The Stop-Imgination Edition Monday, April 3, 2017

Apple U-turn Sends Imagination Technologies Shares Into Freefall, by Julia Kollewe, The Guardian

Shares in UK chip designer Imagination Technologies slumped nearly 70% after it said Apple, its largest customer, would stop using its graphics technology in the iPhone and other new products.

This is a major blow to the British company, which relies on Apple for half its revenues. It warned that the US tech giant risked infringing its intellectual property rights.

The iPad Turnaround Is Coming, by Jean-Louis Gassée, Monday Note

There’s more to this than an indisputable technical advantage. As hoped for in this space, it’s part of a shift that partially explains Cook’s fervor for the iPad: iOS, not macOS, will be the software engine of Apple’s future. Mac fans, I’m one of them, might disagree with Apple’s strategy, but here it is in plain view.

This leads us to an easy guess for future iPad Pros. We’re likely to see linear hardware and software improvements (keyboard, screen, stylus, more independent windows…), plus others we can’t think of immersed, as we often are, in derivative thought. All will make the Pros more pro: Powerful enough of take business away from the Mac (and Windows PCs). I like my MacBook, but can see an iPad Pro on my lap and desk in a not-too-distant future.


How Apple Watch Series 2 Became The Perfect Smartwatch For Me, by Pranay Parab, NDTV

Somehow, Apple has managed to find the sweet spot between fitness and “smart” features with the Watch Series 2. Whether I’m working or working out, the Apple Watch Series 2 has become a constant companion - not just the smartwatch I want, but the one I need.


What Writing A Letter To Steve Jobs Taught Me About Apple's Incredible Customer Service, by Matthew Hughes, The Next Web

Even though it was plainly clear from my original letter I was an irritating, idiot teen, I was treated with respect.

Since then, I’ve always had a healthy admiration for Apple’s customer-centric approach.

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