MyAppleMenu - Sat, May 9, 2015

Sat, May 9, 2015The Each-Title-A-Hit Edition

Glasses For The Blind

@reneritchie @viticci 15 blind people just came into my restaurant for dinner, and every single person is using an iPhone.

— Chris S. Dreiling (@ChrisSolterra) May 7, 2015

The Half Of Penn & Teller That Doesn't Get Detained At Airports

Teller’s Favorite Gadgets—Some Of Them Magical, by Teller, interview by Chris Kornelis, Wall Street Journal

Before bed, I’m very eccentric-looking because I wear Solar Shield glasses over my reading glasses while using my Kindle Voyage. They’re hideous, and if you don’t want to look like a ludicrous monster, don’t wear them. But they block out the blue light that has been shown to keep people awake. On my computers, I use a free program called f.lux that pulls the blue frequencies out and emphasizes the warmer colors that interfere less with sleep.


Wake Up Hearing The Weather Or Latest News With Summarise, by Sandy Stachowiak, AppAdvice

Endomondo (For iPhone), by Jill Duffy, PC Magazine

Straightforward, with a wealth of features if you're a Premium member, Endomondo has long been a favorite fitness app of runners, cyclists, and other outdoor sports enthusiasts. It tracks your duration, distance, pace, speed, route, and more.

Let The Commentary Commence With Twicer, A Smart Video App For iOS, by Joe White, AppAdvice

In the app, users can record (or even import) video before adding their own commentary to the movie in a matter of seconds.

Is There An (Amazon) Echo In Here?, by Dan Moren, Six Colors


I attended WWDC on a student scholarship in 2001. Fair to say it changed the course of my career and life. Glad Apple's still doing it.

— Andrew Wooster (@wooster) May 9, 2015


The Apple Watch Is A Great Event Assistant, by Darrell Etherington, TechCrunch

Nintendo Will Release Five Smartphone Games By 2017, by Sam Byford, The Verge

"You may think it is a small number," said Iwata, "but when we aim to make each title a hit, and because we want to thoroughly operate every one of them for a significant amount of time after their releases, this is not a small number at all and should demonstrate our serious commitment to the smart device business."

On The Long-Term Viability Of Apple’s Customer-First Strategy, by John Gruber, Daring Fireball

Apple’s leadership still understands that this customer-driven focus is what drives their exceptional success. But it would be better for the company’s long-term prospects if everyone else — Wall Street in particular — understood this too.

What Schools Must Learn From LA’s iPad Debacle, by Issie Lapowsky, Wired

Rumors: Apple’s New Music Service Will Push Paid Subscriptions, With Free Samples, by Dawn Chmielewski and Peter kafka, Re/code

Taking Screenshots Of Watch Apps

Tech writer pro tip: set up a Photoshop action or similar to pad your Apple Watch screen shots with black borders so they don't look crappy

— Jason Snell (@jsnell) May 8, 2015

Parting Words

My riding goal these days is simple: Get as far away from cars and as close to the clouds as possible

— Jonathan Maus (@BikePortland) May 9, 2015
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