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Mon, Apr 6, 2015The Download-This-Rant Edition

Streaming Versus Downloads

The latest rumors about Apple asking content providers and distributors to provide streaming services for Apple TV made me sad. Streaming is for live programming -- news, sports, and the likes. For everything else, downloading is the better option.

QuickTime (as well as other media container formats) has already solved the problem of progressive downloads back in the 1990s; you do can start playing even before the download is completed. Fairplay (as well as many other DRM methods) has already solved the problem of protecting the precious content back in the 2000s. There isn't really anything to gain from streaming, is there?

As John Sircausa commented in his latest podcast, the best media-watching-device in his house is his TiVo, which store content as (recorded) downloads. Everybody else that are doing streaming, including Apple TV, suffer from a host of technological problems.

Want to make sure your Apple TV customers can watch Games of Thrones together with everyone else? Tell Apple TV to start downloading the episode one day (or one week) in advance, but don't release the decryption key until the actual broadcast time.

Somebody please bring back the old Apple TV with the big hard disk inside. Storage is getting cheaper and faster everyday, whereas bandwidth -- cable, LTE, etc -- is not.

Fun with User Interface

photoshop is the worst

— Visual Idiot (@idiot) April 3, 2015

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Parting Words

WOW: You Will Not Believe What This "American Beauty" Star Looks Like Today

— Bill Barnwell (@billbarnwell) April 5, 2015

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