The Peace-Of-Mind Edition Tuesday, December 26, 2017

8 HomeKit Security Tips: Stay Safe In The Internet Of Things, by David Price, Macworld UK

But IoT, being relatively new, is not without its issues, and HomeKit has its share of these. At the more extreme end, many security experts worry that hackers may be able to get access to unsecured smart home setups, which could be merely inconvenient in some cases but a genuine danger in others. And ransomware, locking up devices around your home until you pay the hacker, is another concern.

With this in mind we've put together a guide to HomeKit security: tips that will help you stay safe in the internet of things and get yourself some peace of mind. HomeKit is generally very reliable and secure, but it pays to be safe.

Forget Conspiracies: Why Apple’s Reason For Slowing Your iPhone Is Hostile, by Mark Ryan Sallee, Medium

Apple’s solution should include resolving that problem via hardware recall and replacement, an expensive option. Instead, they slowed the performance of all our phones, and made us pay for the hardware failure.

Wireless Mic Mikme Brings High-end Sound To Mobile Videos, by Devindra Hardawar, Engadget

It allows for more freedom when shooting mobile videos, and sound quality unlike anything you'll ever get with your phone.

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What I ate during Christmas: Korean tofu, old cucumber soup,pepporoni pizza.

What I watched during Christmas: The Force Awakens, Doctor Who season 8, Annie (1982).

What I read during Christmas: finishing up The Dark Tower, Draft No 4.


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