MyAppleMenu - Tue, Mar 31, 2015

Tue, Mar 31, 2015The All-Day-Breakfast Edition

Today, we have good news for InDesign customers, 1Password customers, as well as McDonald's breakfast lovers everywhere.

(Okay, for that last item in the list: only for San Diego customers for now.)

Adobe Comp CC Review: Quickly Sketch out InDesign Drafts on an iPad

J.R. Bookwalter, Macworld:

Adobe Comp CC is a godsend for InDesign users accustomed to being tethered to the desktop. It may not be a full-featured solution, but there’s more than enough here to knock out quick comps for clients or even attractive first drafts for mobile, web, or print work.

Updated 1Password boasts massive speed increase and redesigned app extension

Jeff Byrnes, AppAdvice:

The new 1Password app extension is now able to create new logins in 1Browser, Safari, and even other apps. It will also allow you to fill out identification and credit card information in third-party apps.


Create continuous screenshots of text messages, websites, social media and more!

User Hostile Experiences

Paul Kafasis, Rogue Amoeba:

Decision makers either didn’t consider people not running the very latest versions, or worse, they just didn’t care about them. Users should never have to worry that their data will be unavailable to them, particularly when it comes to productivity apps. Unfortunately, rather than providing a user friendly experience, iWork is currently outright hostile to its users.



Auto correct made me say things I didn't nintendo

— Zahir (@heyzahir) March 31, 2015

The Internet Took the Album Away, and Now It's Giving It Back

Micah Singleton, The Verge:

Beyoncé’s surprise release changed the music industry more than any other album in the last 10 years, but not in the way you may think. When she released her eponymous album at the end of 2013, the reaction was unparalleled. There had been surprise releases before, but none of this magnitude. There were no leaks. No physical copies. No marketing budget. No singles. No streaming. If you wanted to hear one song you had to buy them all. And yet Beyoncé still sold over 800,000 units in 72 hours on iTunes. It was a ***Flawless rollout and an unprecedented risk for a superstar artist in the prime of her career to take.

If Steve Jobs Made Apple Cool, Tim Cook Is Making It Human

Hayley Tuskayama, Washington Post:

It's arguably a different kind of innovation for Apple -- not of product or service, but of company culture.

It also shows that Cook, who's known for his careful and occasionally dispassionate communication style, is on a path to becoming a full-blown culture warrior.

Paste Without Style

Craig Hockenberry,

I agree with Buzz Anderson: “Paste-with-styling is one of the worst software inventions of all time.” Every time I mention the workaround shown below, there are many retweets and favorites. Clearly, there are a lot of people that feel the same as Buzz and me.

@lonelysandwich @cabel Paste-with-styling is one of the worst software inventions of all time.

— Buzz Andersen (@buzz) March 25, 2015

I feel like Microsoft Office is to blame here. Was this 'invented' at Redmond?

Review: 'Becoming Steve Jobs,' by Brent Schlender and Rick Tetzeli

Brad Stone, New York Times:

Anyone who prematurely dismisses “Becoming Steve Jobs” as a retread will miss the best stuff.


Its The New Copy Editor!

Submitted without comment.

— Kevin Bowen (@kevin_bowen) March 30, 2015

McDonald's Is Finally Making the One Big Menu Change That Could Save Its Business

Alison Griswold, Slate

In short, McDonald’s breakfast has somehow escaped the widespread consumer skepticism weighing down sales of most other items on the menu. It’s hard to know exactly why this is. Perhaps it’s because McDonald’s has been more successful at marketing its breakfast as fresh—as Thompson said last April, “we actually crack eggs.” Or maybe it’s because with breakfast, it’s easier to believe that marketing. As anyone who’s ever had an Egg McMuffin knows, it looks and tastes authentic in a way that the standard McDonald’s burger just doesn’t. Or maybe it’s simply that McDonald’s breakfast really does taste pretty good.


Among the unique items is a soup-based pasta in Hong Kong, a full vegetarian burger and a veg pizza puff in India, a selection of breads in Brazil, sandwich with goat cheese in Norway and a Filet O'Fish in Japan.

Parting Words

Excited to live in a world where Barack Obama, Andy Richter and Harry Potter all get talk shows.

— John Erler (@elkmating) March 31, 2015

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