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Tue, May 5, 2015The Abandon-Free-Tiers Edition

You Want A Hello-Kitty Watch Band?

Apple Launches Official ‘Made For Apple Watch’ Third-Party Bands Program, by Mark Gurman, 9to5Mac

On a new website, Apple provides a pair of design guidelines for third-party bands, and Apple promises that “lugs” (attachments for the bands [...]) will be available soon.

The guidelines do not mention the hidden diagnostic port that some accessory makers hope to leverage. Today’s announcement additionally does not provide official specifications for developing charging accessories.

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Classic And Modern Buckle Band Parts Let Third-Party Bands Connect To Apple Watch, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

In a newly published video, Lewis Hilsenteger of Unbox Therapy walks through the process of using the parts in the Classic Buckle band to connect a 22mm third-party watch band to the Apple Watch.

Jewelers Start Gold Plating Apple Watch To Undercut Apple’s Pricey Edition Models, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

Where Does My Heart Beat Now

A Home For All The Lonely Apple Watch Heartbeats, by Molly McHugh, Wired

“It started as a group of Watch buyers who didn’t know anyone else that was getting one and wanted to play with the Watch to watch heartbeats, sketches, and tap features,” redditor nooshaw tells me. Nooshaw started r/lonelyheartbeats as a place for solitary Watch users to share their iMessage details in order to use the device’s most intimate features.

You Will Pay For Music

Rumor: Apple Pushing Music Labels To Kill Free Spotify Streaming Ahead Of Beats Relaunch, by Micah Singleton, The Verge

The Department of Justice is looking closely into Apple’s business practices in relation to its upcoming music streaming service, according to multiple sources. The Verge has learned that Apple has been pushing major music labels to force streaming services like Spotify to abandon their free tiers, which will dramatically reduce the competition for Apple’s upcoming offering. DOJ officials have already interviewed high-ranking music industry executives about Apple’s business habits.


Big Music Labels Want To Make Free Music Hard To Get, And Apple Says They’re Right, by Peter Kafka, Re/code, Mar 6, 2015

Can Apple Bring About The End Of Free Streaming?, Bob Lefsetz, Variety, Apr 23, 2015


Ulysses For iPad 2.0 Review: Powerful, Feature-Filled Text Editor Hampered By File Sync, by Kirk McElhearn, Macworld

Ulysses for iPad is a mature app that you can use on its own as a powerful Markdown or text editor, and it provides a complete writing environment. It's even more powerful if you use Ulysses for OS X. The ability to sync files between the two platforms allows you to write anywhere and stay up to date—when iCloud works.

MyFitnessPal Adds Premium Subscription Option For $9.99 Per Month, by Dan Thorp-Lancaster, iMore

iPad Or iPhone Battery Draining Fast? Could Be The Amazon Kindle App, by James Kendrick, ZDNet

The typical Apple Watch review:

— Neil Cybart (@neilcybart) May 3, 2015

Me, on everything about Apple Watch so far: 1. I don’t need that. 2. I’ll never use that. … 3. [tries it] 4. That’s actually pretty useful.

— Marco Arment (@marcoarment) May 5, 2015


Apple Redesigns Apple Watch Interface Guidelines Website For Developers, by Mark Gurman, 9to5Mac

The new website is far cleaner than the previous website, and introduces lengthier and more interactive descriptions of the different Apple Watch interface paradigms.

Under The Hood Of Xcode Server, by Honza Dvorsky

My Running Habit, by Daniel Jalkut, Punk It Up!

Set a standard, and then stick to it. If your experience is anything like mine, you'll find that as your body gets used to the standard regimen, it will eventually yearn for something more.

Running .NET On Linux And Mac OS X, by Jeff Martin, InfoQ

*checks work emails while on sick leave because sick guilt is real and stupid *signs in *immediately regrets decision *eats box of cereal

— Butt Medler (@OreoSpeedwagon_) May 5, 2015


Paypal Partner Home Depot Quietly Drops Support For Apple Pay After Quietly Accepting It, by Ben Lovejoy, 9to5Mac

Apple Is A 'Disruptive Monster' Says Radio 1 Head Of Music, by BBC

Apple’s ResearchKit Takes Medical Research Years Into The Future, by David Pogue, Yahoo!

Apple Hires New Spaceship General Contractor As Questions Swirl About Construction Delays, by San Jose Business Journal

Apple Inc. is bringing on a new general contractor to finish its multi-billion-dollar “spaceship” building at Apple Campus 2, amid questions about whether the huge project remains on track for a late-2016 completion.

GE To Create Intelligent LED Lightbulbs Compatible With Apple HomeKit, by Juli Clover, MacRumors

The Last Piece Of Apple’s TV Puzzle: Local And Sports, by Jan Dawson, Re/code

Google Snaps Up iOS Calendar And Task Management App Timeful, by Brent Dirks, AppAdvice

Periscope Piracy Sets Up Grudge Match: Hollywood vs. Twitter, by Andrew Wallenstein, Variety

Downtown St. Petersburg Employer Uses Apple, Not Carrot And Stick, by Katherine Snow Smith, Tampa Bay Times

The local travel insurance company that woos its employees with unlimited paid vacation time, no assigned desks and a keg of beer always on tap just keeps on giving. Squaremouth Inc. is bestowing Apple Watches on its 24 employees to thank them and promote an enjoyable downtown workplace.

Today's How-To

How To Eat … A Cheese Sandwich, by Tony Naylor

Gourmets! Gastronauts! The unfeasibly greedy! Gather around in as tight a huddle as our bulging stomachs will allow, for How to Eat is going where others are too complacent to tread. Yes, we are opening a Tupperware pandora’s box and taking a large bite out of the humble cheese sandwich. Identified last month as the nation’s favourite weekday lunchtime repast, this is not just a snack but one of the building blocks of the British identity. One that, thankfully, has recently been exonerated after accusations it had played a principal role in starting the first world war. As ever, below the line, please choose your words caerphilly. Do not turn the air blue. If necessary, brie the feta man.

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Warning Sign of the Century Award goes to

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