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Monday, November 30, 2009

Ommwriter, An Extra Helping Of Zen For Writers

Brett Terpstra, TUAW Tweet

Apple Takes Control Of 'TabletMac' Trademark


Transfer of ownership may not mean Apple has plans on using the term. Apple may have simply contested the trademark due to the potential for confusion between "TabletMac" and their own trademarks. But now Apple could potentially release a product called the TabletMac, and given the overwhelming number of reports of an Apple-branded tablet device, it certainly raises that question. Tweet

Apple 'bullying' Flash Memory Makers?


Apple was accused on late Sunday by anonymous industry sources of 'bullying' NAND flash memory suppliers through its purchasing tactics. Tweet

Mother's Little Helper

Michael Agger, Slate Magazine

The iPhone is the ultimate kid-pacification device. Tweet

Apple Moves To Kill Second Psystar Lawsuit

Gregg Keizer, Computerworld

Apple last week asked a Florida federal judge to kill a lawsuit filed in August by Psystar, saying that the case is a retread of the one in California that has the Mac clone maker on the ropes. Tweet

iDroid App Rejected By Apple. Well, Duh.

Erick Schonfeld, TechCrunch

Here’s a tip for all you iPhone app developers out there. If you want to make sure your app doesn’t join the long list of rejected iPhone apps out there, make sure it doesn’t advertise a competing product, especially if that product runs the Android operating system. Tweet

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Server Admin Tools 10.6.2

Doug McLean, TidBITS

Apple has released an update to its Server Admin Tools package that enables users to manage Mac OS X Server 10.6.2. Tweet

Apple To Take iPhone's Maps App To 'the Next Level'


MacRumors has found a new Apple job listing seeking an iPhone Software Engineer to join the iPhone and iPod Touch Maps team with the goal of taking the iPhone's built-in Maps App to "the next level". Tweet

10 App Store Shortcomings Apple Should Fix

Don Reisinger, eWeek

There are many things that Apple could do to improve the quality of the applications sold as well as the quality of the service it provides to users and the support it gives to the developer community. Tweet

Jonathan Ive: Inventor Of The Decade

Sheryl Garratt, The Guardian

Ive has a talent for imagining beautiful things that work with minimal hassle. He changed home computers in 1998 with his translucent iMacs, and has continued to shape the way we work and play, most recently with the iPhone. Tweet

A Tale Of Two Hard Drives: Apple’s Secret Weapon?

Dave Greenbaum, TheAppleBlog

Recently, two clients came in, one right after another, and it really illustrated the differences between Apple and everyone else when it comes to hardware support. Tweet

Psystar Is Crazy In Every Way

Chris Jacob, Gizmodo

Psystar's recent legal woes keep proving the company's insanity. New documents show that these guys planned to sell at least 1.45 million Mac clones by 2011. How many did they actually sell in the past year? 768. Tweet

Saturday, November 28, 2009

iPhone Pre-Sale Orders Exceed 50,000

Korea Herald

KT Corp., which will begin offering Apple Inc.'s iPhones in Korea today, said advance orders for the handsets exceeded 50,000 as of Thursday. Tweet

Microsoft Worked With Apple And Is Bringing Us Silverlight To The iPhone, Instead Of Flash By Adobe

Alexander Vaughn, App Advice

Microsoft demonstrated the first developer beta of Silverlight 4 at the Professional Developer’s Conference this week, nothing very exciting if it’s not that they actually demoed it running on an iPhone. Tweet

Apple Store Fails The Nordstrom Test

David Morgenstern, ZDNet

Analysts hail Apple as the “new” Nordstrom. However, unlike the almost mythic quality of the department store, at Apple’s retail stores, you will need a receipt, hardcopy or email, to exchange a problem disc. Tweet

Friday, November 27, 2009

Apple's One-day Sale Hits The US Store

Joachim Bean, TUAW Tweet

iPhone Tries To Crack Korea

Evan Ramstad, Wall Street Journal

Apple Inc.'s iPhone on Saturday will finally go on sale in South Korea, a country that prides itself on creating and consuming cutting-edge technology but where the government raised trade barriers on smart phones to protect domestic manufacturers and carriers for several years. Tweet

Dear Aunt TUAW: My "Private" APIs... Aren't

Erica Sadun, TUAW Tweet

Apple Black Friday Sales Begin In Australia And New Zealand


Apple has launched its "Black Friday" one-day sales in Australia and New Zealand, with other countries set to follow at the appropriate times. As expected, Apple is offering only modest discounts compared to the deals offered by many other retailers for the traditional kickoff of the holiday shopping season. Tweet

Apple Documents iTunes LP And iTunes Extras For Developers

Joachim Bean, TUAW

If you're an iTunes contributor and you're looking forward to developing an iTunes LP of your own, Apple has posted several resources for Extras & LP, including a best practices guide, a development guide, asset delivery tips and a testing guide Tweet

Why The Delay On The iPhone 3GS In India?

Aayush Arya, Macworld

At Apple’s unveiling of the iPhone 3GS in June 2009, Apple’s senior VP of worldwide product marketing, Phil Schiller, stated in no uncertain terms that the faster iPhone would be rolled out through the rest of the world by August. The month came and went—heck, we’re nearing the end of November—and the iPhone 3GS () is still nowhere to be seen in countries such as Ecuador, Honduras, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Thailand, and Venezuela. Tweet

Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Enduring Value Of Macs

Dan Knight, Low End Mac

Like everything, Macs do wear out, although they tend to do so more slowly than PCs and remain useful a lot longer. We love the value of Macs, old and new, and we hope we're not just preaching to the choir when we say that older Macs are worth it. We hope new Mac users will hear the good news as well - every Mac has a whole lot of life in it, so use what you have for as long as it makes sense. Tweet

Private API Stalking Robots Confirmed On The App Store : Troubles

Alexander Vaughn, App Advice Tweet

iPhone App Rejected? Now There's A Site For That

JR Raphael, PC World

Enter, a new Web site designed to track and catalog all the "unusual" and "unfair" rejections from Apple's App Store. Tweet

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Five Reasons To Partition A Disk

Joe Kissell, Macworld

Here are a few situations when it’s worth it to split up your hard disk. Tweet

Apple Posts Guidelines On 27-inch iMac’s Target Display Mode

Aayush Arya, Macworld Tweet

Parachute 1.0 Backs Up To Multiple Destinations


Dare to be Creative has released the first version of Parachute, a new backup utility. Users can schedule multiple backup tasks, automated to run in hourly, daily, weekly or monthly cycles. As with most such apps, backups can be saved to network volumes and external hard disks. Content can also be copied to USB flash drives, and various online destinations. Tweet

Steve Jobs Is The Closest Thing To Walt Disney Since Walt Disney

Mark Sigal, O'Reilly Media

A cursory glance at the significant milestones in the careers of Disney and Jobs suggests an otherworldly ability to invent, re-invent and extend 'unfair advantages' across seemingly orthogonal domains. Tweet

Apple Sues One 'Knock-off' Maker, Defends Against Another


Apple has sued a third-party MacBook power adapter manufacturer and alleged it has violated patented designs, and also, in a separate trial, appealed to move its ongoing defense against clone iPod maker Luxpro to a California court. Tweet


Franklin Pride, Inside Mac Games

Adventure games of this quality don't come along very often, and, aside from the monotonous movement, it's well worth the price. It's a little short, but you'll enjoy yourself the entire time. Tweet

It's Magic! The First Apple Mouse That Doesn't Suck

Brian Chen, Wired

In an age where a heavy amount of everyday computing can be done in a web browser, the Magic Mouse couldn't be more than welcome. Tweet

Apple Updates Final Cut Server

Jackie Dove, Macworld

Version 1.5.1, a revision to Final Cut Server 1.5, addresses general compatibility issues, improves overall stability, and addresses a number of other minor issues. Tweet

Apple Says Users To Blame For iPhone Virus

Eric Zeman, InformationWeek Tweet

1Password Is Must-have Eshopping Nirvana

Jason D. O'Grady, ZDNet

1Password just got revved to version 3 and it's one my few must-have Mac OS X apps. It stores all of your online logins, registration information and credit card information for easy access with a click in your browser's menu bar. Tweet

iPhoto 8.1.1 Fixes Faces Bug

Jonathan Seff, Macworld

The iPhoto 8.1.1. update deals with face-recognition performance and accuracy (to fix a problem introduced with the 8.1 update), book ordering, and iPod touch support. Tweet

Apple Calls For Permanent Injunction Against Psystar


Following a recent legal victory, Apple is now calling for a permanent injunction against Psystar's operations. If granted the injunction would prevent Psystar from doing anything which might violate Apple copyrights, including bypassing controls in Mac OS X which prevent it from being freely installed on any Intel system. The company would similarly be banned from sharing the necessary decryption technology with others. Tweet

Apple And Live Nation Debut iTunes Live Music Program


Apple has teamed up with concert promoter Live Nation to launch a new live music program that offers exclusive recorded and filmed concerts, both companies announced Tuesday. Tweet

Apple's New 21.5-in. iMac Packs A Punch For The Price

Michael DeAgonia, Computerworld

If you're looking for a desktop machine that's reliable, fast, energy-efficient, stylish and featuring best-of-class bundled software, this iMac should be at the top of your list. Tweet

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Hey, Apple: Why Not Trust Your Most Trustworthy iPhone Developers?

David Worthington, Technologizer

More transparency and partnership would go a long way. It is a huge disincentive to invest in the development of an app only to see it be rejected. Apple can be a better partner, and still protect the sanctity of its “shelves.” Tweet

Users Report Issues With Apple's New Core I7-based iMac


Apple's new top-of-the-line 27-inch iMac with an Intel Core i7 processor has shown up dead on arrival or with a cracked screen for some who have purchased. Tweet

Opinion: In Depth With Apple's Snow Leopard Server

Ryan Faas, Computerworld

We dig in to explain the new networking, performance and collaboration improvements. Tweet

Can Apple's iPhone 'Walled Garden' Continue To Thrive?

Jacqueline Emigh, PC World

As other mobile phone environments begin to catch up to the iPhone, will Apple still be able to maintain a "walled garden" for mobile phone users, reminiscent of AOL's approach to the Internet in years gone by? That scenario is looking increasingly unlikely. Tweet

What's Apple Smoking? A Steve Jobs Lackey Explains

Jackson West, NBC Bay Area Tweet

Why It's Gotten Straight Stupid To Buy A Mac Pro

Mark Wilson, Gizmodo

The Mac Pro was once the only viable option for a OS X lover in need of serious horsepower for tasks like editing media. Now, with the new iMac? I think it's straight up stupid to buy a Mac Pro. Tweet

Why Apple Is A Joke In The Business World: Gartner

Angus Kidman, APC

Employees might like iPhones, but Gartner says Apple doesn't have a clue how to do computers for business at anything like a reasonable price. Tweet

Schiller's Spin On App Store Issues Ignores Real Complaints

Chris Foresman, Ars Technica

Apple SVP Phil Schiller is back in the press attempting to defend Apple's need to act as gatekeeper for the iPhone App Store. However, his comments seem more like spin and less like actual improvement. Tweet

iPhone Web Apps As An Alternative To The App Store

John Gruber, Daring Fireball

The argument that you can make iPhone web apps that are “good enough” misses the entire point of iPhone apps — the entire point of the iPhone itself, even — all of the things that drive Twitter users to pay $3, $4, or $5 for apps that do the same things that can be done for free by loading Twitter’s web site in MobileSafari. “Good enough” is not good enough on the iPhone. Tweet

Rural Radiology Consultants Paying Less For More


Using a Mac Pro as the keystone of his rural radiology practice in Bemidji, Minnesota, Dr. Hilton Bakker is able not only to reduce the costs of his own practice but those of the hospitals who use his services. Says Bakker: “If hospitals can use Mac technology to do radiology cheaper, that’s my goal. Health care costs too much. If I can do my little bit to make it cheaper, that’s cool.” Tweet

Rick Smolan: “The Obama Time Capsule”

Joe Cellini, Apple

A custom coffee table book by co-author and publisher Rick Smolan takes you back to — and into — the story of Obama’s rise to the presidency. Says co-author and publisher Rick Smolan: “Every component of this project, from photo editing to design to video, was created entirely on a Mac.” Tweet

Why Spaces Is My Favorite Leopard (And Snow Leopard) Feature

Charles Moore, Low End Mac Tweet

Apple Launching New iPhone Ads Tonight

Arik Hesseldahl, BusinessWeek

The ads can’t help but be viewed against the backdrop of the fight between Verizon Wireless and Apple’s partner AT&T, the one that’s spawned a lawsuit for Verizon’s “There’s A Map For That” TV spots. Here we see Apple doing its part as both a good AT&T partner, and touting a great feature of the iPhone all at once. Tweet

Latest Jailbroken iPhone Worm Tries Filching Bank Passwords

Jacqui Cheng, Ars Technica

Users who have jailbroken their iPhones just can't catch a break—another malicious worm is making its way around the Internet and tries to steal bank passwords for users in the Netherlands, Portugal, Hungary, and Australia. Users with locked-down iPhones are still safe. Tweet

Apple's iPhone App Store Approvals A Necessary Evil

Tony Bradley, PC World

There have been some questionable approvals and shady rejections, but overall Apple is doing something right because every other mobile operating system platform wishes they had an app for that and wants to be the Apple App Store when they grow up. Tweet

Normal Business , Not Apple "Problems", Cause Developer Diversification

Erik Sherman, BNET

Are there problems with Apple being too controlling? Yes. Is it a problem when one company can become the gatekeeper and bottleneck preventing independent businesses from reaching potential customers? Yes. However, that’s not driving iPhone developers away. Nor is a single anecdote that itself isn’t a good fit for the thesis proof of a trend that “a growing number” of registered iPhone developers are “branching out to build apps for Android and other operating systems.” Tweet

Apple Set To Propose Damages In Psystar Case"

Jeff Gamet, The Mac Observer

Apple is set to files its brief on Monday detailing the damages and injunction details it wants to see imposed on Psystar for building and selling unauthorized Mac clones. Tweet

NoteBook 3.0v366

Doug McLean, TidBITS Tweet

Monday, November 23, 2009

Is Apple Being Too Precious About The App Store?

Adrian Kingsley-Hughes, ZDNet Tweet

Airfoil Speakers Touch 1.0.2 Is Now Available

Paul Kafasis, Rogue Amoeba

Judging by Phil Schiller’s comments to Business Week, Apple had overly-strict internal policies on appropriate use of Apple trademarks. These policies failed to account for many entirely reasonable uses of trademarks, and have now been relaxed. Tweet

Six Ways To Get Online From Anywhere

Glenn Fleishman, Macworld

Can't find a hotspot? Don't worry: There are other ways to get online when you're on the road. Tweet

Review: iPhone Ringtone Roundup

John Brandon, Macworld

Four apps that help you customize your iPhone's sound. Tweet

Apple Announces Black Friday 2009 Sale

MacRumors Tweet

Developers Look Past Apple's Jammed iPhone App Store

Olga Kharif, BusinessWeek

Software programmers are designing apps for the Google-backed Android operating system, fired by frustration with Apple's rejections and delays. Tweet

Apple's Schiller Defends iPhone App Approval Process

Arik Hesseldahl, BusinessWeek

In his first extensive interview on the subject, Phil Schiller, Apple's senior vice-president for worldwide product marketing, outlines the many reasons Apple keeps close tabs on which applications can be downloaded onto the iPhone and iPod Touch. He also outlined ways the company is trying to become more flexible in its approval process. Tweet

Sunday, November 22, 2009

Snow Leopard's Creator-Code Snubbing Now Official

Matt Neuburg, TidBITS

Although this merely confirms what was already known by experience and experimentation, and although it has no bearing whatever on the question of the advisability of this change, it's nice to see Apple come clean at last and state the facts plainly, albeit more than two months after Snow Leopard's release. Tweet

TUAW Review: Checkout, Top Notch Point Of Sale Software For Mac

Josh Carr, TUAW Tweet

Attention To Detail: What We Love In An App

Erica Sadun, TUAW

Software. It doesn't matter if it's for a Mac or for an iPhone. There are certain qualities we just love, that make an app really stand out to us. Tweet

iPhone To Go On Sale In South Korea

Rhee So-eui, Reuters

Apple's iPhone will go on sale in South Korea this week, offered by the country's No. 2 mobile carrier KT Corp (030200.KS), KT said on Sunday. Tweet

Why Go Pro When iMac Goes Faster?

Rob Griffiths, Macworld

The new Core i7 iMac is a potent machine -- so potent, in fact, that it outpaces a couple of Mac Pro models in benchmarks. It's also an incredible bargain, offering tremendous power given its price. Tweet

Magic Mouse Drivers For Windows Now Available

Chris Jacob, Gizmodo Tweet

Saturday, November 21, 2009

The All-New Apple 27 Inch iMac

Jake's Rolex Watch Blog Tweet

Elgan: Four Things You Need To Know About Apple

Mike Elgan, Computerworld

Apple actions seem inexplicable -- unless you understand how the company views the world. Tweet

Does Apple Enjoy A Licensing Loophole On iPhone?

Don Clark, Wall Street Journal

While death and taxes are notable certainties, there’s another in the wireless world: make a 3G cellphone and you pay patent royalties to Qualcomm. But Apple may be evading some of the consequences. Tweet

How Smoking Can Ruin Your Mac

Chris Matyszczyk, CNET News

According to a report, AppleCare warranties can be voided if Apple deems the damage was caused by secondhand smoke. Appeals to Steve Jobs have, apparently, not succeeded. Tweet

Apple's App Store API Screening Flawed, Says Developer


A new automatic screening technique Apple is using for the App Store appears to be backfiring, claims developer Rogue Sheep. Tweet

Bugs & Fixes: Screensavers In Snow Leopard

Ted Landau, Macworld

After a little wait, many third-party screensavers are now compatible with Snow Leopard. But there are glitches. Ted Landau has details. Tweet

iPhone Owners Demand To See Apple Source Code

Gregg Keizer, Computerworld

iPhone owners charging Apple and AT&T with breaking antitrust laws asked a federal judge this week to force Apple to hand over the iPhone source code, court documents show. Tweet

Apple's App Store Approval Process Gets Partially Automated


Apple has added a new automated layer to its approval process for App Store software, but according to one developer, it's not perfect. Tweet

Mice Buying Guide

Rik Myslewski, Macworld

We’re in the Golden Age of Rodents. It’s time to look at the mice you’re missing. However, the wealth of choices can be daunting. We have a few tips to help you. Tweet

Keyboards Buying Guide

Dan Frakes, Macworld

The keyboard you choose is based on a personal decision, but there are some features and terms you should understand so you make the proper buying decision. And that’s what this guide is here to do. Here are our tips to buying a new keyboard. Tweet

Friday, November 20, 2009

Review: Curio Professional 6

Stuart Gripman, Macworld

Curio is an ambitious product with much to offer. For users who do moderate amounts of drawing, outlining, mind mapping, note taking, project management, or presenting, Curio can be an excellent value. Students in particular will find it appealing. Those with professional grade requirements will still have to shell out for dedicated applications. Tweet

Smartphones' Ecosystem Dilemma

Lance Knobel, Reuters

What Apple has done so successfully is build a thriving ecosystem around its product. Tweet

Review: IScrapbook 2.1

Katherine Murray, Macworld

If you plan to put any real energy into your scrapbooking projects, I recommend iScrapbook 2.1.2 for its ease of use, flexible but powerful toolset, easy-to-customize templates, and add-on iScrapKits that let you expand your creative efforts at your own pace. Tweet

Big Fish Games Releases Drawn: The Painted Tower For Mac


Big Fish Games has released Drawn: The Painted Tower, a new puzzle-adventure game for the Mac. Tweet

A Finder-Copying Bug In Snow Leopard, Part 2

Matt Neuburg, TidBITS

By comparing two very similar applications, one of which is troublesome and the other not, even though they have almost identical internal structures, I have discovered that the answer involves Unix permissions on symlinks inside the bundle. Tweet

Why The iPhone Makes You Feel Smarter

Andrew Nusca, ZDNet

MAYA Design’s Mickey McManus says products should be so intuitive that a customer feels silly explaining to another how it works. And by silly, I mean smug — as in, “Isn’t it obvious?” Tweet

iPhone Developer: Why I'm Not Making Apps For Android Or Palm (Yet)

Dan Frommer, The Business Insider Tweet

Hack Brings 10.6.2 Back To Atom Processors

Jeff Porten, Macworld

Netbook hackers take note: this is not a point-and-click operation; you'll need to roll up your Terminal sleeves for a few simple steps here. And, of course, replace the kernel of your operating system—the fundamental code that underlies everything else in Mac OS X—with a file you've downloaded from the Internet. Tweet

Buyer's Guide: 33 Things You Don't Need If You Have An iPhone

Chris Rawson, TUAW

Thanks to the apps that come pre-packaged with the iPhone and the more than 100,000 third-party offerings now available in the iTunes Store, the iPhone has gained functionality that might have seemed hard to fathom under three years ago when Steve Jobs first announced the device. Tweet

Cut The Drama: Private APIs, The App Store & You

Andrew Bednarz, The Apple Blog Tweet

Apple's App Store Review Irking Developers

Dave Rosenberg, CNET News

I received a note from Andy Gilbertson, one of the developers behind Parallel Kingdom, a location-based mobile massively multiplayer (or MMO) game that uses your GPS location to place you in a virtual world atop the real world. The game seems like an obvious winner for the iPhone, but the team has been struggling to get it past Apple's app review policies. Tweet

Apple: 'Enterprise' Is As Enterprise Does

Matt Asay, CNET News

"Enterprise" is defined by the company you keep. Tweet

Boot Camp Drivers Update 2.2 For Windows Available

Dave Caolo, TUAW Tweet

Apple's Mistake

Paul Graham

I don't think Apple realizes how badly the App Store approval process is broken. Or rather, I don't think they realize how much it matters that it's broken. Tweet

Thursday, November 19, 2009

SubRosaSoft Introduces FileSalvage 7

Ramu Nagappan, Macworld

SubRosaSoft has released FileSalvage 7, an update to its data recovery software. The latest release offers Snow Leopard support and enables better recovery for flash-memory cards and Windows drives. Tweet

Jobs: Forced Name Change 'Not That Big Of A Deal'


Apple CEO Steve Jobs has chastised a Mac developer in response to a letter regarding a name change, reports say. Tweet

7 Essential iPhone/iPod Touch Tips

Jeff Carlson, TidBITS Tweet

Apple Releases Updates Improving Printing, Scanning, ISight Cameras And QuickTime

Joachim Bean, TUAW Tweet

1Password 3.0 Out Of Beta

TJ Luoma, TUAW

1Password 3.0 is available today for Leopard and Snow Leopard users, with a bunch of new features, including 1PasswordAnywhere which allows you to view 1Password data from any other computer-Windows, Mac, Linux, whatever-with a modern browser like Safari or Firefox. Tweet

Five Unexpected Uses For Copy And Paste

Sharon Zardetto, Macworld

Use these commands in the Finder to manipulate more than just graphics and text. Tweet

Review: Mac Mini With Snow Leopard Server

Jason Snell, Macworld

If you want to run a Mac OS X-based server and take advantage of Snow Leopard Server’s impressive skills as a file, Web, backup, and workgroup server, you’ll find no better value than the Mac mini server. It’s appropriate for small businesses, small workgroups in larger enterprises, and educational environments. Isn’t it nice that Apple has finally realized that it had a great server under its nose this whole time? Tweet

The Apple Tablet Is Dead

Ian Paul, PC World

Apple tablet rumors started verging into the ridiculous Thursday morning with reports that Apple has pushed back the project's launch date yet again. Those same sources are saying Apple is developing a high-end tablet that could retail for as much as $2000, according to Digitimes. Tweet

The OS Opportunity

John Gruber, Daring Fireball Tweet

WorkSnug: Find Places To Work With Your iPhone

Simon Mackie, Salon

WorkSnug is a neat augmented reality iPhone app that enables you to find great places to work nearby, from cafes to coworking spaces, complete with reviews. Tweet

iPhone On Wi-Fi Vulnerable To Security Attack

John Cox, Macworld UK

A new report from a mobile security vendor details how the most popular smartphones, including the iPhone, are very vulnerable to man-in-the-middle attacks, carried out via public Wi-Fi connections. Tweet

Apple Fixes Problem With LED Cinema Display iSight Camera

Jonathan Seff, Macworld

On Wednesday, Apple released LED Cinema Display iSight Firmware Update 1.0, a fix for an issue with the built-in iSight camera on the LED Cinema Display not being recognized by some applications. Tweet

Give Your App To Apple Employees

Karelia Software

One great way to get some exposure to your application is to get it in front of as many Apple employees as you can. Ideally, give your program away! Tweet

Bringing The iPhone And The Mac Into Ancient Tech Environments At Work

Edible Apple

With the average joe more tech conscious and savvy these days, the demands for modern technology in the workplace is growing louder, and thankfully, corporations are starting to listen. Tweet

Why There Shouldn't Be An iPhone App For That

Tom Kaneshige, CIO

For some retailers, an iPhone app makes perfect sense. Others, not so much. Tweet

Popcorn 4 Review

Jonny Evans, Macworld UK

Popcorn is Roxio’s conversion and burning tool for multimedia content. Among other talents it lets you easily convert Flash video clips into a format suitable for your Apple TV or iPhone, but that’s not all. Tweet

Running Windows 7 Under OS X: Ars Reviews VMware Fusion 3

Dave Girard, Ars Technica

VMware Fusion has always had a stable, fast foundation, and version 3 continues to impress by pulling off a seemingly flawless 64-bit transition. Tweet

Apple's Web Worms

Katia Dunn, NPR News

There are several Apple-devoted sites. Some of them employ whole teams of people who spend their days reporting on the company. And, when I say reporting, I mean impressive investigative journalism. Tweet

A Dangerous Precedent: Apple's App Store

Philip DiStefano, Tiger Weekly

Right now, other smartphone platforms such as Google's Android are using their openness as a selling point, but what will happen when more and more closed platforms start succeeding? Tweet

Camino 2 Improves Security, More

Jeff Gamet, The Mac Observer

The Camino Project released Camino 2.0 on Wednesday afternoon with improved security features, enhanced tabbed browsing, and more. Tweet

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Review: SyncMate Expert 2.4

John Rizzo, Macworld

Sync your Mac to multiple devices, including Windows Mobile. Tweet

iPhone Cleared For Sale By South Korean Regulator

Owen Fletcher, Macworld UK

South Korean regulators gave Apple a business license on Wednesday that would allow it to launch the iPhone in the country at any time. Tweet

Apple Rejected Another Political Caricature App In 2008, Costing Developers $15000

John Brownlee, Tweet

Barking Enough To Join The Big Boys

Leo Lewis, The Times

Singapore’s newspaper stories about dogs must have puzzled world leaders. Tweet

Copy Music Off Your iPod

Kirk McElhearn, Macworld

There's nothing worse than losing your iTunes library to a hard drive crash. If you have music on your iPod, you can at least get it back with the right tools. Tweet

China Mobile: Still In Talks With Apple On China iPhone Launch

Wall Street Journal Tweet

The Argument For Free Classes Via iTunes

Brad Stone, New York Times

The music, videos and mobile applications available through Apple’s iTunes Store get all the attention, but it might be time to acknowledge the increasingly varied and popular offerings of iTunes U, Apple’s catalog of lectures from colleges and universities around the world. Tweet

Zuma's Revenge

Susie Ochs, Mac Life

Zuma's Revenge is crammed with content, even without a multiplayer mode or a way to make your own levels. And it's got the "just one more level!" addictiveness that you'd expect from a PopCap game. Tweet

This Just In: MacBooks Are More Reliable Than Netbooks

Aron Trimble, TUAW

The results may not surprise you; for instance, netbooks fail 40% more often than premium laptops and Apple's MacBook line has above-average reliability. Tweet

Notes From Mac Programming Class Guest Lecture

Brent Simmons, Inessential

The idea behind the lecture was to talk about what makes a great Mac app. I took that as an excuse to talk about everything from work habits to UI to marketing. Tweet

Apple's iPhone App Store Takes Off In China


Despite a slow start in official handset sales, the iPhone has found success in China with customers flocking to the App Store, even with the device's lack of Wi-Fi. Tweet

Thanks, iPhone: 2000 Percent Increase In Bay Area Data Traffic Since 2008, Says AT&T

John Paczkowski, Wall Street Journal Tweet

Get Your iTunes Library In Shape

Milind Alvares, Smoking Apples Tweet

Pic Of The Day: WiFi Passwords For Mac And PC

Leander Kahney, Cult Of Mac Tweet

Apple's App Approval Revolt: Will It Matter? Maybe

Sam Diaz, ZDNet Blogs

As many of you know, I’m a big fan of Apple products. But, by the time Apple unleashes the iPhone from AT&T and gets its act together over the app approval process, I may be so happy with Android - and its apps - that I won’t be willing to trade it in for an iPhone. Tweet

Calling Phony On Apple's Latest Ads

Guy R. Briggs, FOXNews Tweet

Online Petition Demands Apple Approve iPhone Apps

Sarah Perez, ReadWriteWeb

Three iPhone application developers are cited in an online petition which asks Apple to approve their apps, all of which have been sitting in limbo for months on end. Tweet

Apple Store Goes On Hiatus As Microsoft Store Opens

Sharon Chan, Seattle Times

The Apple store shut its doors for a remodeling in The Shops at Mission Viejo, just as Microsoft announced plans to open a store in the same mall in Orange County, Calif. Tweet

Mac Laptops' Reliability Doesn't Match Their Price

Gregg Keizer, Computerworld

But Apple's MacBook line beats the corporate laptop standards of Dell, Lenovo, and HP. Tweet

Apple's iPhone App Vetting Is Here To Stay—For ...

Brian Heater, PC Magazine

Developers can protest all they want, but Apple is likely to maintain its tight control over the App Store for as long as it can. Tweet

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

ShoveBox For The Mac And iPhone Helps Keep Your Stuff Organized

Will Kelly, Salon Tweet

Apple's iPhone To Be China's No. 1 Smart Phone, Unicom Says

Wei Du and Mark Lee, Bloomberg

China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd. Chairman Chang Xiaobing said he expects Apple Inc.’s iPhone to become China’s best-selling smart phone, countering skepticism by analysts who say the handset is too expensive. Tweet

Runtime Revolution 4.0 Offers New Web-authoring Option

Tony Craine, Macworld

Runtime Revolution has released version 4.0 of its self-titled application-authoring software. New in this release is the ability to deploy applications directly to the Web in any of the major browsers running in Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux. Tweet

Needed At Apple: One Good Game Designer

Jared Newman, Technologizer

Apple’s cooking up something related to video games, and needs a jack of all trades game designer to get the job done. Tweet

Apple, Bloomberg: Two Media Brands In The Social Era

Tim Leberecht, CNET News

Secrecy, compliance, top-down hierarchies, rigid communication policies, and walled gardens are characteristics that may be somewhat outdated in this era, and yet they seem to be the very cornerstones of Apple’s and Bloomberg’s success as the two firms thrive as the surprise champions of their respective categories. Tweet

Apple Vs. Pystar: What's Left To Fight Over

Seth Weintraub, Computerworld

Here's what's left to be decided at trial: Apple's allegations of breach of contract; induced breach of contract, trademark infringement; trademark dilution; trade dress infringement; and state unfair competition under California Business and Professions Code § 17200; and common law unfair competition. See anything on that list that will be helpful to Psystar? Tweet

Why Steve Jobs' "Enforcement Routine" For Ads On Apple Devices Is Not The Dumbest Idea You Ever Heard

Jim Edwards, BNET

It suggests that Apple is interested in distributing its devices and software free to anyone willing to make a tradeoff by sitting through some ads. This is a time-honored business strategy that has previously been fantastically successful.

I see this more of a preemptive measure to prevent others from undercutting the Mac and iPhone markets. Tweet

10 Scenarios That Could Make Apple License Mac OS X

Don Reisinger, eWeek

Change is constant in the computer industry and even Apple can't say it will never change its mind about retaining exclusive control of the Mac OS platform. Tweet

Apple Beats Nokia In Profits, Apple Doesn't Beat Nokia In Profits, We Don't Really Have A Clue [Smartphones]

Jesus Diaz, Gizmodo

he fact, however, is that nobody have a single clue about what Apple's real numbers are Tweet

Parallels Switch To Mac Edition Is Daunting But Worthwhile

John Martellaro, The Mac Observer Tweet

iPhone UI: The Age Gap And Other Stats

David Morgenstern, ZDNet

Sessions at this month's iPhone Tech Talk in Seattle revealed differences in usage by age groups, according to a developer report from the conference. Tweet

Apple Beats Psystar: Is It A Win For You?

Ian Paul, PC World

Personally, I’m happy with my Mac computer and although I’ve had a few minor problems, I can’t really say I’m unhappy with Apple’s significant control over my computing experience. But then again, isn’t there something instinctively wrong about accepting a system or product, regardless of its quality, that reduces consumer choice? Especially when it comes to a device that is so integral to our daily lives? Tweet

What's Next For Future iPhones?

Dan Moren, Macworld

Competing smartphones can tell us a lot about the iPhone’s future direction. Tweet

Monday, November 16, 2009

Are Apple's App Store Policies Ruining Everything?

Paul Venezia, InfoWorld

Many iPhone developers are worked up over Apple's application review process. It's not perfect, but it's there for a reason. Tweet

Tweetie 2 For Apple's iPhone Takes Twitter To A Whole New Level

Matt Marrone, New York Daily News Tweet

Priority To Help Two Recover

Leow Si Wan, Straits Times

Helping the two patients - who are at the heart of a drug blunder at KK Women's and Children's Hospital (KKH) - to recover is the 'top priority' now, said health minister Khaw Boon Wan on Monday. Tweet

Was Apple Really More Profitable Selling Cell Phones Than Nokia In Q3?


Strategic Analytics report was based on an analysis of Apple’s financial numbers, which include the ever misunderstood subscription accounting, which is mostly iPhone revenue, or, as Apple reported, it would be about $2.85 billion in Adjusted Net Income (which includes iPhone’s subscription accounting).

Face it, Joe. Man up. You got it wrong and you’re afraid to admit it. Only Apple really knows how much profit the iPhone brought in last quarter, but all accounts except yours put Apple’s iPhone profits above Nokia’s cell phone profits. Tweet

It's Back To The iPhone

Jim Harmening, Southtown Star Tweet

Sunday, November 15, 2009

The Apple iPhone App Store Approval Process: A Really Inefficient Route For Getting To The Right Decision

Harry McCracken, Technologizer

Apple, in other words, usually manages to do the right thing–it’s just that it sometimes does it after doing the wrong thing and getting slapped around in the blogosphere. Wouldn’t it be more efficient for everyone concerned–and less embarrassing for Apple and the iPhone platform–if it figured out it should really approve these apps before rejecting them and sending so many people into a tizzy? Tweet

Devoted Apple Fans Line Up In Rain For Opening Of City's Fourth Store On Upper West Side

Mclendon, New York Daily News

New York's already got three Apple stores, but hundreds of Mac fans patiently waited in the drizzle Saturday for a look at the fourth. Tweet

Ruling For Apple Against Psystar Means Clone-makers Have No Legal ...

Charles Arthur, The Guardian

Psystar, the little company in Florida that seemed for a while to be based in the back of a truck while it made Apple clones based on PC hardware, has lost all its claims against Apple in a legal victory that is an important ruling against would-be clone makers. Tweet

Apple Wouldn’t Risk Its Cool Over A Gimmick, Would It?

Randall Stross, New York Times

Everything about this technology seems so antithetical to the guiding principles of Apple that one would naturally wonder whether Steven P. Jobs even knows whether his company filed a patent application for such a thing. Tweet

Apple Relents. Bobble Reps Rule!

Philip Elmer-DeWitt, Fortune

An iPhone app illustrated with caricatures of the 111th Congress finally gets the green light. Tweet

Apple Earns Key Legal Victory Against Psystar


Judge William Alsup ruled this week in a summary judgment that Psystar infringed on copyrights owned by Apple in order to place Mac OS X on unauthorized computers built and sold by the Florida corporation. In addition, Psystar was found to be in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act by circumventing Apple's protection barrier that prevents installation of its operating system on third-party hardware. Tweet

Apple Rejects Unity Games On The App Store

Mike Schramm, TUAW

The problem appears to be a number of API calls in the engine (though not specifically the game themselves, as I understand it) that allow the games to access the iPhone's number and send it back to the developer's servers. Tweet

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Improving The iPhone App Store Approval Process

Rafe Colburn,

The current system isn’t going to work for a whole lot longer. Tweet

Apple Was Not More Profitable Selling Cell Phones Than Nokia In Q3

Joe Wilcox, BetaNews

As for Apple's overall phone profits being higher than Nokia's, don't believe it. Just because dozens of Websites report something as true doesn't make it so. Because of the extent of misreporting, I can't say where the fault lies. Tweet

The Secrets Of The Apple Store iPod Touch

John Biggs, CrunchGear Tweet

Airfoil Speakers Touch: Correcting Misconceptions

Mike Ash, Rogue Amoeba

Ultimately, this is not a trademark issue, but simply a matter of Apple enforcing arbitrary and inconsistent requirements for iPhone applications. There’s no legal requirement for them to forbid use of their icons, and no benefit to them in doing so. Tweet

To Play With Giants, App Devs Risk Getting Squashed

Brian X. Chen, Wired News

Hot-selling mobile apps have earned some independent programmers hundreds of thousands of dollars. But one of the greatest risks of developing apps for a platform controlled by a large corporation, such as Google or Apple, is that you can easily get crushed. Tweet

Grooving To Your iPod, Wirelessly

Elizabeth Howell, The Globe And Mail

I can't go a considerable distance without playing music – so trying out the FM transmitters that connect an iPod or iPhone to your car stereo without wiring sounds like a convenient and excellent solution. Here's a test drive of three of the popular models. Tweet

Apple Quietly Updates The 5th Generation iPod Nano To 1.0.2

Joachim Bean, TUAW Tweet

The Only 2 Fixes For The iPhone Platform

Manton Reece

I want my software to fail because it sucks, or is buggy, or doesn't have the right features, not because Apple can shut me down over a minor difference of opinion. Tweet

The Airfoil Speakers Touch Situation

John Gruber, Daring Fireball

Is Apple within their rights to reject this app for this reason? Sure. The bottom line is that they can reject apps for whatever reasons they want — that’s the rule that matters here. But was Rogue Amoeba foolish for designing their application this way? No. There’s nothing in the SDK agreement that they’ve violated. Tweet

Friday, November 13, 2009

Apple Unveils Browser-based iTunes Preview

Apple Insider

Apple has updated links generated via iTunes to direct to a Web site called iTunes Preview, which gives customers the option to view content without launching the application. Tweet

Store Photos Outside Of iPhoto's Library

Derrick Story, Macworld

By storing files outside of iPhoto’s database, you can stay in control and share with other programs. Tweet

How You Can Become One Of Apple's Star iPhone App Reviewers

Alaska Miller, The Business Insider Tweet

With iTunes’ Variable Pricing, Fewer Hit Song Sales Still Mean More Money For Apple

Paul Bonanos, GigaOM

When it comes to selling a song online, 30 cents means a lot. Sales of hit songs in Apple’s iTunes store have dipped 6 percent since April, in part due to a new variable song pricing structure that has driven up the price of most hits to $1.29, data from a new study by Billboard’s Glenn Peoples shows. But popular tracks by Lady GaGa, Miley Cyrus and their ilk are keeping their market share in comparison with the remainder of the music market, and Apple’s revenue from sales of the more expensive hit songs appears to be rising faster than consumers are turning away. Tweet

Airfoil Speakers Touch 1.0.1 Finally Ships

Paul Kafasis, Rogue Amoeba

Today, over three and a half months after we initially submitted our bug fix update for review, it’s finally available. So what happened? Tweet

Apple's Global Retail Invasion

Jim Goldman, CNBC

Apple now says it will open 40 to 50 new Apple stores this year, compared to earlier estimates of 25 to 50; over half the openings will be international, including locations in the United Kingdom, Italy, Canada, Switzerland, China, and Australia. In fact, Apple will be opening its second stores in London, Paris and Shanghai. Tweet

It's Harder To Get A Job At The Apple Store Than It Is To Get Into Harvard

Dan Frommer, The Business Insider

At a press event today, Apple said that 10,000 people submitted applications to work at the new store on Manhattan's Upper West Side, according to Gizmodo's Matt Buchanan. Of those, just over 200 got jobs, for a 2% acceptance rate. Tweet

Apple's Newest Retail Masterpiece

Dan Frommer, The Business Insider

It's hard to get excited about most new stores, but this one -- from the outside, at least -- looks gorgeous. Tweet

Inside Apple's Newest Temple

Matt Buchanan, Gizmodo

While every Apple Store is in some sense a place of reverence, the new Upper West Side store unabashedly evokes that feeling: The top floor's a vast open space, enclosed by spartan stone walls which support a massive glass ceiling. Tweet

Undercover 1.5 Ousts iPhone Thieves With Push Notifications

Nicholas Bonsack, Macworld

Orbicule's Undercover 1.5 for iPhone introduces clever push notifications to the iPhone tracking app, specifically made to fool a thief into exposing his whereabouts. Tweet

Looking At The Changes To Snow Leopard's Top Command

Rob Griffiths, Macworld

Learn about some key changes to the Unix 'top' command in Snow Leopard. Tweet

Research: Apple’s iPhone Owns 17% Of Smartphone Market

Ed Sutherland, Cult of Mac

Apple’s iPhone now accounts for 17 percent of global smartphone sales, propelled by a nearly 50 percent growth rate for the third quarter, new research released Thursday indicates. Cupertino’s rising star in worldwide smartphone demand is expected to only increase as the iPhone becomes available in China and more carriers begin offering the popular cell phone. Tweet

Taking iPhone To New Depths


iPhone is helping these engineers deploy submarines and subsea rovers all over the world — without breaking the bank. Tweet

Apple's 'Significant Store' Strategy

Andrew LaVallee, Wall Street Journal

Apple said Thursday that it expects to open 40 to 50 new retail locations next year and that it will focus on bigger flagship stores in major cities. Tweet

Apple's Modest Addition To The Upper West Side

Saul Hansell, New York Times

A glass and marble palace on New York's Upper West Side is the latest in Apple's retail chain that makes nearly as much per store as Macy's does from locations 30 times larger. Tweet

De-glitched, The C64's Up And Running Again

Stephen Williams, New York Times

The on-again, off-again Commodore 64 app for Apple is on again in the iTunes app store, now improved over the original version that appeared—but only briefly—in September. Tweet

Apple Banks On Retail Stores

Marguerite Reardon, CNET News

Apple's latest store in Manhattan is part of a bigger plan to win new customers through its retail strategy. Tweet

Thursday, November 12, 2009

The iPhone Economy: Is There App Inflation?

Lisa Scherzer, Smart Money Tweet

iPhone Virus Maker Regrets 'Stupidity'

Ben Grubb, SC Magazine

Ashley Towns said he had received non-stop phone calls, death threats and posting of his personal details online. Tweet

State Of The Apple Nation

Mark Webster, New Zealand Herald

All in all, it has been a fantastic year for Apple against all expectations. Tweet

iPhone Apps Take Root As Cottage Industry

Yukari Iwatani Kane and Ryan Knutson, Wall Street Journal

There is a hint of that old boomtown feeling again in the Bay Area -- this time in living rooms and garages and cubicles where a cottage industry is unfolding around the iPhone app. Tweet

Apple's Soaring Pile Of Cash


Apple brought Steve Jobs back to the company in December 1996. Since then, he's been building a massive pile of cash, rolling out new product after new product. Tweet

MacBook Entry-level Specs Impress

Garry Barker, The Age

Apple's latest line-up has a gift for integration. Tweet

Psystar Claims It Cracked Mac OS X On Its Own

MacNN Tweet

Facebook App Developer Is Through With The iPhone, Blames App Store Approval Process

Michael Rose, TUAW Tweet

Behind The Scenes Of China's iPhone Apps

Juliet Ye, Wall Street Journal Tweet

Apple App Store Takes Tiny Step Toward Transparency

Brian X. Chen, Wired

Taking a small step toward openness, Apple rolls out a brand new way for iPhone developers to track the status of apps they’ve submitted to the App Store. Tweet

Explaining iPhoto Library Size Discrepancy

Christopher Breen, Macworld

Why does iPhoto report a library of 7GB when the Finder says 21GB? There's more to the iPhoto Library package than meets the eye. Tweet

Apple Releases Safari 4.0.4 With Security Flaw Patch


Apple Wednesday afternoon released an update to its Safari Web browser, addressing a vulnerability that could allow an image file to exploit Macs with older software. Tweet

Indev Software Releases MiniMail 2.0

Jeff Porten, Macworld

The latest version of MiniMail adds a small message notification view to Mail, multiple viewers, and Snow Leopard compatibility. Tweet

Four Ways To Access Files From Afar

Glenn Fleishman, Macworld

If you work in lots of locations, you may find yourself wishing you could access your files from everywhere. Here are four ways to do just that. Tweet

A Satellite Radio Receiver That Works With The iPhone

Stephen Williams, New York Times

Sirius XM Radio, always on the lookout for ways to attract fee-paying younger subscribers, is now after the Apple crowd. After its introduction several months ago, the XM SkyDock, an iPod/iPhone accessory, is finally on the market, at a price of $120; even Apple stores are expected to carry it. Tweet

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Fix 10.6.2's Broken Slide Show Screen Saver

Adam C. Engst, TidBITS Tweet

Mac Marketshare Grows In Europe As Apple's Competitors Struggle


PC sales in the U.K. and Western Europe diminished over the past year while Apple's market share has grown, as higher-priced Macs have found success in the midst of down economy. Tweet

New iPhone Malware Steals Data From Jailbroken Phones

Jeremy Kirk, IDG News Service

Another piece of dangerous code that attacks iPhones has been found, although it puts at risk only a very small subset of the smartphone's users. Tweet

Does Apple Really Want To Sell Magazines?

Jason Snell, Macworld

In all the speculation that abounds on the Web about the possibilities of an Apple-designed tablet device that would compete with e-readers from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and the like, I haven’t seen a whole lot of discussion about one of the great mysteries of the idea: who would sell the content for such a device?

There are two likely answers to that question. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages. Let’s take them in turn. Tweet

The Difference Between Apple And Microsoft When It Comes To New Products

Thomas Fitzgerald

It’s funny how Apple is one of the few (if not only) very successful businesses that pundits continue to argue that the companies business model is entirely wrong and that it should be doing things completely differently. Tweet

Why It's Easier To Make A Great Twitter Client For iPhone Than For Android

The iPhone Blog

Sure, that means there’s a lower barrier of entry to creating poor iPhone apps, but it also means great developers aren’t wasting their time re-inventing UI wheels, or fighting the OS to do right by their apps. They investing that time in making great apps. Tweet

Apple Uses “Switchers” Ad To Keeping Smacking Windows 7

All Things Digital Tweet

While Rivals Jockey For Market Share, Apple Bathes In Profits

MG Siegler, TechCrunch

While the press and rivals obsess over market share, Apple quietly comes in and makes an insane amount of money. It’s the same in the computer industry. Small market share, huge amount of money. The most important thing for all of these are companies is the bottom line. Apple wins that battle. Tweet

Microsoft Office 2008 12.2.3 Update

Glenn Fleishman, TidBITS

The 12.3.3 update contains a critical security fix, as well as significant improvements in stability, according to the release notes. Tweet

A Finder-Copying Bug In Snow Leopard

Matt Neuburg, TidBITS Tweet

When It Comes To In-App Purchases On The iPhone, Games, Social Networking, And Books Rule

Erick Schonfeld, TechCrunch Tweet

NVIDIA's CEO Proclaims His Love Of Apple Computers

Jason Mick, DailyTech

Apple's decision to opt for NVIDIA is certainly being rewarded with loads of love from the graphics giant. Tweet

Snow Leopard Update Fixes Photoshop Issues

Macworld UK

Apple's Mac OS X 10.6.2 Snow Leopard update released on Monday, has fixed several issues associated with running Adobe Photoshop on a Mac. Tweet

FolderGlance Lets You Peek Inside Folders (and Files)

Dan Frakes, Macworld

FolderGlance modifies the Finder's contextual menus, allowing you to view the contents of folders and files, and perform actions on those items, with a simple right-click. Tweet

Yojimbo 2.1 Supports Snow Leopard Text Features

MacNN Tweet

Directly Set Screen Sharing Image Quality Level

Rob Griffiths, Macworld

Learn how to set the quality level of a remote Mac's screen in the Screen Sharing application in 10.5 and 10.6. Tweet

Bugs & Fixes: What Bugs Mac OS X 10.6.2 Tackles

Ted Landau, Macworld

The Mac OS X 10.6.2 update fixes several bugs that Ted Landau looked at in previous columns. Here's a rundown of what the updated OS addresses. Tweet

VESA Certifies Mini DisplayPort As Standard


The VESA group today officially released Mini DisplayPort as a finalized standard. Known for short as mDP, the Apple-developed connector can now be used by other companies to attach displays with the expectation that they will meet all the DisplayPort 1.1a specs. Tweet

Downsizing: Going From A 17-inch MacBook Pro To A 13-inch MacBook

Peter Cohen, The Loop

In the end, I’m really pleased with the MacBook as a replacement for my 17-inch MacBook Pro. Obviously, three years is a long time in the evolution of computer systems, especially for Apple. When I acquired my previous laptop, Apple was only a year into the Intel transition, having announced its plan in 2005 and executing in 2006. But going from one end of the Apple’s laptop spectrum to the other hasn’t been a sacrifice. In fact, it’s been great. Tweet

O2 To Start Unlocking iPhones

Nick Spence, Macworld UK

Apple’s original UK iPhone partner O2 will start to unlock customers’ phones. Rival provider Orange started selling the iPhone Tuesday, while Vodafone is expected to offer the iPhone from the second week in January next year. Tweet

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Confirmed: 10.6.2 Removes Atom CPU Support From Snow Leopard

TJ Luoma, TUAW

Is this Apple clamping down on "hackintosh" computers, or just continuing to prune code that it doesn't need? The answer you prefer likely depends on your previous view of Apple. Tweet

Magic Mouse Works Fine For Multi-Touch Unless You’re The Six-Fingered Man

MG Siegler, TechCrunch

The Magic Mouse has no problem following up four points of contact relatively easily. It works for five too, but at that point, the surface area on the top of the mouse becomes the issue. Tweet

Tethering To iPhone Still Coming, AT&T Says; No Date Set: AT&T Has Promised Tethering For The iPhone For A Year"

Matt Hamblen, Computerworld

AT&T today reiterated its plans to offer tethering on the iPhone, but again gave no date when that might happen -- more than a year after the carrier first said tethering would be coming "soon." Tweet

Apple Releases Security Update 2009-006 For Leopard

Ramu Nagappan, Macworld Tweet

Apple Releases Mac OS X 10.6.2 With Guest Account Bug Fix


Apple's second update for Snow Leopard, Mac OS X 10.6.2, was officially released Monday afternoon, fixing a number of issues including a guest account bug that could potentially delete a user's account data. Tweet

Orb Has Landed For Intel Macs

Mel Martin, TUAW

If you are a sometime PC user you probably know about Orb, a multimedia sharing tool that allows you to access your media from anywhere you have an internet connection and a browser. Now, Orb has come to the Mac and it's got great possibilities -- but it's a mixed bag in terms of reliability. Tweet

Lawsuit Claims iPhone Games Stole Phone Numbers

Lex Friedman, Macworld Tweet

Apple As An Obsessive-compulsive Case Study

Scott Bradner, Networld World

Apple's take-it-like-we-serve-it attitude has recently struck close to home for me and it is frustrating. Tweet

Apple Rejects My Caricature App

Tom Richmond, Tom's MAD Blog

Wow. I’ve had rejections in theme parks before but never because my drawings were considered “obscene, pornographic, or defamatory”. Tweet

Letter From Paris: Apple Mania!

Beth Anoid, Huffington Post Tweet

Is Apple Stopping Progress?

VoIP Watch Tweet

Jailbreaking Puts iPhone Owners At Risk

Gregg Keizer, Computerworld

Pwn2own winner Charlie Miller says modified iPhones lack security defenses and are therefore easier to hijack Tweet

Magic Mouse Is Apple's Best Mouse Ever, But…

MG Siegler, TechCrunch

The short answer is yes. This is hands-down the best mouse Apple has ever made. It’s not even close. That said, it could be even better, and hopefully down the road, with a software update, it will be. Tweet

Apple Posts Wireless Keyboard Update 2.0

Scott McNulty, Macworld Tweet

Monday, November 9, 2009

iPhone Hints: Take Self-portraits More Easily

Dan Moren, Macworld

The iPhone’s shutter control doesn’t trigger when you press the camera button, it triggers when you release it. So the simple trick for taking better iPhone self-portraits is to press and hold the camera button, then turn the phone around and snap the picture by releasing your finger. Tweet

Review: Bare Bones' Yojimbo 2.0

MacNN Tweet

First-Known iPhone Worm 'Rickrolls' Jailbroken Apple Handsets


The iPhone's first worm -- a playful, wallpaper-changing prank that only affects jailbroken phones -- could be a sign of more dangerous things to come. Tweet

Apple Begins Shipping Core I5 iMacs


Apple this morning began sending notices that it has started shipping at least Core i5-equipped versions of the 27-inch iMac. Tweet

HD Radio For The iPhone

Lauren Goode, Wall Street Journal

The HD Radio app for the iPhone, while technically free, isn’t cheap. It requires a Gigaware HD Radio receiver accessory, which costs $80 and is only available at Radio Shack. Headphones are also required, not just for listening purposes, but also to act as antennae for the receiver. Tweet

Apple Still Not Allowing VoIP Calls Over 3G

Om Malik, GigaOM

A month has passed since the decision was announced, and there is still no support for VoIP over 3G. Tweet

A For Apple, I For Phone

Michelle McGee, Savannah Morning News

If you are an iPhoner, though, you understand because you know that the iPhone is more than just a phone. In fact, it's a world of entertainment at your fingertips, no matter how small they may be. Tweet

Apple TV Is Still On The Fritz0

Philip Elmer-DeWitt, Fortune

Despite a hasty fix to repair the last update, reports of problems continue to pour in. Tweet

How Apple Handles App Store Infringement Complaints: Badly

OS News Tweet

Apple Addict

Ted Murphy Tweet

Sunday, November 8, 2009

How 'bout That Magic Mouse: Simple, Beautiful, Functional

Craig Crossman, McClatchy News Service

Typically, simplicity comes with less functionality. But Apple seems to keep breaking that rule and the Magic Mouse is definitely another rule-breaker. If your Mac meets the minimum requirements, you’re going to want this mouse. Tweet

iPhone Disappoints In China Launch: Analysts


The official launch of Apple's iPhone in China has been disappointing at best for mobile operator China Unicom, with the grey market still booming and competitors offering worthy alternatives, experts say. Tweet

Heads Up: Update Your Apple TV To 3.0.1 ASAP, Says Apple

Michael Rose, TUAW

Apple has shipped 3.0.1, which is supposed to fix problems where 3.0 units would unexpectedly dump all their loaded content. Tweet

Users Encounter Early Magic Mouse Issues


Anticipated drag and swipe functions are sometimes said to be failing, leaving only regular click commands available. When the special wireless mouse software is applied, a Mac may still fail to detect a Magic Mouse. Tweet

Saturday, November 7, 2009

The Many Sliders Of Photoshop CS4

Neven Mrgan

They’re all ugly. Tweet

Update Fixes iPhone Sync Problem With Windows 7 For Some

Nancy Gohring, IDG News Service

Gigabyte Technology issued a BIOS update on Friday that fixes a problem for some Windows 7 users who have been unable to sync their iPhones. Tweet

Bare Bones Yojimbo


Drag and drop to organize your digital tidbits in a logical way and find them again easily. Yojimbo 2 makes this possible in simple, but powerful program. Tweet

Apple Introduces Reserve And Pick-up

Mike Schramm, TUAW

The name is a little unwieldy, but it gets the point across. You go onto the Apple web site to find what you want, click to reserve the product at a nearby Apple Store, and then go to the store and pick up the goods while you're doing your holiday shopping between December 15 to 24. Tweet

Europe's Biggest Newspaper Forcing Purchase Of Its iPhone App

Markus Goebel, Seeking Alpha

So much for the coming mobile nirvana of free mobile content – at least for iPhone users in Germany. Today Europe’s biggest newspaper, BILD-Zeitung, intends to use, in effect, brute force to compel users buy its new iPhone app. The paper tabloid is to block anyone using an iPhone browser from accessing its website. Tweet

iPhone App Store Hits 100K, Leaves Others In The Dust

Yoni Heisler, Network World

The iPhone may soon be getting stiffer competition from upcoming products like the Motorola Droid, but one area where Apple's commanding lead seems untouchable is its mobile app store. Tweet

Apple Deploys Its New EasyPay Device At Paris’ Grand Store Opening

App Advice Tweet

With New Features, Apple's MobileMe Is Worth The Price

Glenn Fleishman, Seattle Times

Apple has finally assembled a set of features for its hosted MobileMe service that makes it worth its subscription fee for the right user. As a critic of the service in the past, I find myself with naught but praise these days. Tweet


Mark Tennent, ATPM Tweet

iPhone Superguide Comes To The App Store... Eventually

Jason Snell, Macworld

Now, as some of you may have read elsewhere, getting this app up on the App Store was not as easy as you might think it would be. Tweet

Amid Transition, Rivals Are Descending On Apple

Noreen O'Leary, Brandweek Magazine

Apple, once untouchable in terms of marketing, has gotten a little roughed up lately. Tweet

Doom Game Creator Suggests Apple Embarrassed About iPhone Gaming

Brian Garner, AppleInsider

John Carmack, creator of the classic PC game Doom, described working with Apple as a "rollercoaster ride," and suggested that company executives are not happy about the popularity of gaming on the iPhone and iPod touch. Tweet

Magic Mouse Loses Its Way

Ted Landau, Macworld

The mouse will occasionally drop its connection altogether. When this happens, a “Connection Lost” message briefly pops up on the display. This can occur even while the mouse is sitting idle. Typically, the mouse re-establishes a connection on its own, but there is no telling how long this will take. Tweet

Add More Effects To Photo Booth And iChat

Rob Griffiths, Macworld

As you know, Photo Booth includes a collection of image-altering effects you can use to distort your photos; just click the Effects button to see the collection of 24 effects, and to apply them to your photos. A subset of these effects (16 in all) are available in iChat, too, for use in creating some truly strange looking iChat image icons. But in case that’s not enough effects for you, here’s a way to add over 20 additional effects to both iChat and Photo Booth. Tweet

Apple's Broadway Store To Open Saturday, Nov. 14


Apple has officially announced that its forthcoming flagship store on Broadway in New York City will have its grand opening on Nov. 14, in time for the holiday shopping season. Tweet

Friday, November 6, 2009

Five Unexpected Uses For The Control Key

Sharon Zardetto, Macworld

If you’re like me, you’ve nearly worn out your Mac’s Control key (often labeled CTRL), using it to open contextual menus. It’s true that Control-clicking on anything from a Finder icon to a window’s title is an amazingly handy way to access a pop-up menu of targeted options. But you can also add Control to common key combinations for variations on the original functions. Tweet

iTunes LP Now Available For Apple TV Customers

Dave Caolo, TUAW Tweet

First Look: Viewfinder For Mac Finds Images For You

Jeff Smykil, Ars Technica

Viewfinder offers a convenient way to search, obtain, and attribute photos from the popular Flickr photo-sharing site. If you use a lot of images in your day-to-day life, you will want to take a closer look. Tweet

John Legend Live: With MacBook Pro, Logic Studio And MainStage


For Legend, cinching that connection on the current tour involves working his songs on every level to meet and exceed the high bar set by the massively popular recordings. Tweet

The Decade of Steve

Adam Lashinsky, Fortune

How Apple's imperious, brilliant CEO transformed American business. Tweet

Inside The Apple Ecosystem


From the brightly colored iMac to the ultra-sleek MacBook Pro, Steve Jobs turned geeky PCs into lusted-after objects. Tweet

Steve Jobs's Legacy


Harvard professor Nancy F. Koehn shows us how Steve Jobs stacks up with other great entrepreneurs in history. Tweet

Apple Unveils First Paris Store In Louvre

Ed Sutherland, Cult of Mac

Apple today opened the first of a series of stores planned for Paris. The first, located near the famous Louvre art museum, coincided with the release of the Musee du Louvre iPhone app showcasing among other exhibits, Leonardo da Vinci’s Mona Lisa. Tweet

Quick QuickTime Q&A

TJ Luoma, TUAW

QuickTime was one of the few apps which changed significantly in Snow Leopard. We've heard from some readers who missed the initial reports about it, so we're repeating it here, with some additional QuickTime information. Tweet

8 Stars Speak Out On Steve Jobs


Eight people who rarely speak publicly about Jobs explain what makes him one of the best business minds of our time. Tweet

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Review: Studio One Pro 1.0.1

John Brandon, Macworld

For those who never buy a 1.0 product, just on principle, now might be the time to break the rule. Studio One Pro 1.0.1 has an arguably more appealing interface than Logic Studio, the one-screen approach is easy to use, yet really powerful, and the app is a solid and stable performer. Plus, the musical results are impressive. I own Logic Studio, but I plan to record more songs with Studio One. Tweet

MacSpeech Dictate Adds Surport For Bluetooth Headset

Macworld UK

MacSpeech 1.5.6 adds a new dictation preferences pane that allows the Auto Cache Document feature to be enabled or disabled for TextEdit and Microsoft Word. The update also adds "exclusive support" for the Plantronics Calisto Bluetooth Headset. which allows freedom of movement during dictation. Tweet

It's Apple's World, We Just Click In It


People can't get enough of Apple's aura of cool. But a bit more humility would make the company easier to live with. Tweet

Does Apple Really Build What You Want?

Tech Night Owl

Apple’s logic is that they aren’t going to build a product unless they can sell enough copies to make it profitable. That means that you won’t get a non-glossy iMac unless demand is extremely high. There will probably never be a mid-priced expandable desktop without an integrated display simply because the market is moving towards notebooks. Tweet

Five Classic Apple Marketing Tactics That Lock You In

Dan Tynan, PC World

The bottom line: Apple makes great products, but its marketing practices limit your choices and cost you more money. Tweet

Apple’s New Remote Is A Riddle, Wrapped In A Mystery, Inside An Enigma

MG Siegler, TechCrunch

I really don’t understand Apple’s thinking with these remotes. It would seem that they’re clearly inching towards products with less buttons and more touch elements, but this new remote is the opposite of that. Tweet

Fix Snow Leopard's Screen Sharing Black Screen Bug

Glenn Fleishman, TidBITS

The advice - from Anonymous - is to change the Screen Sharing program's mode setting to 32 bits. Tweet

Mac Game: Art Project Or Malware?

Elinor Mills, CNET News

As part of his Master of Fine Arts thesis project, Zach Gage wrote a game to run on Macintosh computers that resembles Space Invaders but with a digital roulette twist--for every alien space ship the player destroys a random file on the computer is deleted. Tweet

Reference Tracker 1.5 Adds Improvements, Bug Fixes


The software enables users to track all citations and references within essays or books, while creating a reference list that can be accessed whenever necessary. The latest version features improved accuracy for the formatted reference list importer. Tweet

Apple's Magic Mouse Is Simple, Beautiful, Functional

MCT News Service

Typically, simplicity comes with less functionality. But Apple seems to keep breaking that rule and the Magic Mouse is definitely another rule-breaker. If your Mac meets the minimum requirements, you're going to want this mouse. Tweet

Apple's 100000 Point Lead

John Biggs, CrunchGear

Apple’s refusal to expand its product line has finally paid off. By creating a regimented army of drone devices to run its marketplace they’ve ensured absolute compatibility at the cost of, potentially, consumer choice. Tweet

App Store Size: Comparisons And Challenges

Adam C. Engst, TidBITS

I don't see Apple letting the App Store collapse under its own weight, but with all these other app stores coming online and gaining momentum, Apple needs to solve these problems sooner rather than later. Tweet

iMac (Late 2009) Benchmarks

James Galbraith, Macworld Tweet

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Bare Bones Updates BBEdit

David Morgenstern, ZDNet

BBEdit, Bare Bones Software’s leading HTML code and text editor was updated to Version 9.3 on Tuesday with new features and interface tweaks. Tweet

News: iTunes Store Highlights Music Related Movies

Jeff Gamet, The Mac Observer

Apple added a new section to its iTunes Store on Wednesday geared at highlighting movies with a musical theme. The section includes musicals, music-focused movies, concert movies and documentaries. Tweet

Developers Stealing From Developers: An App Store Tale

Jeff Smykil, Ars Technica

In the high-stakes game of iPhone application development, your portfolio can mean the difference between landing a client or being overlooked. What happens when your peers decide they need to steal from your app portfolio in order to get ahead? Tweet

App Store Officially Passes 100,000 App Mark

Dan Moren, Macworld

We’ve known it was coming for a while now, but the milestone has finally been passed: Apple announced on Wednesday that the App Store now boasts more than 100,000 applications available for download. And download the people have, more than two billion times in 77 countries. Tweet

Keep Track Of Changes In Pages

Kirk McElhearn, Macworld Tweet

Why iPhone Sales In China Are Stronger Than Apple Thinks

In Apple’s eyes, the iPhone may have debuted last week. In reality, iPhones have been available to the Chinese, albeit illegally, for quite some time. Tweet

Two 'App Stores' For China Unicom's iPhone

Steven Millward, CNET Asia

Apple's App Store is the official source of third-party apps on China Unicom's iPhone. But China Unicom's online App Store, dubbed the China Unicom "Wo" portal, accessed in the Safari Web browser (at, has positioned itself as the de facto source of apps for Chinese consumers. Tweet

Parallels Desktop 5 Boosts Performance, More

Jeff Gamet, The Mac Observer

The new version of the OS virtualization application offers up to a three times performance improvement, and video performance that's up to seven times better compared to previous versions of the application. Tweet

Hands-on With The Magic Mouse

Joachim Bean, TUAW

Overall, if you've used a Mighty Mouse, you'll need little time to adjust. It feels mostly the same, and I was surprised in how easy it was to get used to. Tweet

Safari Data Bug Could Mean Huge Phone Bills for Some

Lonnie Lazar, Cult Of Mac

The danger appears related to Safari’s failure to close connections with web servers that run Motion JPEG to stream video over the Internet. Tweet

Workaround For The 27 Inch iMac Flash Lag?

Josh Carr, TUAW

The suggestion at this point: cycle your wireless connection. Tweet

Mac Mini (Late 2009)

Dan Frakes, Macworld

According to Apple, the mini line was designed to be the most affordable way to get a computer with Mac OS X and iLife. While that may be true, the early-2009 Mac minis were the first that actually let you take full advantage of that software. The latest models improve modestly on their predecessors with faster processors, more RAM, and—on the lower-end model—more hard-drive space at the same $599 and $799 prices. The results are Mac minis that address a few of my biggest criticisms of the early-2009 models. (Sadly, slow hard drives remain.) Tweet

Create Pause-Zoom-Pause Effects In iMovie Stills

Rob Griffiths, Macworld Tweet

Apple Tops In Retail, Universal Stores Lead Online


Apple leads in brick-and-mortar retail stores but is no match for more universally oriented stores online, Consumer Reports says in its December issue. Tweet

Dora The Explorer Interactive Learning Games Debut For Mac


Avanquest Software’s Nova Development unit in collaboration with Nickelodeon has launched three new children’s software titles for the Mac, consisting of Dora the Explorer and Go, Diego Go! characters. Tweet

Snow Leopard: Don't Get Caught In Date Handling Change In AppleScript

David Morgenstern, ZDNet

As users migrate to Snow Leopard they will find that AppleScript is less forgiving about date and time formatting. Formerly reliable scripts, years old, may fail. Tweet

China Unicom Says It Has Signed Up 5,000 Users For Apple iPhone

Mark Lee, Bloomberg

China Unicom (Hong Kong) Ltd., the country’s second-biggest mobile-phone company, said it has 5,000 users for Apple Inc.’s iPhone, after the carrier introduced the handset in the world’s biggest phone market last week. Tweet

TapeDeck 1.3 Adds Apple Lossless Audio Codec Support


The software behaves like an old-style tape recorder, with the ability to export to WAV, AIFF and MP3 formats. Tweet

Snow Leopard Bug Prevents Opening Groups Of Files

Doug McLean, TidBITS

A handful of recent threads on Apple's Support Discussion forums - backed up by our own testing - indicate that Snow Leopard suffers from a bug that prevents users from opening multiple recently downloaded files simultaneously. Tweet

OmniFocus 1.7 Review

Karl Hodge, Macworld UK

Get things done with OmniFocus: not so much a list maker as a life manager. Tweet

iPhone Public Radio App Is A DVR For NPR

Jared Newman, PC World Tweet

Apple Rejects iPhone App For Containing "iPhone" In Title

Charles Arthur, Guardian

Tales from the Twilight Zone of the iPhone App Store, pt 946: Apple has rejected an ebook submitted by Macworld because it contains the word "iPhone". Tweet

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Orange, Apple Drop Exclusivity On iPhone In France -Regulator

Dow Jones Tweet

Review: Google Picasa 3.5 Photo Organizer

Kris Fong, Macworld

If you use an older version of iPhoto but want the newer features, switching to Picasa is a no-brainer. If you use Photoshop or another image editor, Picasa makes a great photo-management companion. It’s free, so why not give it a go? Tweet

Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard): Click-Through In Finder Windows

Pierre Igot, Betalogue

With such inconsistencies, it is pretty much impossible for the user to develop instinctive habits in his or her interactions with the Finder, and he or she ends up constantly having to correct the inappropriate/unexpected behaviour triggered by his or her mouse clicks. Tweet

You Win Some, You Lose Some: A Review Of Apple's Magic Mouse

Eric Bangeman, Ars Technica

Apple attempts to reinvent the mouse with its new Magic Mouse. It offers multitouch gestures and brings a new dimension to scrolling, while dropping some useful features from its predecessor. Tweet

Why China Isn't Buying The iPhone

Carl Franzen, The Atlantic

A few tech writers are congratulating themselves for predicting the disappointing debut of the iPhone in China on Friday. Many have linked to the various reports from The Wall Street Journal's Loretta Chao, who closely followed the run-up and launch of the product, which she says netted a "lukewarm" reception. What accounts for Apple's hard luck? Bloggers offer several theories. Tweet

Apple To Reinvent Apple TV...For The Rest Of Us

Peter Burrows, BusinessWeek

It seems Apple is rethinking its TV strategy, in a way that might—if the company can pull it off—give consumers the option to pay Apple less than half as much as they currently pay their cable or satellite provider for a monthy TV subscription. Tweet

Here's The iTunes TV Subscription I'd Pay For

Harry McCracken, Technologizer

Is any of this too much to ask for? I’d cheerfully pay a lot more than $30 a month to the first company who offers it. Tweet

Thursby Announces ADmitMac 5, DAVE 8 Updates

MacNN Tweet

Apple's Shine Stems From Productivity, Not Politics

Jonathan Hoenig, Smart Money

I am not a tech geek or company evangelist, but the fact that the iPhone is, quite simply, a miracle of human achievement. It’s a phone, a map, a camera, an encyclopedia, and stereo, among a thousand other uses, all for a few hundred dollars upfront and a reasonable monthly fee. Consider that my family’s old Apple II cost more than $1,200 back in the late 1970s, a hefty price for a machine that didn’t do much beyond a rudimentary version of Lemonade Stand. The iPhone demonstrates wealth creation incarnate. Tweet

Bean Review: Is TextEdit Too Minimal And Word Too Much? Bean Fits Somewhere In Between

Karl Hodge, Macworld UK

It lacks a full word processor’s more advanced features, but Bean handles all the same files as TextEdit in an interface that’s easy to understand and looks great. Tweet

ScreenFlow 2 Screencasting Software Review

Erik Vlietinck, IT Enquirer

Mac OS X users have several screen-casting applications to choose from, but the best one by a margin remains ScreenFlow. With the release of version 2 Telestream has upped the bar for other screen-cast software developers. Tweet

Intel Comments On iPhone Sync Glitch

Brooke Crothers, CNET

Intel on Monday said it is investigating a glitch that prevents an Apple iPhone from synching with certain PCs that use a new Intel chipset. Tweet

Monday, November 2, 2009

Power And The International Mac

Christopher Breen, Macworld

Macs and their power adapters are—and have been for as long as I can remember—built to support 110 – 240 Volts. So, out of the box, you can jack your Mac mini or MacBook into just about any outlet you come across without fear of melting the thing. Where the country-of-purchase makes a difference is in the kind of plug that appears at the end of that power adapter. And that’s what you need to change. Tweet

Apple’s iTunes Pitch: TV For $30 A Month

Peter Kafka, All Things Digital

Would you pay $30 a month to watch TV via iTunes? That’s the pitch Apple has been making to TV networks in recent weeks. The company is trying to round up support for a monthly subscription service that would deliver TV programs via its multimedia software, multiple sources tell me. Tweet

iPhone Hints: Lock Picture Orientation In Photos

Dan Moren, Macworld Tweet

Man Loses All His iTunes, But Apple Gives Them Back

"Seeing that you have been a loyal customer since September, 2004, the iTunes Store would like to give you the opportunity to redownload (at no charge) all the titles you purchased on this account that are still available... Please note that you may download your purchases only once, so this is an exception. Also note that Apple does not offer protection for the loss of data from your hard disk, so I recommend that you back up your iTunes library as soon as possible and thereafter on a regular basis." Tweet

Apple's 2010 Capital Expenditures Could Signal Major Investments


Apple has forecast a 70 percent increase in capital expenditures for the 2010 fiscal year, which one analyst has said could be a sign the Mac maker is investing in "strategic new infrastructure." Tweet

Review: Acorn 2.1

James Dempsey, Macworld

Acorn 2.1 is a great app for digital photography hobbyists, bloggers, or anyone who needs a decent amount of flexibility in editing images but doesn't require the power of a full image editor. Tweet

Do-It-Yourself iPhone Apps

Olga Kharif, BusinessWeek

Services that do the coding for you make it easy for nontechies to create iPhone apps. Applications to the Apple App Store are exploding. Tweet

Apple Snow Leopard Server: A Faster, Smoother Breed Of Cat

Tom Henderson and Brendan Allen, NetworkWorld

On the surface, Apple's Snow Leopard Server feels like a $499 maintenance release, but underneath, there's much more – improved performance, more polish and new apps focused on collaboration and content sharing. Tweet

Chinese iPhone Has Grey Market To Contend With

Seth Weintraub, Computerworld

Apple might already have finally met its match in when it comes to Chinese competition...from other iPhones. Tweet

iPhone Gets Tepid Reception In China

Loretta Chao, Wall Street Journal

Apple Inc.'s iPhone got a lukewarm welcome in its official Chinese debut, with a boisterous crowd turning out for a launch party in the capital but no sign of the sort of sellout reception that greeted the smart phone at its introduction in other countries. Tweet

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Think Those Warranty Parts Are New? Think Again

Josh Carr, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

The iPhone that you just received looks new on the outside because it has new glass, a new case, new battery... but the rest of the device is fair game for refurbished parts. Tweet

Reports Coming In Of DST-related Snow Leopard Issues

Michael Rose, The Unofficial Apple Weblog

The Apple support boards are hopping with reports of 100% CPU spikes coinciding with the switchover from DST between 1 am and 2 am, mostly associated with having the menu bar clock enabled and/or having the clock automatic set feature turned on. Tweet

Review: 27-Inch iMac, The World’s Sexiest Desktop Just Got Sexier

Leander Kahney, Cult of Mac Tweet

Review: VMware Fusion 3

Jon Fingas, MacNN Tweet

First Look: Apple's 27" Big Screen iMac

AppleInsider Tweet

By Heng-Cheong Leong