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Thu, Apr 30, 2015The Going-Down Edition

Selling iPads

I think this way of presenting the data makes the iPad’s situation much clearer. Sales are not “flattening”, nor are they “flat.” They were flat in 2013, but now they’re going down, and they have been for a year. What’s most interesting to me is how the upward trend, still very strong in 2012, just stopped dead in 2013. [...]

There’s no reason to get hysterical and start thinking the iPad will turn into the iPod, but iPad sales have been in this state for two years, and there are no outward signs of any change from Cupertino. I do wonder if the iPad has been starved of attention because of the iPhone (which must be tended to because it’s 70% of revenue) and the march to bring out the Apple Watch.


In The Cloud

Here's a guide to using iCloud Drive: how to save files to the cloud, access them from other devices, and use them even with apps that can't access iCloud.

When Developers Get Nightmares

Xcode provisioning nightmares are a real thing. Oh my god. Help

— Brady Archambo ✨ (@bradyy) April 29, 2015

When Daves Get Nightmares

Slightly unnerving.

— Dave Wiskus (@dwiskus) April 30, 2015


In addition to the basic, free option and Premium tier, the new Plus offering fits in between.

We liked the approach The Walk takes towards activity tracking. It's very easy to see how much or little one has moved in a 24 hour period, and the user is rewarded either way with progress along the path to unlocking the story.


I Named Mine "Unused"

Dear Apple, Wanted to say hi and remind you that everyone has a folder like this on their phone. Love, James

— James Kelleher (@etienneshrdlu) April 28, 2015


The new version of the runway map for Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport caused problems for pilots who had stored a previous copy of the map on an Apple iPad app used in the cockpit, according to an American Airlines spokesperson.

Pilots who attempted to access the Reagan airport map Tuesday night encountered a glitch when two versions of the same map were in conflict, the spokesperson said. American Airlines has alerted pilots to the problem and to a work-around to avoid future delays until the next update.

In its quarterly filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission Tuesday, Apple said it could be required to pay back taxes for up to 10 years if the European Commission rules against Ireland. “While such amount could be material, as of March 28, 2015 the Company is unable to estimate the impact,” Apple wrote.

A key component of the Apple Watch made by one of two suppliers was found to be defective, prompting Apple Inc. to limit the availability of the highly anticipated new product, according to people familiar with the matter.

Apple doesn’t plan a recall, because there’s no indication that Apple shipped any watches with the defective part to customers.

During Twitter's earnings call yesterday, CEO Dick Costello noted that the company would be partnering with Apple, bringing Tweets to Spotlight.

Parting Words

Next time a man harasses me on the street, I’ll act completely surprised that he can see me and I'll tell him that he’s dead we are all dead

— Annie Wu (@AnnieW) April 29, 2015

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