The Opt-In Edition Saturday, June 25, 2016

Apple Won’t Collect Your Data For Its AI Services Unless You Let It, by Ina Fried, Recode

The decision to allow Apple use of data will be up to the user and require their opt-in consent.

Apple says it is not using iOS users’ cloud-stored photos to power the image recognition features in iOS 10, instead relying on other data sets to train its algorithms. (Apple hasn’t said what data it is using for that, other than to make clear it is not using its users photos.)

What Apple’s Forthcoming APFS File System Means To You, by Michael E. Cohen, TidBITS

Changing the default file system for an operating system is a big deal, since the file system is responsible for keeping track of all of the data on the device. But what does such a change mean for users?


Hands On: Mac Backup Guru 6.0 (OS X), by William Gallagher, MacNN

Mac Backup Guru 6.0 is a way to make a complete copy ("clone") of your whole hard disk, a backup of important documents, and a regular copy of either. It does what it says it will, and where it's noteworthy is in how easily it does all this.

Father Creates App That Notifies Parents If They Lock Their Child In The Car, by Charlie Nash, Breitbart

The app uses a pressure sensor device that parents can attach to a child’s car seat, sending an alarm sound to the parent’s phone should they lock and leave the car with their child still in the seat. A temperature monitor is also included in the device to notify parents if the car is too hot for a child.


Someone At Apple Thinks That This Type Of Display Is Readable, by Kirk McElhearn

Someone at Apple thought it would be a good idea, a few years ago, to have iTunes display content in certain views using colors extracted from album artwork. Sometimes this is quite attractive. But sometimes, this borders on torture.

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