The New-Candidates Edition Saturday, June 18, 2016

Thanks To Apple’s Influence, You’re Not Getting A Rifle Emoji, by Charlie Warzel, BuzzFeed

Unicode, the technical organization in charge of selecting and overseeing emojis, debated and ultimately decided to remove a rifle from its list of new emoji candidates in 2016, according to multiple persons who attended its quarterly meeting last May. The decision was led and championed by one of tech’s biggest companies: Apple.

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Inside iOS 10: 'Raise To Wake' For iPhone Requires M9 Co-processor Or Better, by Roger Fingas, AppleInsider

At the moment, that means the feature will only work on Apple's most recent iPhones, namely the iPhone 6s, 6s Plus, and SE. The M9 can also be found in iPad Pros, but Raise to Wake doesn't appear to be supported on those devices as of the first beta.

With Sierra, Apple Lets The Mac Be The Mac, by Dan Moren, Macworld

The big message to take away from Monday’s presentation is that Apple is all too happy for the Mac to share features and technologies where it makes sense, but to still let it stand on its own two legs and be the best version of itself.


Bing For iPhone Now Helps You Search For Music And Compare Prices, by John Callaham, iMore

Among other things it has added new music search features, along with a way to compare prices at shopping websites.


Apple Releases New iTunes Connect Features Including Updated iOS App, Says App Review Times Way Down, by Jordan Kahn, 9to5Mac

An updated iOS iTunes Connect app released today during Apple’s presentation adds access to new stats for sales and proceeds. From within the Trends tab of the app, developers can now tap the small green and red icons to move between figures for units, sales, and proceeds.

Apple Is Saving The App Economy, But Not By “Fixing” The AppStore, by Mateusz Stawecki, Medium

This is exciting. It’s up to developers now to leverage all the new ways your app can seep throughout iOS, even when it’s not installed yet. Opportunities in iOS10 are really exciting and new AppStore features will be helpful as well.

The Deprecation Of iCloud Core Data, by Michael Tsai

When installing the Xcode 8 beta, I noticed that all of the symbols related to iCloud Core Data were marked as deprecated in macOS 10.12 and iOS 10, with the comment “Please see the release notes and Core Data documentation.” Strangely, the Core Data release notes and What’s New in macOS 10.12 documents make no mention of this.


Apple Announces It Raised $8 Million With World Wildlife Fund Global Apps For Earth Campaign, by Jordan Kahn, 9to5Mac

Apple and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) today announced that their recent Apps for Earth campaign raised $8 million in proceeds for the organization.

The Forrest Gump Of The Internet, by Robinson Meyer, The Atlantic

While other CEOs in his early-web cohort have left the industry, or have become writers or consultants, Williams has stuck around, leading companies. His startups have nearly all specialized in the same abstract medium: text boxes. He has dotted the web with these text boxes, and people have poured their souls into them, have argued and wept and whispered into them. Millions of people have had their worldview shaped by these text boxes, and the boxes themselves have, in turn, changed the Internet. They have also made Williams rich. Though few of his businesses have turned a profit, he is a billionaire. [...]

Williams looks the tech-CEO part. He is tall, soft-spoken, with a constant air of chilled-out concern. His gray hoodie and black t-shirt are woven from some athleisure Star Fleet-issue textile, and he wears broad, squarish white glasses that I internally dub the Warby Mugatu. Within minutes of arriving, he has launched back into his endless theme, which he expands on across multiple meetings, on two different coasts, across three months: “The open web,” he says, “is pretty broken.” But don’t worry—he has a plan to save it, or, at least, sort of save it. And it involves text boxes.

How Are So Many Baseball Fans Catching Foul Balls While Holding Babies?, by Ryan Bort, Newsweek

Catching a foul ball at a baseball game is difficult. Catching one with your bare hands is harder still. Catching one with a single bare hand while holding a baby in the other is not only hard to even imagine executing, it's flat-out bizarre.

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Once upon a time, Apple has to delay one OS update just to get another OS's update out of the door.

And at an even earlier time, Apple didn't even manage to get an OS update out of the door, and had to purchase another OS just to get some updates.

This week, Apple confidently announced four new OS. While secretly working on at least one more.



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