The Memories-of-an-Experience Edition Sunday, April 1, 2018

What Constant Smartphone Photography Is Doing To Our Memories, by Brian Resnick, Vox

As with many topics in psychology, there are currently more questions than answers on this. But in many cases, scientists are finding that constant photo taking actually diminishes our ability to recall our experiences, diverts our attention, and takes us out of the moment. Constantly sharing photos may even be changing how we recall events in our own lives.

At the same time, new research suggests that cameras can also be used to enhance our memories of certain experiences.

This research is in its early stages, but it also provides clues as to how we can best use smartphones: to enhance both our memories of an experience and our enjoyment of them.

Ikea’s Plan To Transcend The Big Blue Box Store, by Mark Wilson, Fast Company

People visited Ikea stores 936 million times last year, but they visited Ikea online 2.3 billion times. Meanwhile, the company debuted new ways to shop using AR and VR, partnered with the visual AI startup GrokStyle, and acquired the gig economy company TaskRabbit. In short, Ikea is acting more like a tech company than a furniture maker. And within the next few years, the way you think about shopping at Ikea will probably change entirely, as the company is aggressively pursuing a new, digital identity through its evolving wave of experimental apps.

Apple's Business Manager Provides Web-based IT Management, Launches This Spring, by Andrew O'Hara, AppleInsider

A web-based portal that lets administrators configure device settings, create accounts, and buy and distribute apps and books, Business Manager is currently in beta, but Apple says the new platform will launch in earnest in late spring.


Editing A Novel – Which Software Makes The Final Cut?, by Cat Ellis, TechRadar

I wrote my whole first draft – the block of clay to be carved, squished and beaten into a sculpture – using the distraction-free word processor FocusWriter. The result was a 90,000-word plain text document that’s full of ideas, but giant and unwieldy. I wanted a more holistic view – a way to see and tune chapters without losing sight of the overall structure (such as it is).

Scrivener isn’t cheap, but its organizing tools and various pinboards meant it seemed like the best software for the job. It’s a shame that the most recent version is only available for Mac, but Windows users can’t be choosers.


The Spirit Of Silicon Valley: Apple Celebrates 42nd Birthday, by CNET

The consumer electronics giant's history features all the tropes of the Valley mythos. Tick them off. First headquartered in someone's home? Check. Success followed by near bankruptcy? Check. Internal struggles? Check. And (of course) a renaissance leading to dominance? Check. Apple also weathered the death of Steve Jobs, its charismatic co-founder, as the company reached new heights.