The Tiny-Cameras Edition Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Remote Guides Linked By App Will Aid A Visually Impaired Marathoner, by Shelby Grebbin, Boston Globe

The Aira smartphone application is paired with tiny cameras mounted on wearable devices such as Google Glass or Vuzix. When the app is opened, Aira agents can access the blind user’s visual dashboard, which enables the remote agents to see and hear what the user is experiencing in real time. From there, Aira’s nationwide network of about 25 agents can guide users through a variety of activities through direct oral communication.

The Future Of iPhones

Apple Readies iPhone Overhaul For Smartphone's 10th Anniversary, by Mark Gurman and Min Jeong Lee, Bloomberg

Apple is preparing three iPhones for launch as soon as this fall, including upgraded versions of the current two iPhone models and a new top-of-the-line handset with an overhauled look, according to people familiar with the matter. For the redesigned phone, Apple is testing a new type of screen, curved glass and stainless steel materials, and more advanced cameras, the people said. Those anxiously awaiting the redesigned iPhone, however, may have to wait because supply constraints could mean the device isn't readily available until one or two months after the typical fall introduction. [...]

For the premium model, Apple is testing a screen that covers almost the entire front of the device, according to people familiar with the matter. That results in a display slightly larger than that of the iPhone 7 Plus but an overall size closer to the iPhone 7, the people said. Apple is also aiming to reduce the overall size of the handset by integrating the home button into the screen itself via software in a similar manner to Samsung's S8, the people said.

Switching To An iPhone SE, by Michael Tsai

There seems to be plenty of demand for the iPhone SE, so my hope is that in the future Apple will treat it as more than a budget model. I’d like to see it updated yearly with the latest processor and camera. There’s no need for a new case design. The current shape and finish still look and feel great.


Google Maps For iOS Adds iMessage App For Location Sharing, New ‘Directions’ Widget, by Chance Miller, 9to5Mac

First off, Google Maps today gains support for a new Directions widget. This, Google touts, allows you to access your directions anywhere in iOS from the Today View. [...] Secondly, today’s update adds Google Maps integration with iMessage. With the new iMessage app, you can instantly send your location to someone, allowing them to quickly find directions and travel times.

Logitech Announces The HomeKit-compatible POP Smart Button, by Steven Sande, Apple World Today

What's nice about this is that the user -- or a user's family member or guest -- doesn't need to have an iPhone or iPad at hand. With a touch of a POP Smart Button, any HomeKit-compatible accessory or scene can be turned on or off. The POP Smart Button is also compatible with other devices from Philips Hue, LIFX, August, Sonos, Harmony, Lutron, Insteon and Belkin WeMo.


Appeals Court Revives Apple’s Patented “Rubber Banding” Tech Because Of One Small Tweak, by Joe Mullin, Ars Technica

Federal Circuit judges who considered the matter, though, said the Board improperly looked at all types of "rubberbanding." The judges gave weight to Apple's point that the earlier Lira patent "teaches that the screen should 'snap' to the next region of content" and achieved "the opposite effect from rubberbanding." Because the board should have limited its definition of rubberbanding to "sliding content backwards," the judges revived claims 2, 9, and 16 of the patent, remanding it for further consideration.

Although this is just one piece of the seemingly never-ending Apple v. Samsung conflict, it is a significant one—the '915 patent was one of a few non-design patents that Apple won significant damages for.

The Flickr Explore Page Is Still Really Amazing, by Matt Haughey, 15 Minutes In The Morning

Countless waves of social apps have eclipsed Flickr itself, and even though I don’t really post there much anymore or browse my friend lists (mostly because they’ve all gone inactive, like me), about once or twice a month I drop into the Flickr Explore page to gaze at what I would describe as an entire year’s worth of epic shots from National Geographic, generated each day, automatically by algorithms.

Podcast Tuesday

A 6-year-old’s Science Podcast: Devoted Listeners, Top Researchers, And The Occasional Burp, by Andrew Joseph, Stat

n his podcast, Nate Butkus has talked radiation with a US government scientist, evolution with a Harvard researcher, and, most recently, genome-editing with MIT’s Kevin Esvelt. But ask him his favorite moment from the 28 episodes so far, and it has to be when he belched during a taping.

So it goes when the podcast host is 6 years old.

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You know what, Apple, instead of asking me whether I want to install the OS update now, or remind me tomorrow, maybe you should also give me a third option: remind me during the weekend when I am more free to tinker with the MacBook? Thank you.


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