MyAppleMenu - Sun, Mar 15, 2015

Sun, Mar 15, 2015 The Catching-Up Edition

The Upside of Slower

M.G. Siegler, Medium:

Unfortunately, for now, the trade off is a bit of speed, fewer ports, and a weaker camera. I’ll shed some tears for those of you up in arms about such things while staring into my glorious 12-inch retina display.

Hands On: Audreio (iOS)

Michelle Elbert, MacNN:

Audreio lets multiple iOS devices connect through Wi-Fi, sending audio input from one to be played back and recorded on the other.


Pins and Needles for Apple Watch App Makers

Paresh Dave, Los Angeles Times:

Developer Curtis Herbert worries that a winter's worth of work on an Apple Watch app will come to nothing.

Herbert and other independent developers haven't gotten nearly as much guidance from the tech giant as they'd like. They've had no access to the watch to test their work, and little direction on how to land a coveted spot in the virtual Apple App Store.

Burn Baby Burn

The History of Lorem Ipsum

Rosie Cima, Priceonomics:

What is this incantation we wrap every prototype we make in, before filling it with the text we hope will make it great? It turns out that Lorem Ipsum is such a good tool in these ways because its half invented and half discovered. It does actually mean something. Here’s how it got from the pen of a Roman philosopher to your browser window, and how a medieval typesetter might have scrambled it on the way.

Parting Words

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