The Charm-Offensive Edition Monday, May 16, 2016

Apple's Tim Cook Arrives In China For A Charm Offensive, by Eunice Yoon and Haze Fan, CNBC

Apple chief executive Tim Cook met some of China's hottest app developers and used a Didi Chuxing car to visit Apple's store in the popular shopping district Wangfujing on Monday, after arriving in Beijing for a charm offensive.

At the Apple store, Cook attended a seminar hosted by Didi Chuxing's President Jean Lui, also known as Liu Qing, and attended by the founders and CEOs of some of China's top app providers, including Groupon-like Meituan, picture-editing app MeituPic, news content provider, culinary app DayDayCook and game developer Tap4Fun.

Tim Cook Seeks Slice Of China Goodwill, by Charles Clover, Financial Times

Beijing is a favoured destination for the chief executive officers of US tech companies that are on the outs with China’s leadership, for high-profile shows of good will in as public a way as possible.

Not Enough Information

Apple Bans Benign iOS Spyware Detection, Security Info App, by Darren Pauli, The Register

"Currently, there is no publicly available infrastructure to support iOS diagnostic analysis," Apple wrote. "Therefore your app may report inaccurate information which could mislead or confuse your users."


MacFamilyTree 8 Grows On You (In A Good Way), by Dennis Sellers, Apple World Today

MacFamilyTree lets you explore your personal family history and discover your origins, your ancestors and how your family has evolved over the course of time. Version 8 assists you entering your data and researching your family tree, offers dozens of printable and configurable charts and reports, and publishes your family tree as a book or web site with a few clicks.

iPads Feel Right At Home At Elvis' Graceland, by Rick Limpert, Atlanta Examiner

Amid the gold records, the white jumpsuits and "The Jungle Room," there is something else visitors will find as they walk the hallowed walls and shag carpet ofGraceland in Memphis. They will find iPads everywhere as each visitor now receives an iPad to borrow before they enter the gates of Graceland for their tour and it's a very nice touch.

Art Text 3.0, by Agen G. N. Schmitz, TidBITS

The latest version adds a 3D rendering engine for creating 3D text and logo, plus the capability to convert 2D text or shapes to 3D.


Social Media Finds New Role As News And Entertainment Curator, by John Herrman, New York Times

Last week’s debate surrounding Trending Topics gave users and critics a chance to analyze the Facebook platform, which has established significant reach, in new ways. Social networks like Facebook have been widely seen as impartial systems that reflect users’ ideas, preferences and relationship back at them. But suddenly, the companies were viewed not just as tech companies, which the public is broadly endeared to, or as media companies, which are regarded with deep skepticism by much of the public, but also as something in between.

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How long more do we have to wait before we can create iPhone and iPad apps using Hypercards or Javascript or BASIC?


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