MyAppleMenu - Tue, Mar 3, 2015

Tue, Mar 3, 2015 The Bring-Your-Camera-Everywhere Edition

Apple Found Its Newest Billboards On The Internet

Brendan Klinkenberg, BuzzFeed:

Apple’s latest ad campaign, Shot on iPhone 6, is crowdsourced using iPhone photography from around the world. It is taking photos found online, typically seen in a browser window, and plastering them up in massive sizes out in the real world.

Apple found them by scouring online communities for photos that were tagged as having been taken with its newest iPhones.


The ads feature the photographs in full bleed with a simple ‘Shot on iPhone 6′ tagline. The posters are going up around the world, including some dramatic large billboards on the side of skyscrapers.

Apple decided that the announcement of the Galaxy S6 would be the perfect time to promote some of the great photography captured by the iPhone 6.

And now, let's tweet...

“Shot on iPhone 6” billboard in LA. Pretty cool.

— Beau Colburn (@beaucolburn) March 2, 2015

This week's #newyorkerinthewild, shot on iPhone 6, just like our back cover from Apple, shot on iPhone 6.

— New Yorker Promo (@NewYorkerPromo) March 2, 2015

New advertising campaign at MRT & BTS train stations in #Bangkok "Shot on iPhone 6" (Pic @photogjack)

— Richard Barrow (@RichardBarrow) March 2, 2015

OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 Public Beta With Photos App Now Available

Juli Clover, MacRumors:

Apple today made a pre-release version of OS X Yosemite 10.10.3 available to those who are signed up for the company's OS X public beta program, giving them early access to the new update and the new Photos for OS X app.

The standard warning: don't sign up if you don't really understand what the word beta means. These are your precious photos we are talking about. Precious precious photos. You should be prepared for the event that all your photos got deleted when using this beta software. Which means that you should always, at all times, have backups of your photos that is not connected to the computer running the beta operating system and software.

APPLE: My Key to Success

Mitchell Hashimoto:

No, not the company or the fruit. APPLE is an acronym ingrained into every Apple store employee before they ever even step on the retail floor. And it has continued to guide me ever since.



Neven Mrgan's Tumbl:

I’d like to see more software try to do a good job of a fuzzy task, let you help it with the last mile, and give you a fallback option. That kind of magic can be more delightful than behind-the-scenes, guess-and-stick-with-it magic we’re often promised.



Follow-up: Remember that Swiss Trademark Filing?

Apple first added Class 12 to its European Union trademark in 2003. That date falls just before Apple began launching collaborations with automakers like BMW to add iPod support to in-vehicle infotainment units.

Various other Apple trademark applications over the years have included protection under International Class 12, which covers vehicles and their accessories. A European Union filing from October 2003 describes a similar vehicle-related corporate trademark, and others such as a United Kingdom filing from last year have been filed since that time.

City of Cupertino Has a Lot Riding on Apple and Its Spaceship Campus

Julia Love, San Jose Mercury News:

Although the cities appreciate having a cadre of well-paid workers, they risk becoming too dependent on giant employers whose fortunes rise and fall. They also must answer to residents about the dark side of growth, which threatens to clog roads and wipe out local charm.


The crooks have not broken the secure encryption around Apple Pay’s fingerprint-activated wireless payment mechanism. Instead, they are setting up new iPhones with stolen personal information, and then calling banks to “provision” the victim’s card on the phone to use it to buy goods.

On Yahoo’s 20th Anniversary, its CEO presents a progress report on how she’s turning around—and maybe transforming—an Internet icon.

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