The Apple-Puns Edition Monday, August 15, 2016

Apple Has A Funny Way Of Naming Its Holding Companies, by Kif Leswing, Business Insider

Apple’s made apple puns before. It named its line of computers after the Macintosh apple. But since then, the company hasn’t named many products after apple varietals.

Instead, it names holding companies after the fruit — not for obvious types like Red Delicious or Granny Smith, but usually a more obscure type of apple.


Power Manager For Mac OS X: Power To The People, by Frank Petrie, Apple World Today

Power Manager covers the most basic of your tasks; turning on and off your Mac, and sending your computer to sleep after an assigned time of inactivity. But Power Manager does so much more than that. You are able to launch scripts and tools to automate complex or repetitive tasks. You're also able to distribute schedules and remotely manage your Mac. It's an all in one personal assistant.

Prisma Review: Intelligent Photo Effects App Taps Into Deep Learning For An Edgy Art Connection, by Jackie Dove, Macworld

Despite its flaws, I really like Prisma and think it’s worthwhile to check out for anyone interested in art, special effects, and photography for its fascinating interpretations and abundant choices.

Microsoft Office For iPhone Gets Drawing Support For Your Fingers, by Tom Warren, The Verge

Just like the Windows and iPad variants, Office on iPhone will now let you use your finger to write, draw, and highlight documents.


I Still Think Selfies Are Bad, by Erin Gloria Ryan, Jezebel

In the last three years, we’ve learned that posting self-taken photographs to the internet is often a sign of pathology that occasionally results in death. That’s hardly empowering.

I feel vindicated as fuck right now.

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I still think that cameras steal souls.


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