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Fri, Sep 11, 2015The Middle-Finger-Extended Edition

Finally, by Paul Kafasis

It appears that when Apple ships iOS 9.1, iPhone users will have access to a key symbol of human communication. In a beta posted yesterday, Apple greatly expanded the number of supported emoji, including multiple new hand gestures. Of course, there’s one gesture that all have been waiting for, and it looks like we’ll be getting it at long last.

Apple’s New Middle-Finger Emoji Is Anatomically Inaccurate, by L.V. Anderson, Slate

Most people find it quite easy to fully extend their thumbs and index fingers while the rest of their fingers remain curled in—that’s why the thumb’s up and pointing emoji don’t strike me as unrealistic. But try independently extending your middle finger as far out as your pointer finger can go—chances are you can’t do it.


Hands-On With The iPad Pro's Smart Keyboard, by Jason Snell, Macworld

The keyboard itself feels pretty good, given how thin it is and how little movement there is when you press a key. I was able to type a few sample paragraphs without much trouble.

Don’t Make Decisions On Your Own, Get Help From Flotsm, by Sandy Stachowiak, AppAdvice

You can ask your friends and family for advice, but for an unbiased opinion from someone outside of your circle, try asking on Flotsm instead. This new app lets you get answers to the difficult questions as well as the lighthearted ones, anonymously.


Apple's Live Photos Take Up About 2x Space Of Normal Images, by Arnold Kim, MacRumors

Why You Don’t Want The New Apple TV If You Just Want To Stream Audio, by Kirk McElhearn

From Products To Platforms, by Ben Thompson, Stratechery

Over the last several years both Microsoft and Adobe have altered their business models away from packaged software towards subscription pricing; while their users may have grumbled, they also had no choice given their dependence on the two software giants’ products. And, it’s that new model that justifies the expense of developing iPad apps and explains why it is Apple’s old nemeses who are doing by far the most interesting work on the iPad. Unfortunately, this isn’t a model that is readily replicable for the sort of development shops that Apple needs to invest significant time and resources in creating must-have iPad apps: what customer is going to sign up for a recurring payment for an app that doesn’t even have a service component and that the customer hasn’t even tried?

Who Is The iPad Pro For?, by Jacob Kastrenakes, The Verge

Right now, it'll probably take someone who's a bit more committed to going all in — iOS has its limitations, and you'll want to know how to get around them — but Apple seems to be setting the iPad Pro up as a tablet that could one day replace your laptop (yes, that's the Surface's slogan). My guess is that day isn't here yet for most people, but Apple just took its first real step toward it.

How Apple Is Escalating The Wireless Wars, by Miriam Gottfried, Wall Street Journal

For years, U.S. wireless carriers have been trying to exit the business of subsidizing phones. Now Apple’s latest move may be too much of a good thing—and could force carriers to lower plan prices even further.

The Web Browser Saved Apple, But Apple Is Over The Web Browser, by Matthew Yglesias, Vox

The lack of a browser on the Apple Watch and Apple TV isn't exactly shocking — neither the wrist nor the television screen provides an ideal browsing environment — but the failure to include them is a bit remarkable nonetheless.

16GB Is A Bad User Experience, by David Smith

This near term benefit will surely help their balance sheet in their next earnings call but comes at the cost of the day-to-day experience of some of their customers.

Do Babies Know When They're Skyping?, by Adrienne Lafrance, The Atlantic

Scientists at several universities told me they now have evidence, to the likely delight of far-flung grandparents everywhere, that infants can also tell the difference between, say, a broadcast of Mister Rogers and a video call with their actual grandfather. The ability to discern between video broadcast and video-based chat from infancy, which researchers have only recently confirmed, could have a profound effect on our understanding of how the human brain develops—and specifically, how technologies can play a role in shaping abstract concepts early on.

Parting Words

When do we get Xcode for iPad Pro?

— John Gruber (@gruber) September 10, 2015

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