MyAppleMenu - Sun, Nov 15, 2015

Sun, Nov 15, 2015The Substance-And-Art Edition

'At Apple We Always Keep Raising The Bar', by Adrian Weckler,

An interest in the substance and art of things, rather than just the way they are consumed, may provide a clue as to why Apple - and Cook - continue to reign supreme in the world of our personal devices.

It's why his new iPad Pro is pitched as much to artists, photographers and graphic professionals as it is to ordinary laptop users. It's why the company's biggest advertising campaigns lately have centred around real photos taken with iPhones.

And it's why many of the company's new services - from Healthkit to Homekit to Apple Pay - are being backed up with massive investment budgets around content and accessibility.

Cook Arrives Bearing Gifts, But His Visit Stirs Echoes, by Shane Ross,

Ireland fears that any order from Europe to claim billions in back-tax from Apple will scare off other multinationals enjoying equally questionable tax schemes.

There could even be an exodus. Apple fears the end of super-lucrative loopholes left wide open by Ireland's generous revenue commissioners. He might be forced to look elsewhere. Cook came to Cork to reassure us - a trifle unconvincingly - that Apple was embedded, whatever the tax consequences of an unpalatable order from Europe.

Technology For The Majority

The Chicken Or The iPad Pro, by Justin Williams, Medium

I’m fine with the fact that I will always be a “Mac person.” I build software for a living, so I am someone who will likely always need all that OS X affords me to do my job. It’s for people like my brother, who just dropped nearly $2,000 on that new MacBook just for his online coursework, that I want to see something like an iPad Pro succeed — and become what technology is for the majority of people.

With all the legacy software out there, the lack of financial incentive to rebuild it for a new platform, and iOS’s current limitations, I am hesitant to say that is going to happen anytime soon.

We Have A Smoke Alarm

Apple HomeKit Gets First Smoke Detector, by Larry Loeb, InformationWeek

Onelink, which comes with an unreplaceable 10-year battery, is linked via Bluetooth or WiFi to a home's internet connection. The connection allows the user to receive and dismiss alarms, and be notified of the type and location of danger via their iPhone or iPad.


Art Deco: There's An App For That, by James D. Watts Jr, Tulsa World

It’s now possible to hold Tulsa’s remarkably rich architectural history, along with every piece of public art that adorns the Tulsa cityscape, in the palm of one’s hand.

A Quick Notify App Review!, by Om Malik

Notify gets a solid A on ease of use and for setting up the app. [...] The pre-populated content sources are made for generic mass consumption. Facebook has built in smarter notifications (or so they seem at this moment), and it wouldn’t surprise me if that leads to more constant engagement. In other words, Notify checks all the boxes and is ready for the majority of Facebook’s customer base.

Fix “The Last Backup Could Not Be Completed” iOS iCloud Backup Error, by Paul Horowitz, OS X Daily


Apple Music’s Rates Cut Puts Dent In Labels’ Pockets, by Claire Atkinson, New York Post

Apple Music’s arrival put a dent in download revenue — off 8 percent in the quarter.

Phones Need 'Bed Mode' To Protect Sleep, by James Gallagher, BBC

Smartphones, tablets and e-readers should have an automatic "bedtime mode" that stops them disrupting people's sleep, says a leading doctor.

Prof Paul Gringras argued the setting should filter out the blue light that delays the body clock and keeps people awake later into the evening.

It seems inevitable Apple will be sherlocking something like f.lux.


And now I am entering bedtime mode. My thoughts and prayers are with you. Thanks for reading.