPod's Shuffle?

The iPod's shuffle feature has sparked interest from a cadre of random-number experts and enthusiasts such as Mads Haahr.

Mac Video Converter Adds 640x490 Support For iPods


If You Don't Know Antitrust Law, Why Write A Long Article Suggesting Apple Has Broken It?

This is not an issue, because it's not an abuse of monopoly, which is what you need to get an antitrust case going in the U.S.

Zune And Fashion Fatigue

If Zune can position itself as the fashionable alternative to iPod through proper marketing, they might have a chance to attract the trendsetters, and thus start to tip the playing field more in Zune's direction.

Regarding The Features And Capabilities Of The Various Fifth Generation iPods

When Apple Hit Bottom

This is why, when anyone asks me what the future of technology holds, or what kids will be bringing to school in 2016, I politely decline to answer.


Review: Fifth Generation iPod (Late 2006)

Thanks to its improved video support and additional multimedia features, the latest full-size iPod may be the most significant in terms of its role as a harbinger of products to come.

Safe Storage, Mac Style

Apple has added significant security features to its operating system in recent years.

Hands On: The 24-Inch iMac - Talk About A Wow Factor

I haven't seen this much in-house attention to an Apple product since the Mac mini.

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


Apple Updates Mac Pro Firmware

Disney CEO Touts New iTunes Movie Downloads

Walt Disney Chief Executive Robert Iger on Tuesday said the company sold 125,000 movie downloads worht $1 million in revenue through Apple's iTunes online music store in the frist week. Iger told a conference of analysts the company expects to take in $50 million in added revenue during the first year of the iTunes movie download program.

Apple The Favorite Amongst European Post Production Pros

iTV: What You Need To Know

We answer questions about Apple's upcoming movie-playing set-top box.


Add Easy Listening To Guilty Pleasures Of Digital Downloads

Sure, the internet has revolutionized the spread of information and all that high-minded stuff, but its combination of reach and anonymity also makes it the greatest enabler of guilty pleasures ever invented. Indulgence is just a click away, and nobody needs to know, except you and some server somewhere.

Apple Should Release An iPod Game SDK

I wish that there was more of a selection.


Galactica A.D.

Galactica is a very addictive and very enjoyable game.

Warning: iTunes Pricing Is Seriously Buggy

It seems that the price of movies on iTunes can vary, depending on what listing you look at.

Why Won't The 5.5G iPod Play My 640x480 Videos?

SnapMail 5.0: No-Spam, No Frills Messaging System

SnapMail 5.0 offers secure, simple interoffice messaging and file transfer. If you're lookign for a no-frills internal messaging system, this fits the bill.

Coping With iTunes Confusion


Do You Watch McLaughlin Group?

I've only watched this program a few times during the days when I was a student in U.S. back in the early 90s... My memory tells me it's basically a bunch of people sitting around talking and yelling at each other.

So, I was a little surprise to find the entry for The McLaughlin Group in IMDb has listed a Stunt Double.

Does anyone know why there is a need for stunt double on this talk show? I'm curious...

Is Your iTunes Too Loud?


Here's how-to on removing the capitalisation.

Tuesday, September 19, 2006


A Bite Out Of Apple? Mac OS Share Goes Flat

Net Applications says the fact that Mac usage was growing until this year may be an indication of larger problems for Apple.

A Report On iTunes Bugs

Adobe Release Acrobat 8, Updates Creative Suite


Regarding Analyst Speculation On iPod Pricing

What I think is going on is that these analysts are still reading from the old script where Apple products get written off as overpriced and their customers branded as mindless cultists/zealots/fanatics/fools who are willing to pay exorbitant markups.

How Apple Can Take The Cell Phone Market With One Feature

Apple Looks Ahead With iTV


17- And 20-Inch iMacs Core 2 Duo: Speed Boost And Lower Prices For 17- And 20-Inch Models

iTunes 7: Rough Edges Mar Significant iTunes Enhancement

A more organized interface, new Album and CoverFlow views, gapless playback and tighter iPod integration hint that it is the most significant enhancmeent to iTunes.

Monday, September 18, 2006


Greenpeace Apologizes For Apple Stink

The entire premise of the Greenpeace report card is really a weak fallacy.

Has Apple Lost Its Security Shine?

Apple's New iPods Priced For Profits, Not Market Share

The top sign Apple is going for the green is its lack of aggressive pricing, according to Gartner analysts.

Apple Goes Back To Its Core In Touting Macs

Exclusive: First Details Of Office 2007 For Mac. All Use UI.

On the surface is a revised interface which borrows ideas from the Office 2007 for Windows 'ribbon' and has already been radically changed due to user feedback.


The iPod's Achilles Heel? It's Er... Reader's Digest

Zune, eMusic, and subscriptions.

Should Cisco And Motorola Be Worried About Apple?

Motorola and Cisco have a long way to go to catch up in features and cost.


iPod Nano (Second Generation)

How A Malformed Installer Package Can Crack Mac OS X


iPod, TheyPod: Rivals Imitate Apple's Success

After years of watching Apple's success in digital music, rivals are ripping a page from the company's playbook.

Sunday, September 17, 2006


A Damp Squib From Apple's Mr Incredible

The scale of Steve Jobs's success in digital music helps to explainw hy his move into the film business failed to meet his fans' high expectations.


A Look Behind The iPod/iTunes Report

As iPod moves from gotta-have-it fashion accessory to all-too-common electronics device, it will be interesting to see if Apple can keep the momentum going. The good news, of course, is that Apple is pretty much the only company I know of that can probably make it happen.

iTuens 7 Killed My Clock Radio

Well, actually, it didn't. I think. But there was a suspicious coincidence, and iTunes 7 did break my clock radio.

Saturday, September 16, 2006


'Teardown' Finds Few Changes To New Video iPod

Wedbush Morgan Securities, which conducted the teardown, concluded that the new device is a short-term stopgap until Apple is "ready to launch its true iPod Video later this year or early next year."

Who Is Jonathan Ive?

An in-depth look at the man behind Apple's design magic.

iPod fans Shun iTunes Says Report

Despite the success of Apple iTunes, few people stock their iPod with tracks from the online store, reports a study.


Is Steve Jobs The New Lord Of The Rings?

The next release of Mac OS X (Leopard) is that long-sought "Ring" and Steve Jobs is about to become "Lord of the Rings."

Creative Does Apple's Dirty Work On Zune

In what must be the most amazing stroke of luck for Apple, it seems that hte non-iPod player market is turning in on itself whilst Apple sits on the sidelines creaming in more sales and more plaudits.

US Warns Of Overzealous DRM Regulation; Reframing The DRM Debate

The Europeans understand, far better than we, that DRM does absolutely nothing to protest content. Zero, zip, zilch, nada.

Apple Gave Me Back All My Lost Music, Free Of Charge

She assured me that this is Apple's corporate policy, and they'll do this for anyone who has a catastrophic loss of their iTunes Music Store purchases, regardless of the cause.

Showtime: The New iPods

The Most Exciting Feature Of iTV May Be It's USB Port

Circular Arguments

The pattern I was seeing is now plainly apparent: circular application icons.


Hands-On Details On Mac Pro

24-Inch iMac Core 2 Duo/2.16GHz

If you're looking for the ultimate iMac with a taste of the pro-level features the Mac Pro provides, you'll find the 24-inch iMac to be the perfect middle ground.

iPod Nano (Second Generation: Updated Mid-Sized iPod Finds Inspiration In The Past

Friday, September 15, 2006


iPod Nano Is Big Earner For Apple - Analyst

Apple Pod Fight Expands To UK

Apple has taken its "pod" trademark fight across the pond. The computer giant has been sending cease-and-desist letters to companies using theword "pod," stating that they are infringing on its trademark.

New iTunes Software Raising User Ire

The most common complaint appears to be a crackling or scatchy noise in tracks played in iTunes 7.

Praise Apple, Don't Bury It

A top U.S. antitrust official on Wednesday urged foreign governments to think twice before interfering with popular new technologies, singling out overseas scrutiny of Apple's iTunes music service as an example of misguided enforcement.

Is Apple Poised To Topple The PC Big Boys?

With Intel, Dell, HP and Microsoft stumbling, Apple may be ready to regain its late 1980s preeminence.

'Four Eyed Monster': From Podcasts To Theaters

Surprise! QuickTime 7.1.3 Disables Its Own Flash Support

iTunes And iPod Odds And Ends


Apple Fan Runs iTunes Movie Marathon

30-minute download? Pah!

What Is Gapless Playback On The iPod And In iTunes?

iTunes Intelligent Design

You do noghtin, you get a marginal benefit and it's a great example of intelligent design.

I Came, iPod, iPhone

The problem for Apple is that mobile phones are not like iPods.

Steve Jobs Stumbles Over The Last 100 Feet

What does the iTV box offer that a DVD player can't do for significantly less money?

It's Not Your Parents' (Or Even Your) Television

Apple has definitely aimed the iTV not quite at the high end but at early adopters.

Please, Apple, Invite Us To The Subscription Dance


First Impressions: iPod Nano 2G

I can attest to the slower transfer rate that others are reporting.

Benchmarks: 2.33GHz iMac Core 2 Duo Comes Out Ahead

Dual-core iMac beats out quad-core Mac Pro on some tests.


Microsoft Zune Media Device To Ship For Christmas

In addition to allowing users to play music, videos and photos on a screen, the Zune player will include wireless technology and a built-in FM radio tuner.

Thursday, September 14, 2006


Apple Rules Out iTunes Movie Service For Asia Ex-Japan

Apple said its new iTunes movie service will not be available in much of Asia and there is no prospect of its roll-out in the near future.

Apple To Unveil New Store Design

iTunes 7 DRM Already Cracked


Apple Takes Back The Copycat Title

The Big Question: What Is Apple Up to, And Are We On The Verge Of A New Digital Revolution?

Every Empire Crumbles

Apple is losing its hip and unpredictable edge as it risks being left behind by the very technology it helped to proliferate.

Apple's iTV: Briding The Big Divide

Apple is betting is can do a better job than predecessors in getting digital content from the computer to the TV.

Apple's Announcements - Unanswered Questions

The real revolution is hinted at by Jobs showing Rocketboom in his set-top box demo.

Will Apple Change Television Forever?

Not now, maybe never.

Three Markets That Are Different Today After Apple's Showtime Event

What's Inside An iPod Game?

Making The Case For Movies

It didn't take long to figure out it would work for us.


First Impressions: Buying A Game From The iTunes Store

One could even call me a born-again iPod game player, if such a thing exists.

Photomatrix Pro 2.2: Photo Enhancement Software Gives Stunning Results But Has A Clunky Interface

First Look: iPod Games

Premium portable games deliver, even on iPod's small screen.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006


Apple Video Move Divides Industry

Macs And Grant Site Just Don't Click

Scientists, scholars and others planning to use their Macintosh computers to submit grant proposals to the federal government in the months ahead should be prepared for a rocky, or at least error-message-littered, road ahead.

New UI Showdown: Apple Vs. TiVo

As Apple has demonstrated time and again, it's all about the interface.

Apple Expo: Griffin Reveals Trio Of iPod Add-Ons

Apple Plans To Inhabit Living Room

Warning To Jobs: Taming Hollywood Not Easy

The king of digital music surprised no one with its new movie download strategy. Now comes the hard part.

Apple Posts QuickTime Webcast Of iTunes/iPod Event

Disney CEO Happy With Apple's Movie Strategy

Apple's Cover Flow Is An Import

The technology for iTunes' new album-browsing technology was the work of two people outside the company. However, Apple, spotting an idea it liked, has purchased the technology.

Apple Releases New iPod Nano

Apple CEO Steve Jobs unveiled a new, "completely remastered" version of the iPod nano on Tuesday at a special press event in San Francisco, sporting a new case that comes in a variety of colors.

Apple Rolls Out New iPod Shuffle

Speaking at a special press event in San Francisco on Tuesday, Apple CEO Steve Jobs annonced a new version of the company's iPod shuffle, featuring a smaller enclosure and a new connnection for charging and transferring music.

Movie Downloads Highlight iTunes 7 Overhaul

Apple jumped into the movie retail business Tuesday, offering digital downloads of motion pictures through its iTunes store at prices ranging from $9.99 to $14.99.

New iPods Get Bigger, Brighter, Cheaper

Apple on Tuesday announced an update to its top-of-the-line iPod models, releasing two new models with brighter displays, enhanced battery life, new earbuds, and new software features, including games.

Apple Previews iTV Home Theater Playback Box

Jobs described the forthcoming $299 set-top box as "completing the package" of Apple's multimedia offerings. Resembling a squat Mac mini, the iTV will use wireless networking to stream movies and TV shows from iTunes to a television.

QuickTime Adds iTunes Store Features, Security Fixes

More Details About The iPod's 80GB Drive


New Apple Announcement

The most important element of Apple's announcement today is that the iPod interface is now viewable on your hDTV.

A 'Mistake' Hollywood Had Better Start Making

The record labels appear to have accepted that their job is to sell music, as opposed to selling plastic discs with music recorded on them. Most movie studios still appear confused on that point.

iTunes: Is There A Standard UI Element Left?

Is Steve Jobs, Bill gates 2.0?

iTunes/iPod/iTV - First Take On Apple's Announcements

The key to the announcement is understanding that there's a seamless end to end experience for consumers for consuming digital content both within the home and outside the home. It also re-enforces the Apple vision of the universe with the PC serving as a hub for digital content in the home and it all works together seamlessly.

Aqua Is Dead, Long Live Aqua!

Apple seems to use iTunes as a test-bed for new user interface design styles, and iTunes 7 brings with it an almost complete overhaul the Aqua look we have all grown to love/hate/tolerate.

Return Of The Black Tax?

Apple's again tapped the premium for people who'll be willing to pay more to get the colors of their choice with the new iPod nanos.

iTuens 7: First Impressions From The Underground


First Look: iTunes 7

New views, better iPod controls highlight substantial upgrade.


An iTunes International Store Is Long Overdue

Yes, I know negotiating licensing rights for music is difficult. Negotiating licensing rights for television shows and movies is probably even more difficult, as you'd probably not have to talk to studios and distribution companies, but you'd have to talk to censorship boards too. So, I'm not asking for that.

However, restricting iPod games and dial-tones (it is coming, right?) by countries is plainly not maximizing your profits, wouldn't you agree Steve Jobs? Furthermore, many of Audible's audio books are already available outside of iTunes Store's geographical reach, and many indie artists are probably going to sign up immeidately once Apple launches the iTunes International Store.

So, how about it, Steve? Negotiations can still continue on a country-by-country basis, but an International Store can probably be opened with relatively ease and minimal expense right now. There are so many of us that are waiting with open wallets, ready to be locked into the Apple platform willingly.


Coming Zune

Once again, Microsoft is chasing Apple in the hipster hardware game. Will it make sweet music this time?

Tuesday, September 12, 2006


Can Apple Save The Digital Home?

Will Apple do for the beleaguered digital home what it did for portable digital players?

Insurers Get In Tune With The iPod Generation

Come loss or theft, you'll soon be able to claim for the music downloaded on to your gadgets.

Analyst: Apple's iPhone Ready In Four To Six Months

"We continue to expect Apple will announce its iPhone sometime in the next four to six months," Piper Jaffray Senior Analyst Gene Munster wrote. He is basing his conclusions on four pieces of evidence that Apple will enter the cell phone market by 2007.

TVBook Pro TV Tuner Card Uses MacBook Pro Slot



BBEdit 8.5 Adds Function Via Form

Monday, September 11, 2006


At ASU, Sunshine, iPods And Razrs

Earphones attached to iPods of every size were standard uniform as students walked to class with heads down, tapping text messages on their Razr phones and answering e-mails on their BlackBerrys.

Laptops To Help Students, Teachers

All students enrolled in Shoreline's public secondary schools now can have a Macintosh laptop for use at school and at home during the school year.

Has Apple Cracked The TV-PC Barrier?

"The 'last mile' problem of delivering broadband to the home has largely been solved. What remains is the 'last hundred feet' problem."

Fifth Avenue - 1 Million Visitors


Dell Store Employee Deny's The Mac Pro Being Cheaper

It's Leopard Vs. Vista

Once again, it appears that Apple has taken a leap over what Microsoft is offering.

Is Apple Going Doing An HP?

It's possible the Apple designers have made a mess of the cooling of the Core Duo processor, at least on the Mac mini and MacBook Pro.


BBEdit Has A New, Foldable, Lease On Life

BBEdit is here, is strong and has once again leaped ahead with I want to call a subtly groundbreaking release.


Big City, Small Dreams

Joel Minsky: Observed on Riverside Drive: A young man walking on the upper promenade, iPod in hand, earbuds gently placed in the ears of his 2.5-year-old towhead, says to the child: "That's Ray Charles. Do you like Ray Charles?"

I See London, I See France

David Millward, Telegraph: Researchers in Britain and Europe are looking at technology that would see a comprehensive network of microphones and cameras installed through the aircraft, including the lavatory, which would be linked to a computer.

Wanna bet the first criminals to be caught in this "anti-terrorist plane" are going to be crackers trying to hack into that lavatory camera?


Why Vista Will Mean The End Of The Microsoft Monolith

The difficulties in developing Vista stemmed from its monolithic structure and the need for 'backwards compatibility.' The trauma has convinced some Microsoft engineers that they will have to adopt a radically different approach.

Sunday, September 10, 2006


Apple Eyes Japan's Download Market

Apple is pursuing new innovative ways to expand iTunes in Japan by trying to entice consumers to abandon mobile phone downloads for online downloads instead.

Why The iPod Is Losing Its Cool

Apple has added ever more extras to its digital music-player in a bit to stem falling sales. But fears are rising that the device is now too common to be cutting edge.

Apple Replacement Batteries Arrive Early


Is The iPod Era Over?

Any viable full screen video iPod would be half way towards the two-thumb typing Sidekick style format that is now ubiquitous on Japanese and Europen phones.

Leaving .Mac

The reality is that .Mac has stopped offering me what I need.

The Best Computer Upgrades Ever

Whether you're a PC or Mac user, the humongous 24-inch iMac that Apple unwrapped on Wednesday drives home a point: Speed is good, but spread is better.

The Future Of Learning


Bridges To Windows Strengthen

Mac and Windows users have looked at each other for nearly 20 years across a raging river of uncertain compatibility as they exchange files, discs and drives. The river has become calmer and lost its rapids as Mac OS X has included more and better support for Windows formats, as developers have almost universally adopted document formats identical on both platforms, and as the idea of a Mac-only or Windows-only storage device has become absurd.


A Phone And An iPod

Last year, at around this time, Steve Jobs introduced the ROKR iTunes phone, and the iPod nano.

Will he repeat the same feat this year? Will we get to see a new phone (iPod phone) and a new iPod (iPod nano with video)?

Last year, the high-end iPod with Video was introduced at a separate event.

Do we have to wait until October for the really expensive iPod again? Should I start spending my hard-earned cash this Wednesday, or should I wait some more?

Saturday, September 9, 2006


BT: Binary Universe

Jeff Terry: Capturing Light From Long Ago

"The Mac is a better visualizationt ool. It has always done graphics at a much higher level than other platforms."


Apple To Wintel: It's Time To Get Your Affairs In Order

Mark my words: By year's end, Apple will have mind share leadership in all markets but servers. Its market share climb in '07 will dumbfound almost everyone but you and me.

Because In Singapore Is Different

Ask how come the replacement procedure is different from North America. Become more upsdet when I am told 'because in Singapore, it's different'.

Mixing Carbon And Cocoa

Sometime in the future, applications will be judged by what they enable you to do rather than the API under the hood.

Leopard Vs. Windows Vista

My name isn't Chicken Little, and I'm certainly not alone in my belief that Leopard is far more compelling than Windows Vista.

iPhone's Early Buzz

Apple phone designs are more ambitious than expected. And some say its business strategy may aim just as high.


The Printshop For Mac

Desktop/Tabletop Speakers

Friday, September 8, 2006


Bare Bones Unveils BBEdit 8.5

Bare Bones Software calls this a "significant update," ushering in a claimed 160 new features to the HTML and text editor for the Mac.

Apple Files Upgraded Trademark For iMovie

Powers Of Persuasion

Parallels Updated With Mac Pro, Leopard Support


Apple's iTunes Advantage

Things I Don't Like About My Mac

Apple Enters Phase 3 Of Its Mac Ad Strategy

Apple's Mac marketing strategy is now coming into focus and seems to be close to firing on all cylinders for the upcoming holiday season.

Can A 30" iMac Be Far Behind

The Diary Of A Low-End Computer Consultant


The TV Mini HD: Revisiting HDTV On The Mac

USB Microphones Compared

Blue Snowball and Samson C01U offer ease of use for computer-based recording.


Movie Store? What Movie Store?

I read all these rumors and speculations and gossips about Apple and Amazon and online movie store and pricing and DRM and all such issues with, well, just a little bit of distance and indifferent.

Here in Singapore, I am still waiting for a iTunes music store, let alone television show and movies. :-)

Money To Spend? How About Some Clothings?

For the ultimate Mac users (*cough*fanboy*cough*), here's a guide on how you can spend more money so that you can dress like a Mac. No, we're not talking about Halloween costumes. Rather, it's the "Hi, I'm a PC. Hi, I'm a Mac" Mac.

Of course, real Mac users are either hanging on to their money to spend after next Tuesday ("It's Showtime!"), or have already spend their life savings on that 24-inch iMac.

Thursday, September 7, 2006


Apple Retail Chief Speaks On 12 September

Apple's retail chief, Ron Johnson, will speak to analysts at the fourth ThinkEquity Annual Growth Conference hours after the company's big 'Showtime' announcement on 12 September.

Wednesday, September 6, 2006


Apple Updates iMacs, Intros 24 Inch Model

Apple has just updated the entire iMac line to include Intel Core 2 Duo processors in each model. In addition, they have added a gigantic 24 inch model to the line up, as well as lowering the price of the low end model to $999.

Apple Quietly Updates The Mac Mini

The $799 Mac mini now boasts a 1.83 GHz Intel Core Duo processor, and for $599 you get a 1.66 GHz Intel Core Duo processor.

Students Given Free MP3 Players

College students are to be given free iPods so they can catch up on missed lectures in their own time.

Apple Stock Soars On Sep 12 Plans

Apple Discriminates Against Australians

Neglignet recall behaviour down under.


iTunes And Sex Podcasts: My Long Conversation With Apple

Two Reasons Why The iPod Phone May Not Succeed

How many budget-challenged cell phone customers will break their cell contracts to go with an iPod phone service?


Aperture Vs Lightroom


Microsoft Sees Room To Challenge Apple's iPod

Microsoft plans to heavily promote the wireless capabilities on its new digital music player, Zune, in order to position the device as an alternative to the iPod, which currently lacks wireless functionality.

Tuesday, September 5, 2006


Meet The iTunes Wannabes

From MySpace to AOL, the list of would-be iTunes rivals is getting longer, but don't expect them to knock Apple from its perch just yet.

The MacBook "Hack" Controversy Continues

This iPod's Ready To Roll

The new Japanese robot Miuro turns an iPod music player into a dancing boombox-on-wheels.

Apple's Flip-Floppy Stance On Sex Podcasts Continues

Without a concrete explanation as to why "Sex is Fun" and other unnamed sex-themed podcasts have been removed from iTunes, all the world can do is speculate as to what Apple is thinking and where they're tying to go with this new form of podcast-censorship through iTunes.


In Praise Of The Pro

How much computer horsepower do you need to compose e-mail and surf the web? If you're a deranged Mac nut like me, the answer's a spanking new Mac Pro — the baddest-ass computer on the planet.

How To Stress-Test Your MacBook Pro

The Most Unlikely Of Purchases

This is the story of how Chris brought a Mac from a guitar store.


Mac To School 2006: The $2,000 Challenge

With a theoretical $2,000 to spend, how would I balance value and quality to equip myself adequately for school?

Mac BitTorrent Clients Reviewed

Monday, September 4, 2006


Apple Buys Pod Rights

Maker of entertainment gear Apple has paid an undisclosed sum to a New Jersey woman to stop her using the word 'pod' in a protective case she designed for laptops.

iPods Spread Seeds Of Fitness

Virtual trainers are the latest trend in fitness, and they can be downloaded right onto your iPod or other MP3 player.

Apple Financial Announcements Now On Podcast

Interest In Mobile Music Downloads Wanes

Twice as many respondents favoured mobile handsets incorporating an MP3 player than said they would prefer music players with mobile phone features.

Taiwan Firm Drops China iPod Libel Case

A Taiwanese firm has dropped its libel claim against two Shanghai journalists and their newspaper for saying that workers at a plant manufacturing iPods were mistreated, the official Xinhua news agency said on Sunday.


Apple, You've Failed Me

I'm seriously up to right here with this pointless copyright nonsense.


I like that OS X has a strong application-based metaphor for performing tasks.

Apple's Secret Ingredient

Fearlessness allows you set aside all ideas of what people might think and focus on what feels right instinctively. Without that sort of conviction, there wouldn't be Mac OS X, the iPod, or even the Mac.


How To Get More From Your iPod

A few simple, affordable adjustments can make your digital music listening experience better and easier.

The Future Of Mac Spreadsheets


Sam! I Do Like Green Eggs And Ham!

My daughter is in love with Dr Seuss right now. (She is 3-going-on-to-4.) The Cat in The Hat, Green Eggs and Ham.

And, for reasons unknown to me, she has assigned Thing One to be a "boy-boy" and Thing Two to be a "girl-girl."

Oh, and CNN have some pointers on reading to your child.


Finally, A Sirius iPod Threat

Sunday, September 3, 2006


Apple's Sound Strategy For The iPod

More than three years after hte music companies handed Steve Jobs the keys to the kingdom by releasing their catalogues to him in digital form, Apple's dominant position in the digital music business looks secure.

Taking A Bite Of Apple

It's crunch time for Apple as its competitors threaten to ease into the download music market.


Bob Dylan And iTunes Sell Un-Rippable Music

If you buy the packaged good, you get the audio and the videos for the final four songs, if you buy the iTunes Store version, you only get the un-burnable videos for them.

Battery Replacement: Apple Vs Dell

Saturday, September 2, 2006


Third-Party mac Pro RAM Brings In The Noise?

We know bad RAM can lead to a number of problems: crashes, bizarre behavior, data corruption, but extra noise> Really? Well, according to a tech note from Apple, that's the case on the Mac Pro.


Why Is Wal-Mart Scared Of Apple's iTunes Movie Plans?

Apple's Un-Keynote At Apple-Expo Paris

In addition to the un-keynote there's another good indication that new Apple products are in the pipeline: inventory.

'IT's The Brand, Stupid' - Why Apple Finds It Difficult To Move Out Of Its Niche

Unfortunately, Apple is still preceived from its brand as "specialist IT" and "consumerist."


Mid-iLife Crisis

Product Roundup: FM Transmitters

We take 30 FM transmitters for a spin to help you find the best match for your iPod.


Best Anniversary Ever... So Far

Podcasting has been around for enough months that you had probably listened to quite a few anniversary shows already.

Me too. :-)

But this show — the 2nd anniversary show by the Evil Genius — is among the best anniversary podcast show ever, if not the best, in my opinion.


MySpace To Enable Users To Sell Songs plans to let its 77 million users sell music downloads, another move by corporate parent News Corp. to make the social networking site as profitable as it is popular.

Friday, September 1, 2006


The Passing Of Apple Regional Liaison Jim Foster

Apple Planning Event In SF On September 12th?

Saying No To School Laptops

Some parents and educators are having second thoughts over higher-than-anticipated costs and the potential for inappropriate use by kids. At the same time, there is a sense that the vaunted benefits of constant computer access remain unproven.

CrossOver Mac Beta Released: Run Windows Apps In OS X

Dell, Apple Recalls Seem To Go Smoothly

No news is good news. That's what industry watchers are saying about the progress of Dell and Apple's laptop battery recalls.

An Apple-Google Friendship, And A Common Enemy

When Eric E. Schmidt, Google's chief executive, was named to Apple Computer's board this week, it did more than signal a potential alliance between powerful companies. It touched off a wave of speculation about the motives of the man behind the move: Apple's co-founder, Steven P. Jobs.


Apple, Google And Schmidt - Chill Out!

It just seemd to me that most of the commentary was around the "Woo hoo, what a big deal!" when there are both strategic and legal issues that argue for an interpretation more akin to "Whoopty doo, big deal?"

The Apple-Google Alliance: A Collective Yawn From Redmond

Normally, news of a board appointment causes nary a ripple in the business pages.

Apple Sends A NastyGram

Google's Inconvenient Truth

Call me a conspiracy theorist, but I see a link here, in the person of former Vice Presient Al Gore.

Irrational Google Exuberance

After all, Intuit's Bill Campbell has been on Apple's board for more than seven years, and that fact still hasn't gotten us a version of QuickBooks or Quicken that are at the level of functionality of their Windows counterparts.

Apple Opens Up


iBank 2.1: Financial Management App Offers Ease Of Use, Powerful Features

iBank 2.1.4 doesn't completely take down the Quicken 800-pound gorilla, but it provides a comprehensive set of financial tools with an elegant Mac look and feel.

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