The Warrant-Proof Edition Sunday, March 13, 2016

Apple Should Own The Term “Warrant Proof”, by Jonathan Zdziarski

Our country actually recognizes warrant proof data, and Apple has every right and ethical obligation to recognize it in the design of their products. As Americans, we should be demanding our thoughts, conversations, and identities be protected with the highest level of security. This isn’t just about credit cards.

WhatsApp Encryption Said To Stymie Wiretap Order, by Matt Apuzzo, New York Times

While the Justice Department wages a public fight with Apple over access to a locked iPhone, government officials are privately debating how to resolve a prolonged standoff with another technology company, WhatsApp, over access to its popular instant messaging application, officials and others involved in the case said.

No decision has been made, but a court fight with WhatsApp, the world’s largest mobile messaging service, would open a new front in the Obama administration’s dispute with Silicon Valley over encryption, security and privacy.

The Facebook Breakup, by Penelope Green, New York Times

It’s like cleaning your closet, said Kelly Winters, a product manager on Facebook’s designated “Compassion Team,” a changing squad of product managers and designers, engineers, researchers, social scientists and psychologists. “You don’t want to keep anything around that doesn’t spark joy,” she said, echoing the mantra of Marie Kondo, the Japanese decluttering guru.

Go Ahead, Make Some Free, End-to-end Encrypted Video Calls On Wire, by Cyrus Farivar, Ars Technica

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