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Mon, May 4, 2015The Time-to-Work Edition

More Reviews Coming In

The Absolutely Optional Apple Watch And Watch OS 1.0, by Andrew Cunningham, Ars Technica

Ideally, hold off until second-generation hardware hits, both because it will bring improvements that software updates can’t and because it will tell us more about what we can expect the watch’s support lifecycle to be.

If you disagree—and Apple’s sold-out watch inventories say that many of you do—the good news is that the watch does enough useful things that you can probably justify your purchase. I still find “notifications on your wrist” to be a poor reason for any device to exist, but the fitness features, the general quality of the first-party apps, and the potential of the third-party apps are all real positives.

Beautiful Form, Frustrating Function, by Susie Ochs, Macworld

If you’re the experimental, early-adopter type, well, you already know if you want it or not. If you’re really on the fence, I would let the software mature and the hardware get faster before jumping in. It’s a lovely piece of hardware, and the Apple Watch Sport is a decent value since it does everything the more expensive versions do, but I think the responsiveness needs to improve, and the process for adjusting notifications needs to be overhauled, before it’s a mainstream must-have.

Some Of Us Still Can't Bear To Look At Our iTunes Library :-)

How do I get this U2 album off my Apple Watch?

— Jason Sparks (@sparksjls) May 2, 2015


Put On A Watch, by Ben Brooks, The Brooks Review

This seems to get me immediately into the work mode. It’s the trigger that tells me it is time to work, time to focus. Just like all the other tips that those articles espouse.

A watch.

For you it doesn’t have to be watch. It could be a wallet in your pocket, keys, pocket knife, or anything else that is something you wouldn’t normally have on you if you were just lounging about your home. Something that doesn’t detract from the benefits of working remotely, but still gets the job done.

Should You Start With Swift Or Objective-C To Learn iOS Development?, by Jure Zove, Candy Code

Understand The Past

Kids today need to be reminded the Apple logo bite comes from the “a” of the “Motter Tektura” typeface.

— Duncan Wilcox  (@duncanwilcox) May 3, 2015


Microosft's brand new browser, the Microsoft Edge, will not be available for Mac OS X. Which is slightly disappointing, because I do like to see some browser competition on my favorite computing platform. On a related note, I'm glad Google Chrome -- at least on Mac OS X -- now has smart zoom.

And Do You Want Lightroom With That?

OH: "Imagine, for a moment, what you could accomplish if you had the persistence and drive of the Adobe Acrobat Reader updater." #fb

— Tobin Titus (@tobint) May 3, 2015

Long Time Ago, Far Far Away

Star Wars’ BB-8 Droid If It Were Designed By Apple, by Adam Westlake, SlashGear

The Most Famous “Improvised” Line In Star Wars Wasn’t Improvised, by Dash Finley, Slate

The Star Wars Tweaks: What Did George Lucas Get Right?, by Nathan Lawrence, IGN

Just watching @starwars. In space. No big deal. #StarWarsDay #Maythe4thBeWithYou

— ISS Research (@ISS_Research) May 4, 2015

Parting Words

this headline could be the iPad of analogies I don’t understand

— joe mande (@JoeMande) May 2, 2015

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