The Values-Of-Creators Edition Sunday, June 26, 2016

Artificial Intelligence’s White Guy Problem, by Kate Crawford, New York Times

We need to be vigilant about how we design and train these machine-learning systems, or we will see ingrained forms of bias built into the artificial intelligence of the future.

Like all technologies before it, artificial intelligence will reflect the values of its creators. So inclusivity matters — from who designs it to who sits on the company boards and which ethical perspectives are included. Otherwise, we risk constructing machine intelligence that mirrors a narrow and privileged vision of society, with its old, familiar biases and stereotypes.

Commander One File Manager For Mac App Review: Best Alternative To Finder?, by Amit Rahi, PC Tablet

Commander One is a dual pane file manager app which makes it easy to manage files more efficiently.

The Primary OS, by Ben Brooks, The Brooks Review

Either way, I had solved the problem on my iPad Pro before my Mac was even back up and running.

But then I sat there and cleared dozens of notifications on macOS, closed applications which start up with the system for seemingly no reason. Updated apps. And a bunch of other shit.

10 Years Ago

Fact-checking The 'Get A Mac' Ads, by Harry McCracken, PC World

Whatever your stance on the great PC vs. Mac question, one thing is beyond debate: Macs have always had better commercials.

Bottom of the Page

Just ten years ago, Microsoft was still trying to beat Palm in the PDA market, and Zune was making its debut as yet another strategy to beat Apple in the MP3 market. Turns out, Microsoft was fighting all the wrong battles.


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