The Remarkable-Rendezvous Edition Saturday, January 9, 2016

Silicon Valley Appears Open To Helping US Spy Agencies After Terrorism Summit, by Danny Yadron and Julia Carrie Wong, The Guardian

Technology giants appeared to be open to helping the US government combat Islamic State during an extraordinary closed-door summit on Friday that brought together America’s most senior counter-terrorism officials with some of Silicon Valley’s most powerful executives.

The remarkable rendezvous between Apple, Facebook, Twitter, Microsoft and others and a delegation from the White House revealed a willingness on the part of tech firms to work with the government, and indicated that the Obama administration appears to have concluded it can’t combat terrorists online on its own.

Don't Get Caught Without Your Pencil

Keeping The Apple Pencil Handy, by iPad Insight

I’ve done a bit of research into different Pencil carrying options, and here are a few of my favourites.

The Year Previous And The Year To Come

Apple In 2015: The Six Colors Report Card, by Jason Snell, Six Colors

Judging by our panel’s responses, Apple had a good year when it came to its hardware, but software and cloud services were more of a mixed bag, and developer relations and home-tech initiatives were not so great. Among the key product categories, the panel generally thought it was a good year for iOS, an okay year for the Mac and the new Apple TV, and a rough start for the Apple Watch.

The Realist’s Guide To CES 2016, by The Wirecutter

Most of these things are not ready for prime time, and many of them never will be (or even if they do get there, they’ll be highly unlikely to find a real audience), but we’ve tried to identify the products that look poised to have actual impact.


Relocating Old iPhoto Events In Photos For OS X, by J. D. Biersdorfer, New York Times

While certain changes from the iPhoto-to-Photos conversion cannot be reversed, you can at least dig out and move your old iPhoto Events groups from their new location and put them with the rest of your albums.

Peel Turns Your Apple Watch Into A Universal Remote Control, by Sarah Perez, TechCrunch

The Pronto 360-degree IR blaster is what turns the iPhone, and now the Apple Watch, into a smart universal remote control.

Peach Is A Simple, Charming Approach To Social Networking, by Dan Thorp-Lancaster, iMore

Acting as a sort of mix between a social network and messaging platform, the app encourages users to stick with small interactions by sharing a quick picture, GIF, video and more by using and discovering keywords.

AnyTrans For Mac OS X Can Now Transfer App Data, Game Progress, by MacTech

The app was specifically created to clone all types of items including contacts, photos, music, messages, notes, calendar, even customized settings like wallpaper, iCloud account, sounds, and more.

Movesum Step-tracking App Connects How You Move With What You Eat, by Aldrin Calimlim, AppAdvice

Movesum is essentially a step tracker, joining the likes of Pedometer++ and Moves in the plethora of step-counting apps available on the App Store. But Movesum is different from most of its ilk in that it has a decidedly simple interface and a key feature that relates step activity to food intake.

Just Drop A Pin And Get The Headlines With Omniscient News, by Sandy Stachowiak, AppAdvice

Workarounds For Safari Not Opening Short Links From Twitter, by OS X Daily


How I Build A Side Project, by Nina Patkai

Building a side project was lots of fun, and by sharing my process, I am hoping to inspire at least one person to build something new.

Vague Warning Messages Help Keep Developer Minds Sharp By Forcing Them To Work Out Where The Problem Is., by Text From Xcode


Why Amazon's Data Centers Are Hidden In Spy Country, by Ingrid Burrington, The Atlantic

To explain why a region surrounded mostly by farmland and a scattering of American Civil War monuments is a central point of Internet infrastructure, we have to go back to where a lot of significant moments in Internet history take place: the Cold War.

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Really not so good: I have a lot of to-dos.


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