The Constantly-Juggle Edition Sunday, January 3, 2016

App Makers Reach Out To The Teenager On Mobile, by Conor Dougherty, New York Times

But even though these services all have the same core functions — find friends, post pictures, send messages — teenagers juggle them constantly, developing arcane customs for what to post where and ditching one app for another the moment it becomes uncool.

That churn leaves an opening for upstarts like Wishbone, which is about a year old and already has about three million monthly users. Since July it has ranked among the top 30 most-downloaded social media apps in Apple’s App Store, according to App Annie, a data and analytics company. But staying there will be tough. Mobile apps are a hit or miss business in which a handful of top players get most of the users and money.

Apple TV Universal Search Integration Expands To PBS And PBS Kids, Suggests API Now Open, by Mikey Campbell, AppleInsider

Bill Gates: The Billionaire Book Critic, by Katherine Rosman, New York Times

Evan Thomas, the best-selling biographer of Robert F. Kennedy and Dwight D. Eisenhower and the author of a half-dozen other books, has seen those books reviewed over the years by The New Yorker, The Washington Post and The Atlantic. But with the recent publication of his latest work, “Being Nixon: A Man Divided,” he experienced for the first time a new phenomenon: the Bill Gates bump.

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